Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Marc and I have a chat with Agatha at a club in Spirit called Novella. It’s a hang out for spirits attracted to the Arts and many of them were famous artists in the physical. Marc told me that Spirit isn’t any different from earth in that respects. Just like us, spirits have common interests and like to be around those who share them.

Diane: So Marc, do you want to go to Novella?

Marc: Sure!

When we arrive, we notice that the club was packed with spirits! We knew that there must be a special event taking place.

Diane: Okay it seems as if there are a lot of spirits here tonight. I see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but he doesn’t appear to be interested in speaking with us tonight. Marc, anyone here who would like to talk with us? Should we just mingle?

Marc: Yeah we could. I had someone in mind, so let me see if their energy is here.

Diane: Ah Marc! Agatha Christie! Is that who you were looking for?

Marc: Yeah you’ve been watching her shows on TV lately.

Diane: Is she willing to be interviewed?

Marc: Let’s find out.

We approach an energy who was very colorful! She showed me an image of what I knew she looked like in the physical. We approach her.

Marc: Hmm excuse me….I’m Marc and this is Diane. We wonder if you would be interested in being interviewed for a story that we are doing for earth, where you are still very popular, I might add.

Diane: Marc, you already had this planned out.

Marc: Well yes, but you have to set the scene right?

Diane: Marc, you didn’t really read her books did you?

Marc: No they weren’t really my scene, but I was aware of her, of course.

Agatha: Yes Marc, you did approach me about this didn’t you. I would certainly be pleased to speak with you both and offer any information I can about that life.

Marc: Great! Let’s sit down and get comfortable.

Diane: Gosh Marc! What a scoop!

Marc: First off, can I ask what we should call you? Is Agatha okay?

Agatha: Yes that will be fine.

Marc: Diane has read many of your books and she watches TV shows about your famous detective over and over again.

Diane: You are aware, of course, about the series Poirot acted by David Suchet? What do you think of him as your character?

Agatha: Well I think that he is the epitome of my Hercules. I have seen how much detail he put into acting out my little guy with the grey cells and so far, I can say that no one has done better. (She kept mentioning an actor whom she was aware of in her life time and felt that he was ideal, but I don’t know if he ever played Poirot.)

Diane: I think that I read that you got pretty tired of writing that character?

Agatha: Yes I did, but now I can see how much enjoyment he has given people. Often writers want to get on with new work and it’s not always a challenge once you’ve been writing the same character for a while. It also gets to the point, when your character becomes legendary when you are still writing them, that you can’t do anything too outside what the public feels is their personality because you can’t disappoint your readers. To many, he was as alive as anyone else. (In fact, Poirot is the only fictional character to date to be given an obituary in The New York Times.)

Diane: Well that proves what a brilliant author you are!

Marc: So do you come to Novella very often? This is a club where many authors and musicians hang out right?

Agatha: No I don’t come here very often to tell you the truth. We are having a special literary event here now so many of us are here.

Marc: So Agatha, did you have any religious beliefs when you were physical?

Agatha: I travelled a great deal and understood that there were many different religions. Someone might feel connected to a God kneeling in church just repeating words that were written by someone else. Others had a different approach. Obviously I knew that they couldn’t all be right. I didn’t hold any strong religious beliefs, but I was interested in learning how others felt.

Marc: Did you ever think about doing something other than writing?

Agatha: I really worked hard at it and though I didn’t at first, have much faith that it would work out, something deep inside of me knew that this was the direction that I had to follow. I was always thinking up characters as a child. I had a very vivid imagination. I was often scolded (outside the family she stressed) for having my head in the clouds.

Diane: Did you have a happy childhood?

Agatha: Well sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn’t. My mind was mostly in the clouds dreaming of swash buckling characters.

Her energy got soft and lowered when I mentioned her childhood. She said something about not seeing her parents or one of her parents and missed them. I later read that her father died when she was fairly young.

Marc: What made you want to write about mysteries?

Agatha: Well it was a popular genre at the time and I loved mysteries myself. I also wrote a few stage plays as you know. But what brought me to mysteries and detectives? Curiosity I guess and I knew that it was something that I would be good at doing. Like I said, when I traveled with my second husband, I got to see places all over the world and that helped me immeasurably with my writing. It opened my eyes to so many wonderful places and opportunities to have a strong plot and possibilities for murder!

Marc: Did it ever affect you mentally that you were always writing about people being murdered?

Agatha: Well it did interest me to come up with novel approaches, but after a while, the genre did start getting kind of old for me – but I kept on with it. Being a famous author was a life style that I became accustomed to. I didn’t really care about the limelight, but I did meet many interesting people of the period – politicians, actors, musicians.

Marc: Okay so can you tell us a few of your favorite books that you wrote?

Agatha: Well I was always partial to And Then There Were None and Endless Night.

Diane: What to you think about the BBC now changing all your words and putting on TV shows that really don’t have much to do with your story? They are changing who did the murders and the character traits. I don’t know if it bothers you, but it bothers me. I don’t feel that your writing needs to be tampered with by other writers. You gave us perfect stories!

Agatha: Well thank you, but I’m not sure that I would ever consider any of my stories perfect. I guess they (the BBC) are trying to appeal to a modern-day audience, but I would prefer that my works be left as they are.

Marc: So can we ask what you enjoy doing now?

Agatha: Well I still enjoy travel and visiting places that I’ve not seen before. I’m interested in character studies here as well. Spirits have characters with the same intensity as humans and we also have a sense of humour, so I like to bring those aspects out when I write.

Marc: Do you write from a wholly spirit perspective now?

Agatha: How do you mean?

Marc: Well do you bring in any people or characters from earth into your stories now?

Agatha: I do not write Poirot stories, if that is what you are asking! And no, I don’t reference the earth and its inhabitants very often. I deal more with where I am now. There is actually more interesting things going on here to write about to be honest.

Marc: So are you currently incarnate anywhere and if so, can you tell us a bit about that?

Agatha: No I am not right now. I’m really busy here doing theatricals.

She talked a bit about how she loves to do theatricals – theatre shows – and she showed me how much pleasure she gets out of doing them with her friends.

Marc: What else gives you pleasure now?

Agatha: Being with those whom I love here gives me a vast amount of pleasure. I truly feel at home here and relish the connections to those who are dear to me.

Diane: Marc, anymore questions?

Marc: Yes. We often ask our guests why you wanted to come on our show and be interviewed?

Agatha: Well because you asked me as Diane is a fan of my work and I thought that it would be a lark. I haven’t really spoken to anyone on earth much since I passed over so it’s interesting to see how it’s done. I’ve been called forward by many mediums, of course, and I have answered some questions.

Marc: So what are your plans now?

Agatha: Well I’m going to keep doing plays that I’ve been writing. They are being put on here at the club by a group of actors and friends. Many names that I’m sure you would recognize and many who weren’t on earth in a time frame that would be familiar to most of your readers. We are having a great deal of fun!

I asked her about the time that she went missing and said that she is keeping those thoughts to herself. Her car was found abandoned and despite the extensive manhunt, she was not found for 10 days. I find it interesting that some spirits tend to have periods in their physical lives that are still disturbing for them to think on. She just said that she was going through intense personal turmoil and that she was in complete control of her facilities at the time. It was grief that sent her away.

Diane: Okay Marc, anymore questions?

Marc: Would you have wanted to change anything about your life as Agatha?

Agatha: Well when I was alive, yes, I would have said that I would have had some regrets and if I had the chance to change some things, I would have. Once I passed over, I saw that everything that I went through was what I was meant to experience. I could see the different paths that I could have chosen for some of my major life events, and yes, some of the other paths would have given me more happiness but all was an experience. Now I have absolutely no regrets for anything that I did or experienced in that life.

Marc: Are you planning any incarnations now or are you taking a break?

Agatha: I am taking a break, because to tell you the truth, I’m having too much fun here.

Marc: Okay well I think that we’ll wrap this one up Diane because Agatha has a performance to do.

Diane: Okay great Marc! Thanks very much Agatha for coming to speak with Marc and myself! I’ve spent many hours loving your books. I know that I can say that you are still deeply loved on earth!

Agatha: Thank you Diane!

Diane: Marc, you have to ask her if she has any last words!

Marc: Oh yeah! I forgot! Agatha, do you have any last words to say before we close?

Agatha: Well let me see….I guess I would just like to say that I’m very honored that my work is still in demand, that people know about me and want to read my little mysteries. Sometimes when they are your creations, you can’t see the entire breadth of them. Of course I knew how popular they were when I was there, but so much of the world has changed since then. In fact, books don’t really exist in many people’s lives. It’s all electronic. I spent my life reading and writing books, so it is a shame that they are no longer valued.

Marc: Okay Agatha, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us.


Diane: Wow Marc! I think that she was our first guest author?

Marc: Yes Diane, I think that she was.

Diane: She seemed very gracious. She really loves what she is doing now, and I could see the excitement that she has for her friends in spirit. She gave me the impression that she is doing more light-hearted comedies and dramas which was something that she wasn’t able to do very often as Agatha. I think that she said that her audience may not have been as receptive to them. Well until next time Marc!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 19, 2018



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