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Ghost on Staircase

For the past few weeks, it feels as if I’ve been pulled to certain locations and then once I get there, I find a spirit who is asking for assistance in crossing back over to Source. Marc felt that it might be a good idea to talk about it here – who are ghosts and why are they here?

Diane: Hey Marc so you want to speak about spirits who haven’t crossed over after death. Is there someone who can tell us more about that?

Marc: Well I’m not an expert by any means, but I do have some information. What do you think about that topic?

Diane: I think that people are interested in why they are still here and hang out where they do. I guess that we could do a panel discussion, but who would be on the panel? I think that you already have a few spirits in mind right?

Marc: Yes and they are waiting at Novella (our spirit hang out) to talk with us.

So off we go!

Diane: Well I can see that Richard (my main guide and one of my best friends) is here. Hi Richard! I’m also seeing another spirit who is appearing as male with light brown hair and glasses. (Sometimes for me, spirits will appear as wearing glasses when they want to show me that they have a specialty in one area or an extreme amount of knowledge about a certain subject.) Okay Marc, so introductions please…..

Marc: I’d like you to meet Professor Paul who is an expert in why souls don’t cross over after death….and Richard, your guide (Marc snickers).

Diane: Oh so Paul studies this?

Marc: Well yeah of course. Someone has to. He also works with training guides who assist with sending spirits back home.

Diane: So he teaches guides to deal with spirits who might be planning to work with humans on this or who decide after death to do this?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: Okay well what if the guide doesn’t have any idea that the spirit is going to do this until after they have passed? You know, free will and all that. Can they get instruction if they don’t know how to deal with this or would they get additional help?

Marc: It can go either way but in that scenario, they would probably call in additional help.

Diane: But I’m also getting that this would have been thought of before you came in the physical and you would have approved this new guide. The process for coming here is so detailed right?

Marc: Yes there will always be provisions made for everything that can be thought of ahead of time. Okay so let’s allow an expert to talk about this Diane.

Diane: Oh yes. I’m sorry Paul! So do you have a title like Doctor in spirit (I was just joking but again you never know). I know that Marc called you Professor, but I think that he was just being silly?

Paul: Well you can carry a title in spirit if you want, of course, but I don’t feel that it is necessary.

Marc: Okay Paul, can you explain a bit about what happens when spirits decide not to pass over to home after death?

Paul: Well there are endless reasons why a spirit wouldn’t want to pass over to the Light, as the term goes, after death of the physical body. But what it comes down to is self will and that they have chosen not to do it.

Marc: Right man, it’s an individual choice?

Paul: Always!

Marc: But there might be certain reasons why they wouldn’t want to do it?

Paul: Yes and we’ve found that one of the the main reasons is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of retribution that might come to them for actions that they did in the physical, sometimes they don’t want to meet up with someone whom they know has already passed over. Reasons for that could be that they are scared of them or have done them harm and feel that they will not be forgiven.

Diane: Yes all of these reasons seem to be based in fear.

Paul: Yes exactly.

Diane: What about religion?

Paul: Yes that can also be a cause. It could also just be that they are choosing to have this experience.

Diane: Okay Paul well in the past few weeks (to give a background into why this topic has come up for me) my guides and myself have helped two spirits pass over. One was a woman Louisa, in the Seattle undergroud, who was afraid and was allowing herself to be shamed into staying by another spirit who was in the same space. She was terrified of him. He kept telling her that she wasn’t worthy and wouldn’t be accepted because of what she did in life (prostitution).

Yesterday, we helped a woman cross over who was “stuck” because she felt guilt at the pain that she had caused her son when he was alive. It seems that she had introduced him to a maid in her employ who turned out to be mentally unstable. The maid shot him several times and threatened to harm him via letters for discharging her. She was put in several mental homes but the notes kept coming to him for years. Finally he ended his life by shooting himself in the head.

I saw her at her son’s house. She was in a cocoon and when I arrived, she unraveled the threads of the cocoon that she had placed herself in. She didn’t move at all or open her eyes. All I could see was a white face. She told me that she still carried guilt for being the cause of her son killing himself. Then she wrapped the layers of the cocoon back up. Later that evening, I went to talk with her to see if I could help her and took Richard along. This time, I saw her walking down the hallway of her son’s house. She was blind and had heavy weights on her hands so she couldn’t move. I asked her why she was blind both times. She said that she couldn’t stand to see what she had done. Both Richard and I told her that no matter what happened to her son, she wasn’t responsible for anyone else’s actions. He chose to end his life and that she needn’t stay here any longer. I think that it’s interesting that spirits choose to show themselves in so many different ways.

Paul: Well they are unique individuals and they want to get their story across to you as easily as possible. They will show you why they are there and the cause.

Diane: Yes for this lady, she couldn’t bear to see or come to terms with what she had done. I don’t know if she had a greater influence on what happened with the story other than what she had told us. Finally my guide Richard and I made the tunnel of light for her and she went over. When I saw her with the weights, she was in black and white, hunched over and dressed in rags. When the light from Source came, she straightened up, smiled and the weights turned into a walker for her to use. She turned from black and white into color and into modern clothing. She showed me that she had remembered her power and she walked proudly into the light. It was wonderful!

Paul: When spirits get close or open up to their Source light and energy, they will remember who they are and more often than not, will want to go running back.

Diane: Yes but they need to be ready for it. They aren’t going to leave before then. For the woman in Seattle, Louisa, she showed herself to me quickly the first time because she felt that she would be reprimanded by the man she was with. She obviously wanted me to see her though. The older lady showed me herself in the cocoon and then closed it. They are doing this obviously so I will see them. But to me, this shows that they are ready for assistance.

Paul: Yes Diane, you are right. They are ready to be helped, but sometimes they need a push or someone to assure them that things will be alright if they decide to take this step. It’s very similar to how those in the physical world would ask friends and family for support. But in this case, they may not feel that they have contact with those people because they have moved on. In fact, they always have the connection to Source if choose to see it.

Diane: These spirits always show me some kind of physical deformity and all have been sad, well except for the not very pleasant ones. I’ve run across a few of those, including a Victorian serial killer on Alcatraz.

Paul: In cases like these, which I’m sure Richard has instructed you, it’s best to ask for help and leave them to us as we know how to handle them. We are fully aware of the spirits who haven’t passed over and we do our best to assist them, but as I mentioned, they all have free will.

Diane: There are mediums here who work with their guide teams in order to pull them back if they are doing damage to those as technically they aren’t supposed to be in this vibration.

Paul: That is correct Diane. Yes spirits will be forcibly sent back if they are doing bodily or emotional harm to those on earth.

Diane: Well so there has to be some kind of judgement on your side then right?

Paul. Yes in a way. If a spirit is interfering with those on earth, then they will be pulled back as it’s a universal law that those in physical should be left alone to freely continue with their lives unhindered by those in spirit. If someone in the physical has requested that a spirit be moved then it will be looked into.

Diane: What if someone in the physical (even if they don’t realize it) thas chosen to experience this kind of interaction with the spirit? I think that I remember Joan Rivers saying that she had the spirit of the previous owner of her apartment living with her for years and finally they learned to live together.

Paul: Well then that will be taken into consideration, but usually spirits are moved out of the 3D environment and taken to a place of healing.

Diane: Well what if they aren’t? What is someone has been having problems with a ghost and feels that they asked and nothing seems to be done. What should they do?

Paul: Well it isn’t that we aren’t hearing their requests. There might posssibly be an agreement with the spirit to stay even though they aren’t aware of it or an avenue needs to be open for those over here to be able to intercede. We prefer to not interfere with anything in the physical unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Diane: So I’ve read that there aren’t really that many spirits who haven’t crossed over and then Marc told me that there are probably more than I would think. So what would be the truth in your opinion?

Paul: Well it’s hard to give you any kind of numbers because that will always be changing. You will find more, of course, in concentrated areas like cities.

Diane: I also feel that eventually they “give up the ghost” literally and decide to go home or are brought home by teams like yourself. So that’s why it’s rare to see ghosts from Roman times because they would have healed themselves (even though yeah, I know, no time). But we mostly see ghosts from the past several hundred years here on earth.

Paul: Yes, eventually spirits will decide that what they are doing no longer serves their purpose. They have experienced all that they want in that particular state of being and choose to move on. The basis for our existence is to evolve and there wouldn’t be any need for a spirit to continue once they have experienced everything that they wanted.

Diane: So Paul, is there anything else that you would like to tell us about these spirits? What if someone has one in their house and he or she isn’t nice. What should they do?

Paul: Well call on their guides and tell the ghost that she or he is no longer welcome in their house. That it now belongs to you. Some of these kind of ghosts feed on anxiety and fear to keep themselves going at times, and zapping your energy may be the prime reason they are there. Take back your power from them. Of course, they have their free will and can choose not to listen. If needed, call upon someone in the physcial who is adept at handling these kind of spirits but use your intuition in regards to this. Make sure that you feel comfortable working with them.

Diane: Okay well that is great advice, thank you.

Paul: These spirits need compassion, but you should not endanger yourself if you feel that you might be harmed. It’s best to seek professional help. We will be helping from this side and will do all we can to get them over as fast as possible. Sometimes it does take additional “time” because we try to get them to go on their own accord. If that doesn’t work, we move onto the next step.

Diane: Well most of those that I’ve run across are very sad and need help just like anyone. I know that I’ve been in this situation before as a spirit and I think that we all have at one point or another. I remember that it wasn’t a very pleasant time.

Paul: No it isn’t. Hopefully all the spirits who have chosen to not cross back over will only be experiencing this for a limited time and will work their their way back home soon. Rest assured that we are working here to help them as well.

Marc: Well thanks very much Paul for coming to talk with us on this subject.

Paul: Yes Marc, thank you for having me. I hope that this might help those on earth better understand what is happening when a spirit is termed a “ghost”. Usually they are in need of assistance but again, they could not be in the best of humour and if you feel unsafe, then seek professional help or someone who is skilled in getting them moved on.

Diane: Paul, I just thought of another question. What about those who are from a religious background who do exorcisms for example. If that isn’t my thing, then I might want to look for someone else to help me out right?

Paul: Yes the intentions of the person who is trying to get rid of the spirit does enter into the equation.

Diane: How do you mean?

Paul: Well they might not have the best intentions for the work that they are doing or are coming from a place of limited understanding. It’s best to try and work with someone you feel comfortable with. If they are coming with fear based intentions and information that you feel does not ring true with you, then I would search elsewhere.

Diane: So go with your guy then is what you are saying?

Paul: Yes.

Diane: Okay well thank you very much Paul for coming to speak with us.

After Paul leaves, Marc, Richard and I talk:

Diane: So Richard, this means that you are trained in helping cross these spirits back over and you and I agreed to do this before I came here?

Richard: That’s right Diane. Like you said, you had a previous experience of this in your own past and you remembered that it wasn’t a good place to be and wanted to be able to help those in the same situation.

Diane: Yeah Marc, you talk about these things with me, but when I run across one of these spirits, Richard always steps in.

Marc: Yeah like Paul said….leave it to the professionals.

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August 13, 2018

4 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak About “Ghosts””

  1. I have always been under the impression that ghosts don’t have any idea they have passed on. That concept is mentioned in both The Sixth Sense and Poltergeist. I have even read about it. There is no truth to that? It’s always a conscious decision not to go to the Light?

    • Yes from the Spirits whom I’ve spoken to who haven’t passed over and been told from others in Spirit, they are aware. They may choose to not accept or come to terms with it, however, and that may be one of reasons that they are in limbo land. I guess that there is always the possibility that there is a very confused spirit out there who for some reason doesn’t understand. We always have the power over ourselves to make any choice that we want. Nothing is either wrong or right. 🙂

      • What about the spirits I’ve heard about that have never been incarnate and are considered to be shear evil? Or the ones who are rooted to an area and people have to leave their homes because the energy is considered too powerful and won’t leave? And, one more question, are portals real, where any kind of spirit can come through and the portal can’t be closed and people have to move away to be safe? Oh, another question. When people are scratched by ‘evil spirits’ in a pattern of 3 painful, burning scratches, (supposedly signifying hate for The Trinity), is that something real that is interpreted correctly?

      • Well yes there are lower vibration entities and dark spirits that are here with us. Just like there are people who aren’t very nice and aren’t operating from a place of love. Yes portals are real. I can’t comment on some of this because I don’t have any personal experience with it. I did run across one spirit who was interfering with the emotional and physical well being of people. He was told by Spirit to stop and what would happen if he didn’t. So he was given full disclosure. He didn’t stop because he thought he was invincible. They pulled him out to where he would never be able to interfere with humans again. I saw them doing that. All of these spirits have access to help or healing if they want it. It’s their choice.

        As we all work to raise the vibration of this planet, hopefully these kind of issues will become less frequent.

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