Bolan-Beaty Boogie Mingle with Minerva and Frederic Chopin at Club Novella


Marc has been helping me with Ascension goals that I’ve set for myself lately, so we haven’t had much time to devote to scouting out locations or spirits to interview for our blog. So we’ll take you back to our first visit to Club Novella, our new haunt in Spirit where those “in the know” hang out.

Diane: Marc, are you trying to show me a place, a person or an idea?

Marc: A place.

Diane: Are there beings here?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: Is it an alien planet?

Marc: No, it’s in the spirit world.

Diane: Okay so what happens there?

Marc: You get illuminated!

Diane: How?

Marc: By love!

Diane: Is this a spirit dating service?

Marc: No!

Diane: Who goes there?

Marc: Those who are love. But those who come here are not searching for love because they are love. They want to bask in all its glory.

Diane: Okay so I see a bunch of spirits and most look to be human forms in incredible outfits sitting around a room that is covered in misty white fog. It looks like a cocktail party! Should we mingle? Is this what you called a “love spa”?

Marc: Well yeah, this is where all the cool dudes and dudettes hang out.

Diane: Wouldn’t you have called them “chicks” in your day?

Marc: Yeah or “birds”.

Diane: I see a blue energy form coming towards us. Should we ask for a name?

Marc: Well yeah, you usually do when you meet someone for the first time right?

Diane: Well, I’m not sure if you know them and I was waiting for an introduction. Aww…excuse me. I’m Diane and this is my friend Marc. Very nice to meet you. Can I ask if you were in the physical on earth? (The energy just told me telepathically that she has never been on earth.) Oh okay well can I ask your name please?

Blue Energy: Persia

Diane: Ooh that’s a lovely name. Can I ask why you are here? Marc said this was a “love spa” and I’m just trying to figure out what that means. It looks more like a cocktail party to me.

Persia: Your Marc is very amusing. We are familiar with him and he is known to be quite clever.

Diane: Yes he is. So can I ask you again, why you are here?

Persia: I simply enjoy the company. I’m entertained.

Diane: Oh! Well can you let me know who else is here? Anyone who has lived on earth whom I might be familiar with? (She said Napoleon, Ben Franklin and Picasso.)

Diane: Oh boy! Any musicians?

Persia: Chopin.

Diane: Ooh he is one of my favorites.

(Persia floated away.)

Diane: Marc, this is kind of an odd mix of spirits, but they are all great! I’m sorry, but I’m not getting the “love spa” energy. Was that a joke?

Marc: Yeah kind of.

Diane: So are we here for any particular reason?

Marc: To talk and mingle…..You want to broaden your spirit social life right?

Diane: Well yeah….it’s always nice to meet new spirits.

(We make our way over to an extremely beautiful woman. She is dressed in something that looks like it’s out of the Arabian Nights – a green harem costume. She has very long jet black hair. When we walk up closer to her, I notice that she also has black eyes with coal around them. She made it clear to me that this was indeed a costume for her and not her usual garb.)

Diane: She’s telling me that she’s Minerva! Okay..excuse me Minerva. Very pleased to meet you. I’m Diane and this is Marc. Can you please tell me a little more of what is going on here?

Minerva: What? Well this is a place for anyone who wants to have conversation which appeals to them.

Diane: So you are saying that this is a meeting place for anyone who wants to have stimulating conversation? I’m seeing a board that is lit up with names on it. So it tells you whom to expect at a certain time? So if you want to meet Alexander the Great, for example, and his name is on the board, you can come to speak with him? So this is a spirit “Meet and Greet”?

Minerva: Yes, you could say that.

Diane: Let’s go over and speak with Chopin as he is one of my fave composers!

Marc: Okay.

Diane: Do you know him?

Marc: I’ve run across him before.

Diane: Well then will you introduce me?

Marc: You don’t really need introductions here. Everyone knows us remember.

(We walk up to his energy which is very interesting. All I see are delicate brown and gold swirls moving quickly.)

Diane: Excuse me…I’m not sure how to address you….the “spirit who used to be Chopin”?

He laughed and said that I could say that. He said that his spirit name is Tomaka.

Diane: Well pleased to meet you. I’m Diane and this is Marc.

Chopin: I think that it might be easier for you to associate me with Chopin so you can call me Frederic. (He then materialized in human form.)

Diane: Okay thank you! I’m very honored to meet you!

Chopin: That is very gracious of you.

Diane: Do you come here often to chat with other spirits?

Chopin: I do when there is someone whom I would like to meet. I don’t come here very often though, I must admit.

Diane: Oh then who did you come to meet today?

Chopin: Stalin.

Diane: Oh! Is he here now?

Chopin: He was but is now elsewhere.

Diane: Was he interesting?

Chopin: Well he is, but I was actually here to speak with him regarding another earth incarnation that he had as a Chinese Emperor.

Diane: Well can you please tell me a little about your life as Chopin? I’m sure our readers would be interested. What inspired you to write your music? Did you have any idea at the time that you were being guided by the spirit world or were you?

Chopin: Mostly I was inspired to write because I had to earn a living, to tell you the truth.

Diane: Oh yes! I remember that things could be rough for musicians back then. That just seems ridiculous to me. But you were very famous when you were alive?

Chopin: Well yes, I was famous throughout Europe, but the times I lived were so different from your experience now. Most composers were not wealthy and had to have a patron or the church pay for their music. It was not an easy life.

Diane: Yes but surely you had to have some inspiration to create such beautiful music? (He shows me slowly closing his eyes and then he said that he got into a kind of trance where he was taken outside of his body. He shows me coming out of his body and then floating about five feet off the ground. He said that during these kind of trances, he would go to the spirit realm and connect with his Divine self in order to bring down the music.) Okay I’ve seen this with Prince as well. He told me that the music had already been written pretty much from Spirit and that when he was on earth, he just connected with his Divine self to bring it all down. Is that how most geniuses work?

Chopin: Well everyone is an individual but that’s how I worked.

Diane: I went to the monastery on Majorca where you wrote the Raindrop Prelude, I believe, when you were there with George Sand. There were rolling hills of olive trees. I could just imagine the rain falling gently on them. That must have been part of the inspiration for that?

Chopin: Yes, my environment did play a part in my composing.

Diane: You were never a healthy person correct? Was that part of the plan when you came down or was that something that just happened when you were here?

Chopin: That was always part of my plan. Being mortal is not something that usually suits me. I was very fragile. My nerves were not the best. I chose to have a body that was weak.

Diane: Why was that?

Chopin: Because it would give me more reason to be consumed by my music.

(He was showing me scenes where he would see others enjoying the outdoors, but he would be inside practicing the piano.)

Diane: So it gave you more time to focus on your music and performance?

Chopin: Yes. I was a lonely child most of the time. I had my music and a father who motivated me to work. He knew that I was an extremely gifted child, so you can’t blame him.

Diane: Well was it hard growing up as a genius?

Chopin: It was and it wasn’t. It makes you feel out-of-place with the rest of the world when sometimes, you just want to be like everyone else. I had times like that, but then I also liked the fact that I knew I could do something extraordinary.

Diane: Well that’s for sure! What did you think about being born in Poland?

Chopin: I was very proud of my country, although I didn’t spend much time there once I was an adult.

Diane: Marc, do you have any questions? I’m kind of star struck here.

Marc: Well yeah…I’m sure that you are familiar with rock music, Elvis and all the music that I loved as Marc. What do you think of that?

Chopin: Well of course, I’m aware of it. I feel that it was a positive step in music because it released human emotions on a different scale as well as show the societal conditions in which it was conceived.

Diane: Well I guess that all music could be said to do that right?

Chopin: Well the environment in which I composed had strict parameters. I could do what I felt within them but music, at least classical music, is mathematics really.

Diane: Marc did I get that right? He’s saying that he was expected to work under certain guidelines for his music, and if he didn’t, some would be critical?

Marc: Yeah so he is saying that he had stricter guidelines to work in than 1950s rock music or even the music that I made. He’s saying that all music needs some kind of structure – chords, melody, words in a song right? So the make-up might be different in modern music, but what is the same is the human emotion and spirit elements that join together in the creation.

Diane: And he’s saying that expression and joy are the same.

Marc: Yes.

Diane: Okay thanks. The information was coming at me so fast, I had to slow it down a bit.

Marc: Yeah that can happen.

Diane: Well thank you Frederic very much for chatting with us. Gosh Marc! Talking to Chopin! I’m sure I’ll think of some really interesting questions to ask him ten minutes from now!

Marc: That’s okay. No one is expecting Einstein here. At least I don’t think he’s here?

Haha Marc! Very funny!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 30, 2018





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