Bolan-Beaty Boogie Assist a Civil War Soldier in the “Gettysburg Spirit Crossing”


There is a big push now for those working with Spirit to help get as many souls crossed over to the light as possible. With the earth’s vibration being raised, this is the perfect time for all of us to be doing this work. A few days ago I asked “Where is the best place I should go now” and the instant response was “Gettysburg”. That afternoon, while taking a walk, a spirit introduced himself to me. He said that he was Corporal Nat Ferguson. He was a Civil War soldier who was heading up a group to help soldiers cross. He had enlisted in the “43rd United States Colored Infantry“. After our first night working with Nat, I went to the National Archives site and found out more about him.

The battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1 and 3rd, 1863 in Pennsylvania and the total loss of troops from Union and Confederate armies was between 46,000 and 51,000. The battle involved the largest number of casualties and is often described as the war’s “turning point”.

Marc and I begin the story here…..

Diane: So during my walk tonight Marc, a Corporal Nat Ferguson introduced himself to me. (I asked him if Nat was short for Nathan or Nathaniel and he said Nathan.) Can we bring him and my guide Richard in for a meeting about crossing over the soldiers?

Marc: Sure let’s all get together.

Diane: Now Marc, I think that you said that though you haven’t really trained to do this work in spirit, you’re interested in being with us right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. I feel that this work is important and I want to help as much as I can.

Diane: Yes I know that you feel strongly about it too. Okay so Richard and Nat….are you here?

(We walk into a bare room with four chairs. Marc sits to my left, Richard sits across from me and Nat sits down next to Marc.)

Diane: So let’s do some introductions…Richard, you’re my main guide and are trained in this kind of work. You keep me out of mischief (haha) and let me know just about every time I forget something (and I thank you every day for it). I believe that you brought Nat to us?

Richard: That’s right Diane.

Diane: Now Nat, you’ve crossed, but you are telling me that it’s important to have both spirits and those on earth help with this kind of work. You said that a blend of the two vibrations is ideal.


Nat: That’s right Diane. I wasn’t at Gettysburg, but I did serve during the Civil War. I’m heading up the team to gather as many interested parties together who can help get these soldiers crossed.

Diane: Great! So you know what these guys went through and can speak their language?

Nat: That’s correct. But just remember when doing this work, you don’t want to take yourself to the scene because there really isn’t any need to feel the energy that went on there. You’ll pick up some of that anyway from the men but stay neutral. (I also wanted to make sure from Nat that any animals who died during the battle be helped too and he said that they would be.)

Diane: Right. So you showed me before that many of the soldiers have been seeing a light which looks like a beacon from a lighthouse. Many are confused though about what it is?

Nat: Yes, so it’s time now for us to gather some of them together and explain what is going on here.

Diane: I’m just trying to get an image of them. Oh yeah, they are unfortunately not a very healthy looking group. They look like they died yesterday with dirty bandages covering most of their bodies and many are walking with crutches. Most are missing limbs. Gosh they look very sad, and I’m just wondering…since these are the ones who are closest to the light, what must the others look like? Are there more in darker places?

Nat: Yes Diane, there are, but we need to focus on them once we get the ones who are ready to go crossed.

Diane: So now I’m standing in front of them and I’m asking them if they’ve been seeing the light that has been flashing periodically?

Soldier: Yeah but who are you?

Diane: My name is Diane and my friends and I have come to help you understand what that light is and to see if you might be ready to move on from your surroundings here.

Soldier: Where would we be going?

Richard:  Well we understand that you have died a horrible death and there are aspects of that you haven’t come to terms with yet for whatever reasons that are personal to you. We’ve come to let you know that there is no right or wrong and that the light you’ve been seeing is from where your true home lies. There is much love waiting for you there.

Soldier: Yeah but what about the Yankees! Will they be there?

Nat: At this time, your battle is over and there are no more Yankees to fight. We understand that you might be confused about time, but the war that took your life has been over for about 160 years.

(The soldiers just stared at each other in disbelief.)

Nat: Well it is the truth. I was a fellow soldier and I would not lie to you about this.

Soldier: Yeah but what side were you on? This could be a Yankee trick!

Nat: If you can try to think beyond the battle and sides and instead think what a new life might be like without the worry of war, starvation, and agony…..

Soldier: But that’s all we know!

Nat: Yes well now we are telling you that you can leave that and look towards the light. Feel its warmth. Feel that it’s taking you to a sunny place which you remember and feels comfortable to you. Think back to how it was before the war when you felt the sun on your face…..when you were a boy and innocent of horrors.

(I could see the soldiers thinking and the creases from their faces seemed to relax. I think that they are surprised to discover that anyone seems to care about them!)

Marc: Nat, I think that is beginning to make some progress….keep going with it.

Nat: So I just saw the light that I was telling you about and I believe that it’s coming back around soon. Why don’t you just think about basking in the golden rays and see how it makes you feel? Maybe some of you have sweethearts whom you left for war? If you look closely into the light, you might see them waiting for you. You will hear their voices calling out to you. How many of you had families? How many of your mothers darned your socks and sent care packages?

(Many of the soldiers raised their hands.)

Nat: (To us) Okay let’s bring that light around again for them now!

(We all work to bring the light back and it stops this time. I see some of the men inch forward more out of curiosity than anything else. Some of them don’t have legs to walk on and are using their bandaged hands to move. Many are holding up fellow soldiers who are too weak or injured to move on their own.

Then something wonderful happened! When they got closer, I could see the light reflecting off their faces. I knew that they were hearing the voices of their loved ones for the first time since the war. Their expressions changed from bitterness to love.)

Diane: Look! They are starting to walk towards the Light! They aren’t even looking at us now! This is so wonderful!

(Then I took myself to a bird’s-eye view of the event. Before I could just see the first line or two of soldiers.)

Diane: It looks like there are thousands of them!

Nat: You’re right Diane. If all the ones who are here now cross that will make a total of 5,000 we have crossed so far.

Diane: Nat, I get that Spirit has been working on this for a time. So with the help of everyone on earth raising the planet’s vibration and sending spirits home, it will become easier for spirits to cross all over the world. Yet I’m also seeing many who are still hiding in the dark….

Nat: Yes it really depends on the spirit. Some don’t need more than to see the light and they remember what it is. Others are a bit more stuck into the past and need more work or information before they will trust again.

Diane: So Nat, can you give us some insight into why they’ve stayed behind? Of course, we can’t fathom what they went through and can only assume it was horrendous.

Nat: You’re right Diane. It would be very hard for most people to understand what happened to them. The two biggest reasons they’ve stayed behind is fear of the unknown and loss of faith in humanity. Most had been beaten down to the point that they could barely raise their heads. To see the terrors that humans were inflicting upon each other was more than they could bare. They got to the point where they no longer cared what happened to them and once they died, that didn’t change. Many had mental issues and were in too much of a daze to help themselves.

Diane: I’m getting that they felt that all they had at that point was each other. That though many may have thought they were fighting for a just cause, they realized nothing was worth this misery. They felt removed from those who were leading them. I get the sense that they knew before Gettysburg started that it wasn’t going to go well. I’m seeing a very heavy mist over the fields and it’s quiet. It’s very eerie. Nat, so you were telling me that it’s always best to have the mix of both earth and spirit energies to help with these crossings?

Nat: That’s right. We always prefer to work with those on earth as it helps to join the vibration where the spirits are stuck. For many of the soldiers, it might be hard for them to lift their vibrations to see Spirit light.

Diane: Nat, I found some information about you in the National Archives. You were actually Canadian and joined a few days after they made it possible for African-American men to enlist? Why did you fight for another country at the age of 18?

Nat: Well the biggest one, of course, was that I believed in the cause of freeing the slaves. I felt everyone had the right to be control of their own destinies and not be owned by another.

Diane: What was it like being in the Civil War? I read from your records that you were in hospital a lot?

Nat: Yes many of us were. The conditions were brutal, the food was usually rotten and diseases were rampant.

(He told me that he had dysentery and I read later that was one of the major diseases of the war. In fact, diseases killed more men than battles.)

Diane: Well it was a very brave thing to do! On a spirit level, was this something that you planned?

Nat: Yes but I wasn’t sure what form the ideals that I wanted to experience would show themselves. I lived through the war and that’s more than I can say about most of us. It changed me forever and I was never the same man.

Diane: Did you ever regret enlisting?

Nat: I did have my regrets at the time, of course, especially when we were cold, starving and not sure if we would live through the day. I was a young man with ideals. The war changed me forever and allowed me to grow. I thought more of others and their hardships. I valued the life that I was given because I realized that it could be taken at any time. I never quite trusted others like I did before the war, because I saw what humans could do to each other.

Diane: Well thank you for sharing your feelings with us Nat. I think that it’s important for all of us to share their experiences when we can.

(We’ve been meeting as a group every night since this event and helping more and more soldiers cross. What’s especially wonderful is that I can see the soldiers whom we’ve already help cross egging the new soldiers on – waving them in with such excitement. I’m so grateful that those whom the soldiers loved in that life are helping from spirit because I don’t think that they would have trusted without them. When I look out into the atmosphere, I can see the lights of those working with us in Spirit and on earth.  We’ll keep working until as many souls as possible are crossed.)

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 6, 2018


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  1. Hi Diane and Marc!! Peace & Love my friends.
    I WANT TO HELP! I’d love to assist in helping the soldiers move-on. What can I do?

    • Hi Judy,
      Great! Call upon Nat and he will be happy to work with you. He says that anyone who wants to help, feel free to contact him. Even if you can’t hear him, he can hear you. Send all the love that you can to the soldiers. It’s time to flood them with light and love and that will raise the vibration. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi, Diane! I’m part of Alison ‘s facebook group and I happened upon your posts with Marc and the other spirits. I find them really interesting and educating. Even though this post is an old one -and still great, btw- I would also like to help the soldiers, or anyone, for that matter. I am from Canada, like Nat, what an interesting story he has.

    So you say that Nat can hear me even if I don’t hear him? Do I pray for the soldiers safe return to the light, is that how it’s done? Please advise if you can. Thank you, Dianna.

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