Bolan-Beaty Boogie Chat with Devlin of the Galactic Federation

Devlin Galactic Federation

For those who follow our blog, we apologize that we haven’t been posting as of late. Diane has been working on trance channeling Marc, so that we can bring him forward as purely as possible. We did take a break to talk with Devlin and others from the Galactic Federation.

Diane: So I’m getting that someone named Devlin is here to speak to us. He says he’s from the Galactic Federation right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. He has some things that he wants to say.

Diane: Well bring him forward. I would love to hear what he has to say! Okay so I see Devlin. He isn’t human and wears a light brown robe with a high collar. He has pointy ears and his skin tone perfectly matches the robe. (I was told that the color he is showing is important as it signifies his place in the Federation.) He isn’t alone and I see a petite looking woman with glasses and black hair whose name is Persephone. Standing next to her is a very tall being all in white. His name is Ecko and he is telling me that he is a “Star Light” being. Okay Marc, so only three?

Marc: Yeah that’s it.

Diane: Are you all from the Federation? (They nodded yes.) Okay Marc can you please start the chat and I’ll take down what is said? If I have a question, I’ll pop it in.

Marc: Okay well thanks very much for coming to speak with us today. This isn’t really a formal Bolan-Beaty Boogie show, but we heard that you wanted to speak with Diane so she can take it down and share it. So Devlin, you are the spokesperson for the group. Can you let us know why you are here?

Devlin: Yes thank you Marc and Diane for letting us come today. We are here because we are seeing spikes of fear from those on earth. There is a lot of activity just now in cleansing the energy of lower vibrational beings. Although we do not want to say that there is panic, we would like to alert all the beings who share love and light with us that please do not let fear overwhelm you. Please be aware that you are not alone and that there are many who share love with you and wish you the safest and most glorious ascension.

Marc: Okay so Devlin, thanks very much man for coming forward to share that you are digging the vibes of peace and love with those on earth. Anything else that you would like to say?

Devlin: Yes we would also like to say that the current time on earth may be very trying for those who inhabit the planet. We would like to remind you all that you are there for a purpose – in order to raise the vibration of the planet and that you needn’t be in fear. You have come there to help in a very important time and your path is one of light and ascension.  This is a very powerful time for the planet and as such, for all in the universe that you share. We look very fondly upon you all and wish for your highest joy and well-being.

Marc: Yeah so you’re saying to not draw upon anything negative. But are you also saying that there are those who do not want the same thing for the planet right?

Devlin: Yes there are those who exist who do not wish that the earth ascends because it either goes against their beliefs as they retain ego and wish to remain what they consider a dominant force. We do not make judgements upon anyone. We merely ask that all  look to their highest goals and bask in the Source light that we share. Some are not yet at the point where they share our sentiments, but that is as it is and we send them nothing but love and joy.

Diane: Devlin, so yes, I think that there is some troubled times on earth right now. Many who are ascending are finding it tough because as you mentioned, there are those who do not wish for this to happen. Why do you feel they are putting up this fight?

Devlin: Fear and ego are the two main reasons which would cause one from Source to wish anything other than true happiness for others.

Diane: Okay so what if some of our readers find themselves in a sticky situation or feel that they are having a rough time? Maybe they feel that some of these energies are in their space? What do you recommend?

Devlin: We suggest that they do their utmost to keep their vibration, feelings, and thoughts at the highest frequency of love that they can. Also be aware of what is in your space. Your normal state is one of complete love and happiness so if you find that you are not feeling this, then do what you can to change that. You are not there to be unhappy or to struggle. If you would like to write a creed or mantra for yourself (or find one from another source that you feel in tune with) and repeat it often. If you compose it yourself, ask your Divine self to help you. You will recognize this energy as it will make you feel comfortable and loved. When you feel that you are judging another, we suggest that you pause and reflect. Is this how you want to be? If you see someone whom you feel is less fortunate than yourself, do you offer help? The inhabitants of the earth are going through an immense amount of growing pains that are ripping through the planet right now. You have chosen to come there to help, so think upon it as an exciting time and one that you are proud to be a part of. You may all look upon it as a wondrous event.

Marc: So Devlin, you are saying….everyone keep your vibes as high as possible and if anyone feels that there may be unwanted energy in their space, what you would suggest?

Devlin: It helps to seek out another who can look at the energy and help you eradicate it. If you don’t know anyone to help you, call upon your guides, your Divine self, ascended masters, and arch angels who will help you pull the energy out. You are not there for other beings to keep down. You are not there for others to harbor ill will towards you. These beings are also from the same Light source as yourself and they must be sent loving compassion that they too will seek their highest source and find true love for all who share their energy.

Diane: Devlin, does anyone else in your group have something that they would like to say? (The other two nodded no. I was told that they were telepathically sending Devlin what they wanted to say so he was in fact, speaking for all three literally at the same time.) Devlin so anything else that you would like to add?

Devlin: Yes I would like to say to all who will hear these words…..take back your power! Many feel that they have lost it, but we say this cannot be so unless you allow it to happen and there is fear in your space. You may feel that there are those above you and that they feel that they know what is best for you. We would like to say that no one has the power to make any decisions that will affect you except yourself. Seek to be at the highest vibration of love that you can be. We all feel your light shine bright and we say that this is a wonderful sight to behold.

* Alison Aiflinn Allan has written and shared a wonderful declaration for calling back your power from sources outside of yourself and we’ve copied it below for those who are interested. 

Marc: Yeah so not to change the subject too much, but what kind of music do you guys have where you are? You must have some form of music right?

Diane: Marc, can we talk about that a little later?

Marc: Yeah…okay.

Diane: So are you embassaries who go to planets giving this message or have you just come here now because you felt the need?

Devlin: We go where we are needed and yes, we felt that now would be a good time to come and speak to those on earth. We also want to mention that many may feel that they are alone in the universe, whether it be themselves personally or the human race on the whole. Nothing could be further from the truth in both scenarios. You are being closely watched and are always loved.

Diane: So you are saying that we all came down here at this time to help raise the vibration of the planet. Though not everyday may be easy or wonderful, but overall, we can consider ourselves blessed to have this opportunity to be here right?

Devlin: Yes that is exactly correct. You are all cherished, brave beings and we can’t stress to you how powerful you all are. Again, we say to bring back that power to yourselves. Remember that you are all beings of Light and that no one is more important than another.

Marc: Okay so now can we talk about music?

Diane: Yeah sure….

Marc: Okay so Dev, what kinds of music do you have?

Devlin: Well Marc, we do not have music that would be familiar to those on earth. The only way I could explain it is if you could imagine a flourish of vibrations or energy passing by you that uplifts your soul and brings you joy. That would be what we would call music.

Diane: He is showing me a wave of energy that would envelope you and it is a wonderful array of colors and densities. Some of the music on earth is not what I would really consider positive or uplifting. Would you have anything like that there?

Devlin: No we would not. We would not see the sense in sharing space with anything that would not give us joy and pleasure.

Diane: So I just wanted to say that Marc, being in spirit, knows the answers to many of the questions that he poses, but he remembers what it is like to be human and puts questions out there that he feels we would be interested in hearing the response to such as….

Marc: Okay so because you are beings at a fairly high vibration, do you not have a dud day? Do you not find yourself needing to elevate your own feelings and vibration?

Devlin: Though we are all of God and Gods in our own right, of course, we still have feelings and emotions that we feel may not be at our peak. But we do not stay at low vibrations or what we would consider a low vibrational feeling for long. We recognize when this happens and as we are very familiar with our true selves, we would remedy the situation very quickly.

Marc: So what other work do you do? Might as well ask as we have them here right?

Diane: Yes, I agree if they are willing to answer. I’m very curious myself about that.

Devlin: We go where we are needed. We help wherever we can. We wish to empower those who forget that they have power.

Marc: Do you ever interfere with those who some might consider are taking advantage over another?

Devlin: Well this is a hard question for us to answer because there are many ways of looking at this. Where we are, no one can technically be at a disadvantage over another unless some agreement has been made in order for this to happen. So yes, we understand that there are many elaborate levels to any circumstance. But in order to answer your question, yes there is a governing board that will seek to look at some things that are happening…. and yes, sometimes actions are taken for the good of all. But for the most part, we do not like to interfere and wish that an individual take control of their destiny and power and remember that it is their true state of being.

Marc: So it appears to Diane as she is sending me her thoughts about this as she types that many are playing these parts in order to help us all discover more about our interactions with each other. To help one another attain goals and experience?

Devlin: Yes this is correct.

Marc: We are really all working as a whole in order to help each other experience and figure out who the hell we are right?

Devlin: That is correct.

Diane: So I had a few rough days here recently and it really helped me to just send everyone and everything that was giving me what I thought was a bad time a lot of love. I thanked them for letting me learn more about myself and how I would react. So bad days…I’m looking at them as really a gift. Sometimes I think that I get what I want to experience from them a lot faster and it seems to stay with me longer or be at a stronger energy.

Marc: Isn’t that usually the case? Sometimes you tend to remember sad or more painful events much longer than happy ones?

Diane: Yep! Okay so Devlin, have you anything else that you would like to say before we close? I think that you wanted to come here to tell us mainly that we aren’t alone and that those on earth might have it rough for a little while, but try to hang in there. There is literally light at the end of that tunnel?

Devlin: Yes Diane, thank you for putting it so succinctly. We wanted to come share our thoughts with you and we are very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Marc: Yeah great! We really appreciate it too!

I saw the group walk away.

Diane: Gosh Marc! They just showed up out of the blue didn’t they? Of course you knew that they were coming…

Marc: Yeah Diane…of course I did.

Diane: Did they volunteer or did you ask them to come?

Marc: No they asked me if they could come.

Diane: So what are your feelings about what they said?

Marc: Well I agree with them, but I’ve always felt that way.

Diane: What way?

Marc: That everyone is equal…that we are all-powerful and that you shouldn’t let others tell you what your worth is. You have to decide that on your own. I’ve always felt that you can raise yourself as high as you want – and then some – and it can be a gas really.

Diane: Yeah Marc, that sounds like you.

Marc: Because it is me!

Diane: Well I think that it was very nice of them to come. Thanks for bringing them here Marc! See you soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 7th, 2018

* From Alison Ailfinn Allan

This contract (intent) binds, in all timelines and spaces and dimensions, from north to south from west to east, above and below, from now and before from now and after we declare a mandate to take back control of our energies, as emissaries of the uniting councils for 5D and above that: all untowards energies, sigils, talismans, energetic implants, magically created objects of undefined knowing, harmful spells and intents are now under our control. Thus forth these objects, intents and spells reveal themselves now in the light, will be forever neutralised and melt back into Gaia herself becoming that which they were taken from. Furthermore this contract is unbreakable by any method outside of unconditional love, those seeking to destroy this contract will impose upon themselves the punishment of being buried under a mountain of unconditional love till the end of days. And so be it.

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  1. Thank you for posting , i was wondering what happened, its good to see your doing well, i look forward to your posts it uplifts me , and this post i felt like it spoke to me in particular , as it relates to stuff im going throw , Thank you Diane and Marc . Much Love and Light

    • So glad to hear that the post resonated with you! Yes we’re still around for sure. We spend a lot of time just chatting like everyone, so doubt that anyone would be interested in reading that. But when we do have someone who comes for a visit, we love sharing what they have to tell us. Take care!

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