Bolan-Beaty Boogie Play Word Association (Just for Fun!)

Word AssociationSince Marc and I are celebrating three years of working together, we took a break from our trance-channeling practice and wanted to do something fun and spur of the moment. I asked Marc if he would be up for word association (you know, I say a word and he answers back with his first thoughts). He was up for it so here goes:

Diane: Synchronicity

Marc: Transitory relationship between two objects or energies that connect at the same time in either the same or different dimensions.

Diane: Elvis

Marc: My main man! A childhood inspiration. The moves! The feelings in his soul came through his voice. Awe inspiring.

Diane: Guitar

Marc: As Marc, it was the most important means of my expression. The energy wave started from my soul, went through my brain and down my fingers to the strings of the guitar and out the amp. I couldn’t have done what I did as Marc without it.

Diane: Stan Lee

Marc: Genius! Brillant! I wish that I had gotten to know him better.

Diane: Yeah but he’s over there with you now right? Have you met him yet?

Marc: No not yet. He’s still getting used to his new surroundings and his group is with him. Maybe we can have him on the show at some time? (Since we talked about this, Marc has been in contact with him.)

Diane: Pagan

Marc: Quiet, stillness, listens to the nuances of the earth, the wind, the rustling of the trees, intently watches the moon, feels the soul of the earth…..inspired by the scent of the soil

Diane: Poetry

Marc: Music in words, a roller coaster ride of heartache and love

Diane: Death

Marc: Regeneration, rebirth, reemergence into another realm

Diane: Promise

Marc: One heart speaking to another

Diane: Dolphin

Marc: Intelligence overlooked, a creature from the past here to teach those of the present

Diane: Ghost

Marc: A wondering soul looking for answers

Diane: Glitter

Marc: Eyes

Diane: Paris

Marc:  Aw…city of dreams, passion, beauty, romance. I had quite a few good times there.

Diane: Lips

Marc: Conveyors of pleasure and pain

Diane: Gossip

Marc: Wasted talk

Diane: Buddha

Marc: Mystic, seer, light of the universe, cosmic, eternal, never-ending, vast

Diane: Heart

Marc: The ticker of fate

Diane: Galaxy

Marc: My family, my home, peace, love, wonderment

Diane: Music

Marc: Love for eternity, creative expression, the sun and the moon…the greatest love in many of my physical lives….my favorite way of self-expression

Diane: Jesus

Marc: Friend, inspirational speaker, best story-teller in the galaxy, love at its best

Diane: Bible

Marc: Book of fables

Diane: Zeus

Marc: Warrior, kinsman to the galaxy, ancient wild wisdom and knowledge

Diane: Mermaid

Marc: Lovely, passionate sprite of the sea

Diane: Spaceship

Marc: Gateway to the universe!

Diane: Ballroom of Mars

Marc: Fantasy…your favorite Marc Bolan song

Diane: Spirit

Marc: Light energy…receptacle of all knowledge and wisdom, grace, prism, seeker of knowledge and truth, my dog

Diane: Tomb

Marc: Peace

Diane: The wind

Marc: Movement of the cosmic dancer, lightness, sensory pleasure, to feel the wind on your cheek is to be in touch with magic

Diane: Platform shoes

Marc: My helpers

Diane: Universe

Marc: Pleasure ground of the soul

Diane: Dragon

Marc: Mystical beings that are real but of another dimension. They transfix me.

Diane: You are very into mystical stuff aren’t you?

Marc: Yeah I’m into anything that is usually termed “fantasy” or other worldly because even as Marc I knew it was true. My mind was always curious about what you couldn’t “see”. It wasn’t easy to find people who truly believed in most of the stuff I did, even if it was the late sixties.

Diane: Fashion

Marc: Mostly 3D self expression via color, patterns, and texture. It was really important to me as Marc.

Diane: Yeah you tell me a lot that you were into whatever means of expressing yourself that you could find right?

Marc: Yeah…that was the whole point of being down there as Marc. It was to express who I am. It can take many forms, even though music was and still is the uppermost way that I choose to do this.

Diane: You like to draw too right?

Marc: Yeah love to draw. Like I said, any creative way of expressing yourself is important to me.

Diane: Okay another word…..Melody

Marc: Links of sound vibrations which join to give pleasure or pain depending on who is linking them.

Diane: Angels

Marc: Beautiful high vibrational beings who transmit energy that looks like pure gold. At least that’s the way I see it.

The revels of the golden warriors ignite the passions of the pagan gods and release the hold over a universe trembling in fear and abandonment.

Diane: What was that? A little poem for us? Thank you!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 22, 2018

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