Bolan-Beaty Boogie Hop Aboard a Sirian Starship


First off…Marc has been showing me specific scenes of his life as Marc and so I asked him what he wanted to say about that.

Diane: Okay Marc so you’ve been showing me scenes from your life as Marc Bolan, where you’re telling me that you couldn’t pass a store window or mirror without looking at your reflection. It’s as if it was something that you couldn’t control. I think that you wanted to say more about that yes?

Marc: Well I felt that many people around me often misjudged me. Of course, many people I didn’t know as well.

Diane: You mean because they felt it was only vanity that caused you to do this?

Marc + Mirror 2

Marc: Yeah for sure. I mean, don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t that I wasn’t checking out my hair, outfit or make-up….I mean, yeah man I was, but you gotta dig deeper than that you know. When I looked at myself, I was saying “Who the fuck are you Marc?” I wanted to tear myself apart and put myself back together. I constantly wanted to find out more about myself. What made me tick and where was it all coming from.

Diane: So you felt that many people misjudged you. Did that bother you at the time?

Marc: Yeah it did and I wanted to be able to control what others thought of me.

Diane: But it doesn’t bother you now anymore, you’re telling me?

Marc & Mirror

Marc: No…it doesn’t bother me now. I judged a whole hell of a lot of people myself, so I guess I was no worse than anyone else. What I’m saying here is that if you can do without the judgement… without the judgement. It’s really a waste of energy…it isn’t good feeling energy and more often than not, you’ve probably got your ideas of the other person “wrong” anyway.

Diane: Okay so anything else that you would like to say about this?

Marc: Yeah when I read or found myself being judged by others…and man those critics were brutal to me….I let it pull me apart. Now I see that it was a waste of time and like I said, energy that I could have been putting into something positive.

Diane: Hindsight and all that then huh? So you’re saying, and I hear this a lot, is that judgement of others is a waste of time and you can find much better ways of creating positive energy?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying here.

Great so now Marc and I go on another adventure! I never know where he is going to take me.

Diane: Okay Marc, so it appears that we have ended up in a white room about the size of a phone booth. Where is this?

Marc: Does it feel like you are in the inside of a present? (He is so cute!)

Diane: Well…not really. Do one of the sides open up to someplace?

Marc: Maybe. Which side did you want to try?

Diane: Hmm….let’s try the one in front of us. Nope, doesn’t budge. I’ll try the one behind us. Doesn’t move. I’ll try the one to my right. Nope! Okay well there is only one left. Okay that opened, but all I see is blackness and tiny lights lining a path on the ground – like you’d see in the cabin of an airplane. There is movement on both sides behind railings that line a path. Marc where are we?

Marc: Can’t tell! It’s a surprise, but there is someone I would like you to meet.

Diane: Okay I see a door at the end of the hall. I feel like we are in Alice in Wonderland because the door looks smaller the closer we get to it. How are we going to fit through it? Oh yeah…keep forgetting…we can fit through anything right?

Marc: Right.

We walked through the little door and there was a vast world on the other side!

Diane: I have to try to make it out. It feels like a huge room but there are very tall tropical looking trees that I’ve never seen on earth. How can I explain this….it’s like the wind is moving the leaves around in patterns that are spiraling all over the treetops. Marc…where are we?

Marc: That will be clear pretty soon.

Diane: It’s like we are wondering through one of those Victorian glass conservatories. I’m hearing sounds of animals. Okay so up ahead there is a path that branches off two different ways. It seems like they are always doing that – just like in life huh. One path will lead you to one direction and the other will give you a completely different experience.

Marc: Okay so which one do you want to choose?

Diane: Oh gosh…I don’t know. The best one?

Marc: That’s the decision you have to make.

Diane: Well I want to take the path that will bring us to whomever you want me to meet.

Marc: Well how do you know that I don’t have different “people” waiting down each one?

Diane: Yeah..well..that’s a possibility. Okay so let me get a feel for which one feels best for me at this time. The one on the right is showing me a green color that feels very mellow, calm…very much an earth vibe so it might be someone whom we know from another earth life? The other path is a very vibrant purple and it feels outer spacey, so I’m getting a multi-dimensional being.

Marc: Well I set this up so you would take the path that appeals to you most.

Diane: Well they are both very interesting, so can’t we do both?

Marc: We’ll see but which one tonight?

Diane: Gosh…I feel like if I pick one the other person will feel left out?

Marc: They aren’t going to feel left out. Just pick one!!!

Diane: Okay well let’s take the one on the left.

Marc: Okay great! A decision has finally been made!

Diane: I know that you’ve told me that when you were Marc, you really hated to waste time and people who did, drove you kinda nuts. But there isn’t any time where you are so what’s the rush?

Marc: No, of course, there isn’t any time here, but I’m really excited for you to explore and see what you find!

Diane: Aww…so sweet. Okay so the path is now filling up with a pale purple mist. Hey…this isn’t Prince again! He isn’t coming back for a visit is he?

Marc: No, it isn’t Prince, but that’s a good (funny) guess!

Marc was telling me that what I just went through was the “gateway”. Sometimes they take me longer to get through than others.

The mist finally cleared and I saw a control room full of elaborate machinery and panels with lights switching on and off.

Diane: This looks like a control room for a spaceship of some kind. I can see and feel a lone being in there – male – but his back is turned to me. He is extremely tall and looks to be in some kind of spacesuit or armor. Marc…can we get closer to him and find out who he is? I’m getting that he is a very important individual – like the commander of the ship?

Marc: Yes…that’s good….keep going.

Diane: Even though he has power and commands respect….a leader…his energy is very gentle and loving. He uses his influence for only good and loves to explore. He passion to explore is still like a child’s. I’m also getting that even though he is well-respected and has met just about everyone there is to meet in the cosmos, he still feels it’s an honor to meet each new individual. He truly believes that everyone is special. Gosh…I don’t know who this is yet, but he certainly seems wonderful!

Marc: He is. Okay so let’s keep going. Are you seeing him now?

Diane: I think that this part is taking longer than normal because he is so impressive and I don’t think that he has human features, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Marc: Don’t expect anything because that will put thoughts into your mind. Let it be open to get what you receive…whatever you get.

Diane: Good advice thanks. So he turns around and I see that he has a mask on. He doesn’t have eyes but just a black mist behind the mask. Marc, I don’t recall seeing someone like this before. He only communicates telepathically?

Marc: Well he has many different methods of communicating, but he thinks that for this purpose, telepathically might be the easiest.

Diane: Gosh Marc, who is he?

Marc: Well let me introduce you to him. Diane…this is Commander Osphrey. (Not sure about the spelling but that’s how it sounded and when I asked them to spell it, that’s what I got.) Commander, I’d like you to meet my very good friend Diane.

Osphrey: It’s my pleasure to meet you Diane. You may not remember, but we have actually met before but while you were in spirit form.

Diane: Yes I’m sorry…I don’t remember (even though his energy was very familiar to me).

Osphrey: That is of no consequence.

He was showing me that I can just string together this meeting with our last meeting and when I return to spirit, of course I’ll remember them all.

Diane: So Commander, I’m assuming that this is your ship right?

Osphrey: Yes, Diane, that is correct. We are currently traveling many light years from your planet earth.

Diane: Oh gosh…that’s a lot to take in. It feels like a better version of Star Trek. So where are we heading?

Osphrey: To a constellation inside the Andromeda Galaxy.

Diane: So Marc, this is in the physical world?

Marc: Well yes, it’s technically in the physical realm, but not your current time if that makes sense?

Diane: Yeah it does.

I was thinking to myself that I’m glad I read his energy before he turned around because if I hadn’t, I might have been frightened of him. He was so massive!

Diane: Well Commander, thank you for meeting with us. Gosh I’m really unprepared with questions for you, as I’m never sure where Marc will be taking me.

Marc:’s okay. He is aware of this. Just think of some questions and I’ll pipe in.

Diane: So you travel all over the galaxy and is this for recreation or do you have a purpose? Where is your crew?

Osphrey: My crew is on the other side of this room (he said this was his command center). We can go out there later if you like?

Diane: Yes that would be great! What is the purpose of the ship?

Osphrey: Well much like the Star Trek you alluded to earlier, we have missions and travel to learn and help where we are needed.

Diane: Well could you give us an example of something? I’m sure that our readers would be interested in hearing about your travels.

Osphrey: I would be happy to give you an example. For instance, we are just coming back from a visit to a black hole. We tested the atmosphere and what caused the conditions.

Diane: Okay so can you give an example of where you’ve been needed?

So he showed me warring factions and I was seeing what looked like laser fire from one ship to another.

Diane: So there was some kind of conflict happening and you were sent there to be emissaries and see if you could intervene?

He nodded.

Diane: So that happened? Was there a truce?

Osphrey: No there wasn’t, but we stopped anymore aggressive behavior for the time being.

He told me that it was over the control of a planet.

Diane: Marc, I think I need to regroup my energy. Can you ask some questions?

Marc: Sure! Commander, when I last saw you, you were settling another conflict in a completely different area. So are you part police ship?

Osphrey: Well we are part of a group of ships that do have the authority to intervene when conflicts arise.

Diane: Is that your main function?

Osphrey: Well it’s one of the most important things that we do…yes.

Diane: So do ships really blow each other up?

Osphrey: Yes ships do blow each other up as you say. It’s more rare now than it used to be. That’s why we are here…to help stop the waste of lives and help bring an end to conflicts between opposing forces.

Diane: I hope this isn’t rude of me Commander, but I’m very interested in your outfit. Most of the time, I see an individual’s face, but I’m not getting any features behind the mask.

Osphrey: You can see that though we can function within a physical world, we do not have a physical body as you would know it.

Diane: What? Okay that blows my mind. So what are you made of?

Osphrey: Well that would become technical, but let’s say it’s a mix of different energies and composite materials.

Diane: Can we see the rest of the ship?

We walk down a corridor. Everything is black. It really looks like a Hollywood set. When we got to the end of the hall, I saw an immense and I mean massive space which was the center of the ship. I saw little ships flying from one level to another. It was a huge city flying in the sky. I can’t even fathom how big it is!

Diane: Commander, do you have any idea in earth terms just how large this ship is?

Osphrey: I would say that it would be equal to the size of one of your large cities.

Diane: That’s about what I was thinking. I can see little ships flying from one side of the ship to the other. Is that the fastest means of travel here?

Osphrey: Yes. It would take a long time to walk the circumference of the ship.

We start walking down the hallway to our right and see a young female walking towards us. She had a green complexion with scales and a little wisp of a curl on the top of her head. She was beautiful!

Osphrey: Diane and Marc..I would like you to meet Agarian. She is part of our team of scientists. She studies atmospheric conditions and helps us to determine if where we are traveling is safe.

Agarian stops to speak with us and uses verbal language.

Diane: So Agarian, how long have you been on the ship and how is it for you?

Agarian: I’ve been on the ship for about five of your earth years. It’s been a wonderful experience for me, as I was a student beforehand. Now I am gathering real research and data.

Diane: Is this your job like we have on earth or do you not have those here?

Agarian: Well we do not have jobs like you do on earth, so that we can make money to support ourselves. We are supported by our communities and we do not have the need to work, but we do it for the sheer love of exploration and finding out more about the galaxy. We compile information that will be shared all over, so it is a calling, I guess you would say – to expand awareness to all.

Diane: Okay so I’m getting that you are speaking to us because you are familiar with earth and that you studied it in school?

She said that she had some questions for me as though she had studied earth, its beings and how we behave, she hadn’t actually run across someone who was currently incarnate there.

Diane: Yeah sure…I will answer any questions that I can!

Agarian: What is this thing that you call humor?

Diane: Wait Marc….did I get that right?

Marc: Yeah she wants to know about the sense of humour (he always gives me the British spelling of a word when he talks if I know it) that humans have. What is that?

Diane: Oh gosh! I’m not sure if it’s different humor than anyone else would have but since she’s asking about it, maybe it is? Well I guess human humor is where you think something is funny or amusing and you laugh at it.

She was putting images of British TV shows in my head like Monty Python and saying why is the British sense of humor so widely regarded as being some of the funniest on the planet?

Diane: Well I’m not British, but they do have a great sense of humor – even in everyday life. They are very witty and have the ability to laugh at themselves. They are considered very eccentric.

Okay now she is asking about love. She is asking why isn’t it acceptable for anyone to love whomever they choose? Why are there so many people who judge or say that you cannot love someone if they are have different skin, religion, race or sex?

Diane: Well I guess that you might say that there is still a lot of prejudice and judgement on earth and people sometimes feel threatened when they don’t understand something and that can lead to fear. Sometimes, people have beliefs that they grew up with from their families or religions and they feel more comfortable keeping them.

She asked me what my beliefs were and I told her.

Marc: Okay well I think that we will have to say goodbye for now. Diane is getting really tired and she is going to have to take a break. (Marc is so sweet. He always knows when I’m getting too tired to go on. It really takes a lot of energy to do this.) Thank you Commander for letting us come to visit today. I’m sure that we will be in contact soon!

Osphrey: It was a pleasure Marc having you and Diane on board again. I look forward to seeing you both soon.

Diane: So Marc, well that was great to meet them! I thought it was interesting that Agarian asked about humor and love. I also think it’s interesting that the Commander doesn’t have a physical body but can function in the physical world.

Marc: It isn’t that he doesn’t have a physical mass. It’s just not along the same lines as a human body would be.

Diane: Well he felt very protective. His energy was lovely.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

December 19, 2018




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  1. I thought the questions Agarian asked were really interesting! It always seems that its just us asking extraterrestrial beings the questions, but we never stop to think of what they are curious about in terms of us.

    • I was kind of surprised when I was told that she had questions too! I’m usually the curious one on these travels. Agarian is really into what is happening here on earth and the history. I guess earth is the cool place to be!

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