Bolan-Beaty Boogie Have a Heart-to-Heart About Everything “Marc Bolan” on YouTube

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Diane: Having just gone through a terrible week with the flu, I felt compelled to do something that I normally don’t have the time to do – see what there is about you – Marc Bolan on YouTube!

Marc: Oh yeah?

Diane: As if you didn’t know this was coming up! Anyway, it was very interesting. I wanted to talk about what I found out and ask you some questions if that suits?

Marc: Your wish my dear….

Diane: Okay great! So I have to say that one of the first things I came across was a documentary where John Peel was showing people a notebook that you had given him full of Marc-isms. He said that his children loved to read it. He read only one quote from it and it was “Illness is just your bed telling you that it misses you and wants to cuddle”. Now how wonderful was it for me to run across that after one of the worst weeks of illness I’ve ever had! I know that wasn’t a coincidence right?

Marc just smiled at me.

Diane: So I had some time to look at what is on YouTube about you, and it’s a lot let me tell you. There are documentaries, videos, interviews, and your music, of course, including some demos that I’d never heard before.

Marc nodded.

Diane: I noticed fan comments, as well as what the people who knew you had to say. Some of it was nice and some wasn’t. I was amazed at how many “opinions” there are out there about you. Everything from your music, your behavior, how you dressed, did you start this movement or didn’t you….the list goes on. I guess that’s par for the course when you are famous, but I just wanted to get your opinion about all these…..opinions?

Marc: Well you aren’t going to stop people from having their opinions now are you? At least they are still talking about me! I can tell you one thing for certain though. All the people, the ones who even knew me personally may have felt that they knew me pretty well, but I tell you that not one of them knew me one hundred percent. I never shared everything with them. I kept some Marc back in my own heart.

Diane: Well yes I think that everyone would probably say the same thing right? Well maybe not. I’ve known people who couldn’t keep any thought they had to themselves. It just all comes out. Maybe that’s just the way they are?

Marc: Yeah and there isn’t anything wrong with that….

Diane: Well what I think I’m getting from this and this has been coming up a lot between us recently….is that maybe people didn’t know you as well as they thought they did?

Marc: Yes that’s what I’m saying.

Diane: Yes I think that you mentioned to me today, and I heard this a lot in the interviews – is that the majority of people tended to dwell on what they considered your vast ego and how you just had to be the biggest rock star ever! They seemed to associate that with vanity. I think that you want to say otherwise?

Marc: Yes I do as a matter of fact. Those who knew me may still feel the same about this, but that wasn’t my main goal for being famous. When I was down there as Marc, sure, I started getting more and more focused on fame, but you have to understand that was the reason I came down there. I needed the fame in order to complete the purpose that I set out for myself.

Diane: Which was?

Marc: To share who I was and in a big way.  I really really wanted to share who I was through myself but more especially through my music. I was there to make a difference…to change the world after I left it. That in turn led, dare I say it without sounding too vain, that I did inspire future generations of musicians and artists. Yeah I did inspire Glam Rock. Yeah I did change the face of the British music scene at the time. I don’t think anyone will disagree with any of these statements but it’s okay if they do. I’m long past trying to change anyone’s minds about who I was as Marc. I’m just telling you how I see it all from the perspective I’m at now.

Diane: Yes please keep going.

Marc: So I’m saying that I wanted to share who I was and I did, but the main reason was so I could inspire all of those who came after me. Break down those barriers of sexuality, of saying you had to sing about something in one way or look another. It may not have been new that a poor lad from Britain makes it big and becomes a star – hell the Beatles did it before me – but I wanted to do it my own way. I wanted to leave what I did for everyone who came after me. You see…it was my gift to all of you!

Diane: I think that you’ve mentioned that Marc would be your last physical life on earth right? Is that why he was such a special one for you?

Marc: Yes that’s right. I wanted to go out with a bang and I did. If someone wants to call what I did merely a vanity trip, I can’t stop them, but I hope that they someday realize it was more….much much more.

Diane: Okay so I think that this is something that you’ve been wanting to say for a while right?

Marc: Yes. I did need the push…the will not to stop in order to succeed and I had to believe that with my whole soul if I was going to pull that caper off. I knew that I didn’t have much time and I couldn’t stop to think for one second.

Diane: Yes several people commented in the documentaries on the fact that you were “ruthless” about leaving people in the dust. I thought that was rather cruel. It seemed to me more that you were just doing what you had to do and if they couldn’t follow with what you were doing, you had to move on?

Marc: Yeah that’s the way I saw it as well. I’m not saying that I was always the nicest guy and I know that it wasn’t easy for many of my friends to stick with me. I do appreciate the ones who put up with me and stuck with me through my terrible terrors period.

Diane: Do you mean when the drugs and booze got a little out of hand?

Marc: Yeah.

Diane: Okay is that something that you want to talk about? I think that you want me to ask if you regret anything about that life and looking back, would you make any changes if you had the chance? I know we ask our guests on our show this question many times, but I’m not sure that I’ve asked you before?

Marc: Yeah that’s a loaded question isn’t it? And most spirits will tell you “No I wouldn’t change anything because then I wouldn’t have been who I was”. And for me, there is some truth to that as well. If I was down there as Marc right now, I would probably spin you a tall tale about something and get myself out of this question. You have to realize that there aren’t any grey areas to me – when I was Marc and who I am now. It’s always one extreme to the other.

Diane: Yeah I know that about you. I think that’s something that we have in common.

Marc: like I said, I could say the standard response, but I think that if I had to do it again, I would have certainly shortened the time that I was boozing it up and taking the drugs.

Diane: Did you want to say anything about why you felt that happened, as I don’t think you originally planned for that right?

Marc: No I hadn’t…to be honest. That’s when your free will can kick in and boy did it kick in with a vengeance!

Diane: I think that we can all say that we’ve experienced excesses that maybe we feel got out of control…..

Marc: Yes most people can probably say that to some degree, but not to the extreme that I can. Like I said, that would probably be the one thing that I would change if I had another crack at being Marc…but then of course, I don’t.

Diane: Anything else?

Marc: Well I think that I’ve said this before….I don’t think that I was quite as bad as some people made out. I did hurt some people close to me, and of course, I do regret that.

Diane: Yeah but that’s the whole point of lives on earth right? We all come together to experience what the other one does and take it from there?

Marc: Yes that’s exactly right! People reacted in certain ways to me that they felt was in their best interests and I was just doing the same thing.

Diane: Okay so many people also commented on the fact that they felt you were living in a fantasy world and that you weren’t in reality most of the time – if ever. What do you say about that?

Marc: Yeah so what? I didn’t come down there to be in “reality”. I came down there to do what I needed to do. No I wasn’t going to work in an office or a chip shop. I had my agenda and I stuck to it. By the way, I hate to break the news to some, but there isn’t anything as “reality”. If you think that what you are living right now is “reality”, you’re going to be in for a shock when you get to where I am.

Diane: Meaning……

Marc: Meaning that everything in your life is your own creation and it can all be termed an illusion if you want to look close enough.

Diane: So our conversation now isn’t reality? (I just wanted to get his response….)

Marc: No it’s a creation, a very lovely creation that you and I are sharing right now and then at some point, tomorrow I think you said, you would share our creation with others.

Diane: Right!

Marc: If everyone there realized what the possibilities are and how unreality everything is, I think they would be shocked. (He’s saying to me that Marc Bolan never liked to shock people right – LOL! He said that by just being Marc, he was giving us a keyhole to look through to these other realities and possibilities). You can’t imagine, I don’t think, what is going on in the galaxy, what is going on where I am. It would be pretty overwhelming for most to concentrate on their lives if they knew.

Diane: Yeah so we read books on sci-fi and watch shows from other people’s imaginations.

Marc: Yeah but it’s all one and the same. You all know about it at some level. It’s just reminding yourself about it.

Diane: So do you feel that you succeeded in accomplishing everything that you wanted to as Marc? Was there more that you wanted to do?

Marc: Well yeah, I’m sure that I would have liked to have done more music, but the legacy and changing what came before me….and having people listen to my music forty years later, that’s really what I wanted. I wanted to make music to make people happy! It was the love of my life as Marc and I loved every minute I had creating it.

Diane: Aww….Okay so you lived as Marc Bolan for a while, but how close is he to who you are now? Marc is an aspect of your Divine self which has many other incarnations as well.

Marc: I’m really close to Marc except I don’t have the fear that I had so I don’t feel threatened. I don’t act like a jerk because of it. (He was joking here.) Otherwise, yeah I’m exactly the same. I’m a loner here though which is the way I choose to be and some know the reason for that and some don’t. That’s the way I’m going to keep it.

Diane: Yes I know. Dave Bowie is around you right now though because I can feel his energy.

Marc: Yes he’s here with me now, but he didn’t want to interfere with our interview.

Diane: Well give him my love! We just spoke with him about the new healing method he is creating, so we’ll have that information in a post soon!

Marc and Dave went off to have some fun together. I know that Marc has been wanting to talk about some of these topics for awhile. He left us so young and he didn’t really have a method of connecting with us in any thorough way until now.

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January 9, 2019




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  1. He certainly had lots of charisma and flamboyance I must admit after watching him give an interview on YouTube if only we could all be fortunate enough to leave a legacy like the one he did

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