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So Marc and I thought we’d just do a post about what we talk about everyday. We don’t know if anyone will find it interesting….but here goes. I chose this photo because this is the grin that I often see on Marc.

Diane: Okay Marc so what about this soul thing. Can you give us a clearer understanding of all the different levels? So let’s say from where I’m at now focused as Diane and on up.  (Marc said that is kind of information is hard to put into words because in Spirit, it is felt on an emotional level. He said that’s why you will often read or hear varying theories of this coming from Spirit, because we can all choose to feel differently).

Marc: Well technically yes, you are all the way up to Source because you are part of Source, but at that level, your intelligence is going to be completely different from something you could comprehend now. It’s going to be a mass with everyone else so there you won’t be individualized, which is how it all started. Does that make sense?

Diane: Yep, so can you talk about Divine or Higher Selves?

Marc: They deal with everything pertaining to your current incarnation. They are running the show – so to speak.

Diane: Okay Divine Selves don’t really involve your other incarnations….

Marc: No. So for instance, yours would just be dedicated to Diane. When you go up one level from that, that’s the spirit that you’ve seen with the tentacles.

Diane: Yes that’s how it’s been shown to me in the past. So when you hear the word “soul” what does that mean to you?

Marc: Okay so the “soul” carries all the information about all of your other selves. So your Divine Self is part of your soul. You also planned your current incarnation as Diane at the soul level.

Diane: So all my incarnations would be stored at the soul level?

Marc: Yes. Your soul has all the information about all your incarnations stored in it. Got that?

Diane: Are you very emotional at that level?

Marc: That’s not usually the function. (He meant from what we would consider human emotions.) Souls are more a storage unit for all this information.

Diane: Okay then what is next after that?

Marc: Okay then…well above that…if you want to look at it in hierarchies (he kept mentioning that he isn’t used to looking at it like that so bear with him), you’d have what is often referred to as the Oversoul. Now that is where you are going to find other beings incarnating that don’t pertain to you. Well they do…but that’s your family and friends.

Diane: So is the soul group above or below that if you looked at it on a chart?

Marc: Well I kind of see it on the same level. Your soul groups are inside of your Oversoul, so I guess if I had to show it, I would show them at the same level.

Diane: Can you explain it to us as if we are looking at a chart? So let’s say Source is at the top….

Marc: After Source you have your Oversoul. Like I said, I see the soul groups within that but someone else might feel differently than me.

Diane: Okay then my Soul.

Marc: Yeah that’s right… then your Divine Self and then you.

Diane: So there are levels of me at every dimension and dimensions are just levels of consciousness?

Marc: Yes that’s right. Dimensions are levels of consciousness and not actual places.

Diane: So I know that when you are in Spirit, whatever you want comes to you automatically….like…focus and you have it. What level would you say that would start working the best – closest to where I’m focused right now as Diane?

Marc: Well that will start in the fifth but once you hit the sixth, for sure, things come to you right away.

Diane: I think from my human perspective that would feel odd but amazing at the same time!

Marc: Yeah it’s great in a way, but it can be a little underwhelming at times. But it’s just how everything is made up here. You don’t really miss what humans might conceive as the struggle to get what you want.

Diane: Okay so let’s say that you are a Spirit on the Sixth and you get everything you think about. If you go down to a lower level, it’s not going to come as easily correct?

Marc: Well yeah, the further down you go, the further you are away from Source – even though you aren’t really, you just think that you are.

Diane: Ooh I think that we just got a bit disconnected…..

Marc: No I’m just trying to explain this to you. So do you mean how does this work with or without a body?

Diane: Without.

Marc: Let me think. So without a body, even if you are in the fifth, things are going to come to you fast. If you don’t have a body, you aren’t going to hang out in the fourth unless you are earthbound and that’s no fun. You aren’t going to get what you want there right away because that’s too close to the physical. So I would say that in the fifth is where that really starts to boogie, but it’s still slower than higher vibrations. (He wants to mention that there isn’t time there, but he is trying to put it into a perspective that will make sense to us.)

Diane: Everyone does seem to have their own viewpoints about this kind of thing….

Marc: Oh yeah sure. Everyone thinks differently about this kind of thing and it doesn’t really matter. Just believe what I told you! (Here I got the grin you see in the photo above because of course, he was just teasing me. Marc is a BIG teaser!)

Diane: Okay I will believe you because you are never wrong! So when you are back in Spirit, you can set up challenges for yourself but you can just coast as well?

Marc: Well if you want challenges then sure, you can have them. If you want to just plain sail then you can do that too. It’s all what you want to create and achieve really. If you want to do nothing….you can do nothing but that really goes against who you are as a spirit which is one who creates. I think that would get pretty boring myself, but there are those here who wouldn’t have it any other way.

Diane: Well yeah same on earth too I guess.

Marc: Yeah you’re right. I guess it doesn’t matter where you are at necessarily.

Diane: It’s probably easier to be lazy where you are though because if you are too lazy on earth, you had better set yourself up as a trust fund baby.

Marc: If you’ve bothered to come into an incarnation, you probably aren’t going to be too lazy because there are going to be sooooo many choices coming at you all the time. But you can take the easy road for sure, if you want.

Diane: Well would you discover as much about yourself then?

Marc: Well no, probably not, but maybe they had a harder time the last time out and they want to have it easier.

Diane; Well let me ask you this…oh shit….I forgot the question. Do you know what my question was Marc?

Marc: I didn’t get enough of it sent to me….

Diane: Okay well must have not been that important. Can’t you rewind the tape and play my brain back?

Marc: No but maybe you can!

Diane: So Marc you were saying a few days ago that we both have the attention span of fleas (as I’ve just demonstrated). That cracked me up! You were showing me cartoon images of us as fleas jumping all over the place! You had your curly dark hair! What did you mean?

Marc: What do you think I meant! Neither of us can concentrate on anything for more than a few nanoseconds. Our attention keeps jumping from one thing to another. Our focus is in about fifty places at one time. Juggling would be a good term for it.

Diane: Yeah I hear that! So Marc, we’ve been having breakthroughs in our Trance Channeling practice right? Erik (from Channeling Erik) has been helping us. He’s such a generous Spirit!!! He showed me what was causing a delay, which was my body wasn’t letting go enough so that you could come in. I felt your energy really trying to come in, but then it would stop. I guess I was thinking that it was some interference on your end (because of course mentally I didn’t think I was stopping anything). I thought that because you are in Spirit, you could do anything easily. (Marc is able to move parts of my body at this point. He said that speaking will be the next step for us and shouldn’t take too much longer.)

Marc: Well it’s true that I can do anything yeah more easily than in the physical. But I’m not in the physical, so I have to relearn how to be in it and it’s so very dense.

Diane: I know…it’s not your fave place to be.

Marc: Yeah man I have to adapt if you all of a sudden you decide to move your energy back into your body. I have to be able to pop back out because if we were both fully in it, it would short-circuit! (Another grin!)

Diane: It would not! Silly! So what’s the biggest difference for you as Marc between being in Spirit and being physical? I think that I asked you this before but it’s been a long time.

Marc: How do you mean biggest difference? You mean which do I like better?

Diane: You know what I mean!

Marc: No I don’t because you don’t know for sure what you mean. Be more specific.

Diane: Okay you are right….even I was vague about the question in my own mind. Okay so I know that you prefer to be where you are right?

Marc: Yeah right. So I guess the biggest thing is not having a body of course. I know you mean more than that but…

Diane: Yeah like from an emotional viewpoint let’s say. In Spirit, we are a ton of emotions right?

Marc: Yes I know that you and I are for sure! Okay let me think about this. I know that you are looking for a deep answer.

Diane: No I’m not Marc. Just what do you feel?

Marc: Well I guess for me, being in a physical body has its merits, of course, and it’s a great experience….but it can be very limiting.

Diane: Example please.

Marc: Well you can’t jump all over the universe can you if you want! I mean you can on some level, but the body isn’t going to go with you is it? You are going to have to get to the part of yourself that is able to do that and not a lot of people are there. And even if you do, it isn’t going to feel quite the same. Sure you can more so when you are dreaming, but I like the freedom of being able to go wherever I want whenever I want. I think that being non-physical is more freeing.

Diane: I bet! If you have access to all the  information about yourself, do you spend any time thinking about yourself and should you do this or that? You don’t need to worry about rent payments and getting gas and all that so you can focus on other things.

Marc: Well yeah in the practical sense, that’s all true. But you can limit yourself here if you want, but that wouldn’t make much sense to me.

Diane: Wouldn’t it be great if you could come down here and give just one more T Rex concert?

Marc: Yeah it sure would be! I’d rock and roll the house down. I really would!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 2, 2019




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