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TC Marc & Diane

I have been channeling Marc Bolan for over three years now, but my goal has always been to trance channel him. You know….having him use my body to speak and getting me out of the picture as much as possible. This will allow him to come forward with myself being less of a filter. My vision has been to have him speak more in-depth about his life as Marc and what it’s like for him now in Spirit. Also a big plus would be to have him pass along message from Spirit for us all.

We’ve played around with it before without much success. I watched videos of mediums on YouTube trance channeling spirits, but they never explained their process. I’ve read books about the subject, but none of their methods seemed to work for me. My guides told me that looking outside of myself might not be much help, because I need to discover what works best for me. I’ve had friends and family ask Marc questions and though the information always came through, it still felt like a normal channeling session. Not being a very patient person, I usually gave it up to concentrate on other work with him. A few months ago, I said “Now is the time to see if we can really do this Marc and I’m not giving up!” I want to see if Marc can really come into my body and take over the show. We’re not quite there yet, but we are getting much closer.

Over the past two months, we were getting some results, but nothing earth shattering. I could feel his energy coming in, but it was still subtle. Marc’s energy isn’t a powerhouse like other Spirits I’ve spoken to…like Erik from Channeling Erik, who is like a bulldozer compared to Marc. I was listening over and over to voice memos that I had made on my phone saying the usual “Please step forward” and asking him questions but it just wasn’t clicking.

Then it dawned on me! Maybe the best way of bringing Marc’s energy forward was bringing in Marc himself! I made a playlist of Marc’s music and started listening to it and voila – things started to change instantly. But…we started off small. First I asked him to just move a finger, then my hand and soon he was tapping out the beats of the music. I could tell that he was hearing the music because it changed with each song. Then he was able to move both hands, arms and my neck. One night, he did a whole session of air guitar!

What’s really interesting is that normally Marc and I speak telepathically as well as read each other’s energy. When he comes in for a trance channeling session, the telepathic ability seems to stop for me (although he can read my thoughts perfectly) and he communicates physically. I’m being told that it’s because I’m being prepared for when he can interact directly with people while my focus will be elsewhere.

I was asked what his energy feels like when he comes in? Well it’s really hard to describe because I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s fast and it feels like a rush of energy that that covers my entire body. His spirit body is superimposed upon my own. It is a very odd sensation to have parts of your body moving when you aren’t controlling them! He used to come in a little bit and then stop and then repeat that to build up energy. Now he comes in full force. About a week ago, he starting bringing my hands up to my throat and patting it very strongly. I didn’t get what he wanted other than that was going to be his next focal point. When we talked later, he said that he needs me to sing the lyrics because he has to get used to how to speak again. I said “Well okay but you’ll have to deal with the wrath of my neighbors because you know I’m not a singer!”. He told me I didn’t have to be an opera star and to just get on with it! LOL

So that’s where we are now. Marc told me that he isn’t ready for me to leave my body completely because he isn’t up to the point where he can control it himself. This has been an amazing learning experience for both of us. I had to get over constantly saying to myself “I don’t know how to do this” and say instead “I know how to do this and I’m just relearning what I already know”. I realized too that our bodies get used to our energy and when it sees a foreign energy coming in, it will get defensive and pull back. So we’re taking it easy, and I’m learning a thing or two about patience. We’ve made so much progress in the past two weeks. I’m really excited for what the future holds for us!

Here are bits and pieces from our sessions:

Diane: Okay Marc so on a topic other than channeling, I wanted to ask you about the nickname that you had while in the physical – “Boley” or “Boles”? You’ve never once referred to yourself by those names to me, so I was just wondering if you had a reason?

Marc: Yeah I had a few nicknames when I was in the physical as Marc, but when I left that body, I left them with it. They were part of the Marc who was physical and I loved being him, but I wanted to leave them behind. It just isn’t who I am anymore.

Diane: That makes sense. Is it the feeling that you’ve moved on from him?

Marc: Yeah in a way. I was him and now I’m me. It’s a very fine line but there is a difference. I’ve moved on from that incarnation even though I’m speaking to you as Marc and I have a lot of his personality. I associate the nicknames with the Marc who was supposed to think about money (but who never really wanted to) and the guy who supported those around him. The rock star who had to get things done.

Diane: So did that feel like a burden to you…supporting people?

Marc: Well not really a burden, but it was something that I thought a lot about. Having people rely on you for their bread and butter can be overwhelming at times.

Diane: Did you agree to do that as Marc?

Marc: Well it was a choice that I made, yeah that’s for sure. I’m just saying that when I left that body as Marc, I left it with him. Once I left the body, there wasn’t much that I could do about it.

Diane: I think you said before that Marc was your fave incarnation?

Marc: Oh yeah…hands down my favorite guy that’s for sure. I’m really honored that I got the chance to be him for just a little while. He was a hell of a lot of fun, and I enjoy being him still.

During our earlier sessions, Marc was really shaking my arms and I asked him why.

Marc: Well I need to build up my energy in your body and that’s what all the shaking is about. I need to coordinate your brain waves with your body, so I have to test it out. There are many factors that I have to contend with over here. Like I can’t hurt your body and want to leave it in a better state then when I found it. It’s not an easy thing and you have to know what you are doing. (After he leaves, my body does feel very peaceful and serene bless him!)

When he has to move my arms up, they go in a chopping pattern – more like a robot. When he brings them down, it’s normal. I was told that it’s because it takes more energy to bring them up, so it will take a little while longer to smooth that out.

Diane: Can you hear your music while you are in my body?

Marc: Yeah and it freaked me out a bit because I haven’t heard my music through human ears in a long time. I really like hearing my music played back to me via your sound system. It takes me down memory lane. I think about what I went through to write them and the time I spent on my little creations. I’m still very fond of them.

After a few sessions, I snuck in Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes.

Diane: What did you think of Elvis? (I knew that he would enjoy it but wasn’t sure if it would interfere with his concentration?)

Marc: No Diane…I really enjoyed it. Man he could sing couldn’t he! I used to listen to that song over and over and over again. I listened to every nuance of how he was singing it. I knew then that he wasn’t just an everyday kind of singer.

Diane: Wait did I get that right? You knew right away that Elvis was special is that what you are saying?

Marc: Well yeah me and millions of other people, yeah…I know. I wanted to be him so badly.

Diane: How is this feeling on your end?

Marc: It’s starting to come back to me about a body. Of course, I remember on some level, but they’ve been my own bodies. It’s another thing to go into a body you haven’t been in before. Man it’s a trip!

Diane: I guess I didn’t realize that you would have to learn all this over again. Also just how complicated the human body is and how it works. I guess when you are using one, you just take it for granted.

Marc: Yeah I did as well. It’s until you are out of one and trying to get back in that you realize that it’s a very complicated creation and that you just can’t rush in and take over. It’s got to be done delicately. Yeah it’s really different because your body is trained to do what you want it to do. When this foreign energy is coming in and wants to control it, it’s saying “What the hell!”

Diane: I bet! How does it feel being in my body?

Marc: Well it’s small like Marc’s so that is good. I know how much energy a smaller body takes and how to move short limbs, so it’s good that we have that in common.

Diane I hadn’t thought of that before. You were just a little taller than me I think?

Marc: Yeah and a lot wider at times, that’s for sure! But in general, yeah there isn’t much difference other than yours being female and some things being there or not being there….

Diane: Yeah I get what you are saying! You aren’t too uncomfortable are you? I know that dense vibrations aren’t your thing.

Marc: Well Diane, it isn’t as uncomfortable for me because I’m using your body to help kind of shield the energy or vibrational flow. Let’s see if I can explain this…

Diane: I think I know what you mean. If you were down here just as a spirit, there wouldn’t be a buffer. So my body is kind of like a buffer zone between your normally high vibration and my body’s lower one?

Marc: Yeah that’s exactly what I mean. Very good!

Diane: I notice that what you are able to do when you connect to my body changes daily. You are building upon what you did previously correct?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I need the basic set up to get in, then once I’m in, I have to expand my energy more in your body. Now I’m adapting to how your body moves and runs so I’m getting faster each time. I have to see what I can do once I’m past the place that I was before. Does that make sense?

Diane: Yes! I think that I might have some tea now Marc. Do you think that you will ever get to the point where you can drink tea via a body again?

Marc: I don’t know about that one. I’m not sure that I would care about drinking tea again but you never know….

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