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Boogie Easy or Hard Painting

Last night, I found myself discussing a goal that I had with Nat and Richard, my two main spirit guides. Nat was the Civil War Soldier whom we did a post about awhile back who has recently joined my team of guides. He is so cool! He loves anything to do with life on earth including sports and music. He always appears wearing a baseball cap turned back to front and just relishes anything about modern earth. Richard is more laid back in his approach, his clothing and prefers earth as it was in the forties and fifties when he was last in physical form, as he feels more comfortable with simpler approaches. Richard reminds me about things I’m leaving behind when I leave the house. Bless him because he saves me a lot of time!

So as our readers may know, one of my current goals is to trance channel Marc Bolan. Marc and I have been working on it and progress is being made but for some reason, I never seemed happy that it was coming fast enough. There would be nights when I would get so frustrated, I would just give up or decide that I wasn’t going to think about it again till the next day. Well of course, that never happened because I lay awake at night going over and over…..what could I be doing better?

Now I’m familiar with the basic principles of “The Law of Attraction”. I’m also aware that it isn’t always a good idea to hold onto too much energy for any aspiration that you might have because that will not enable it to expand. When I was doing my clairvoyant training, they asked us to look at energy as a color. (That way, you can tap on the color and find out more information about it. Colors are a powerful tool when you are looking at energy.) So let’s say my goal is inside a green balloon. But what happens if another energy – a blue one wants to enter that balloon? How is it going to if every inch of the space is taken up with the green?

Then I started to ask myself…are goals overated? Is it better to just let whatever happens….happen? If you don’t focus your energy with some kind of intent, achievements will often fall by the wayside. Could I have gotten my Bachelor of Arts degree, if I hadn’t focused my attention on it? No of course not. I have been asking Spirit for assistance since I started the process with Marc, and though I was certain that they were helping, I felt that I wasn’t seeing it clearly and wondered why?

I asked Nat and Richard to come forward, yet again, to offer some new advice because it seemed that no matter how much I focused on my goal, it still seemed to be alluding me. They showed me, (well actually I showed this to myself, but they gave me the initial vision) what I was doing and that maybe I would be happier taking another route.

My guides said “Okay Diane, so let’s put it to you another way. There are two paths, well there are an unlimited number of paths that you can take, but let’s just say two to keep it simple”, They showed me one path to the left and one to the right. Both paths led to a large house on a hill. The one on the left looked like something from an old west town that had seen better days with a crooked “GOAL” sign.  The house on the right was serene with sun rays shining down upon it and a rainbow to the side.

I started taking the path on the left, because I felt, if I was honest with myself, that was the path that I knew I was currently on. I thought that if I started with it first, I might be able to uncover what it was that seemed to be bothering me. First I was in a car, but it ran out of fuel, got a flat tire and got stuck in mud. I got out of the car and looked up to see the goal sitting out of reach on the hill. I started on foot. Soon I was getting stuck in the mud and it took SO much energy just to pull my feet out of it to take every step. Then I came across a river where the current was moving strongly towards the left. I thought, okay this is gonna be rough. If I step into that, the current is going to take me in the other direction from my goal, but I decided to chance it as it was better than turning back. Once I got in, I realized just how strong the current was and it took all my strength to stay afloat. I finally got to the other side of the river. When I looked ahead, it was uphill all the way through dense woods with trees that had sharp branches. It looked like a jungle that I would need to cut my way through. From what I could see ahead, the trek was not going to get any easier. I was already worn out and it didn’t seem like I had advanced very far at all!

My guides told me not to worry, because I would indeed reach my goal at the top of the hill. (Well they didn’t come right out and say it, because guides never give you definites. But they gave me a wink, and I know them well enough to read between the lines.) I said “Yikes! There has got to be a better option than this though?”

Then I looked down the path to the right. There I could see a field of flowers swaying in the breeze and could smell freshly cut grass. I came upon another river, but this one was calm. There were little boats available on a pier that you could take to reach the other side. After the river, Spirits started coming up to me saying that they would like to help me on this journey. They told me that by allowing others to join me, the energy would expand quickly much like a snowball effect. I could feel an amazing party growing – full of love, companionship and new ideas.

My guides asked me which path would I like to take? I answered, “Well I want to take the path on the right of course!” And they replied, “Then why aren’t you?” Yeah….duh!

I’ve read and heard about other people’s experiences with similar adventures but somehow this really sunk in. Maybe because it is so personal for me. I could take the solitary path through basically a nightmare or the easier path with fun companions where the energy was open to expand and be nurtured. My guides told me that you can achieve creative growth both ways and it was up to me to decide how I wanted to do it. I guess I thought that I was on a version more like the fun one, but of course now I realize that I’ve been on the boot camp version all along.

That evening when Marc and I were doing our trance channeling practice, the energy took on a whole new light! Marc was dancing to his music and it was shaking his head like he used to do when he performed. I could tell that he was loving it!

Diane: Wow Marc! That was quite a workout! You seemed so happy!

Marc: I really did enjoy that Diane! The energy was so different.

Diane: I’m so glad! That really makes me understand just how I have been controlling the energy and not really allowing you to have as much fun on your end.

Towards the end of the session, Marc was moving my hands energetically for a long time – more so than ever before. I asked him why?

Marc: Well I was releasing pent-up energy that I’ve had in your space that wasn’t really allowed to flow, so it was in a holding pattern. I really wanted to be able to release it, but I had to wait till the time was right.

Diane: So what does that mean?

Marc: Well that means that it will be easier now for me to expand my energy in your body because there isn’t a road block anymore.

Diane: You know, I wasn’t aware that I was holding back or stopping the energy flow. When I think about it now, of course, I realize that if I wasn’t happy with the method I was trying, then it probably wasn’t the best one for me.

Marc: That’s right Diane. It’s always a good idea to pay attention to what you are telling yourself. I know it can be difficult when you are caught up in something. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees – isn’t that the saying.

Diane: Yeah I was coming to that myself but like you said, it isn’t always easy to do when you are so focused on something that you have blinders up to other possibilities. So did we have more Spirits with us tonight in our session now that you said the energy was flowing easier?

Marc: Yeah we did have a few and more will start joining when they feel that the energy is lighter. They weren’t attracted to the energy before because it was too dense and not very allowing. They aren’t going to be receptive to that. It isn’t that they don’t want to help, but that energy isn’t in line with theirs, so they will more than likely wish us well but will steer clear. It’s similar to what you would experience on earth.

Diane: So you’re saying that the energy that I was putting out was probably too low for them to even see?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. Some may want to help, but it’s getting too low for them to do much.

Diane: Okay I get that. Would a really high vibrational being be more able to adapt?

Marc: Oh yeah sure, but like I’m saying, it wouldn’t be their comfort zone.

Diane: Well I feel so much better Marc! I really needed that nudge so I thank all in Spirit for showing it to me! I was getting too caught up in results and wasn’t allowing the journey to be fun which it should be!

Marc: Yeah Diane. Things should move more smoothly from now on if….

Diane: I know what you are saying…if I don’t choose to step back into that other energy?

Marc: Well if you do, here’s a word of advice that it might take you twice as long to reach your goal.

Diane: Okay I understand. Thanks again to you Marc and all in Spirit!

Marc: We are happy to help Diane. I’m just glad that you are feeling better and that your energy has lightened up. I was starting to lose you in the fog.

Diane: I was starting to lose myself too!

So as Nat and Richard told me last night “Make the journey as much fun as the outcome!” Thanks guys!

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