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Friends have been telling me for years about the “odd” things that keep happening to them. For instance, they didn’t take a road that they usually take home and then find out about a horrible accident occurred when they would have been driving on it. Or they think about someone and then they receive a phone call from them a few minutes later. We’ve all been there. Most people just write these experiences off as random or pure coincidence. Some are curious to find out more about why this is happening to them. If they ask me, I usually say “You are spirit energy temporarily focused on a human body….doesn’t it make sense that you would want to tune into whom you really are?”

During my clairvoyant training, I was the only student who was interested in speaking to Spirits. The others were interested in finding out about themselves and cleaning their energy. I wanted that too, but since Spirits had been visiting me throughout my life, I felt compelled to find out why and how I could better understand what they were trying to tell me. I knew that there were energies (ETs especially) in my space (yes they are there) and I wanted to boot them out. My goal was to run my body with my own energy. Now it’s much easier for me to recognize foreign energy and get it out as soon as possible. I believe that many mental health issues are caused from these kinds of energies. I remember driving down the street once and saw a homeless man who was obviously not clear thinking. I could see his aura was absolutely covered with masses of foreign parasites suctioned to him.

Once I was in a line of psychics who did a reading on a man who had also been homeless and struggled with alcohol addiction. He said that he felt that he was in a better place now though and had written a movie script. We always asked the person if he or she wanted to hear everything that we were getting. He was very eager to find out more and said yes. What we found out was very interesting. There was actually a very cocky male energy in his space who was taking credit for the script and had no intention of leaving any time soon. He told us that he preferred when his host was drinking because he could run the show and not be disturbed. The man was a little surprised but not shocked to hear this. He said this was actually making a great deal of sense to him and that he could tell that he wasn’t alone. He often had thoughts that he felt weren’t his own and they were usually destructive. He asked for our advice on how to rid himself of this intruder. I asked his guides to come forward to get their story on the situation. A guide showed himself coming out of murky waters, dressed in an Aqualung outfit with crusty barnacles all over him. He said that he had been trying to get through to the man for years, but he wasn’t hearing him. By his appearance, he was not only showing me the depths that he was trying to contact the man, but how the man had avoided seeing him through the cloudiness of the water. It was going to be a clash of wills (between the man and the male energy) and it was up to the man to see how he wanted to play it out.

I’ve been asking for advice from my guides and Spirit regarding my trance channeling practice with Marc. Marc told me that he is working with a group over in Spirit who is assessing my body and what is needed in order for him to safely come into it. I knew Spirit was helping, but sometimes, I felt that they had forgotten us as things weren’t happening fast enough for me. Marc always jokes with me that I want everything “yesterday”. He will not tell me how long it will take to be where we want to be with this, as he doesn’t want me to be disappointed if it takes longer. I didn’t really understand how complicated the process was and that it’s more than him just bopping into my body.

Marc: Your body needs to be prepped in order that I can stay in there for long amounts of time and bring in a higher vibration than it is used to now.

Diane: Does it have anything to do with the vibration of the spirit who is using that body at the time?

Marc: That can make a difference yes, but it’s more just getting a human body ready.

Diane: Well does this happen to all humans who go through this process?

Marc: Usually something is going to have to be done in order for a human body to take on this kind of vibration and sustain it at this level. Something will need to be refitted or adapted. Some bodies will need more than others. It just really depends.

Diane: Gosh it would probably be easier at this point for you to just come down in another body temporarily….

Marc: No Diane, it wouldn’t be and I’m not going to do that.

So I found myself asking….why does it take so long? I tell Marc that we’ve already been working together for three years – surely there must be a shortcut in there somewhere? He responds yes, that the trust is there (which if you are starting out working with a new spirit might take a while) and we know each other very well but having another spirit this fully immersed in your physical body is another story entirely.

I’ve been reading articles about mediums who trance channel spirits. One prepared the reader to “be ready for the long haul”. Another on Abraham and Esther Hicks said that it took Abraham nine months to speak one sentence. The trance channeling program at my clairvoyant training school made you commit to a two-year program! Yikes! Am I ready for this?

Some nights, I feel like giving up. But I know that we planned to do this right now and I also realize that I would regret it if we stopped. Marc says that he will leave the decision up to me as he can go either way, but I know he is excited to talk with people on earth more directly.

One of the hiccups I’ve been working with on this process is my normally overactive mind. I remember when I first started wanting to build up my mediumship abilities and looked into formal training, the first prerequisite was classes on meditation. Horrors! That’s the last thing that I wanted to do! Just sit there and say “Um”? I wasn’t going to be able to do that. I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes and as my friends and family well know as after that I’ll say “Okay so what are we going to do now?” Now I realize it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. Also, I was under the wrong impression about what meditation was all about. It wasn’t just sitting there with a blank mind saying “Um”. Well I guess it could be if that’s what you want, but it was really more interesting than I realized. The classes showed me how to look at energy in my own space and in others so I can help them. How to clean that energy and see if there was foreign entities or attachments that you would like to release.

When I started doing readings in classes, I was amazed to find out that most were running their lives from beliefs that came from their families, society and religion. One woman got miffed because we were telling her about the energy she was showing us – her true self. I remember one psychic saying “Well I’m seeing you with a bird body and your normal head”. I was amazed when she said that because I was getting the image at the same time! That made me realize…okay this IS real and there is something to this process. After the reading, the woman said “I don’t know who you are talking about as that isn’t me at all”. Well the whole line of ten psychics was getting the same information about her. She had been running off the energies of her parents and their beliefs that she didn’t even recognize herself anymore!

So now I ask myself, how do I let go of my logical brain and get my body ready for trance channeling? I was told that my body is especially fond of my energy and it feels threatened when Marc comes and says “Hey I’m coming in for a bebop with Diane”. I think “Really? Who wouldn’t want Marc Bolan stepping in for a dance?” My body is reacting because it feels that something is coming in to threaten its existence and is letting me know that it’s going to put up a fight. It is here to survive and it’s going to take some coaxing in order for it to feel comfortable with the level of vibration that Marc is bringing in. They told me that if I hadn’t been doing this work for as long as I have, it would be much tougher and probably not even an option as I wouldn’t have the awareness.

One evening, I saw a beautiful gold ball of energy that had written on it “Focus on Me”. I was, at the time, struggling with where to focus my thoughts. Should they be nowhere? Should they be on Marc? Should they be someplace else and if so….where? Marc answered….

Marc: Don’t panic about where to focus your thoughts Diane. You are still using your brain to think about this. Try to relax your body and let your Spirit take you where you need to be. Your brain is getting in the way and that’s a control issue.

He told me that the gold ball energy was the group he was working with and that they had decided to step in and introduce themselves to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel that Spirit was there, but I guess at that point in time, I needed some extra assurance. I have people who tell me that they ask for help from their guides, but they don’t get any response. I say that your guides are always responding whether you feel that you hear them or not. Maybe it’s not in the way that you thought you would get a response or the timing isn’t what you want. I often remember the reading that I gave the man who had the Aqualung guide. They are always trying to get your attention if you will allow and let them in.

So for anyone wanting to connect more with their guides, Spirit or themselves, yeah meditation is the starting point. I was only able to do about ten minutes when I first started out, but now Marc and I work together every night! I never felt that I would be someone who could sit still long enough to do something like this. So if I can, anyone can!

Check back soon with Marc and myself to find out what the gold ball energy had to teach me about letting go of the mind and to feel where I want to be instead.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 1, 2019


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