Bolan-Beaty Boogie Ask Spirit About Religious Conflicts On Our Planet


A reader asked us this question:

“Due to the recent events starting with the New Zealand shootings against the Muslims and the Sri Lankan bombings against the Christians, I was wondering if I could ask will this come to an end anytime soon within our lifetime? What is the significance behind all this conflict and divide?”

I asked Marc if anyone in Spirit would be willing to step forward and answer these questions for us.

Marc: I’ll see what I can do Diane. Get back with you soon.

After a few seconds….

Marc: Okay Diane, I flagged down a passing bus and have an assorted group of spirits and beings who said that they would like to answer that question. (Marc is so cute!)

Diane: Okay go!

Spirit Group:  Diane, we understand that you have had an inquiry regarding when in your earth terms harm done upon one person to another in the name of religion will stop. This is a very complex question for us to answer. Namely because there are so many variables involved in such an outcome. Suffice it to say, this will happen when Gaia can raise her vibration to the extent that love is the first and main thought in the majority of her inhabitant’s consciousness. Then the light will be breaking for what you would conceive as harmony between all races and religions on your planet. Great strides are now being taken by those who would like to see your planet move from darkness to light in this area. We here in Spirit are happy to offer any assistance that you may require and are always here to help the planet.

Diane: Can you give us us some examples of how we can all help?

Spirit Group: Ask for our assistance. Think kindly about those nearest to you and those far away. Until some can see that those with differing viewpoints from their own are in fact helping them create and grow….until those on the planet can see this as an advantage and not a hindrance, there will be wars and bombings.

Diane: Anything else?

Spirit Group: Yes until those hearts which feel that nothing on the planet can get better and there will never be any peace change their vibration, there will be a dense lower energy surrounding the earth. Many see this as a hopeless situation, but we are here to tell you that it is not. We have come to tell you that you are making great strides in lifting your planet’s vibration and seeing the love that it wants to share with you. Believe and feel that all on your planet have hope for a better future. It must start with each individual. You cannot and should not expect another to help you with this. It must first start with yourself and then expand outwards. Start today with yourself. Start changing your own beliefs about the world. See it as not fractured, not hopeless, not something that needs to be fixed.

Diane: And can you tell us more about the significance behind these actions?

They told me that there are as many reasons for these kind of tragedies as there are as many people on the planet. Each individual has his or her reason for their actions so they could not give explanations for all, of course, so I asked them for anything general that they could give us.

Spirit Group: Yes one of the reasons for these actions by people who would like to eliminate those who have different religious beliefs is fear. They may be full of fear that their own beliefs might be wrong. You see if there is widespread beliefs that are contrary to yours, there must be some part of yourself that questions if you might be wrong. Many individuals cannot accept this. They cannot contemplate that their views are not embraced by others and they cannot take rejection.

Diane: Why does this happen?

Spirit Group: Because many of them have been told that this is the way that they should behave and these are the beliefs that they should hold and defend. Now these individuals have chosen to accept these treatises as their own and to adopt them onto themselves. This is a conscious effort on their part for whatever reasons that they might have. They might want to feel that they are in a certain group and they do not want to be left out of this group. Many feel that they need the support of these kind of groups because they feel that they could not function on their own.

Diane: Yes but why does it get so extreme that they bomb themselves and others?

Spirit Group: Because change is a frightening theme to many and as the world gets smaller due to your internet and social media, fear is easier to breed into those hearts. The lines of communication are now instantaneous for these individuals to get their words across to a wider network of followers.

Diane: It’s still very hard for many to see that this change is bringing any light into the world.

Spirit Group: As you say, it can be very hard to see the light surrounding these kind of events. We can tell you this. Your world will grow weary of the destruction and the needless pain. It will decide that it has had enough and it no longer wishes to condemn or murder. As Gaia is lifting her vibration, there is a last struggle for those who would like to stop this. They feel even more threatened and some do not even understand why this is so.

Diane: Why are some so fearful?

Spirit Group: Many feel their way will be taken over by another faction and they will be eliminated themselves. They may also feel that they are doing it for the good of their cause and they may truly feel they their way is the right way. They may feel that their god is telling them to do this. Sometimes, when souls have limited experience in physical bodies, they must work their way up to the higher vibrations of love and nurturing. Think back on your history of wars for both political and religious reasons. Think about the large armies who fought to defend their faith and beliefs. We could give you a very long list, but we do not believe that this is necessary. During these times of war, there have always been those who disagreed and wanted to make change. Sometimes these people were not always in powerful positions and could not get their cause across to make the necessary changes. This is normal for a planet which is coming into its own. The vibration of Gaia will lift through the work of those who no longer wish to see destruction of her lands, forest, oceans, wildlife and people because the energy is no longer comfortable for them. This higher vibration will cause confusion, fear and panic in some. They will need to act out and put this fear into action.

Diane: Yes I see. We all agreed to be here at this time, and many would like to see these changes happen as soon as possible. Does that mean that more and more of these kind of events will happen?

Spirit Group: That would be a question which would be difficult for us to answer as there are again many variables but yes, you may see more of this happening until Gaia’s vibration is high enough to calm the fear. We would like you all to know that we are watching those on the planet and we are taking care of those who have lost their lives in these events. They are back home where they are loved. They are no longer in pain.

Diane: Well thank you very much for coming to answer these questions for us. I still find it very hard to fathom why anyone would want to harm anything or anyone.

Spirit Group: You experienced similar fears many past lives ago and are done with them. It would be understandable that you would feel confusion to see it in others now. You also understand that they are on their own path and that one cannot control another.

Diane: Yes that is very true. Thank you again!

Spirit Group: In closing, we will just say to you all that you are not a weak planet. You are a brave one. You have come there to help raise the vibration of Gaia. You are creating greatness. Believe and know of this greatness that you all share. We will end here with this blessing.

Diane: Marc is there a blessing or was that it?

Marc: That was it. That was the blessing.

Diane: Are you sure?

Marc: Let me ask….yes they are walking away.

Diane: Right Marc, so someone could come down into the physical and say I’m going to create havoc and disaster in order that others around me will be moved and say “Let’s join together and prevent these kind of things from happening again”. Or they might think “It’s so ridiculous that people are bombing each other and themselves for beliefs” and can we band together to stop this.

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. A lot of the people who are involved with these kind of things are working from that viewpoint in spirit. To bring sympathy to a cause that they feel needs to be changed.

Diane: But they may not be aware of what they agreed to do in spirit. So many might be going off different motives.

Marc: They are probably reacting to a fear based belief that says that they are right and the other is wrong. Now if you are acting from a space of clear thinking at a higher vibration that wouldn’t be happening to you. Those thoughts wouldn’t even be on the same vibration as yourself so you wouldn’t be connecting with them. They are choosing to experience it whether it is something for their own purpose or like we discussed before, to bring about a change that will influence others.

Diane: Yes I guess, but it’s so sad that often times, change only comes from destruction.

Marc: Yes it is, Diane, and we’ve talked about this before. Your world is based on freewill.

Diane: Yes Marc, I know.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 24, 2109

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  1. Thank you for dedicating a whole post to my question, I wasn’t expecting that 🙂

    Everything that the spirit group was saying makes sense, I guess I needed a little reminder that to be hopeless is to keep things the way they are. I’m gonna remember to keep staying positive.

  2. Can we still ask question? And if yes when we should expect an answer? Maybe on Facebook and I don’t know next week?

    Is Iran going To be sunk by floods in recent years as Dolores had anticipated and these floods are not natural disaster but dark force manipulation due to star gate in Persian Gulf?

    • It’s very rare that we are able to answer questions because of time restraints. We don’t focus on doing predictions at all, but there are many people out there who do.

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