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Marc and I have been working on trance channeling his energy for the past several months. It has been a very interesting journey, but one with many ups and downs. Marc says that we are now on the home stretch. I wanted to share what we have been doing for those who might be interested in doing this work, as I wasn’t able to find many people who shared their technique. This will probably be our last post regarding our practice until we can get a video on-line with the results.

On our last post, Spirit energy in the shape of a gold ball introduced itself to me in order to offer support. They worked with me in showing how the energy from Marc and myself would need to connect. I realized that because my brain was reasoning that my energy would need to be out of my body, that didn’t mean that our energies should be separate. In fact, it was the opposite. Soon afterwards, a Spirit named Carol showed up who also gave me additional assistance.

Diane: Isn’t it wonderful that Carol made herself known to me? Her energy is so nice, gentle and supportive.

Marc: Yes they realized that it was going to take more of a push in order for your body and you to disconnect enough so that I will be able to do more.

Diane: So the gold ball energy realized that seeing a figure might be of more benefit to me?

(Carol sat with me, held my arm and talked me through the process of leaving my body. If I felt like coming back into it, she would alert me to the fact and instruct me to go to a place where I felt safe and peaceful.)

Diane: Well you know, I think that this kind of work might not be easy for most people. I haven’t read of many people doing it.

Marc: Well Diane, there are many reasons why you might not be reading about this work from other people. There are the ones doing it, but you just don’t know about them. They aren’t plastered all over YouTube. Then there are others who feel it’s a private thing and just don’t want to make it public. It does take a lot of practice and patience, so even if someone does want to do it, it might take some time. Most of them will probably give up if they don’t get too far quickly. It can be daunting because you never have any guarantee that it will work the way that you want it to. Of course, it won’t work if you give up….that’s for sure.

Diane: I get what you are saying. I’ve given up in the past, but I knew that we would always come back to it when the time was right. I guess some people get involved in other things.

Marc: That’s right. Also, you need to be pretty familiar with the spirit you want to work with on this. I mean, you are going to have a connection with them from the spirit side but you still have to build up trust and how to work together in the physical. It’s like any other partnership. How often is it that two people can work together on something really intense and have it go smoothly right from the start?

Diane: Yeah well I don’t think that bodies like giving away control. I guess it’s not giving up control really….

Marc: You aren’t giving up control. It is just that you are trading energies with me. Your body is looking for reassurance that I’m not going to stay there permanently and that you are coming back. Bodies are sometimes like people. Often it isn’t easy to reason with them. They have to be shown and they have to build up trust.

Diane: Marc, I’ve been going through a phase of “what do I need to do or what shouldn’t I be doing?” I’m not so concerned about that anymore. I know that we planned this in spirit and now I just need to remember what to do.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. We’ve got it all planned but now it’s getting to the point where the energy that we are creating is happening more and more in the physical.

Diane: So it already exists in spirit obviously.

Marc: Yes everything happens in spirit first. Then it can be brought down as an energy force to the physical. Our priority now is to join our energies. If you are thinking that you should be somewhere else, then yeah, that’s not going to let me come too close. I can lower my vibration, but it’s still going to be at a higher level than yours. Right now, I’m trying to find the perfect spot where my energy will fuse with that of your body.

(One night the light finally dawned on me!)

Diane: So I think that I have it now Marc! We have to be at a particular frequency right? Is that what this has been about the whole time? We need to find a certain frequency on the grid? But I thought that we were already doing that somehow?

Marc: We are doing that in order to communicate, sure but this is different. This vibe is a lot stronger and we have to be at the exact same point.

Diane: So you are showing me this whole universe and then an intersection on the grid that we have to find. When we first started speaking together, you used to give me radio stations to tune into on an old-fashioned looking radio in order for me to connect easier. Can’t you just do that again?

(Marc showed me that in order for us to communicate, it’s pretty much like I have his phone number and I can ring him whenever I want and he’ll pick up.)

Marc: Well Diane, this is different.

Diane: Can you give me an example?

(He showed himself at one end of the universe and myself at the other.)

Marc: Yeah sure….so we start to move towards each other at a speed that you can’t even fathom. At some point, we are going to whack into each other and go splat. Okay so I guess this example wouldn’t be pretty if we were both physical but you get it. Some of the splat from both of our energies would have to stick together and create a new energy if we hit each other at the right centrifugal force right? We have to have the intention that we are going to meet at this certain place, call it what you want, at the same time and join our energies in a specific way.

Diane: I keep hearing the words “merge and melding”. I’m also getting that although I’ve been requesting information on how to be told about this, in truth, I really need to FEEL this energy?

Marc: Yeah it’s best to not think too much about what is going on. You want to be able to feel or sense it instead. It’s a state of being and awareness that you are looking for here. It isn’t like you should be standing in a closet or sitting on a certain bench.

Diane: So we are interested in finding the space where you can engage more with the energy in my body?

Marc: Right. Okay so you are working your body right now Diane. You tell it what to do and it does it. Now here I come along and I’m saying “No listen to me”. Well whose energy is more predominant in that body? Yours of course right? So it is going to take a lot of practice to where I can garner as much energy so it will say “Oh I’ll listen to Marc instead”.

Diane: So Marc, what does it feel like to be in a human body again?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s kind of hard to describe. It’s a density that I’m not used to now and it does get frustrating when I can’t get it to do something that I want. Like in the past, you’ve asked me to lift your arms and I couldn’t….not by myself. Compared to what I normally feel, it feels so small. It’s not easy for me to condense my energy (even partially) into such a small space.

(At one point, we went through a stage where not much appeared to be happening and I asked Marc why.)

Diane: I’m seeing that your consciousness is coming in more strongly but not much seems to be changing. What’s the next step? Can you tell me that?

Marc: Well Diane the next step is for the energy that you’re seeing to grow and expand in your space.

Diane: So is this my allowing more of your energy to come through?

Marc: Yeah that’s what is happening there.

Diane: But sometimes, I still feel like I’m in “control”.

Marc: Well Diane, you are always in control of your own body. I’m coming in, but whenever you want to take back that control, it’s your prerogative.

Diane: Yeah sure…I know that. But I want you to be running the body when we are doing this.

Marc: Well I have my foot in the door. I can see the welcome mat but two large dogs are standing in my way.

Diane: What are the dogs symbolizing?

Marc: I’ll let you answer that.

Diane: Well I’m getting survival and ego. Why would I be getting ego? Why did that pop into my head?

Marc: Yeah Diane…you’ll have to answer that one for yourself.

Diane: Okay so now I’m getting doubt. Now that doubt isn’t coming from you, so it has to be from me. So am I saying that I still have some doubt that we can do this?

Marc: Yeah there still is that lingering doubt that either it won’t work or that you’ll give up before we can finish. It’s great to see the energy so you can let it go. It’s much harder when you can’t read it, for sure, because then it’s outside of your awareness. The dogs will have to be let out for a permanent walk Diane.

Diane: Can you point me in the direction of what I need to look at here please? (It’s usually much easier for mediums to interpret energy in another’s space. When you look at your own, it sometimes is more difficult as you have blocks up that you might not be ready to look at yet. Also you have an emotional attachment to the energy, whereas in another’s reading, you can stay neutral.)

Marc: Well look at them and ask them what they want.

Diane: I can see them, but they are looking back at me with some confusion.

Marc: Ask them what they want again.

Diane: Okay they are standing on top of the welcome mat.

Marc: Yeah…so again…you’ve got a block up here about what they want so take your time and ask them.

Diane: So you’re saying that they want something from me?

Marc; Well they are representing your energy and you are showing them to yourself for some reason.

Diane: They look very sweet and nice to me but just a little confused like they don’t know what is going on.

Marc: Bingo Diane!

Diane: Oh okay so it’s the doubt and confusion that I keep telling myself that I have! Like I don’t know what I’m doing and I need to keep figuring it out.

Marc: Yeah….keep going.

Diane: So now they are sitting down and relaxing. How do they look to you?

Marc: Well they are a lot more calm, that’s for sure, but when I start getting closer, they gnarl at me.

Diane: Well gosh…isn’t this interesting! So maybe I need to throw them some liver snacks or something?

Marc: Calming them down would be a great help.

Diane: Now is this something that anyone might have or just me?

Marc: Well I think that we’ve talked about this before but yeah, every human body is going to have some defense mechanism in place in order to question foreign energy.

Diane: But isn’t there always foreign energy in bodies?

Marc: Yeah that’s true. Some of them stay hidden from the consciousness of the person. But for us, I’m very upfront with your body and I’m letting it know one step at a time that I want to interact with it.

Diane: Marc so now I’m seeing the dogs walk away. Is that one veil lifted? They were just fear, confusion and doubt that was building up a wall that you weren’t able to penetrate? I was just getting rid of defense mechanisms. You are saying that this is part of the process?

Marc: Yes Diane, in order for me to expand my consciousness in your space, we are going to be looking at the energy that is preventing it from happening. This is good that we did this so feel really proud that you uncovered this!

Diane: Aww thanks Marc! Does all of me go out in this process or does some of me remain?

Marc: Well that’s what we are trying to decipher with this isn’t it? That isn’t written in stone anywhere. We planned to do this in spirit, but what we are actually able to pull off in the physical is still an open book.

Diane: Yeah but can’t you see ahead a bit for us?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I can see ahead but there are so many options because it hasn’t played out where you are. I can see the paths where we didn’t even start doing this and where we are doing other things like interviewing rock stars. We started on this path and that’s where we are now. As many thoughts that you can have, which are unlimited, would be the paths that we could go on.

Diane: So you have your path and I have mine. Since we are doing this together, how does that work?

Marc: Well we have a joint goal which is to trance channel me and so if we keep joining our energies and if the other one doesn’t veer too far off that path, then things will begin to happen easier.

Diane: So how do I know if I’m on the path that I chose for this?

Marc: Well for want of a better explanation, I would just assume that you are. Follow my lead, keep expanding and at the same time, allow me in your space. Look for the state of being that is becoming familiar to you.

(Then at one point, I again got so frustrated that things weren’t happening fast enough for me that I resolved, not to quit the process, but to maybe not spend so much time on it. Marc said that I could do whatever felt right for me but also said…)

Marc: Well Diane, I’m sorry that you are disappointed, but if you can just last a few more sessions, I think that you might see the possibilities in this.

Diane: Yeah I guess that I was just hoping that there would be a moment where something just clicked and it all came together!

Marc: Well there can be that moment, but you just have to be patient. We are really very close and I think it might be a shame if you gave up now. You are spending too much time thinking “it’s not happening”. In order for this to work, I’d advise you to change those thoughts. I can’t stress that enough. Do you get what I’m saying?

Diane: Well if I try to do nothing, nothing seems to happen. If I try to pull out my energy, nothing seems to happen. Yeah…that’s why I’m thinking maybe it’s better to not put too much pressure in this space and maybe relax it a bit.

(It turns out that once I did that, things started happening in a different way. After this, I began to feel a strong prescence of our energies being joined on the grid. It really felt like Marc’s energy was superimposed upon my own. I was truly feeling that we were connecting and it was easy for me to get back to that space. It took all my energy to just sustain this new frequency.)

Diane: Marc this take a lot of my energy to sustain this. Why is that?

Marc: Because I’m bringing in a higher level of vibration than you are used to right now.

Diane: Well once my body is more used to that sensation/level of vibration, can I raise that?

Marc: That would be ideal because then I can be more present and higher levels of consciousness can be reached.

Diane: Yeah but can’t you reach those levels now and then bring them into the body so you can talk about them?

Marc: Well it would be ideal to be able to bring the information in while I’m in your body. It’s physics so don’t sweat it. It’s all about frequency as I mentioned before. I have to coordinate my energy onto yours. It’s a complicated thing Diane, so we should pat ourselves on the back for getting here. I know that sometimes you don’t feel that you’ve come very far, but you really have. Now that you know what it’s supposed to feel like, it will get much easier. You have to focus on keeping your body as calm as possible and loosen up. That will come in time when you are comfortable with the new energy. This is also raising your vibration, so it will help lead you to other opportunities and seeing things that you’ve been wanting to discover.

Diane: So Marc, I’m getting that our energies are joined, but at some point, aren’t I going to have to remove myself? Won’t there still need to be some distance between us in order for me to do that?

Marc: Well I wouldn’t call it distance. That wouldn’t be a good term for it.

Diane: Indifference?

Marc: No that’s not it either. Let me see if I can get words to describe this. Okay so when our energies are in a good place together and we get that “buzz” feeling…that’s what we are looking for here. At some point, you are going to have to remove yourself so I can stand alone in your space. Now we are connected sure, but we have to give ourselves a bit of room to do this.

Diane: Can you show me an image of this? Okay so you’re showing me a blue dot (Marc) and a pink dot (Diane) that are merging together. At the point where they overlap, they make a new purple color (energy) and then it turns to blue (Marc). The pink part that is left of me has to take off. Why couldn’t that part of me stay?

Marc: Because there would still be too much of your frequency in the body in order for me to take over. So it’s like memory energy. You were there enough for me to take over from you. It’s a split second really. Well it’s a lot less than that. It’s so fast that you can’t even measure it.

Diane: Okay so let me get this straight. Right now, we are meeting at this certain frequency that makes a new purple energy and then I take off?

Marc: Yeah that’s pretty much it.

Diane: So when you are in my space are you the blue dot (yourself) or the new purple energy?

Marc: Well I’m myself but there is still a nano second of you in there but like I said, you have to be there because otherwise, I couldn’t take it over from you.

Diane: So where are we at now? The nano second?

Marc: No we are at where the two dots join up (the purple energy). It’s really complicated because you see it in terms of time. I’m giving it to you in terms of time but since there really isn’t time, you have to take the description with a grain of salt really. It’s just so I can explain it to you somehow.

Diane: But for now, we are on the home stretch. It’s important for me to sustain this new frequency in my body (our joint energies) for as long as possible, relax and enjoy. So on another note Marc, Jesus has been around lately. I gather that means that we might have the opportunity to interview him? He is, as you’ve often called him “a really cool dude”. I would love to meet him. I’m not quite sure yet what I would ask him.

Marc: Well yes I did ask him to drop by. You would love to meet him Diane! He is very approachable. He loves to discuss theories and spiritual attributes and hearing differing viewpoints. He is into expanding himself that way.

Diane: Well that’s a big interview…I must say! I know that you are close to him.

Marc: Yeah, he’s a dude whom I really respect.

Diane: I don’t really know anything about his real life. I don’t even remember many of the fables that they wrote about him, so that should be interesting. He keeps saying “Gaul” and he has very intense blue eyes. He is very handsome and his hair looks much longer than it’s normally depicted.

Marc: Yeah he has some surprises in store for us so it should really be a gas!

Diane: It’s a wee bit intimidating interviewing someone people know so much about.

Marc: Yeah but that’s the point…do they? Or are they just repeating things that other people have said about him?

Diane: Well that’s what would be great to find out. I asked my guides Nat and Richard about this and they suggested that we ask him questions that aren’t normally asked of him. Guess that I have some homework to do!

So check back with Marc and myself to see what Jesus has to say to all of us!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

May 14, 2019



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