Bolan-Beaty Boogie Play “What’s My Line” with the Spirits of F Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald


Some of you may not be familiar with the American TV show “What’s My Line” which was popular in the 1950s through the mid 1970s. On it, guests would come before a blindfolded panel and talk about themselves. It was up to the panel to guess their identity within a certain number of tries.

Yesterday, I asked Marc if he would surprise me by finding guests whose identities I didn’t know before hand. Usually our guests hang around me for a few days so I can get used to their energy. Last night here is what transpired…..

Diane: Okay Marc I think that you are anxious to start the interview, but I haven’t a clue who is coming. Are you ready?

Marc: Yeah Diane..I’m ready to start. Do you want to meet in the studio? (Marc likes to hold all of our interviews in what we call the Bolan-Beaty studio – a replica of a 1970s TV show set.)

Diane: Sure that’s fine. Okay so I see you and actually two chairs! Do we have more than one guest joining us tonight?

Marc: That’s right. There is more than one.

Diane: Okay so who are they? Are they ready to come on? I’m seeing the TV show that I used to watch as a kid “What’s My Line”.

Marc: Yeah it’s going to be something like that.

Diane: Oh! So you want me to guess who they are?

Marc: Yeah Diane…you’ve got it!

Diane: But wouldn’t I be able to tell who they are when they walk out?

Marc: They are coming out in a disguise Diane, so you won’t be able to see who they are.

Diane: Oh wow Marc! This is fun! But what if I don’t know them? Are they familiar to me?

Marc: Not saying.

Diane: Well is that quite fair? What if they are spirits whom I don’t know?

Marc: You’ll have to wait and see.

Diane: Okay then I’m ready! Bring them on! Are they going to just come out in energy forms then? So I see a purple energy coming and a yellow one. Not telling me very much are they?

Marc: Diane, you’ve got to read their vibes Hun. Really get a feel for them.

Diane: Okay just trying to make out if they respond to male or female. So the purple energy is male and the yellow is female. Hey Marc, they can’t hide stuff from me can they? I mean, they will be open with me about whom they are right?

Marc: Yeah yeah Diane. They aren’t going to hold back from you. They want you to figure out who they are.

Diane: You are getting a kick out of this aren’t you? Did I sign up for this one?

Marc: Well you asked me to do something different tonight and find some guests so no more weepy eyes. Start by asking them some questions.

Diane: So were you both in physical lives on earth as a couple?

Couple: Nodded yes

Diane: Were you male and female as you are alluding to?

Couple: Nodded yes

Diane: Were you on earth more than a hundred years ago?

Couple: They said that they were but what they were known for was within the last hundred years.

Diane: Were you both well-known when you were alive?

Couple: Nodded yes

Diane: Were you alive within the last fifty years?

Couple: Nodded no

Diane: Okay so that means that the time frame we are looking at for when you were most popular would have been between 1919 and 1969?

Couple: Nodded yes

Diane: Marc you are so silly for doing this, but it’s a lot of fun! Okay so were you famous for being in the Arts?

Couple: They said yes and no.

Diane: Were you American?

Couple: Nodded yes.

Diane: Okay wait, I’m trying to get a new question. For some reason, I’m getting F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda but can’t be sure because they are hiding their identities from me.

Marc: Yeah Diane…isn’t this a gas!

Diane: Well you’re not on my end Marc. (I’m just teasing him of course.) Were you movie stars?

Couple: They said no.

Diane: So you were in the Arts, but you were also known for something else. Were you gangsters?

Couple: They nodded a big NO!

Diane: Wait Marc…I’m getting a little confused. I keep seeing the Fitzgeralds. (Marc still wanted me to keep asking questions so I did. He was having so much fun!) Were you in politics?

Couple: A big NO on that one.

Diane: Did you have anything to do with music?

Couple: They said that they enjoyed music and listened to it a lot, but there weren’t involved in making it for a living.

Diane: Okay so I’m seeing a bunch of parties going on during the twenties and flapper dresses swirling around and now I’m hearing Charleston music! Yeah I’m getting Gatsby in my mind. They HAVE to be the Fitzgeralds Marc!

Fitzgeralds on Honeymoon

Marc: Bingo! Well I tried to keep it from you longer Diane but you sussed out their energy pretty fast.

Diane: Wow! F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald! They are coming into human shape now. They are wearing clothes from the twenties/early thirties. Can I talk to them now Marc?

Marc: Yeah go ahead.

Diane: Marc you seem disappointed that I figured it out so fast?

Marc: Well I am kind of because I was hoping that it would take a bit longer. (Marc loves games!)

Diane: I asked you both if you were in the Arts and you said yes, but you were known for something else as well. Did you mean your wild lifestyle?

Couple: They nodded yes.

Diane: Marc…can they talk?

Marc: Yeah they can talk. Go ahead and talk you guys! Diane is ready to take it all down.

Diane: Marc they are just smiling at me.

Scott: Well we were a bit surprised when Marc came and asked us if we wanted to be on your show together.

Diane: Why was that? Why were you surprised?

Scott: Well because we aren’t really current news are we? I mean, it’s been awhile since we were on earth raising hell right Zelda?

Zelda: Well I think that many people will still remember us…well at least you. But yes, I made my own impression, I’m sure, at the time as well.

Diane: Marc I think that you were fond of Scott’s writing? If I recall, you mention Gatsby in one of your songs?

Marc: Well I was fond of anything American. The music, the movies, the comics. Being British, anything American seemed out of this world and different from what was around me. The music was so lively. When I was growing up in Britain, we had just come out of the war, buildings were still bombed and the country hadn’t yet recovered. Then we heard all this music coming from the States like Elvis, Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochrane. (Marc also mentioned to me here that these were all young people, so he felt that the States were tuning into their youth whereas Britain wasn’t.)

Diane: I get what you are saying Marc. The States were, of course, part of the war, but they didn’t have the devastation on the mainland that England did.

Marc: Yeah so it was a land far away where exciting things were happening. Although I loved London, I really felt like the States were my second home. I really dug the music that was coming out of there when I was young.

Diane: I’m not sure exactly how you died Scott, but I’m getting that drinking helped cause it and you died fairly young? I’m also seeing that you didn’t live much past the 1930s? (He died in 1940 from a heart attack at the age of 44.) Zelda I remember reading about your death which was in a fire in a sanatorium where you were a patient.

Zelda: Yes that’s what happened to me. It was a ghastly ending to a pretty ghastly life.

Diane: Well I don’t know much about you both, but I do know that things were often difficult for you. I think that your relationship had a lot of ups and downs. How did that play out for you? Was that the plan from spirit? (They looked back and forth at each other.)

Scott: What did we plan for those lives Zelda? (He was just kidding.) Okay so yes, we had actually come down with the impression that we were going to have a clean slate. But one thing after another happened to both of us and…..

Diane: You are showing me that you started off with a high level of anticipation and energy for those lives but then I see a sliding scale where they kind of hit rock bottom and never rose again?

Zelda: Yes that’s right. So what we were doing was to see if we could lift ourselves up and out of utter despair into lives that would mean something to us. It didn’t happen.

Diane: Yeah so I don’t know if you had unhappy childhoods or what went on there, but I’m just getting the sense of hopelessness. I’m seeing chaos and booze all over the place and living in conditions that weren’t so great because neither of you could be bothered to do anything about it? Also seeing a lot of fights. This whole scenario reminds me a bit of the interview, Marc, that we did with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Marc any questions?

Marc: Yeah how did you manage Scott to write such brilliant works in the midst of all of this?

Scott: It was my outlet Marc. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. (He was showing me a man holding a lantern at the other end of a long tunnel and saying “Look here!”) Also we had to eat, so I had to do something for a living.

Marc: But was writing something that you were passionate about?

Scott: Yes I could be. Developing characters and places…and creating these other lives for them allowed my imagination to escape from the life that I was living that wasn’t very calm and serene.

Marc: What did you think about the movie that they made of The Great Gatsby in the 1970s?

Scott: Well I thought that Robert Redford was miscast but that Karen Black did a pretty good job.

Diane: So did you know something of the lifestyle that Gatsby lived?

Scott: Well yes we mingled with celebrities and we knew famous and rich people. (He was showing me Ernest Hemingway and said that he also spent some time in Hollywood which he felt was fake.) We knew a few shady characters too who were mostly in politics.

Diane: Oh yeah that was during prohibition? What was that like?

Scott: Well a sham really. You could get booze as easy as anything if you knew the right people and had some money. Everyone and I mean everyone…politicians, cops…were all making money off of it. The mafia made a killing on it too. It was lining the pockets of fat cats.

Fitzgeralds in a Car

Diane: Marc any questions? You are being quiet there.

Marc: Zelda, we haven’t heard much from you. What were you about in that life?

Diane: Yes I’m getting that you weren’t going to just be Mrs. Fitzgerald and bake bread?

Zelda: Not in a million years! I was very creative and I could write as well.

Diane: So she is showing me that she felt like she was in a fog most of the time. She is showing me her vision which is cloudy, but it isn’t about her eyesight. It’s about her mental health. So as I mentioned before, I’m seeing a lot of arguments.

Scott: Well often times, that’s the only way that we communicated together.

Diane: Was it a co-dependent relationship?

Zelda: Yes I think that it was. It probably isn’t going to work for a couple if one person is ideally happy and cheerful and the other is down in the dumps most of the time. That isn’t going to work, so you find someone who is working at the same vibrational energy as yourself. You aren’t really going to attract someone if they are working a different code than yourself.

Diane: So I’m getting Zelda that you were often jealous that Scott got most of the attention because you felt that you could be a success in writing too?

Zelda: I did harbor a lot of resentment towards him when we were together. It was hard for me to find an outlet, so I normally covered it up with drinking.

Scott: Writers are a peculiar lot.

Diane: So Scott is telling me that it was actually hard to find writers who weren’t alcoholics and most of their relationships with others he termed as “hectic”. We interviewed Tennessee Williams and I know that he faced drinking issues as well. Writers can be very sensitive people is what you are saying?

Scott: Yes that’s true for many artistic people. You are in the Arts usually because you feel the need to share part of yourself with humanity. You are putting a part of your inner self out there for the world to judge and let me tell you…the world can be a harsh mistress when it wants. Many people, including myself, saw their self-esteem plummet when the critics laid waste to one of their books or plays. It’s ironic because nowadays, many of the people whom they panned are now considered literary geniuses. If they had only survived long enough to be aware of it….(I think he is counting himself among these people.)

Marc: So after you both passed back into spirit, did you hook up? Are you together now?

Scott: Well we meet up from time to time. (As he was saying this, Zelda was nodding no.) We have different lifestyles and habits over here.

Marc: Okay then that leads me to my next question. What are you doing in spirit then?

Scott: Well I actually have a different spirit partner and Zelda prefers to be independent and loves to travel. I stay put and enjoy a quiet life, but Zelda is still a go getter.

Marc: So Zelda, can you tell us more about the crazy lifestyle that you are living now? Are you working on anything in particular?

Diane: Wait Marc, I don’t think that we finished hearing from Scott on what he is doing now?

Scott: Well I was what you would consider a grounded spirit for a while, so I didn’t go home right away. I hung around because I just couldn’t be bothered to do much else. It took me awhile to get my energy up to the point where it was going to be high enough to transfer over. It was a reflective time for me actually. I needed it before I transitioned back to spirit. It was healing for me. I know that may be hard for those on earth to understand because they see ghosts as unhappy spirits who go around causing people mischief….but I didn’t do anything like that. I took long walks in empty places.

Marc: So you felt that you needed that time for yourself?

Scott: Yes everyone is different. I would walk in Paris or New York and see how things were changing. It got to the point where things were just getting too fast paced for me and I decided to go back home.

Diane: So what are you doing now in spirit?

Scott: Well like I said, I had a partner waiting for me in spirit so I rejoined her. We lead a very quiet existence.

Diane: He is showing me something that looks like a quiet English village?

Scott: Yes that’s very much what it is to tell you the truth. I read and listen to music, some of which I remember from my life as Scott.

Diane: So do you see yourself as someone else then and not Scott?

Scott: Yes I see myself as the persona that I had in the early 1800s in England.

Diane: Okay I’m getting that you were a vicar and I see you writing sermons. I can see you sitting in your yard on a warm summer day with bees buzzing (I think they had hives) and church bells ringing in the distance.

Scott: Yes that’s me. A spirit can choose to be any person from their past lives or they can join into the whole. They can choose whatever they would like. I find that this was the life that I loved the best and do did my partner. We were very happy then….so we choose to remain there. We are still growing and expanding as spirits and when we want to change, we will.

Marc: Okay great! Now Zelda, can we hear from you?

Zelda: Well I have to say that my life here is a bit more energetic than that! No offense Scott.

Scott: None taken.

Zelda: Well as Diane mentioned earlier, I like to do a lot of traveling. (She was showing herself dressed in an early aviation outfit much like Amelia Earhart used to wear although this is symbolizing her energy – not that she actually flew planes as Zelda.)

Diane: Where do you travel?

Zelda: Wherever I haven’t been before. This might be hard for your readers to understand because until you get back to spirit, it seems bizarre but just imagine that there are galaxies upon galaxies – in both physical and non-physical forms that you can go to whenever you like! I am a spirit who loves adventure and if I haven’t been someplace before, I want to go to experience what it is like. You run into an amazingly diverse, eclectic group of individuals when you lead this kind of existence. New adventures and places are what feed me as a spirit.

Marc: Okay great! Well I think that it’s about time to wrap this up. We always give our guests the chance to say anything that they would like to share. Scott, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

Scott: Yes actually there is. I came in to my life as Scott Fitzgerald to discover, to feel, to create, to be alive….to be human. I lived a life that many people would consider sad and forlorn. It was in many ways, but you have to understand that it was a different viewpoint than what I had previously as a vicar. I chose the new world in an exciting time in its history. I knew lots of people, danced the Charleston and traveled on big ocean liners across the Atlantic. I had privileges that many others didn’t. I saw a lot of sorrow in that life. My relationship with Zelda, though sometimes passionate was difficult and we couldn’t stay together although I did love her. But at the core of my life was my love for writing. I inspired my flock as a vicar with my words and I hoped to do the same as the writer Scott. As a vicar, my writing was mostly about the elevation of the spirit to other realms. As Scott, I was more interested in developing characters who were flawed or who had lost hope. In Gatsby’s case, he couldn’t let go of a dream that was never going to be fulfilled.

Diane: So you are saying that you had a different agenda for your writing that time. You really wanted to be well-known and dig deeper into character studies.

Scott: Yes that’s correct.

Diane: Anything else? I think you are leading into something?

Scott: Yes I would like to convey that I may have pretended to be a wounded character myself, but it was what I chose to experience that time. I could have changed my life whenever I wanted.

Diane: Do you have any regrets about that life once you got back to spirit?

Scott: The highs and lows were a struggle for me that time. Then it got to the point where the highs came less often and it was mostly lows. I knew that these extremes would help me as a writer, and they did. You can’t despair unless you have felt happiness. You can’t know happiness until you have felt despair.

Marc: Very true. Okay Zelda, any last words from you?

Zelda: Well I guess that I would have to say that I lived that life, which was short, but I wouldn’t want to do it again, that’s for sure.

Diane: Can I ask if the mental problems that you had were something that you planned? Was that something that you wanted to see if you could overcome?

Zelda: Yes in a way that was my plan. I had many extremes in that life. Substance abuse and mental clarity often went in and out but mostly out. I thought that Scott would be a good partner for me to see if we could lift ourselves out of it. I’m into the more extreme lifestyles anyway, so it wasn’t surprising that I chose that one. I’m not often interested in doing the mainstream kind of life where you go to a job everyday.

Diane: I know that some spirits like to come down into lifestyles that are opposite to their characters often?

Zelda: Yes I know that some spirits like to come down and do that but it isn’t much fun for me.

Marc: Zelda did you have a point to make about lives in general that you wanted to share with our readers?

Zelda: Well yes I guess my point is that you can be leading a life now that maybe you aren’t too happy about. Maybe you feel that you want more out of it. Maybe you feel that your love life isn’t what it should be. You don’t have the fancy house on a hill. I’m saying that you can change all of that if you want. That you are never pigeon-holed into one way of living. I saw myself take the easiest path in my life as Zelda which also turned out to be very difficult as well. I’m saying that you can wake up tomorrow and say “I’m bored with what I’m doing and I’m going to change it today!” You can say “It no longer suits me to not be happy and I can change my thoughts about others”. It’s never too late to make changes to your life. You are there to create, so create the best self that you can be! Then when you get back to spirit, your life review will be a snap!

Marc: Okay well thank you Scott and Zelda for coming to speak with us. Best of luck to the both of you!

Scott: Thank you Marc and Diane for giving us a chance to speak.

Later on…

Diane: Marc that was a surprise to have them visit. It appears that they led very interesting lives as Scott and Zelda.

Marc: Yeah they really did.

Diane: I think that it’s so interesting to hear about lives that people have led. Many of the spirits whom we’ve spoken to who were creative in their work seem to have had a hard time of it. Like they talked about tonight, I think that spirits who come into lives like that can be extra sensitive and that can often take its toll when what you are experiencing isn’t positive.

Marc: Yes and that’s one of the reasons I asked them to come on the show.

Diane: What reason?

Marc: Well they didn’t really have too much planned before they came down into those lives. Some spirits take a long time and figure out beforehand what they want to experience, but with Scott and Zelda, they more or less came down with open slates. They really wanted to experience what came their way without much of a blueprint.

Diane: So you are saying that they wanted to leave their lives open to new experiences which really fits in well with how Zelda described herself. She never seems to want a roadmap for what she is going to do. For Scott, it seemed that as the vicar, he wanted a change from that life and to expand his writing skills by delving deeper into life and then he could pass along those experiences to his characters?

Marc: Yes that’s pretty much it!

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