Bolan-Beaty’s Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Jesus


I knew that one day I would be interviewing the spirit of Jesus as Marc is one of his biggest fans and has always wanted us to meet up. Jesus made it very clear that he wanted our interview with him to be very casual. He would like us all to feel that he is approachable and that we can call upon him at any time. Amazingly enough, he met up with us at the Bolan-Beaty Boogie studios.

Diane: Okay Marc, I think that I’m ready. This is a big moment for me.

Marc: Yeah Diane, I know that you have some anxiety about this but just breathe and remain calm. He understands this and he wants you to feel that his energy is not overwhelming.

Diane: Well he isn’t going to dim it down for me is he? I would actually like to experience him as he would normally present himself.

Marc: Okay then he understands that too. Let me know when you are ready.

Diane: Marc you really admire him?

Marc: Yeah that’s right I do.

Diane: There have been times when I’ve asked you what you’ve been up to and you show yourself seated on a rock with a long white robe on. You said that you had been listening to one of Jesus’ many sermons (remember there is no time where Marc is).

Marc: Yeah Diane…I love to hear him speak.

Diane: Why him in particular?

Marc: Because he just really works my vibe. There are many teachers of spiritual beliefs and I’ve heard about all of them. Some feel more familiar to me than others. Some you can tune into what they are saying and really dig it. Jesus is one of those teachers whom I like to hang around a lot.

Diane: Well I don’t blame you. You took me to one of his sermons and I remember that there was a huge crowd waiting for him to arrive. They were people without anything to their name in the material sense. Many just had a sheep or two and lived as nomads. I saw children playing in and around a stream – their only source of water in the area. What I got was that they “got” Jesus. They understood that he was speaking to them all.

Marc: Okay so are you ready for him?

Diane: Yes Marc, will you please get him for us?

Marc: Okay here I go. Be right back!

I see Jesus walking into the room from the right.

Diane: Marc! What are you doing! (I saw Marc doing what he does for all of our guests…putting a little microphone on Jesus’ collar!) Marc gave me this confused/innocent look and said….

Marc: What?

Diane: Marc you can’t put a microphone on Jesus!!

Marc: Why not? I just want to make sure that you can hear what he says!

I thought to myself…only Marc Bolan could get away with that! LOL

Diane: He didn’t make a grand entrance. Wow he does have an overwhelmingly brilliant aura and I’m just going to take that in for a while if I may Marc?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane…take your time.

Marc offers him a seat.

On his physical appearance, he is very tall and much more handsome than the images you see of him. His hair is quite long and a medium shade of brown. He is dressed in a brown pin striped suit with a white shirt that is open at the collar.

Diane: Marc, I’ve been getting snippets of information on this interview all day, so I have some idea about the topics we’ll be covering. Can you please lead off with a question while I take this all in?

Marc: Okay so let me start by asking you what you would like to be called? Jesus? My Lord? Yeshua?

Jesus: Well, out of the three, I would prefer Yeshua, but if it’s easier to address me as Jesus that is fine. I’m flexible.

Marc: We know that you’ve been interviewed quite a number of times, so we hope this isn’t too repetitive for you?

Jesus: No Marc, I’m happy to answer any questions that are put before me.

Diane: Yes so I was getting before that you had an extremely sensitive psychic awareness. You could easily see spirits and interact with them. You could also see auras and where people had physical ailments. Like I’m seeing that someone with a stomach ulcer or cancer would be shown to you as having a specific color in that region and it would pulsate? Is that one of the ways that you were able to heal people?

Jesus: Yes Diane, that is exactly how I was able to heal those in pain and suffering. It was quite easy because I could pinpoint where their distress was and how to heal it. I could also tell by the color how severe their illness was.

Marc: Which brings up another question. So you were able to do these kinds of healing because you were so open and connected to Source right?

Jesus: Yes I was an open vessel, as you might say, of Source energy.

He was showing me that when he was physical, he enjoyed looking at how people’s auras expanded, retracted and changed colors.

Diane: So it was impossible to lie to you right because you could see and feel it?

Jesus: Yes it was.

Marc: Do you mind being known as the “Son of God”?

Jesus: No because that is quite apt but then we are all sons and daughters of God.

Marc: So can I ask what you feel is a misconception about yourself?

Jesus: There are those who feel that I would like to be “worshipped” as in the sense that I am above or different from you (he did not like the connotation that this word often brings up). We are all one of the whole and no one is superior to another. Many of the conflicts on earth have been caused by this misconception and I do not want to be one who assists in this.

Marc: So how would you like to be perceived by those on earth?

Jesus: As one who loves and beholds the greatness in them.

Diane: I’ve read that you are not just one spirit being but an unlimited amount of spirits. What would be the truth of that?

Jesus: I am the sum of the whole. I am one of the same as you all are.

Diane: Many believe that you survived the crucifixion, travelled and settled in Europe. (At this point, I saw an alternate timeline of what he experienced, but I got so much detail, it would make another post.) What did you study?

Jesus: Human nature, languages, art, religious philosophies and conversed with individuals on various topics.

Diane: Yes Marc told me that you love to expand via interactions with those who hold differing viewpoints to your own. I guess I’m wondering if one so close to Source would have differing viewpoints or would you be so open to all beliefs/feelings that they would just be amassed in your space? Does that make sense?

Jesus: Yes I understand what you are referring to, but I did have differing viewpoints than others. I saw another’s perspective with awe and rejoiced in its energy.

Marc: So there are many religious organizations who say that they are speaking your words and their way of interpreting them is the correct way. Some even say that you must past via them to get to you. What would you say to that?

Jesus: Alas, I would say that these are fallacies. Many of the words that are attributed to me, I did not speak. Some, of course, I did. I never at any time requested or suggested that there be energy placed between myself and anyone else. That goes against everything that I stood for as Jesus.

Diane: Yes when Marc and I were at one of your sermons, the overall feeling from the crowd was that they understood this. I think that it became dangerous for you to mingle too closely at times though, is that correct?

Jesus: Yes I had many enemies who wanted to silence me so actually, a bit of protection was sometimes necessary.

Marc: Since you’ve passed over from the physical, what are you up to now?

Diane: Okay Marc so he is showing me that he is one with the whole but can and often does take the form that he is showing me now in order that we might communicate with him. But this isn’t the vibration that he is normally at obviously.

Jesus nodded.

Marc: Okay great! So can you help us to understand what you are doing now?

Jesus: Yes I expand, love, create and create over again.

Marc: Well what is it like to be at the high vibration that you are at? For some of us, we have an inkling but it isn’t something that we know on a day-to-day basis.

Jesus: This would be a hard thing to put into words because it goes beyond what words can describe. I could try to describe it, but it would pale in comparison to what the truth is.

Diane: So about your inner circle….I know that it is often written that they were only men. You also had women with you as well correct?

Jesus: Yes that is true. My love and inspiration, Mary Magdalene being one of them.

Marc: Was it difficult for her to have such a famous partner?

Jesus: Well you would have to ask her that, but yes. I would say that living with me was not the easiest of existences, but she was an extremely strong woman/spirit and still is.

He said that they are still together but not in the forms of Jesus and Mary.

Marc: Was there ever a time where you wished that you could have lived a “normal” life?

Jesus: Well I did live a somewhat normal life. I had a wife and children. I traveled and interacted with people over many different lands.

Diane: You are showing me that you had a very good sense of humor and that many people may not be aware of this. You liked to play games with your children and tell jokes?

He showed me playing with his children. I see four of them. The oldest was a girl, then two boys and the smallest one was a girl who couldn’t yet walk.

Diane: Are you showing me that for a reason?

Jesus: I would like those who are reading this to get a better sense of who I was as a person. I think that many may believe that I roamed about in white robes, giving sermons and didn’t really have many human qualities or aspirations.

Marc: So can we ask if you had a specific purpose for coming here today?

Jesus: Yes, I like to come forward and talk with those who will listen about who I was as a man and what my message truly was. My words have been misinterpreted for so long that I like to remind people that they must think for themselves. If you are interested in what I said as a man, I ask you to feel in your heart if the words that you are reading or hearing feel true to you? If you are faced with different interpretations of me, you should decide for yourself what you would like to believe, if anything.

Diane: So you’ve been telling me that your temper could get the best of you. When did that happen?

Jesus: When I felt that I had not done my best as a teacher or when I saw others being treated in ways that were not from love. I understood that each person had their own freewill and all I could do was to support them and pass along my teachings to them. It was up to them whether they chose to respond to me or not. When someone close to me went in another direction, I had to let them go, but it often pained me to see them leave my flock.

Marc: Can we ask what was one of the purposes that you had for coming into that life?

Jesus: In order to show those on earth that there was an afterlife and that we are all created equal. That no human being was different – above or below another. That kindness and love to each other was the basis for a happy existence. That all were from the same Source and that one day, you would return to that Source of love and light.

Marc: Did you feel that you had any challenges?

Jesus: Yes I faced many challenges and that is what I chose. I knew that there were going to be many who disbelieved in what I was trying to do and what I represented. I was ready to face all who had different opinions from my own. I did not pass judgement upon them. They could feel as they chose, and I welcomed their viewpoint.

Diane: Okay so would one say that being the great spiritual teacher that you are, that you hold all beliefs and wisdom?

Jesus: In order to encompass all beliefs and wisdom, I also had to have a point where I didn’t.

Diane: Wait Marc…did I get that right?

Marc: So what he is saying is that yes, as the spirit whom he is now, he does have all thoughts, beliefs and wisdom because he can’t do otherwise but in order to get there, he had to experience what it was like to not be that as well.

Diane: You were born Jewish. How important was that?

Jesus: My life would not have been the same if I had not entered into that existence in the Jewish faith. It was paramount that I arrived exactly as I did. That was planned and in order for what I wanted to achieve, completely necessary.

Diane: Are you in a physical body right now?

Jesus: Yes I’m in a physical body as a woman in India. (I think that she is still a young girl though now.)

Diane: So you still feel the need to take on physical lives? Why is that?

Jesus: Because the world forgets and it needs to remember.

Diane: Yes okay thank you. So he is showing me a very strong woman who I believe becomes a medical doctor but goes into politics. She campaigns for equal rights for women. I can see her handing out pamphlets and organizing talks. She is very well-educated and her life’s goal is to help raise the standards of living for all around her. She wants women to have the opportunity to have lives outside of wife and motherhood if they choose. She is running up against one obstacle after another. So to that point, can I ask you if you have any advice for those on earth who might be feeling depressed, distraught or who feel that their lives haven’t much meaning? Those who are struggling to make things work for them. What might you have to say to them?

Jesus: Be calm in your thoughts. Your destiny is bliss. Your destiny is love. There is always a light that you can call upon in any hour of need that will send you love and assistance. If you feel that this light is not available to you or you cannot see it, then you must ask yourself why is this so? The light is there for you all to behold and you are free to share in its glory.

Diane: So can they call upon you for assistance in seeing this light if they aren’t able to see it presently?

Jesus: Yes they can always call on me and I will help them in whatever way I am able. My angels are also available to help anyone who asks for their assistance.

Diane: But what if someone feels that they have been asking for help but it isn’t coming to them?

Jesus: Again, then I would ask them why is this so? They are in full control of their own creation, so they must seek the answers. We can only help those who ask for and are open to receive our help.

Marc: I haven’t been gone as long as you obviously, but sometimes I feel that the perception of me on earth is changing the longer I’ve been away. How do you feel about that for yourself?

Jesus: To be a symbol of love and be known as a great teacher of such, is what I feel was my greatest accomplishment.

Marc: Is there anything about your memory or perspective about you that you would like to change?

Jesus: Much destruction has occurred in my name and that is something that was never my intention when I came into that physical life.

Marc: You trained as a carpenter. Was that something that you enjoyed?

Jesus: I trained as a carpenter because that is what families did – passed along knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. I was a patient student and learned the craft well. I took pride in what I was able to build, but it wasn’t my calling by any means.

Marc: No I wouldn’t think so either.

Diane: Did you harbor any resentment towards those who persecuted you?

Jesus: None whatsoever. I knew what my destiny was and it played out exactly as I prophesied.

Marc: Now looking back, how different was that from what you had planned in spirit?

Jesus: Not really different at all. I played out that life almost word for word from what I had initially planned from spirit. There wasn’t going to be too much room for error as I had very specific points that I needed to cover and these points had to be met.

Diane: By points, do you mean that certain things had to happen on that life’s path?

Jesus: Yes certain events were going to happen to me and very few of them fell by the wayside.

Diane: Marc any questions?

Marc: Yes so there must be an enormous amount of energy that comes your way. I receive quite a lot myself from the life that I led as Marc. I’ve learned to handle it in a certain way, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone like you. What do you do about that?

Jesus: Do you mean do I absorb all the energy that is coming at me then I would have to tell you no. I can choose much like yourself Marc what energy comes my way and what doesn’t.

Diane: So you are both saying that there will be energy that comes at you but you can choose what to allow in and what not to? Is that correct?

Marc: Yes that’s pretty much what we are saying.

Diane: But with Jesus, like you said Marc, I can’t even imagine what that must feel like?

Jesus: I’ve been around for quite a while and let’s just say that I’ve sorted that much out.

He was showing me that most of the energy just gets absorbed back into the whole.

Diane: So can I ask what were some of the most joyous times that you spent as Jesus?

Jesus: Every second that I spent with my family. Every discussion that I had with my followers. I especially enjoyed talking with those who had strong opinions about what they felt and could articulate them precisely.

Diane: Yes I’m getting that’s something you enjoyed because you were the same way. Did you ever feel that you failed in any way?

Jesus: Yes. As I mentioned before, I did feel that I failed sometimes in my teachings.

Marc: When you passed back over to spirit, do you remember the first thing that you thought?

Jesus: I am back home and I felt an enormous amount of love.

Diane: Did you have a great deal of healing to do?

Jesus: Not really. I had to shed some of the physicality of having just been in a body, but I adapted back into the spiritual very, very quickly.

Marc: So are you teaching now?

Jesus: Yes I have been and always will be a teacher. It is the greatest calling and the theme that has run through all of my physical incarnations.

Marc: Have you ever taught music before?

Jesus: Yes I have taught music before. I have taught almost any subject that you can think of all over the world and universe.

Marc: What is it about teaching others that brings you so much joy?

Jesus: I do not think that I would be able to put that into any kinds of words.

Marc: That’s very similar to how I feel about music.

Jesus was showing me a large version of himself standing similar to the huge statue in Brazil. But this version is so big that I can see all the planets around him and he is passing his love throughout the galaxies.

Diane: Sorry…it took me awhile to just enjoy that image. I wanted to ask you about being such a clear channel. Could you explain that in your own words?

Jesus: Yes my light was open to Source energy at all times. It could not be otherwise as it is for you all.  Sometimes, if I felt through my thoughts that the light dimmed for a bit, I was able to meditate and understand why that happened.

Diane: So you did a great deal of mediation?

Jesus: Yes I did. I knew that was the way to keep the channel open to Source and it allowed me to see clearly. It was necessary for me to do mediation as often as possible. I pulled the energy through me and it was like an instant replenishment.

Diane: And the flow of energy was very open and clear for you?

Jesus: Yes it was.

Marc: I was a big movie fan when I was on earth. Have you seen any movies about yourself and if so, what do you think of them? Have any of them captured your true self do you think?

Jesus: Well I find them mostly fictitious but some have gotten closer to the truth than others. They have caught little bits of my personality but…

Marc: So some aspects of you but nothing that you would give an academy award to?

Jesus: Yes I would say that is correct.

Marc: There are statues and images of you all over the world – in churches and people’s houses. What does that mean or feel like to you?

Jesus: Although the images of me may be made of stone, plaster or paper, there is a part of my light in all of them.

Marc: So you’re cool with them right?

Jesus: Absolutely.

Diane: But before, you mentioned that you didn’t want to be worshipped and many of these images are worshipped.

Jesus: Let me explain. My meaning earlier was that I didn’t care to be worshipped as a figure where someone placed absolute power in me and gave up their own. That isn’t the kind of figure that I would like to be known as.

Diane: Marc did I understand him correctly there?

Marc: He’s saying that if you think of him or see his image and ask for assistance, help or love, then that would be what he would prefer.

Diane: Okay think I got that. In the spirit world, there isn’t time, so whatever you think or want comes to you instantly. Since you were so close to this energy, did you see that happening as well for you as Jesus?

Marc: That’s a good question Diane.

Jesus: Yes. Not as fast as you would see in spirit but yes, generally, I didn’t see too much lapse in time between one and the other.

Diane: Did you heal faster than most?

Jesus: Yes I would say that I did, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel pain like anyone else because of course, I did. I felt heartache, loss, betrayal, and physical pain. I came to experience this. I came to love you all, live amongst you and share in your joy of living.

Marc: You gave many sermons. Were they rehearsed ahead of time or were you just in the zone so much that you could channel the information without giving it much thought?

Jesus: I had to have the base knowledge of who my audience would be, but then yes, I could basically just channel what I was saying.

Diane: Did you feel that you had to be “on” all the time or was it possible for you to have a normal conversation with people?

Jesus: I had many normal conversations with people. In fact, I enjoyed interacting with people as much as possible. I wanted to open people up to seeing another’s viewpoint. To see not only in black and white. To understand that the person’s viewpoint standing next to them was as valid as their own. That no person was right or wrong. I put these messages out there for them to hear and it was up to them if they wanted to follow me or not. I laid myself before them and asked them to do the same. I welcomed their viewpoint and if it was different from mine, I cherished that as it would give me an insight into who they were and better able to understand myself.

Marc: Yes but many of those around you did not like you and what you represented. They were not open to what you had to say?

Jesus: Yes often times, change cannot be made unless someone comes and illicits it. These kind of people are not alway popular or welcome. They may feel that they stand out and do not fit in. But they often make a great deal of difference where they have been especially if their light is pure and comes from love. They will always shine long after they are gone.

Marc: Okay Jesus, I think that if you don’t mind, we’ll call it a night if that works for you?

Diane: Thank you for being so patient with me. (There were a few times in this interview where I had to regroup and he took me aside and let me tune into his energy.) It was a pleasure and an honor for me to channel you and I truly thank you for all your kindness.

Jesus: It was my pleasure Diane. Thank you Marc for setting this up.

He walked out of the room.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

May 28, 2019

Since posting this interview Marc has been singing his “Light of Love” song to me! So sweet!


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