Bolan-Beaty Boogie Interview a Supernova


Diane: Okay so Marc, I guess that we are going to do some channeling tonight right?

Marc: Yeah Diane. I thought that’s what you said you wanted to do?

Diane: If you don’t mind yes. So I asked if you could find an energy or spirit who doesn’t often get channeled? How did your search go?

Marc: Well I have a few contenders actually Diane, so I guess it’s whomever you would like to speak with?

Diane: Well since I don’t know who they are, maybe you can bring one forward. It doesn’t matter to me. You know our format.

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. Okay so let’s have our first interviewee come forward please.

Diane: Marc, do I need to be in our studio? (Marc and I usually hold all of our interviews in a space we call the “Bolan-Beaty Studio”.)

Marc: Well I think that we are both comfortable there and I have it all cozy for us so yeah, let’s meet there.

Diane: So I’m not seeing any kind of chair set up like we normally have. Why is that?

Marc: Well because our first guest can’t sit in a chair. It wouldn’t work for them.

Diane: Why is that?

Marc: Because they are too big.

I kept getting “supernova” and seeing an image of something in space so I asked….

Diane: So did you find a supernova who will communicate Marc?

Marc: Yes in fact, I did.

Diane: Well this will be great! How does one interview a supernova?

Marc: Well you send them an invite which you hope they will get in the mail. Then they ring you up and say “Yeah that’s cool. I’ll be there!”

Diane: Is that what happened here?

Marc: Yeah!

Diane: Well then let’s start! So I’m not exactly familiar with all the technical aspects of what a supernova is except I think it’s the end of a star’s life and they can be responsible for black holes?

Marc: Well let’s have our guest tell you what they are!

Diane: Fair enough!

Marc: So wait just a minute because this one is going to take a bit of tuning into Diane.

Diane: I would think! I’m not even sure how you are doing this to tell you the truth.

Marc: Ways and means Diane.

Diane: So you’ve often said!

Marc closed his eyes and I could feel his energy expanding throughout the cosmos.

Diane: Marc, I’m getting that we are tapping into this source of energy and it isn’t going to come to us correct?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. It isn’t going to take the tube and show up here Diane.

Diane: I didn’t think so. Marc so I get that you are tuning into the energy, but can you help me here?

Marc: I’ll give you the coordinates once I get them.

Diane: Okay so what are they?

Marc: 771 and then a million zeros after that!

Diane: Very funny Marc!

Marc: Okay so it’s coming. Can you feel it yet?

Diane: Well I’m feeling a massive amount of energy coming our way yes!

Marc: But you aren’t quite tuned into them yet. (I did some adjusting.) Okay that’s better.

Diane: Marc can you start while I keep tuning into this energy?

Marc: Okay so supernova energy….thanks for coming to speak with Diane and myself.

Diane: Marc is everyone going to think that we are nuts?

Marc: Yeah probably but it won’t be the first time I’m sure. What’s so surprising anyway? You can channel any energy.

Diane: I know. So if I’m not picking up as much as you, will you translate?

Marc: Yeah sure. Now supernova can you understand me? So it’s saying that yes it can understand me and respond.

Diane: What about me?

Marc: Ask a question and see what you get.

Diane: Supernova, you are a massive energy, so I’m wondering if only part of you is coming forward here to speak with us? They are telling me that yes they are a group energy and maybe only three or four will speak with us. Is that because it would be impossible for a human to connect with all of you? They are saying not impossible but it would be more difficult and for our purposes here, not necessary. So I believe that you are a dying star or one that is about to explode. What happens there? Please remember that I don’t have a science background so in lay person’s terms if you don’t mind.

Supernova: If you could imagine that every particle that we have decides that it wants to create a different version of itself at the same time. In order to do that, it has to change its form.

Diane: So you are saying that at some point, every particle that you are decides that it wants to expand, replicate itself or grow somehow at the same time. Is that correct?

Supernova: Yes

Diane: I’m assuming that this has been planned by some oversoul energy? At least that’s what I’m being shown. So there are….couldn’t even guess how many….energies under this oversoul that decides to explode. You are saying you do this in order to create and expand?

Supernova: Yes that is correct.

Diane: Can you tell me what it feels like to do this? Okay so I’m going to take a few breaths here because this is a big image they are showing me. They are showing me a flower that is about to bloom. Now if you could imagine that the entire earth was covered with these flowers and nothing else. If they all decided to bloom at the same time, how beautiful would that be? Imagine the scent that the planet would have! Imagine what the energy of creation would feel like! The vibration of the planet would be singing. That’s what they feel when this happens they are telling me. That is a wonderful image, thank you!

Marc: Can you describe yourselves? I think there are three of you here?

Diane: Marc, three or four?

Marc: Yeah I see what you mean. There seems to be three strong energies and then one holding off to the back.

Diane: That’s what I’m getting as well. Can you tune into that energy and see what is up with them?

Marc: Well I think maybe that one is shy, so let’s just keep going with the ones we have. Okay so I asked them if they could please describe themselves…..

Diane: Yep.

Supernova: We are a transient energy…

Diane: Wait Marc did I get that right? I hope they aren’t going to get too technical with me but I’ll try whatever they send my way.

Marc: Well I asked them to keep out terms that you wouldn’t know.

Diane: Okay thanks. I’m sorry that I interrupted you. Please go on.

Supernova: We are a transient energy that expands and contracts itself as needed in order to build structural molecules.

Marc: You guys are obviously working together to get this thing going right? So what is the main purpose for doing this other than your wish to expand?

Supernova: Our purpose and main desire is to elicit and facilitate change. To come forth from individual molecules, to expand and to combust and then to piece ourselves back together in different forms.

Diane: Wait are they saying that they are one combined form then this combustion happens and then they move about a bit and their form changes to something else?

Marc: Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m getting.

Diane: They are showing me this massive explosion and then everything stands still. Then all the pieces are joined together into something else in a split second. Well a lot faster than that. I’m not sure that it could be measured. So you’ve changed your energy into another form?

Supernova: Yes we have changed our perimeter, our structure and our composition.

Diane: So Marc I’m seeing that this type of energy loves to do this kind of thing. “Shape changers” and “rebuilders” are what they are calling themselves. So are you more interested in being this kind of energy or do you like to be other things as well? For instance, you are a supernova or planet one minute then decide that you would like to be a flower. How does that work? Someone is going to have to take over the governing energy of the planet right?

Supernova: Yes if you are the energy guarding a planet, and if you decide to move on, another energy will take your place.

Marc: Can you describe how you got together on the spirit level to decide that you want to take part in something like this?

Diane: Yes it seems much easier to perhaps come into a physical life as a human.

Marc: Well Diane, this energy tends to specialize in doing this kind of thing. You wouldn’t often see this energy do something like this and then come to earth to be a baby. I wouldn’t say that it never happens, but it isn’t that likely. It’s just on a different course of evolution. This kind of energy is into being massive, usually in space and it’s really into multiplying and changing.

Diane: Maybe they’ve done the baby thing on earth ions ago and now it’s on to something else? I think what you are saying as well Marc is that they are on a course right now and they might finish that and then take another route. So they could do this for awhile and then decide to come back as a baby or a plant to experience that all over again.

Marc: Yeah it could be that or it could just like doing the space thing.

Diane: Okay so can I ask if you enjoy doing this? No answer at all Marc.

Marc: Yeah enjoy is probably a human term Diane, so they might need to translate that into something they would understand.

Diane: Okay well do you respond to male or female? They said that they don’t. So how do you plan something like this I think Marc was asking?

Marc: They are saying that they plan their existence much like you would plan a life on earth.

Diane: Yeah but I can’t imagine them all sitting around a table and planning this kind of thing or do they?

Marc: Well actually they are saying that in some ways, they do. I know that might seem like a unusual concept.

Diane: So they are showing me this in images. Literally I see figures sitting at tables but there are probably a million of these tables and the figures are starting to join hands together. So Marc, I think it’s easier for them to show me images versus speaking. Now the figures are joining a long line and interconnecting. They are building mass. They are showing me bricks laying on top of each other. Now water is trickling over the bricks and once in a while, something comes around and shakes the bricks to make sure that the structure is there for its purpose.

I’m asking them to show me any other images that they want to share. So I’m seeing a waterfall. They are saying that what is happening under the water is very important. They are saying think about all the microorganisms under the water – how small they are and that they all join together to make their environment – their ecosystem.

Now they are showing me glaciers tumbling down, volcanoes erupting and typhoons in the ocean. They are saying that this kind of physical change is happening all over earth…the galaxies and that this is very normal. Even though some of these events cause what is seen as destruction, this is how new worlds are created and we all have agreed to be part of these happenings. So they are saying change has to happen. They are saying that though there isn’t time, there are shifts that move things forward. Did I get that right Marc?

Marc: Well I think that they are saying that though it’s all occurring at the same time, in order for humans to understand it, they would view it as events happening in a forward motion. So if a volcano erupts, it changes itself and everything in its vicinity. To a human’s viewpoint, it can’t go back to the way it was previously.

Diane: That makes sense. I’m loving these images that they are showing me!

Marc: Yeah I’m kind of digging them myself.

Diane: So they are saying that they do “enjoy” now Marc. I keep getting that word in my vision so they must have translated it. They are saying that they looked into what that word meant and yes it is a human term and they would not usually associate themselves with it. They are saying that who they are, what they do and what they become is all enjoyment for them. Marc that is so great! They came across a term that they wouldn’t normally use and found a way of adapting it to themselves. It’s almost like they are getting a kick out of being human for a bit?

Marc: Yes because that would be a new experience for them and they love new experiences.

Diane: Now they are showing me that they are looking into what this being human is all about. They are showing me these four cool Motown singers from the 1960s on stage and how much the music means to them. It’s coming from their hearts…..their souls. I guess they are saying that’s what they would choose to be if they were human. That’s so great Marc!

Marc: Yeah that’s a wild image isn’t it Diane!

Diane: I don’t think they communicate with humans very often. Anymore questions Marc?

Marc: Yeah do you have a guru?

Diane: Gosh not getting anything from them on that. Maybe they are looking up the term “guru”. All I’m getting is they keep sending me visions of an oversoul. Marc can you ask them if they have anything else that they would like to say before we end?

Marc: Okay I asked them, but I don’t know what they are going to say.

Diane: They are really more into showing me pictures versus talking. I don’t think that they care about communicating with words at all. So I’m telling them to do whatever feels comfortable for them.

I’m seeing a little ripple in a pond that is expanding and then a frog hops on a lily pad and creates more ripples. Then a water insect flies and lands on the lily pad and that creates more movement. Now they are showing me the sun’s rays beating down on a plant that is beside the pond. There are bugs roaming about on the ground and then a field mouse scurries over the dirt. Now here comes a cat who eats the mouse. I see people inside houses and once they die, they pass back into spirit. This changes their energy and they move on from there. So I guess they are showing me evolution and they are part of all of this and that is who they are.

Marc: Yeah Diane. I think that’s the drift that they want to make.

Diane: So they are showing us that they aren’t really different from us, but that they are going about it by another route. We are all joined. Now they are saying that they have been very happy to connect with someone outside their “social circle”?

Marc: I guess they are saying that they are pleased that they got the chance to speak with us. We are “outside” of the normal energy that they converse with and it’s helping them to expand and grow.

Diane: Well I think that it’s time that we thank them for coming?

Marc: Yeah okay, let me send that to them. They understand.

Later on…

Diane: Wow Marc that was great! Did you know that they would be able to communicate?

Marc: Well yeah I did actually Diane, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked them to come on the show.

Diane: Yeah I know that but you know what I mean…..

Marc: Yeah I’m just teasing! I did know that they could communicate on some level, but I wasn’t sure the method that they were going to use.

Diane: I think that they tried to speak in words but found that sending images were much more to their liking.

Marc: Yeah words didn’t jive with them did they.

Diane: Okay Marc well thank you for bringing them to us!

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. Glad you enjoyed it!

Diane: How did you get them here?

Marc: Well I asked someone, who asked someone, who asked someone else and THEY were the ones who got them here for us.

Diane: Thanks Marc. That really explains it well!

Marc: Ask and ye shall receive.

Diane: You say that a lot.

Marc: Yeah I’m a repeater, I couldn’t leave her if I tried.

Diane: You are so silly but ditto!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 5, 2019






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  1. This is so cool and such an interesting read! I hardly come across a channeling with stars and supernova and the like which is quite new and refreshing to see what’s in their perspectives.
    Thanks for doing such an unusual out-of-the-box channeling, Diane. At least I won’t think you guys are nuts for doing these. 😉

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