Bolan-Beaty Boogie Travel to an Alternate Universe Utopia


I asked Marc if we could travel to an alternate universe and didn’t care where we went – his choice. The information that I received before our journey was that it was a place not unlike our universe (I’m wondering if I need to work my way up to the really bizarre?), that the portal getting there was more complicated than usual, and that I would be speaking with two beings. (By “alternate universe” here I mean different from our own, so there will be no versions of our earth here. I asked for a name of the planet we’ll be visiting and I got something like Naibori.)

Marc: Okay so for this one Diane, we are going to take a slightly different route to get there.

Diane: Right Marc. Ready when you are. I’m nervous to tell you the truth. You said that we are going to be doing something different…how so?

Marc: Well the place I picked out is a little more complicated to get to than the others, but that’s what is fun about it. The road less traveled….so to speak.

Diane: Yes that sounds interesting. What shall I do Marc? Anything different or just take down the information as we go?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that much is going to stay the same. You aren’t scared are you?

Diane: No not at all. Like I said, just a wee bit excited because I don’t know what to expect.

Marc: Do you see the path on the floor in front of you…..the footsteps?

Diane: Yeah what I see are yellow footsteps on a black background. It’s very mysterious Marc.

Marc: Yeah good. We want a little mystery here. Doesn’t everyone love a little mystery? So follow the footsteps until you run into something else and let me know what that is.

Diane: Well it’s a door that is locked and it has a sign that says “No Admittance”. There is something written in tiny letters underneath but I can’t make it out. I know that it has something to do with you though Marc. Okay got it! It says “Unless Marc says so!” Cute! Shall I open it?

Marc: Wait! You have to say the magic words to get past the door!

Diane: Well I know abracadabra isn’t going to work because that would be too simple. Okay got it! “I Love T-Rex!”

Marc: That’s it!

Diane: Yeah that just popped into my head. Usually, if we go through portals, I see that Victorian greenhouse with tropical plants. I wonder what I will see on this journey?

Marc: Yeah well this is kind of the same thing. What are you seeing?

Diane: Right now? Nothing!

Marc: Well let your mind allow it to come Diane. You are excited, but you have to allow it to form.

Diane: Now I’m seeing a hallway with painted portraits. The thing that I’m being told is that the portraits here are lives that you and I lived in this universe. So it’s our portrait gallery! How cool! I want to go up and see them. Now the left-hand side has two portraits but they are covered over with drapes. I’m being told that this is because these are possible future lives that we might choose to have here so no peeking. On the right-hand side, I see my portrait as a beautiful lady (hehe!) and you look to be a gallant gentleman in military dress with a big mustache. I keep getting the name “Habsburg” so it must have been a similar kind of family.  (I got the story of these lives but it was detailed and figured not very interesting for anyone but Marc and myself.) You look very important Marc!

Marc: Yeah I had a lot of influence in that life.

Diane: So, at least for me, I’m being shown this as a way to easily access any past life that I may have had in another universe.

We walked through the door at the end of the hall and entered a brilliant golden park! Wait Marc! We’ve been here before. Where is this?

Marc: This is the portal where we need to be in order to move forward.

Diane: How do we do that? There has to be another door then somewhere? Okay, I see it. The Victorian glass greenhouse is over to the right. Are you coming Marc?

Marc: Yeah I’m coming! Why wouldn’t I be coming too?

Diane: Just asking…Well, this is very magical looking and I can sense that the vibration is changing because I can hear humming. The light is shining in, and the atmosphere is quite beautiful. I see these little fairies and they are spinning what looks to be silver thread as light as cobwebs. They are weaving them in a line so I know which direction to go in. How nice of them! It takes me ahead to three possible routes. The one to the right is outlined in a thick black line so I’ll skip that one. The one straight ahead looks cold, as it’s made out of cement, so not thrilled about that. Now the one to the left shows more of the fairy garlands and flowers and it’s very bright so that’s where I want to go. Gosh, is taking a bit of time to get anywhere. How come? (I’ve left out some of the descriptions here in order to save some time.)

Marc: Well Diane, just think a minute about what you are trying to do – travel to another universe from where you are. You gotta think it might take more than just blinking your eyes?

Diane: Yeah good point. So this feels wonderful! All bright and the energy is getting higher in vibration. I can sense a lot of activity and when I look ahead, all I see is glowing gold light. This feels very positive.

Marc: Yeah well keep going!

Diane: Marc you are so cute! You always get so excited for me on these trips. Oh whoa! The tunnel stopped abruptly. I can see a whole world out there now. Not a space world but beauty as far as the eye can see. It’s hard to describe! It’s like we could hang glide down to the valley ahead if we had a hang glider. So I see a rope ladder that we can use to climb down. You know that I don’t like heights right Marc?

Marc: Yeah I know all about that…

Diane: Now Marc, is this our final destination or is this just another path that will lead us there?

Marc: Not tellin…

Diane: No, I didn’t think that you would. So we’ve reached the bottom. It looks tropical but all the colors are different – much brighter than you would see on earth. I see fuschia, chartreuse and purples. It looks like something Dr. Seuss might have imagined. Now do we stay here or keep going?

Marc: What do you want to do?

Diane: Well this is beautiful Marc, but I don’t see anyone here who we can speak to.

Marc: Oh did you want to run into some of those?

Diane: Well it would be nice to talk to someone. This is a physical place right Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane. This is a physical place.

Diane: It feels like it’s at a higher vibration than the earth?

Marc: Yes Diane, that’s right.

Diane: So how are we going to get to where the beings are?

Marc: Here Diane the vibration is so high that it’s really easy to just think ourselves to where they are. I already know so I’ll just take us there.

Diane: So we are now in what looks to be a futuristic town but not all space-age as I would have expected. Very low key. The beings who are walking around look human. I see steps that look like they were made out of clear crystal leading up to a one-storied building with walls made of glass. The overall energy here is very peaceful. I don’t feel any tension. I see a beautiful fountain and everything here has a glow to it. Young people are walking past us and carrying books, so I’m thinking this must be some kind of college or learning center. Marc….feel free to help out with some descriptions.

Marc: Not a chance Diane. This is for you to discover. I’m here as your friendly tour guide.

Diane: Sweet Marc, thank you! Now I know that we are going to meet someone. Right now I’m seeing in my mind a woman and a man. Okay friendly guide….lead on!

A few feet ahead, I see a courtyard to the left down a series of buildings. Yes, here they are! I see a man and woman standing in a courtyard surrounded by very tall trees. They see us and start walking towards us smiling. (They told me their names were Lisa and Richard. I was surprised that they weren’t more unusual sounding names, but maybe they just wanted to make this easier for me.)

Richard: Welcome Diane and Marc! We are very happy to have both of you here with us!

Diane: Thank you! So I’m getting that this is a college or place of study. What do you teach here?

Richard: We teach many topics but our specialty is what you might term metaphysical studies meets science – how the seen and unseen worlds are interrelated to each other.

Diane: Wow that sounds like a very wide field of study!

Lisa: It is Diane but we believe that everything that you see around us is connected to everything in the spirit world. We feel that it would be a fallacy to separate anything from the whole.

Diane: So I think that what you are saying here is that on my earth, metaphysics and science are often considered separate areas of study. Many scientists probably don’t believe in the metaphysical side of life. I’m getting that there is still a lot of separation on my earth that you don’t have here. For instance, countries are separate, religions are separate, many races like to keep themselves separate. So are you saying that you don’t have that here?

Lisa: No we don’t Diane. That would be a very confusing way for us to comprehend our existence because we know that this is not so. If you follow a drop of water from the sky, you can see all the various forms that it can take. It could turn into a snowflake. It could fall into the ocean. It could be the saving drop of water that nourishes a lost traveler in the desert. There isn’t anything that you can see here that we don’t understand is related to everything else.

Diane: Yes I’m seeing all natural substances around me – rock and timber. How are you able to sustain using natural products without using up your resources?

Richard: That’s a very good question Diane. And you are right…it’s all about sustainability. We don’t use anything that can’t sustain itself. If you see a book, it could be made from trees but it could also be made from other pulps. If you can’t grow something sustainable here, then it won’t be grown.

Diane: Zero waste are you saying?

Lisa: Well we would not say that we are a hundred percent zero waste. But since almost all of our structures that we produce can be broken down to something else, we are very close.

Diane: Is that why I’m not seeing buildings that are very tall with simple designs?

Lisa: Yes.

Diane: Would this be true all over your planet?

Lisa: Yes but in other parts of the planet, there are remnants of older civilizations that used non-sustainable materials.

Diane: Can you give me an example of a course of study that a student could take here? So she told me that if they were going to look at the beginning of life for them, they wouldn’t start at the time of conception. They would go back to the planning of that life in spirit and they wouldn’t stop at physical death. They would continue on looking at that life after the spirit has returned home.

Diane: So you consider the spiritual aspects of a physical incarnation to be just as important as the physical correct?

Lisa: Yes that is correct.

Diane: Marc anything that you want to ask? You haven’t said anything!

Marc: Yeah I’m just sitting here enjoying the conversation and the view!

Diane: So Richard, are you human or a form there of?

Richard: Yes we are very similar and share some of the same genetic DNA that you have on earth. Our forebearers got around you might say.

Diane: I haven’t seen anything like a car. Do you have them?

Lisa: Yes we do but they are all run on solar power. (I wasn’t getting how they were able to produce cars without mining, but I got the impression that the majority of their vehicles were used for mass transportation. I suspect that they still had to do some but it was on a much smaller scale than what we do.)

Diane: Is that your main source of power?

Lisa: Yes

Diane: She is saying that they also use water and wind power. Do you have public transportation? She said that they do but that many people choose to walk or ride forms of bikes. I saw conveyor belts that sound very 1960s sci-fi but couldn’t get what they were made of – not metal for sure. They were saying that they had invented a kind of plant-based material that when blended with other properties was strong enough to build with but would eventually decompose. Very interesting. I kept hearing “resin”.

They said that though we might consider them a more “advanced” society, they are much simpler in their approach to everything. They said that it’s no longer important to them to have the flashiest car and what was more important was a way of getting to where you wanted to go with the least effect on the environment. They said that there wasn’t anything wrong with wanting a flashy car, but it just wasn’t important to the majority of them. I asked them for another example.

Richard: It isn’t that we don’t know how to construct a skyscraper or how to produce the metal that you would need to build one. It’s just that we choose not to because of the repercussions that it would have on our planet.

Diane: Well what about the population explosion? How can you house everyone, especially in cities, without tall buildings? Isn’t space limited?

So Richard said that they aren’t crammed into cities like they are on our earth. That city life isn’t as important to them. Since they work a lot with their land and cultivate it, their population is more spread out.

Again, they said that they still had remnants of old buildings on the planet but if one fell, they wouldn’t rebuild it in the same way. They said that their buildings are called “breathable buildings”. I asked what they meant by that and they showed me a concrete building and that wind couldn’t pass through it. Energy would have a hard time passing through as well. Because their buildings were made from natural sources, they showed me happy people inside where the air was able to circulate. People didn’t have the bad allergies that they have here because they don’t need the recycled air systems.

Marc suggested that I ask about the Arts and what they do in their free time?

Diane: Yes they are showing me that they have very similar activities to what we have – people taking walks, swimming etc. I got the impression that time spent outdoors and interacting with each other was very important. They do have computers (they called them tablets) that were suspended almost in air and then could be put away. They used them more for work or study versus entertainment though. I asked what kind of energy they ran on and was told some form of crystal energy. It can run down and then it could either be reenergized or replaced.

So on my earth, many people are discovering their spiritual sides and tapping into their spirit selves. Here you are telling me that this is a given and that your society accepts this as so. Is that correct?

Lisa: Yes Diane, that is correct.

Diane: Do you have religions?

Lisa: They are more what we would term “spiritual beliefs”.

Diane: She is showing me that there are public places that they can go to meditate. She said that people go there during their lunch hours. You can go to them and take classes and every belief is welcome. They haven’t eliminated the knowledge about where they have come from and if you like, you can visit places that discuss religions from the past. She said that some people still like to practice the old religions.

I asked if they had any sporting events and was shown some kind of sport where energy orbs are flung all over the place. It’s like the quidditch in Harry Potter except they don’t ride on broomsticks. The players have devices that can send the gold energy balls all over the stadium and it’s very fast-paced.

Diane: What do you eat here? She showed me a plant that looked like a cactus and told me that they make many different foods out of it. In fact, they make their most popular drink out of it.

Lisa, most of our foods are manufactured in factories and mass-produced. I take it that you don’t have that kind of thing? She said that they do have mass-produced foods, but it would be something that looked to me freeze-dried or it would be fresh. They said that fruit juices were very popular. I asked if they ate meat and she said that they did have variations of what we would consider fish and poultry. I wasn’t seeing anything like a cow. They told me that the food it takes to produce red meat on a large scale didn’t make sense to them. I was being shown smaller animals and kept hearing “wild boar” so I think that they have wild herds that were relatives of domesticated animals.

They said that they did have a form of TV and that it was built into the walls of the houses. The stations were very limited and I was getting they were state-run. It just didn’t seem to be that important for them and was more a way for them to access information around the planet.

Diane: Marc so what are the jobs that they have here? Do they have commerce?

Marc: Well yeah Diane. I mean they have doctors, teachers and shops where people work and can buy things.

Diane: So what I’m getting here is that they aren’t THAT much different than us in some respects, but the energy felt so much lighter and higher. I didn’t feel an undercurrent of low energy that I feel on earth. They appear all happy and having a great time! I asked if they had crime? Lisa and Richard looked back at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They didn’t seem to understand the concept. I explained to them what I meant and they got anguish looks on their faces. They said all of that was in the past and in the shadows for them. They said why would you need to steal from someone else? They had everything that they needed to live happily. They said that crime sounds like it was coming from a place of lack and they didn’t see that as a healthy way of living. They felt that all around them was abundance. But they weren’t saying that they didn’t have unhappy people there. They said that they did but that they were very open about it. You wouldn’t be considered an outcast if you needed help with something. There would be places that you could go where you could get support and not feel ashamed that you needed help. It would be as normal as going to a grocery store. They said that they had a form of taxes that they used to support all of these public programs.

As for the Arts, they did have dance but it looked modern to me. I wasn’t seeing anything like ballet. They did have art museums and said that modern art was more popular on the whole than older works.

Okay Marc, well I think I’m getting pretty tired here so I guess it’s time that we head back home. Lisa and Richard, thank you so much for letting us come and talk with you about your world. It’s been a wonderful experience for me! It makes me want to move here!

Richard: It has been our pleasure Diane and Marc! You are welcome to return whenever you like.

Later on…

Diane: Marc they were so nice! They seemed like really chilled versions of humans on earth. They didn’t seem to be in a rush. Everyone was smiling. I guess I would think of it as some kind of utopia, but I’m sure they have their challenges just like we do?

Marc: Well you’re right Diane, they do. It isn’t that they don’t have strife or social issues, but they’ve come a long way in resolving them.

Diane: Marc they are in physical bodies so how did they see us?

Marc: They saw us as energy sources or lights if you will. I contacted them specifically because I knew that they could speak to us telepathically.

Diane: And they weren’t shocked or frightened?

Marc: Well Diane, they look at energy differently there.

Diane: They didn’t ask me any questions about earth….why was that? Do they already know about what goes on here?

Marc: They were very curious, but they knew that you were there to ask them questions and had a limited amount of time.

Diane: Wow that was an amazing journey Marc! Thank you for taking me there. It would be a wonderful place to live in again!

Marc: Everyone has the option to try it out!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 25, 2019



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  1. I was recently asked to fantasize about our future and what I got was very like you describe. How could you bear to leave?

    • It wasn’t easy Linda but since my physical body was here, I didn’t have much choice. I’m still kind of going back and forth between here and there because I love what Marc would term as their “vibe”. They love visitors so tap into their energy and see if you can feel it too!

    • I’m hoping that we as a species will someday rise to that level of existence.

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