Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet The Universal Four Who Share Self Empowering Techniques!

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Marc and I are very much into each person being able to empower themselves and create strong intentions to lead the happiest lives that they can. Now everyone knows that he or she has the power to create this for themselves, but sometimes it isn’t always clear on how to go about it. I asked Marc if he would gather together a group of likeminded beings from the Spirit and Interdimensional worlds who would assist us with various topics from time to time. For our first meeting, I asked if they would give us some self-help/healing procedures that would be fun for us to do and that we could adapt for our own use.

Marc got excited and said that they would all make perfect superheroes in a comic book. He said that if he were down here now, he would love to draw the storyboards. The more I talked with them, I could see what he was talking about.

Diane: So Marc, I’m seeing that you are having fun imagining our new friends as superheroes and that you would love to do a comic strip about them?

Marc: Yeah I was thinking that the “Universal Four” sound like a comic book series doesn’t it?

Diane: Yeah it does.

Marc: They are like superheroes who can go all over the galaxy!

Diane: Superheroes are usually fighting for a cause or want to help others.

Man: Yeah man I mean they are helping people to help themselves right?

Diane: Right but what would you say is their cause?

Marc: The betterment of the human species. Their creed is to help humans empower themselves and to be able to set strong intentions. To remember that they can create whatever they want and to not say “Nay” I can’t.

Diane: Marc…So I’m seeing them as energy healers who are sitting in a circle. I haven’t any idea yet what they want to say.

Marc: Yeah that’s what makes this kind of thing fun…and full of surprises!

Diane: Okay so we are walking up to four beings. We are approaching them slowly because they look like they are in meditation and we don’t want to disturb them. They are certainly a mixed looking bunch that’s for sure! As we get closer, I see a spirit man who opens his eyes and smiles at me. He has a huge feather headdress on and says his name is Chief Running Moon. To his left, I see a man in very interesting garb. He stands up so I can see it fully. He is wearing a duster (long leather coat) like an 18th century highwayman and holds maps, a telescope and drafting tools. He has a pair of goggles on and he says he uses them in his line of work – they help to locate the energy that he needs to see and clear. He says he wants to be known as “The Traveler” and he calls himself a “vortex cleanser”. Marc I’ve never heard of that. He says that he clears energy lines, ley lines, vortexes, and portals. Very interesting!

To the Chief’s right, I see a lady who is floating above the ground. Everything about her is in movement…her hair, her body, her energy. Her clothing is white and is swirling about her. The ends of her hair look like they have a life of their own.

Marc I don’t think I usually see a spirit whose energy is moving so much. It’s all swivels yet her energy is also calm and strong at the same time. I wonder why she is choosing to appear like this?

Marc: Well let’s ask who she is and that might give us more of a clue?

Diane: Marc you are so sweet! Pretending that you don’t know who they are! You want to be part of this with us and uncover everything along the way and see my reactions. You get such a kick out of that. Okay, so she looks up at me and smiles – a sincere and beautiful smile. She says that her name is Lydia. Lydia, can you please tell me more about yourself?

Lydia: Yes Diane. I would be pleased to convey more information about myself to you. I am what would be termed the spirit of the many spirits of creation.

Diane: How so? I’m not sure that I get your meaning. Okay, so she is telling me that she is one of the major spirits of creation and specializes in the four seasons. So I’m thinking she means she is the oversoul. She works with the elements to achieve success like the wind and the rain and how they all affect soil and plant production. She was giving me the impression that she would have been known by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a God. I ask her about this.

Lydia: Well yes…I have been considered in those terms. I hold the powers of creation that would be very similar to what a God in your ancient times would have possessed.

Diane: Well that is very interesting. Is that why you are swirling all over? She told me that is to show how nature is in constant movement as is the world around us. She is showing me a bee pollinating a flower and then it goes to another or how a spore from one flower flies on the wind and replants itself elsewhere. She is showing me this constant movement because that is what is needed for recreation. Gosh, Marc! I just love all of her movements! Next to her, I see a figure who has her profile to me. She seems very mysterious. Marc, can you get her to turn to you?

Marc: Well Diane…I think that she will do what she wants here.

Diane: No doubt. Her eyes are closed and she has a what looks to be what you would imagine a superhero headdress would look like – kind of a tiara but made out of metal. She feels the most solid and I’m being told that she is the interdimensional being, so she is currently in a physical incarnation. She is turning to speak to me. She says that she is the High Priestess of Eschalom (that’s a close as I can get to it). She is called a “High Priestess” on her planet which is a different galaxy to our own. She said that this title is not a religious one but one given to those on the governing board.

So, Marc, I take it that they are here as the group that I asked to come forward to help us out with various topics and give us more insight into them? They are saying to me that they’ve been getting more and more information that during these energetically uncertain times on earth, some on their spiritual path might be confused and sending their energies in many different directions. They said that it’s easy to feel fragmented because there is so much to tune into right now. They are saying that this is not necessarily a bad thing because it leads to knowledge and experience. But they are saying that for some, they might feel too fragmented and then do not know how to pull their energies back. The quest for knowledge they are saying is a wonderful one. They are showing me someone who is very interested in all kinds of subjects and seeks to find out more about them. When they access that knowledge, little bits of their energy can stay like sitting on the top of clouds. Okay, so they are suggesting that if you are feeling this way, you can pull your energy back. I’m asking for ways that we can go about this. For me, I envision my energy coming back and filling up a gold sun that I bring into myself several times a day. They tell me that this is a sufficient and good way to go about it. They said that your soul knows how to do this, of course, but it’s good for the physical you to have the intention to do this daily as well.

So let’s start by getting to know you all a bit and what you would like to tell us. Let’s start with “The Traveler”. You said that you are a vortex cleanser. Can you tell us more about that?

He said that there are vortexes throughout the universe and he makes sure that whoever travels through them has a safe and easy passage. He says that with so many beings passing through them, their energy gets mucked up and they aren’t always safe or clean to pass through. He is saying that they can get so out of wack that you might end up somewhere other than where you planned. He is also saying that some would like to manipulate the energy within them and it’s his job to make sure that doesn’t happen. He keeps saying the word “clean”. More about him later I guess as Lydia is stepping forward.

She is saying that we should connect more to our inner beings and core selves. She is saying that we hold our strength there. She is showing me a strong energy line down our chakras and that it’s important to keep that core clean, nourished and healthy. She said that when you feel that foundation might be shaky and when we can’t make decisions for ourselves or set strong intentions, that grounding would be key. She said that make sure that whatever image you use to ground has movement and feels free. She told me that she realizes that it can often be difficult to remain positive and feel that you are Hercules. We all get sad and this kind of thought can weaken this core (she was showing me it getting smaller and dimmer in light). She said this is normal. So what she suggests is checking in with this core element of yourself and seeing if it is securely attached to the earth, is it wide or narrow, does it feel weak or strong?

I’m asking her if she has any exercises that might help us here.

She said that many of our readers will already be familiar with the basics of grounding, but that she would like to give us another method.

Lydia: The earth is your planet and it likes to play hostess to those who thieve upon her. So picture your life as being invited to a dinner party and see your hostess welcoming you. She wants you to enjoy the time that you spend with her. She wants you to feel your strength, your purpose and that you belong here. She would like you to rejoice in her energy and she loves to share it with you. She is a very calm, nurturing being and loves to feel that all upon her are happy and fulfilled.

Diane: How wonderful! Do you have a technique for those who might want to work with her more? Okay, so Lydia is saying that it makes it very easy to think of this in terms of the four seasons of the year.

For Summer: She says feel the warmth of the sun beating down upon you and see this as Source love and energy. Feel that this light is loving and not at all hot.

For Fall: Think of the whirling of the winds and the change that comes over the earth. She said to imagine that wind as soft energy that has arrived to envelope you and ask it to always be positive and cleansing. She said that you can ask this wind to send whatever you don’t need or any unwanted energies down your grounding cord and Gaia will transmute them.

For Spring: She says to see the rebirth of your energy and its constant expansion! She said that you can sow your intentions or wishes as flowers in a garden. Watch one after the other peek out of the soil. She shows me a lilac and then one pops up next to it and that goes on and on until the garden is filled with blossoms. I’m asking again if you can put your intentions in the seeds of the flowers and she said yes. That is a way of visualizing intentions that you want to create. She said that for each intention, you can choose a different kind of flower. When you see multiple versions of the same flower, that means that you are expanding or letting that intention grow. She says that you can tend to your garden as much as you like – feed it with your energy – change it around – or just leave it alone (but said it’s much happier when it has your attention).

For Winter: Lydia is saying that though we might assume that not much happens during winter and might not see the possibilities of how we can use this season to help us grow. She said that if you look under the surface of the waters and ground, there is still much that is living and waiting to explode. All is not dormant. Buds are waiting to bloom soon and animals will come out of hibernation. She said spend this season to think about the intentions that you will use to plant in the spring and summer. What is it that you wish to create in your life? She said that it is important to not skip this season because the time here can make all the difference to the rest of the year. She also showed me a frozen river and how it can be used to cross over to the other side to continue with your journey. She said to ask yourself if you hear cracks when you cross it or does it feel unsteady? If so, create a bridge that you can transverse but she said that it’s always better to cross the ice on your own. The bridge would be uncertainty, fear or something other than yourself that you feel that you need at that time. She said that if you can only gain access to the other side (which holds whatever it is that you want to have in life) by using a bridge, that’s fine because you can always keep trying. She said that if you want to see your guides as fish under the ice, call upon them for assistance.

Diane: I asked her if you could use a sled and she said that would be another form of a bridge. Okay, wonderful! That is an easy way to help us remember how to create with intention. Marc, do you have any questions?

Marc: Yeah so what about water here. Anything more that you can tell us about it can be utilized to help?

Lydia: Yes water, of course, plays a very important role in your life on earth (other than the fact that our bodies are mostly made of it). You can use rivers as pathways to see the flow of energy and watch how easy it moves to fulfill your desires. You can make this river as smooth or bumpy as you want. You can see rocks up ahead and rapids or you can see it clear and calm. She said just make sure that it’s moving.

Diane: Thank you! Now can we please hear from you High Priestess? You are the only Interdimensional Being here correct?

High Priestess: Yes Diane, that is correct.

Diane: She is asking me to paraphrase what she is saying here. She turned to face me directly. Half of her face/body has designs on it and the other half didn’t. They look much like tattoos. I asked her why she had that and she said that everyone on her planet does. They are proof of where she comes from and each pattern is unique to the individual – so you would choose the pattern for yourself before you came into the incarnation. Just like we use names or fashion to show who we are, this is a way for her race to express themselves. She said that the patterns can change as you grow and expand yourself and that you would be very proud of this. I asked her if she had anything that she wanted to share with us.

She said that it’s important to embrace all in the universe with you. She said that we would be amazed to find out how many beings are in our universe because it’s more than we can fathom. She is showing her arms outstretched and embracing them all. She said that yes this is a concept that we are all aware of, but it’s especially important now for us to hold it dear to our hearts. She is saying that this is both mental and emotional. She said to do this daily or as often as you like. See yourself embracing your universe, then another and then the one next to that. See yourself embracing and holding to your heart an unlimited amount of universes.

She is saying that it’s important for us to not think of anyone outside of ourselves as being different. She is showing me ships and if this kind of energy is given a global ascension, it helps bring us closer together. She said that many Interdimensional Beings are worried that any kind of exposure to us would be harmful to us or them. She said that sending out this kind of energy into the universe is reassuring those who are out there that we want to make ourselves known to them. She said that if you hesitate because you have heard that Interdimensional Beings do not have your best interest at heart, use your judgment and what is within your comfort zone.

Marc, I just wanted to double-check that I got that right?

Marc: Yes okay so she is saying that everyone should do whatever feels comfortable for them. She said that sending out love to all is very much needed right now, but if you have hesitations about embracing those outside your comfort zone, then that is fine.

Diane: So her suggestion is sending out a general love to all in our universe and beyond?

Marc: Yes that is what she is saying.

Diane: She is telling me that the headdress she is wearing represents her position in society but it isn’t about power…it’s about wisdom?

High Priestess: That is correct Diane. No one on my planet is considered better than another. We acknowledge wisdom and learning as the highest traits and look upon our citizens to share what they have with each other. Those whom the Collective feel yield a vast amount of personal courage, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion are given the term “High Priest” or “Priestess” but it is a title that is bestowed upon us. It is a great honor for me to possess this title.

Diane: Yes what an honor! You are appearing to me to be very young so I’m wondering how you achieved this? She said that she is very young to have been given this title. She said that she grew up in a family who was involved with what we would consider “politics” but it feels to be a bit different than what we have. She said that it is similar in that they have to make decisions regarding how to use their resources but they no longer deal with situations like equality or fighting for the rights of individuals. I told her that I would be interested to find out more at another time. It appears that when you are given this title, you are also given an area of the planet to govern. I asked if it was common for women to have this title?

High Priestess: It is very common for females to hold this position but most of them will be older. (She said that was true for the males as well. )

Diane: Thank you High Priestess! Okay, so can we hear from “The Traveler”? Are there many spirits or beings who do your kind of work? He is saying yes many spirits have taken this on as their spiritual path. He says that they are strong healers because energy vortexes can be very large and powerful. It’s his job to make sure that it is safe for all who pass through them. He is there for the good of all and works with only the highest intentions. Okay, do you have any suggestions or methods that you want to share with us?

The Traveler: Take extra care with your thoughts as they are everything. Many of you know this to some degree but maybe do not see it for how important it is. Your thoughts and intentions play a very important role in the life that you are creating.

Diane: So he is saying try this exercise for one day or even fifteen minutes. He said to take every thought that you have that comes into your head and reflect upon it afterwards. Ask yourself how that felt? Was it positive energy to send out into the universe? Who was it intended for and how did that make them feel? Did you mean to send it because if not, you did? He said that if you try that for even an hour, you might find out a lot more about yourself than you realized before. You can decide if that is who you want to be and is this the direction that you want to be creating your world? He said that if you think about someone else, you can follow the line of energy to them and see their reaction to it. Again, did that thought hurt them or make them happy?

He showed me that when he cleans out these energy paths, he sees stuck energy/thoughts that are left there. In one example, he showed me energy that was sent from a Mother to a Son and back again. Once the energy had been received by both, it got stuck in the energy line because neither would release it because it was energy based on anger and resentment. The Traveler said that it isn’t within his power to clear this energy out and must be done by the parties involved. He said that if they could only see this energy and what it looks like, they would probably be more apt to forgive each other and let it go. He said that part of their energy was still wrapped up in those feelings so it’s better to release it as soon as possible. I asked what happens when the parties passed over to Spirit and he said that they would take that with them and he would no longer see it. He said that if only one of them passed, then the energy from the other would remain until they choose to release it or passed over themselves.

Diane: Yes that does sound like we could learn a lot about ourselves by doing that exercise for sure. Okay now to hear from Chief Running Moon, please. He is saying that he was a Native American chief in an incarnation but that he went under a different name.

Chief Running Moon: I wish that your history books were kinder to the Native Americans of your country. I believe that slowly the light is being shed on who we are and the strength, wills and loves that we possess as a people.

I walk among you still as a Chieftain warrior but as an ambassador to all on earth and throughout the galaxy to join together. To join together those who feel that they are separate from one another either by skin, country, race or religion. My thoughts to you all will be to ask questions about the past and the current conditions that you find among races.

Diane: He was saying that if you come across something let’s say in a history book that is painting a picture of a race or society as negative and you feel that you would like to find out the truth for yourself – start doing some research until you find explanations that feel like your truth. So are you saying that we can use the past?

Chief Running Moon: Yes that is so. We can all still learn lessons from the “past”. The purpose of this past as you see it is to use it for learning and growth for the future.

Diane: Yes you are showing me examples of what played out between the Native Americans and the white people in the States. You are saying to always remember that there are two sides to every situation and you must choose what you want to hold dear to yourself in every aspect of your life.

Okay, so that’s the end of the topic for today. Marc thanks so much for getting the group together for us! I’m looking forward to speaking with them about various topics in the future and I’m very curious to find out more about them personally!

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July 17, 2019




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