Bolan-Beaty Boogie BeBop on an Adventure to the Runes of Intention, the Oracle of Truth, the Universe of Knowledge and the Field of Dreams!

Oracle of Truth

I’ve been asking Spirit to help me with a method for setting up strong intentions. I feel that I focus on them for a few days and then the process wanes. One night, Marc took me on another one of his magical adventures and came up with a fun way for me (and all of us) to keep the intentions strong and to clear blocked paths.

But first, I ask him a question about his fans and then we discuss Marc’s visits to see me in the 3D!

Diane: So Marc, I saw this TV show (I think it was “Who Do You Think You Are”) with Boy George on it. Someone saw his arm and asked if that was a tattoo of Marc Bolan? He said it sure was! Does that kind of thing feel funny to you? To be a tattoo on someone’s arm? Now I’m getting that when you were Marc in the physical, you would have expected something like that, but I was wondering that since you are now in Spirit, has that changed?

Marc: No.

Marc was telling me that during T Rex’s heyday, there wasn’t anything a fan could do that would have surprised him anymore. He said that since most of his fans were young kids, they wouldn’t have tattoos, but they did write/draw the band’s name and his image on their bodies with ink hoping that it would last a long time.

Diane: Okay that’s what I thought. It doesn’t feel odd though?

Marc: No Diane, it doesn’t feel odd to me. I came down there to do my thing and be remembered, so it’s a nice feeling for me when I am – especially after the time that I’ve been gone on earth.

Diane: It has been a while! People like James Dean, Elvis, and John Lennon are still remembered because there are music and films to watch them.

Marc: Yeah a lot of this is passed on from one generation to the next. Many of the younger fans today know about T Rex because their parents grew up with me and still listen to my music. I have the feeling that it will fade at some point the farther away the generations go, but I’m cool with that.

Diane: So what you are saying is that because the parents would have had first-hand experience with you when you were physical and that made an impression on them. The children will have second hand experience through them and though they may still love your music, the energy might not be intense with every passing generation?

Marc: Yeah I would say so. Plus new music comes on the scene and keeps adding to what is already there.

On another note, Marc has been coming down to visit me for the past few weeks at my vibration. I want to share my experience so those who might be interested in doing this with their guides can see what it feels like for themselves. It’s been an amazing experience for me!

First I connect to Marc and see if he wants to come to visit (he always says “yes”). It takes about five minutes for his energy to fully materialize. I set up a chair opposite myself in a dark room (no lights) and let his energy build up. At first, I feel a tingling sensation on the right side of my head so I know he’s on his way.

I can feel his energy on the chair and it fills up around me. He tells me that he is presenting himself as a physical Marc Bolan but all I can see, at this point, is his energy outline. I am able to see spirit energy just like you would see someone in the physical, so I’m not sure why I’m not seeing all of him yet. I can see what he looks like in my third eye. It could be something that we both need to build up to but it’s still early days on this process. Right now, I can see swirls/patterns of white light and sparkles. At this stage, my sense of touch is working the best. I can feel his energy quite well and for the past few nights, it’s been cold and I can actually smell the coldness.

What feels the strongest is that his energy is in constant motion. I ask him to move his energy in front of my eyes and it’s amazing! It feels like a kaleidoscope swirling in front of me with a powerful yet soft presence. Then I ask him to move his energy throughout my body and it’s truly a sensation I’ve never felt before. It tickles! It’s fun! It’s gentle! It’s truly wonderful!

It has been quite an experience for me to feel this on a physical level and has brought home the fact just how close we are to Spirit on this vibration. If you feel like you would like to try this with your guide, you can follow the same method. Don’t forget to surround yourself with pure protection and love from Source. If you are new to working with Spirit, then I would suggest that you work only with your guides.

And now Marc and I start our latest adventure!

Diane: Marc, I’m not seeing anything yet, but we are walking now – not flying – and I’m holding your hand.

Marc: Yep.

Diane: This is always a bit tricky for me to place myself when I can’t see anything in front of me.

Marc: Well you do have something in front of you so tune into it, Diane.

Diane: Is it a boat?

Marc: I don’t know? Is it?

Diane: Stop teasing me! I hope that we aren’t going to be riding on the river Styx Marc cause that doesn’t seem like a very nice place.

Marc: Well no it isn’t, Diane, so we aren’t going there.

Diane: We are getting into a wee boat again. Are we going to see Dave Bowie?

Marc: Maybe and maybe not.

Diane: Okay well then since per usual, I’m not getting any info from you, I’ll just enjoy the view as we travel. This looks like a very wide river, Marc, and I’m not seeing tall trees on the sides which for some reason is being pointed out to me. We are moving rather slowly.

Marc: Are you in a rush?

Diane: Well, no, but I was just wondering how long we need to travel?

Marc: Don’t worry because we will get there right on time.

Diane:  Okay makes sense. It feels as if we have stopped and are getting off the boat. Are we going someplace fun Marc?

Marc: Well I think it’s really fun, but you’ll have to be the judge of that for yourself.

Diane: Okay so up wooden stairs. I see a clearing in a field with tall yellow grass. Is a UFO going to land? This would be the perfect place for that – secluded and remote….well I guess it’s remote. Nope, we’ve gone past the clearing and there are tall trees now. I feel like you are taking me to some ancient rocks which seem to be springing up in my mind all the time now. What are you saying? These are “wish” rocks?

Marc: I call them “The Runes of Intention”.

So Marc has brought me here because I’ve told him that when I set up intentions, I’m not that good with tuning into the energy in order to manifest them. He has created this adventure in order to make it fun and so I will be able to create them quicker.

I see stones that range from about one to five feet tall in all shapes and sizes. I think of the intentions that I want to manifest in my life and write them on the stones in white chalk. I say afterwards to each stone “I see nothing to hinder my path on any of the roads that I wish to take”. You can write on as many stones as you want and write the same intention again the next time you visit.

Diane: Marc are you going to do this too?

Marc: I think that I’ll just go over there and doodle.

Diane: I think that I’m done at the Runes now Marc. Do we need to fly or can we walk to the next destination?

Marc: We can walk.

Diane: So is this like a Marc treasure hunt?

Marc: Yeah Diane! That’s it! It’s a treasure hunt where you pick up treasures along the way!

Diane: Great! So we are on a beach and I bet we are going to run across a tunnel or grotto because those are always showing up when we travel on beaches. Yes, so off to the right I see a grotto. It is lit very brightly! It’s almost too bright to walk into.

Marc: It’s okay Diane. We can walk into it and it won’t hurt you. It’s the good kind of light – gold energy – the healing kind.

Diane: I’m seeing glorious seashells lining the walls, floor, and ceiling. I’m hearing what sounds like a chorus of angel voices. Hey! I’m not heading over to where you are yet am I Marc (LOL)!

Marc: No Diane…not yet.

Diane: I see a stand and on top of it is a crystal orb. What is this called Marc?

Marc: This is the “Oracle of Truth”. Look into it and see what you see.

Diane: Do I have to rub it or say any special words?

Marc: Just feed it a love token.

Diane: A what? Is that the fee for looking into it?

Marc: There are other forms of payment, but that one always works.

Diane: So Marc, the love token appears when I think of someone or something I love. Is that how it works?

Marc: Yeah Diane. You’ve got it! When you think of love in any form, that triggers your heart and you feel that murmur. That will create a love token. (Marc said that this is a way of thinking about all you love in your life and then you can send your love out again to whatever or whomever you thought about. He said it doesn’t have to be deep at all. He is showing me slices of pizza, a favorite piece of music, whatever comes to mind first.)

Diane: Okay so I love mountains! I see the token appear and I feed it into the Oracle slot. I say “Oracle of Truth, what do you have to show me?” I see a curtain go up inside the ball and it’s showing me in a recording studio. It looks like I’m doing a broadcast of some kind?

Marc: Okay…keep going.

Diane: Have I turned into a weather person or something?

Marc: No not a weather person.

Diane: I think that’s all I’m going to see because the curtain came down.

Marc: So you have to put in another love token!

Diane: Okay right! I love cats! The curtain is rising again. Now I see myself walking through a field of lush grass that comes up past my knees. It feels like Ireland or Scotland. I feel very free without a care in the world! This is my daily walk and there isn’t a house around me within viewing distance. The wind is very strong and the air is clear. It’s so peaceful here Marc!

Marc: It is Diane. Nothing but the beauty of nature, the wind, and the sun to shine down on you and your thoughts.

Diane: The curtain has gone down on that. I put in another love token. Now I feel like I’m skiing down a mountain and nothing can stop me! It’s so easy (especially since I don’t know how to ski). There are flags and obstacles in my path, but I just keep missing them. I don’t even come close to hitting them! It’s like I’m flying in the air. So the flags and rocks in my path feel like obstacles that I’ve been dodging and now I feel free to let them go. Gosh, Marc! What a wonderful feeling this is! Oops! The curtain has gone down again. Is that all that I can see from the Oracle of Truth Marc?

Marc: Yep Diane for now. You can come back again now that you know it’s here but you should only see three things per visit. (He said you can come once a day but it’s best to limit what you want to see to three per visit.)

We came back the next night…

Diane: The Oracle is showing me a circular maze and I’m trying to find my way out of it. So does that mean that I’m lost on a path Marc?

Marc: What’s great about the Oracle is that you can ask it a question about what it has just shown you.

Diane: Okay so Oracle can you please give me more information about this maze? It’s showing me that I start and then stop – so I start projects or ideas and then stop. It’s like I keep running into mud flaps or tar and I get my feet stuck. Now that I’ve seen this, I can pick my feet up out of the sticky substance and it will help heal. I asked the Oracle if these were fears in my space?

Marc: The oracle will only show you images, Diane. It doesn’t respond to yes or no questions.

Diane: Well if I can see what it is showing me, that means that I’m clearing that energy or moving it out. For this, I saw myself putting on clean shoes and I can walk again. But wait! Now I’m seeing myself walking up steep stairs and running out of breath. Is this another way that I’m thwarting what I want? How can I stop this?

Marc: Well you know that you have the power to do anything you like. This is your energy showing you this information, so if you want to change it, go ahead and change it.

Diane: Great yes! So I’ve climbed up the stairs and I’m resting at the top and going back down. Maybe that will move the energy around to something easier for me to handle. I’m seeing the path up ahead and it looks dark but I’ve got a torch now and it’s becoming brighter.

Marc: Yeah and when you think that you are done or you want to look at something else, you can always bring the curtain down.

Diane: Well I want to continue to see where I’m going here. I’m in the tunnel and I’m not liking the fact that I’m in it. I want to be where it’s bright and there is fresh air so I create a staircase out of here. I climb the stairs and open a hatch. Yay! It’s a bright sunny day and I can hear birds singing and I can feel the wind.

So, Marc, this is a great way of focusing on your intentions at the Runes and then going to the Oracle to see how you are progressing with them. If there is something in your way, you can work it out through the images you are being shown. Marc told me that you can also ask the Oracle any question you like but don’t be surprised if the curtain may not come up on all of them because it might not be time for you to see the answer. Marc, so why are these images coming to the Oracle?

Marc: Well Diane, that’s part of the agreement that you have when you visit the “Oracle of Truth”. It’s showing what could be in your future and in some way it has to be (if you choose to create it he is saying). It is always there for you and has an infinite amount of images that it can show you. It will not show you anything that would not be possible to come true for you.

So the Oracle Ball is my Spirit self showing me possible paths that I could take in the future. Whereas if my logical mind got involved and thought about doing a broadcast on the radio, it would probably say that was impossible. This is a way for your logical mind to stay out of the picture and present options that you might normally dismiss.

Diane: Marc, since you are already in Spirit, do you still do this kind of thing or do you consider yourself on a different journey than someone in the physical?

Marc: Well yeah Diane. I’m not on a physical journey like you are, but I’m still on a journey and I can do whatever I want – however I want.

Diane: I get that but I was just wondering if spirits would do this kind of thing?

Marc: Well it all depends upon the spirit. I do it because I think it’s fun.

Marc tried the “Oracle of Truth”.

Diane: Marc it’s showing you in the rain but you look really happy?

Marc: Yeah it’s showing me that because I’m going to be going through a cleansing period soon and that’s good because they are always refreshing. It’s a kind of energy booster.

Diane: You need that I guess?

Marc: Well sometimes it’s good to get your energy cleaned. You know how you feel when you take a shower on a really hot day and how much better you feel afterward?

Diane: Yeah so much better! Renewed!

Marc: Well this is kind of the same thing.

Diane: Okay where to next Marc?

Marc shut his eyes and we were flying over towns.

Diane: Okay Marc, we’ve stopped but I don’t yet have my bearings. Wait! This is space! I see stars and planets all around. Why have we stopped here?

Marc: This is the “Universe of Knowledge” Diane.

Diane: So how does this work? So what I’m seeing here is a line of golden energy going from me to the stars and planets all around me. I can visit them and learn about them. It’s showing me that I have the power and ability to travel to any point in this vast universe and gather knowledge about who is there. Even though the universe is infinite, I’m being told that we all have this power within us and that we can take advantage of it or not. Well Marc, can I just go to the first planet that I see here on my right?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane! That’s why we’ve come.

Diane: My thoughts and feelings are sending out the energy path to the planet and I’m waiting for a response. I’m seeing gnomes or hobbit people. They are motioning me to come closer and sit down on a large rock. Their energy is very welcoming but I’m not getting any clear communication from them yet. They seem very curious about who I am. I’m seeing fairies flying around as well. So this is the world of gnomes, fairies and elemental beings! What knowledge, I wonder, am I seeking here because I know that they already exist. Okay, so they are saying that I should feel free to call upon them if I need them. They can help me find a path that I feel I have lost or if I feel confused. They will send a reminder about where to go. They said that they can’t choose for me because of my free will, but they will light up options that I’ve already given myself. The fairies are saying that they will help shed light on any matter or path that I would like to receive clearer information on. They are saying that there isn’t any need for any of us to feel in the dark about things as we can call upon them for help. They said that they can travel to any part of our earth and since they are interdimensional beings, they can be in several places at once. The fairies look like balls of gold light but once in a while, I see a wing. They remind me of hummingbirds but they move much faster! 

Marc grabbed my hand and we were off to another location. Gosh, this is quite a journey he is taking me on! We stop in a field of poppies and Marc said that this is the “Field of Dreams”.

Diane: Marc what am I going to find here?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s gonna be up to you.

Marc told me that the best thing to do here is to lie down and look up at the sky. He said that when you do that, dust from the flowers falls upon you and it puts you into a deep sleep.

Diane: Marc are you taking me here because you know that I’m not a good sleeper or for another purpose?

Marc: Again Diane, that’s something that you have to discover.

Diane: Yep okay. The poppies are changing color! They were orange but now they are purple. Why are they changing color? I have all this purple poppy dust on me now. I’m hearing something in the distance. It’s a bee that is going from flower to flower and has purple dust on its feet. I’m not getting anything else about this though Marc?

Marc: Let it come to you, Diane. You are racing after it and if you do that, it will run away from you!

Diane: Oh okay! I looked over to my left and Marc was just lying there with his eyes closed and a peaceful smile on his face.

Marc: This place is the best for the shut-eye vibe, Diane.

Diane: So Marc, since you know that I don’t sleep well, you’re saying that I can come here now, whenever I like and listen to the bees and this will help me to fall asleep?

Marc: Yeah Diane! It’s the best!

Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 30, 2019

Marc and Diane would like to wish Sharon a Happy Birthday!





7 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie BeBop on an Adventure to the Runes of Intention, the Oracle of Truth, the Universe of Knowledge and the Field of Dreams!”

    • Lori from what I’ve been shown, they go through a gold energy shower and it is very healing and rejuvenating. Marc and I talked a little about this on our post about a soul spa from April 17, 2017. If I remember it, it was more about souls in need of healing after harsh lives but you may find some information in it.

  1. Our of curiosity, Diane – why did Marc choose to live from 1947 to 1977 in London, England? What made him choose that short time versus any other? Of course, I know he’s lived during other times in history, we all have, but…why did he feel Marc Bolan would be most effective during that specific time and location? Thank you.

    • I asked Marc if it was okay to share his response and he said it was fine as he knows many other people might be curious about these questions.
      Diane: Why did you choose to come down when you did?
      Marc: Timing played a crucial part in the making of Marc. I knew that I wanted to come down and make a splash but there was only going to be a short period of time that I could do that. If I had come during the Beatles heyday, I wouldn’t have been noticed. (He said that he didn’t know exactly about the Beatles but there was planned to be a hugely popular act and since the energy was so strong, he decided to come afterwards.) If I had chosen a few years after I did, I wouldn’t have fitted in with what was popular in music. It was all about timing and I knew that when I set up that life. (He also knew that he was paving the way for new musicians and music that would be coming after him if he came when he did.)
      Diane: So you’ve told me before that the main reason you came down as Marc was to reach as many people as possible and you’re saying this was the best opportunity for that?
      Marc: Yes it was. It was then or never. I also liked the personal freedom and liberties that the 1960s were going to offer so that worked as well with my plans.
      Diane: So why London?
      Marc: Well I chose London because I didn’t have a lot of time to do what I wanted and it wouldn’t benefit me to be born into a small village where I would probably spend years just trying to get myself to London. I knew it from past lives and it was where I needed to be in order to pull this whole Marc thing off and it worked like clockwork. (He really loves the UK and the past lives that I’ve looked at recently for him have all been in that area. He told me that he really drew inspiration from Britain – its history, energy, and folklore. He really feels comfortable there and London is still his favorite city.)
      Diane: Why did you choose such a short life?
      Marc: I left when I did because I had done what I came to do and since I have the choice to be wherever I want, I would rather be where I am now. (He said that it isn’t that he didn’t have more to do as Marc, but as a spirit, his main goal was completed.)

      • Thank you for such a lengthy response, Diane and Marc. It makes a lot of sense. It’s so ironic how Marc says that what he wanted to do musically wouldn’t have fit in after 1977, however, I think much of that music existed in large part BECAUSE of his influence.

      • Yes that’s what he is saying. He had to come first to change the music and fashion that came after him. If he had come later, he doesn’t feel that he would have been able to do the music that he wanted to do as easily and his influence wouldn’t have been as big. Marc is quite aware of the influence that he had in music and he would never say otherwise! LOL!

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