Bolan-Beaty Boogie on Past and Future Lives – How to Look at Them and Why

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Anyone reading this post has probably been interested at one time or another in their past lives – who they were, where and what they were doing. It’s also highly probable that you’ve had a psychic reading where someone has given you information about them. Marc and I like to share methods that people can use to access the information themselves. So in this post, we’ll be sharing some of those as well as speaking about why we would want to look at these lives. Later on, we bring my guides in for a panel discussion.

Diane: Marc, I think a great topic for a post would be past and future lives – how to look at them and why should we? Do you think that’s something people would be interested in?

Marc: Yeah I think that people are interested in finding out more about these kinds of things.

Diane: Okay so where to start? Should we begin with why we are doing this?

Marc: Yeah that’s a good place to start.

Diane: Okay so why are we doing this?

Marc: You tell me!

Diane: Silly! Well, I know that I like to look at my past lives because they tell me more about myself. When I do a reading on someone, that’s one of my fave things to peek into because I love history and biographies. I’ve found out that everyone – just everyone – has been an Egyptian – usually several times.

So how to go about looking at them for yourself? When I was doing my clairvoyant training, we saw them as rings under the person’s body. I could see them as different colors and the ones that the person was utilizing in their present life were glowing and pulsating. Now, Marc, you are showing me another method that I think I like much better.

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s a bit different.

Diane: You are showing me a figure and to the left is a line of past lives with dots of various sizes and colors. To the right of the figure, I see the same but it shows their future lives. I’m looking at yours right now, and to the left, I see quite a few. To the right, I’m seeing only three that are fairly large. Now, this is only physical incarnations right Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane that’s right.

Diane: So it would be lives that aspects of your spirit self has led/will lead. I know that we’ve talked about this before, that neither of us wants to come down to earth again so obviously these have to be as physical forms elsewhere. Between the physical lives, I’m seeing swirls of blue energy around and in between the dots which represent time spent in spirit. For both of us, I’m seeing our future time mostly in spirit. Now I’m thinking this will probably be the same for most people on earth now?

Marc: Yeah probably. Most people who are living now on earth have had many lives there already and some may be ready to try other planets and galaxies. Earth is most definitely a learning planet where you can grow quickly and expand who you want to be in record time (meaning thousands of years).

Diane: I’m getting that some spirits like earth and keep coming back for more? Is that very common?

Marc: Well nothing in spirit is very common Diane, but yeah, some can’t seem to get their fill of life on earth and aren’t interested yet in looking elsewhere.

Diane: Yeah but we’ve all tried other planets by now?

Marc: Yeah I would say so – probably several times. What I’m saying is that there are spirits who generally like to keep coming back to earth. But then others wouldn’t touch the place. Some spirits first look at what they want to accomplish and then find the place that would suit them best.

Diane: So some spirits might place more emphasis on what they want to do versus where they do it?

Marc: Yeah that’s how that would work.

Diane: Can you give me an example?

Marc: Yeah sure! So take me for instance as Marc. My main goal in that life was to reach as many people as possible. Now how was I going to go about doing that?

Diane: Yes and why did you choose earth?

Marc: Well I chose earth because I knew that I was going to dig the music that was happening when I came down there and there would be some cool dudes and chicks making it.

Diane: Really chicks? Were there a lot of women making music when you were popular in T Rex?

Marc: Well no, not really, but there should have been.

Diane: Yes I doubt they were given the opportunity.

Marc: Okay so I knew that I wanted to reach millions doing something creative and that I felt deep in my heart – from the inner me. I chose music, but I could have done it another way (but he said that music has the power to touch many people quickly and deeply so he knew that would be his best option.)

Diane: Yes there are many ways of sharing what you do with others. I just heard a Polish countertenor on YouTube and his voice was so beautiful, I’m amazed that something so angelic came from a human in a way.

Marc: We are all angels Diane.

Diane: Yeah I know. So are you saying that there wasn’t another planet that you could have done that on?

Marc: No I’m not saying that but it was the best for me at the time that I wanted to do it.
Diane: You are showing me that you just wanted to have a fun life living in the sixties in London?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. I met an amazingly diverse group of people and we were all there to break out of the stuffiness of the forties and fifties in terms of holding back youth and not expressing yourself.

Diane: Marc what might be some reasons for people to want to look at these lives?

Marc: Well they might have blocks that they want to update in their current lives and living in the physical is a way of experiencing that change. They might be holding onto pain or grief that they finally want to release. They are ready to let it go.

Diane: Right and when you are in spirit, you can think about what that might feel like but to experience it fully, it helps to be in the physical. So looking at this kind of energy for yourself will make it easier to let it go. How can you release something if you aren’t aware of it right?

Marc: That’s right.

Diane: I just did a past life reading on myself about being a young man in Ireland. I found out that a trusted family member was embezzling funds from my family but knew that I needed proof because otherwise, no one would believe me. I’ve run across several people in this life who I’ve had strong bonds within past lives. You can’t mistake them because they knock your socks off! It’s an experience that you never forget.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s true. The spirits whom you have a strong bond with whom you are scheduled to meet again, usually show up to tell you that it’s time for you to do something. There is often a meaning for their entry into your life.

Diane: Yeah I think that it’s fascinating that we’ve planned all this out and then when you meet them, it triggers something that can change your whole life path. For me, meeting this one person started me on a search for answers to why he affected me as much as he did. That led me to expand my mediumship abilities and seek out more information.
Okay so let’s look at future lives. I don’t look at these very often, because it’s enough to deal with the one I’m in to tell you the truth. Are you still there Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I’m still here. Were you expecting a response to that last statement, because I didn’t catch the question mark on the end of that sentence?

Diane: Funny! I just wanted to see if you were still awake.

Marc: I don’t sleep Diane.

Diane: So what would be the reason for looking at a future life? Now, these seem a bit harder to pin down because even though they are happening as we speak, for me, they still feel like the future. The future seems like a place where changes can still be made, but the past is a place that already has played out even though I know it’s happening now as well. It’s the linear time thing on earth, but it’s hard to get passed that.

Marc: Yeah I know. I remember what it was like.

Diane: So any ideas of why someone might like to look at a future life?

Marc: Well I think that there are quite a few people who are interested in the future. Look at the sci-fi that you have on earth. I was crazy about it when I was Marc and was always interested in what was happening in the galaxy. I knew, of course, that we weren’t alone.

Diane: So are you saying that some people might be interested more in what is happening in technology and meetings with ETs versus on a personal level? I think that rings true for me as well. Now, how much information can we expect to get about future lives since I know that some information, we aren’t being shown for whatever reasons there might be? My guides won’t show me something because I’m not ready to see it even if I beg and plead, you just shake your head.

Marc: Yeah Diane, we have to be very careful about what we show because it could make the difference to someone and they asked not to be aware of it. We would never go back on a promise like that. You can do whatever you can to make yourself ready for seeing what it is you asked to see though.

Diane: Okay great. So basically, looking at a future life would be the same as a past life. We brought together a group of spirits to ask them more questions and they had some very interesting insights.

Marc, so I think that we going to the Bolan-Beaty studios to meet up with our guests. I see your chair to the left and four others to your right. I see Nat and Richard, my guides sitting there now. A young man is walking into the studio and seems rather shy. He looks like a guy who might work at a place like Trader Joes (a grocery chain in the US).

Marc: You are saying that he looks like an everyday kind of dude.

Diane: Yeah, casual attire….jeans, t-shirt, light brown hair, hiking boots. Who is he?

Marc: His name is Kevin and his specialty is the transference of thought processes in humans when their brains go from the present to looking at past lives.

Diane: Huh? Did I get that right?

Marc: Yes the quantum shift that your energy takes when you look at a past life versus the present or future is what Kevin studies.

Diane: Didn’t realize that was a science that could be studied. Learn something new every day. So Kevin, thank you very much for coming to speak with us today. Marc who is our other guest? I see a young woman coming out. She is petite and blonde with her hair braided in circles over her ears. The Princess Leia do I think. She is saying that her name is Cecile and she looks at the energy of future lives.

Wait a minute! These are MY guides! They are the ones who help me look at this kind of energy! This is so exciting to meet two new guides! Marc can you start the discussion, please…..

Marc: Yeah Diane sure. So first off, I would just like to welcome you all to the Bolan-Beaty studio. I know that you are all familiar with what Diane and I are doing so let’s start with some questions. This is a free form panel discussion so if anyone has anything to say, speak up and if you know the answer to a question, yeah…don’t hesitate to voice your opinion. Diane, I think that you had some questions?

Diane: I think it’s preferable to keep your energy in the current time as much as possible. It doesn’t work too well if your thoughts are in the past or the future. When I was young my thoughts were always “Oh that will happen to me in the future. I have plenty of time”. I think that it can often stop you from changing yourself now. Or vice versa, if your energy is too much in the past, you feel that what’s done is done and it’s out of your control. What are your thoughts about that?

Nat: (Nat is my guide who helps me communicate with spirits and ghosts. He was a soldier in the Civil War.) Well Diane, I have to agree with you there, if you understand how energy works. Let’s take a straight forward example. If you accept that your thoughts are energy and every time you have a thought, part of your energy goes to that destination. Your thoughts are often based on an event that happened to you in the past – let’s say point A on the map. Every time you think about that event, you are sending energy to point A. Likewise, if your thoughts are always focused in the future, it will be let’s say at point B.

Diane: Right so if enough of your energy is focused on these two points, then your current time of point C is going to start running low.

Nat: Yes that’s right and you will feel that mentally and physically in your auric realms.

Diane: What if you are remembering happy times – your wedding or looking forward to a vacation? Would that still ring true?

Nat: Well the higher vibration of those kinds of thoughts are, of course, not going to wear so much on your system. But if you think about it, remembering happy times don’t usually cause your energy to stay there versus if you are sending it back to sad or events in the past or hopeful energy for the future.

Diane: Yes I had a teacher who wasn’t into “hope” energy. I get that too. Hope energy feels to me that you are not in control. Whatever you hope for might come about by chance or someone else will have to be involved to bring it to you. I don’t see “hope”‘ energy as very strong. I know that we all have it, but I try not to stay in that energy for very long.

Marc: Okay Diane, I think that you had another question?

Diane: Oh gosh yes! So Marc and I were talking about looking at past lives to help clear energy that no longer serves us. For instance, you might be afraid of flying because you died in a plane crash (I know that isn’t too creative but you get the point.) I know that I’ve drowned before so I’m not thrilled about deep water now.

Marc: Yeah and I notice you aren’t doing anything about that one Diane.

Diane: Well I did try taking swimming lessons but I almost drowned there too so that might have to wait until another incarnation. So Kevin, are there other reasons for looking into past lives that might benefit us?

Kevin: Well yes you can focus on past lives to not only help yourself but also help others in your present life.

Diane: How could you do that?

Kevin: Well you are aware that many of the people in your life who are closest to you have been so in the past. Let’s say that now you are brother and sister, but in the past, you were father and daughter. You are both still expanding your awareness on how to relate to each other. Maybe the father/daughter relationship last time was not ideal. Maybe there are aspects of the brother/sister bond that doesn’t feel quite right. Perhaps you bump up against each other every time a certain topic arises? Looking at past lives together may be a way of seeing this and once you are aware, you can release it and let it go.

Diane: Great! That makes sense. Cecile, what about future lives?

Cecile: Well what is fun about future lives is that even though they are happening as we speak, from the earth perspective they are still in the future and yet to come.

Diane: So can looking in the future help the relationships that we have currently as well?

Cecile: Yes, and I’m kind of joking here but if you look at it practically, you know that you will be coming upon those you are close to again, so why not figure out how to get along with them now? That way, your future lives with them will be clear sailing.

Diane: Yes that makes sense. Of course, there may be those in your life whom you want to bounce off of and you’ll want to do that again next time?

Cecile: As you say, Diane, that is a very likely outcome. You are all there right now to, as you say, bounce off of each other and to react or not to react. Every time you incarnate the cast is going to change and along with it, the dynamic. For the spirits whom you have a deep soul connection to, oftentimes, you’ve already worked through a lot from one life to the next and you may feel that you are on a more even setting with them (or not as you choose).

Diane: I think what I’m getting from you is that at some point, maybe you’ve done all the role-playing with a spirit and feel okay that’s enough. Now you might search for others in your soul group to bounce off of and it’s another thousand years of do-si-do with them? Or are there so many variables out there that would never happen?

Richard (my main guide): I’ll take this one, Diane. As you say, the cast of characters can get repetitive and yes you can only do so much with the change of scenery. But if you think about how large your soul group is, you wouldn’t be concerned about this because there will always be new spirits who are willing to work with you. Remember you choose your closest companions in each incarnation and changing them is one of the ways that help you expand. It is always a positive thing for you to do.

Diane: So maybe you’ve been married to the same spirit for five consecutive lives and you like them but think the next time, you’ll try someone else. You meet another spirit willing to tie the knot with you and it’s another round of fun! There seems to be an endless amount of possibilities for us while choosing each incarnation.

Marc: Yeah Diane, there is. It takes quite a lot of planning to do a new life, and that’s why I’m not going to be doing it anytime soon.

Diane: But Marc, I’m still seeing those future lives that we are going to be sharing in the physical so…

Marc: Yeah but they are going to be very short, which is my custom because to tell you the truth, I don’t have the patience for long lives.

Diane: Yeah I get that one. So anything else?

Kevin: Yes Diane, I would like to talk about another method that you can use to look at a past life. I call it the “Work Association Game”. (Kevin is saying that this method is useful for someone who isn’t looking at energy in the way that Marc and I mentioned earlier.)
I think that most people will feel that they’ve already tapped into past lives. You know, you go on vacation to Rome and it feels familiar. But you can do this without even leaving your home by letting the energy come to you.

Diane: Can you give us an example?

Kevin: Yes. You are a storage bank of all of your lives and the time that you spend between those lives in spirit. Accessing this information can be quite easy and fun. So let’s say that after your meditation, you want to look at a past life but don’t know where to start. Get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing down places that you feel a strong connection to even if you’ve never been there. Once you get the location, try to narrow it down. For instance, if you got Europe, try to get a country – France, England, etc. You can have a page for each location. Next sense if you were male or female. What was your name? What is the time frame? You can ask your guides to show you this information and that will help you receive images or thoughts. What occupation did you have in that life? Did the military come up (which is very common)?

Diane: Great thank you! So Cecile would this work for a future life as well?

Cecile: Yes Diane, the same can be done for a future life, but I would suggest that you also expand it to other planets and galaxies. You can, of course, do that for the past as well, but most will find that they spend more time venturing outside of the earth in their future lives.

(Cecile told me that we shouldn’t get discouraged if we don’t see as much for a future life. She said that information is generally at a higher vibration to where we are now and if you not vibrating at that frequency, you may not be able to access the information until your vibration matches it.)

Diane: So how often would a human on the planet now want to go back to being an animal? I love animals but I’m not sure I would want to be something like a mouse again.

Richard: Well Diane, what you say has a lot of merit to it. In general, most who are currently humans will be looking to expand their awareness to more complex versions of physical forms but everyone is different.

Diane: Perhaps someone had a very rough time as a stockbroker and they want to take it easy next time by being a sloth – something like that? Okay, so does anyone have any last thoughts before we end? Nat, are you raising your hand?

Nat: It’s regarding those currently in incarnations accessing past lives as ghosts. (By ghosts we mean spirits who linger in earth’s atmosphere before returning to spirit.)

Diane: Yeah so you are/are not recommending this?

Nat: Well it can sometimes bring about painful memories and feelings of isolation.

Diane: Okay so just be aware of this if you want to access this kind of energy? That is a good point. I think that what we are saying is have fun with this but you can also use it to help work out energies that you might want to release. This can be about helping yourself but also others whom you are close to. You don’t know until you come down for the experience of how it will play out. But let’s say, you have an issue in this life that keeps playing out. What can you do?

Nat: Well let’s say that you are being bullied in your current life at your job and this pattern has been going on since childhood. You don’t know how to go about changing that energy and feel that it’s out of your control. The world is doing this to you. You now have the information to ask to see when this started for you. In what life did this start and why is it coming up again? So you can conquer it and let it go. With that in mind, you can start tapping into and pinpointing where this happened. Maybe in a past life, you were the one doing the bullying and now you want to see what it felt like.

Diane: So you can use the method that Kevin mentioned earlier but ask to receive some specific information regarding when this started for you. I love to do this kind of thing because I like to find out as much about myself as I can. I know people who feel the exact opposite of me though. They tell me that they never want to look at this kind of energy.

Marc: Well I think that’s all the time that we have for tonight. I want to thank our guests, Richard, Nat, Kevin and Cecile for coming and giving us their viewpoints on the topic of past and future lives.

Each spirit started taking off the microphones that Marc makes them wear and left the studio.

© Bolan Beaty Boogie
September 10, 2019




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  1. This part right here, “For me, meeting this one person started me on a search for answers to why he affected me as much as he did. That led me to expand my mediumship abilities and seek out more information.” is why I read this post. Someone I never noticed much before suddenly come into my awareness. He’s come in full force in my face; I can’t ignore it. I should have noticed him as long as 38 years ago. All the opportunities were there, but he was like a blank space in my consciousness. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to see him then. Maybe I was just too dense. It’s been a little over six or seven months now that I’ve taken notice, but I’m pretty sure he’s been knocking on my head for a long time. Again, I’m too dense sometimes. He’s directed me back to your blog again – I’ve been here a time or two. I wasn’t sure what I needed to see, but I believe it is, at least in part, the reminder to learn how to connect with spirit. You see, he has been in the spirit world for going on 29 years now. Is he asking me to connect with him? Yes I think so. Maybe he only wants me to connect with spirit in general, which is also something I want to do. So here I am spinning in the physical world, amazed. Long story short – in this post, a message has been received.

    • We’re so glad to hear that you got a message in the post! When Marc came to me, it was the same. He is usually very subtle, but I couldn’t ignore him. I know that he came when we planned and not before I was ready. So….I wouldn’t call yourself dense. Everything happens when you are ready and not before. So keep asking your guides and your friend to assist you with more information. Spirit is happy to help but the more you ask for help, the better.

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