Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk with Ghosts in an Irish Castle


As you approach Charleville Castle in county Offaly in Ireland, it does take your breath away. It’s a very imposing building that commands respect. Built between 1800 and 1812, it is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland. When I arrived, I didn’t have ghost hunting on my agenda. I wanted to see if I could help whoever might be earthbound there return home to the world of spirit.

This isn’t like most large castles in Ireland because the family who owns it still lives on the second floor. When we arrived, we were welcomed by a volunteer who gave us a private tour. As I was in the hallway, yes, I got the sense that someone was there but not until I walked up the staircase to the next level did it strike me physically. I felt an enormous amount of tingling energy all over my head. In fact, so much so that it was hard for me to walk and listen to what the guide had to say. (I once toured an old jail where the spirit energy there was so strong, I literally couldn’t walk. It felt like they were putting up a wall so I couldn’t come in and that’s exactly what they were doing!)

The guide told us about a young girl named Harriet, who fell to her death from the third floor of the staircase while she was playing on the banister. She said that the family who lives there now still hear crying. When she said that, I did see the little girl (who looked a bit different to me than a drawing they had posted nearby) but she was showing her mouth taped shut. She was telling me that she wasn’t the one crying. Then a young man appeared to me, who said his name was Robert. He was the one crying. What was unusual was although he was around 16, he was dressed in an outfit for a child much younger – around 6 or 7 with a Peter Pan collar and shorts.

I would have liked to speak to them more, but the tour was over and the guide said goodbye. I asked my guide Nat who helps me speak with earthbound spirits to find them and see what he could do about helping them until I could communicate with them directly.

Diane: Hey Nat, so what is up with the ghosts at Charleville? Do they want our help seeing as they are still grounded?

Nat: Yes Diane they are still grounded, but they aren’t receptive to me. When I try to interact with them, they turn away.

Diane: Okay now why would that be?

Nat: They are not trusting who I am and what I represent.

Diane: Well is there anything that I can do? Yes, I see them turning their backs on you and walking in the other direction. Is one holding the other back?

Nat: Well at the beginning, I would have said that the boy was holding the girl back but now they are so closely linked, it’s going to be hard to get them to even contemplate being apart.

Diane: I agree. They are so afraid of being separated now that they will not entertain anyone who purposes a change in their situation. Can you communicate with them at all?


Nat: I’ve been trying, but they aren’t having anything to do with me.

Diane: When I was in the castle, they certainly made themselves known to me so why would they hesitate to communicate with us now?

Nat: They wanted your attention because you could see them. Can you imagine wandering around for years….many years without anyone to speak with?

Diane: Okay so since you’ve said that they are showing me another who is with them. I can see a spirit who is standing in a fountain and moving his arms very gracefully. He is covered with moss and leaves and Harriet and Robert call him “Mouldy Geoffrey”. He is completely in a world of his own and unaware of anything else that is going on around him. They pass by him often but since they’ve never gotten any response, they gave up the effort.

Nat, they are not letting me communicate directly with them. They know what I am saying and appear to be open to it, but they are holding themselves back at a distance. I am trying to speak with Robert but he shuts down. I know that it has something to do with his family and how they perceived him. I was able to get his story but he wasn’t addressing me directly.

He grew up in a well to do family – British/Irish – but his father whom he was never close to died early on in his life. His mother had what he says they called a “nervous condition”. He said that she was constantly being given opium to sedate her. He remembers her love when he was very young, but afterwards, whenever he looked into her eyes, she was gone.

When he was sent away to school, he was relieved to get away from the family. As a teen, he was caught in an embrace with another boy and was dismissed. It took the family quite a lot of money to hush up what they considered a scandal. The head of the family at that time was his Uncle who scolded him and basically wouldn’t have anything to do with him after that point. Robert was left alone to feel ashamed and wandered the grounds. (He didn’t live at Charleville House, but he said it wasn’t too far away). After a few months of what he said was “torture”, he flung himself off the “parapet” of the house.

Harriet is the stronger of the two. Her story was a bit different. She said that she did love her parents but when she was born, parents didn’t spend much time with their children and that she was left in the care of a Nanny.

So there are two common factors with Robert and Harriet – they both fell to their deaths and felt isolated from their families!

Nat, I can’t have been the first person to communicate with them at the castle? The story is that ghost hunters are in there all the time.

Nat: There have been others, but they are saying that they never stick around for very long.

Diane: I’m trying to see if there are earthbound spirits there other than “Mouldy Geoffrey”. There is another older man who I see chopping wood outside a stable yard. He wants to see “the young ones” crossed over. I’m asking him if he can help. He said that he has been sneaking the possibility into conversations with them but they are too afraid that they will be parted. When I asked him why he hadn’t crossed over, he said that it wasn’t his time yet.

Okay Nat, so tomorrow night, I think that we are going to have to bring in some spirits who have crossed, like their parents, to find someone they will trust. If you can set that up, it would be great.


Marc, you are very quiet here. (Marc tells me that he doesn’t have that much experience in crossing earthbound spirits over but says that in spirit, I do, so he just supports and watches. He is the most generous soul I’ve ever met and often reminds me that he had his physical experience, and now it’s my turn.)

Diane: Marc, what do you think of this?

Marc: Well I think that you have your hands full here Diane.

Diane: So you’re telling me that there is a lot of fear in their spaces and they aren’t going to be that easy to move over?

Marc: Yeah Diane. That’s right. I think you’ll find that they both came from physical lives where not much attention was paid to them.

Diane: Yes the “children should be seen and not heard” era.

Marc: Yeah that’s right so they have taken strength in each other’s company and stay in the shadows because that is where they are most comfortable. They didn’t live long in those physical lives, but they were not thought of as individuals or people in their own right really.

The next evening……

Diane: Nat, did you find the spirits of their parents and are they willing to help?

Nat: Yes Diane. I was able to find both mothers and they have been hoping this would happen. It pains them to see that they are still on earth and not enjoying all that the spirit world can offer them. I’ve opened up a connection with the mothers. We can tune into that if you would like or you and Marc can do it on your own?

Diane: I’m fine with that. What about you Marc?


Marc: Yeah man, I’m cool with that too.

Diane: Nat, so where are Robert and Harriet at now mentally? Have they changed their minds about anything since we last spoke with them? Were you able to talk to them?

Nat: I’ve been sending them visuals which they appear to be more willing to accept or acknowledge versus telepathic communication. They are very curious.

Diane: So do they get that we are trying to help cross them over?

Nat: Well I’m not sure to tell you the truth because they aren’t letting me in enough to read them. Everyone has free will and they are blocking what I can access.

Diane: Can you speak with their higher selves and get them involved?

Nat: I did contact them, but they are letting the earthbound parts do whatever they want and won’t interfere.

Diane: Yes that makes perfect sense. Gosh okay, so let’s try and make contact. Marc, are you going to be more involved tonight?

Marc: Maybe.

Diane: Right so I’m tuning into them. They are couched down together so that makes me think that they feel vulnerable. I’m telling them who we are again and why we are here and if we can talk. No response. Should we bring the parents in?


Nat: I would hold off on that for a bit Diane. I think that we need to get them a little more used to who we are.

Diane: Okay so Nat or Marc, want to say anything?

Nat: I think that you should keep going, Diane. They are responding to a female and they are willing to read your energy as you are earthbound as well. Keep the talk light.

Diane: Gosh okay. So, Harriet, I visited your home not too long ago and it is a beautiful place! I know that other people are living in it now. Do you like them? She shook her head yes. Robert just shrugged. I asked if it was odd having another family living there? She said it was at the beginning but now she is used to them.

Okay well that is good. So you get along with them. (They finally started talking!)

Harriet: Robert and I keep pretty much to ourselves. We don’t like to be where they are.

Diane: Oh and why is that?

Harriet: Because their energy is rushed. It’s too intense for us. It’s very strong and bright.

Diane: Yes I see how that could be off-putting for you both. But it sounds like you are getting along with them on some level right?

Robert: They keep asking who we are and we’ve tried to tell them, but they don’t seem to be able to understand. Once we answer, they just walk away and don’t acknowledge our response.

Diane: Well it’s not that they don’t want to know you or talk with you. It’s that they can’t hear you. You understand why that is too right? (They both shook their heads.) Well, you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that maybe since they are living there now, you two might like to find a new place to live. Maybe somewhere where everyone you meet can see and talk with you. Does that sound like something you would like to think about?

Harriet: Would we have to do things that we didn’t want to do? I was always having to do things that I didn’t want to do.

Diane: No what’s good about this place is that you always get to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Harriet: Will Nanny be there?

Diane: Well Nanny will be there but you don’t have to meet with her if you don’t want to. Your parents are there. Would you like to see them?

Harriet: Really? Mummy and Daddy are there? I’ve been looking for them for so long but they never came for me. I thought that I heard their voices calling for me, but they never came. (So, of course, their families have been connecting with them, but they also realize that they have their free will and will let them ride this journey out if they need to.)

Diane: They want to find you, but it’s like they don’t have the route on a map. They want you to find them. Can you find them? (Harriet shook her head no.)

Really? My friend Nat told me that the way to them is easy and that we can show you. Would you like to see them again? (She shook her head yes!)

Well, that’s great! And Robert, what about you? Is there anyone whom you haven’t seen in a while and you want to see again?

Robert: No not really. Nobody loved me in my family. My Mother did but then she got confused. It was as if she didn’t remember who I was.

Diane: Yes I know but it wasn’t because she didn’t want to. She got sick and because of the medication she was on, she wasn’t able to think clearly.

Robert: She hasn’t been to look for me in all this time, so she can’t have missed me very much!


Diane: I think that she probably does miss you Robert, but she is in a different place. I bet she has been trying to connect to you. Haven’t you heard her?

Robert: Well sometimes, I think that I see her.

Diane: Yes and what is she doing?

Robert: She is motioning me to come forward towards her.

Diane: Yes and why don’t you?

Robert: Because she looks funny. She doesn’t look the same as when I last saw her and I run away.

Diane: Well see…if you run away, it’s going to make it harder for her to find you. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to see you. Is this making sense?

Robert: Yes I guess it does.

Diane: Okay Nat, I think this is a good time to bring in the mothers. My body is getting all tingly! Can you have them come in front of them so they won’t feel scared? I’m going to change my viewpoint to a higher perspective to give them privacy. Marc, you are with me, right?

Marc: Yeah Diane. Right by your side.

Diane: They are telling me that they don’t want me to go too far. Okay so I see Harriet running towards her Mother but Robert is still not moving. He isn’t as trusting. Nat, can you ask his mother to say something to him so that he knows it’s her? Okay so he recognizes her now and he is melting a bit. She is going to have to walk up to him. She is kneeling by him. Okay now, this is wonderful! He is hugging her! It’s making me cry! Now Harriet and her mother are coming to me and Harriet is holding her hand. Her mother is saying that they have been waiting so long for this to happen.

My friend Nat and your mothers know of a good place where you can all go and it will be nicer than where you are now.

Robert: I don’t know. I’m not ready. I’m not sure about this. How can I be sure that it’s better than where I am now? What if they want to break us apart and won’t let us be together again?

Diane: Well speak with your Mother and see what she says.

Robert: My Mother said that if I go with her, I will be able to see Harriet, but I still don’t know what to do. I’m still unsure.

Diane: Well did your Mother ever tell you something that wasn’t true?

Robert: Not that I can remember.

Diane: Well then I think that you can trust what she is telling you.

Robert: What if we go and don’t like it? Can we come back here again?

Diane: Well yes you can come back to visit if you like and it will be from a much happier perspective. So Marc, Nat and mothers, can we please send them all the love and trust energy that we can muster?

Okay, so I have a great idea! Why don’t you all hold hands and runs towards the light that is opening up right now. Make sure that you don’t let go of each others’ hands and that way you know that you will still be together when you reach the other side.

Robert: So we can hold hands?

Diane: Yes you can! Okay Nat, Marc and mothers, can we all make the light for them to see.

Robert: So are we supposed to go into that? What is that?

Diane: Well that’s a place of peace and fun and love. As soon as I suggested holding hands, their energies softened. As I was trying to think of more convincing reasons for them to run into the light, I saw them all run into the tunnel and it closed! There was a massive wave of tingling energy that hit my body and it was the most amazing feeling! I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before! I could see Nat and Marc watching.

Gosh, that took a lot out of me guys! I thought that it would take much longer than it did. Thanks, everyone for doing such a great job!

I checked in with Harriet and Robert the next evening and they said that they were adjusting to their new surroundings. They understand that they don’t have to be together in order to be happy. They told me to not worry about “Mouldy Geoffrey” because they were going to do their best to bring him over. They said that the old man wasn’t interested in coming over, much as he told me. I told them that if they needed our help to let me know and they said that they would.

Yay a happy ending for Harriet and Robert who are now back home!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 2, 2019




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    • Wow! Wonderful news! So he is saying “It sometimes takes the world a while to recognize genius”. If it were anyone else, I’d say they were saying it tongue and cheek, but not Marc! He is beaming though and has a wide smile on his face. So much so, that my whole body is tingling. He has kidded about not being recognized before by saying “It’s because I was too short” but I know he is pleased even in spirit. Maybe I can get a formal statement from him about it for our next post.

      • It’s funny because I only found about you and your website from another psychic group and when I heard it on the news I was sorta surprised because without coming here I would never have heard of Marc.

  1. Didn’t know that spirit can put up wall to stop person from moving forward especially one with heightened sensitivity!
    Do you think they don’t want you to come in because they know you can sense them thus disturbing them?

    • Well they tried to stop me in the prison, but I wasn’t afraid and walked right through the energy. They couldn’t actually stop me unless I let them. No one – human, spirit, ET etc – can have power over us unless we let them. We, being spirits in a human body, can do the same thing. Did you ever walk into a room where the vibe just wasn’t right and you wanted to leave? It’s all energy. They could have many reasons for doing it, but what I got most was that they felt they were still in charge of the space. Once I walked through the energy, they left me alone.

  2. That’s very enlightening!
    I’m able to learn something new about spiritual affairs thanks to your blog, Diane!

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