Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s “Remember Who You Are” Questionnaire (for fun!)


Marc wanted to do something fun for this post but first…..

We have two milestones that I wanted to mention. T Rex has finally been nominated in the Class of 2020 for the Rock Hall of Fame which means that Marc and his band could be inducted. Yay! 

Diane: So Marc, when I was first told about this you said to me “It takes the world a while to recognize pure genius”. Now I saw you smirking a bit when you said this, but I know you and I know that you mean that. 

Marc: Well yeah, of course. Why be shy about it? I guess that others may feel differently than me, but I had the best rock and roll band at the time. And yeah, okay, maybe my peak was brief, but I did influence many musicians who are already in the Hall of Fame so what can I say. 

Diane: Well you should have been there years ago, but as you said, for whatever reason some of the best get overlooked. I know that you’ve kidded before that it’s because “you were too short”. Now since you are in spirit, I bet some people are wondering why may you care about this? But when I tuned into you about it, your smile was beaming from ear to ear, so I know that you are proud.

Marc: Well I’ve had awhile to practice how I would react that’s for sure! 

Diane: Well congratulations Marc and I hope that you make it in. If any of our readers want to vote on helping get Marc in, you can go to

Another milestone that we are celebrating here is that it’s been four years this month since you bebopped into my life, Marc! 

Marc: Did you want to talk about how that happened? 

Diane: Oh yeah! For two weeks non-stop, I kept hearing “Listen to T-Rex! Listen to T-Rex!”. Finally, I gave in and said: “Okay already!” I didn’t have a clue what it was all about nor did I know anything about the band. I checked Wikipedia and thought…well Marc Bolan is T-Rex so this must be you. At that point, I wasn’t getting any visuals. I couldn’t figure out what you were doing here! I asked three questions that could be confirmed. One was the name of one of your parents and I got “Phillip” (your Mother’s name was Phylis so close). Then I asked for two places that you went to a lot and I got “Bromley” (where Dave Bowie lived which I didn’t know) and “Leicester Square”. I couldn’t find anything online about you being in Leicester Square. But about six months later, I was watching a documentary and a friend of yours mentioned that you both spend a lot of time there – around the tube station I think. I remember once that you told me that I should go see Bob Dylan because he was going to be in my area the following June. I said okay and sure enough, I checked and he was going to be in Berkeley that June! It sure helps to have close friends in spirit! It’s been an amazing four years Marc and I can’t wait to see where we go from here! (Marc just blushed, smiled and didn’t say anything.)

So Marc, you think that it would be fun for us to do a “Remember Who You Are” quiz? 

Marc: Yeah man, don’t you think that people would like to do something like that? 

Diane: I do! Something fun that they can interact with? 

Marc: Yeah that’s my thought about this. Maybe people would like to share their answers? 

Diane: Yes and add questions that they think of in the comments? Now we’re looking for the answers off the top of your head, right?

Marc: Well there will be a right off the top of your head response but then they might change that to something else. If so, they should ask themselves why? 

Diane: I get it. You’re saying that energy other than your own could be changing your response like parents, society, etc. so just double check that it’s your response.

(Marc and I head to the Bolan-Beaty studios to meet up with my other guides Nat and Richard.) 

Now Marc, the reason that you want to do this is…..

Marc: Well it’s to get people to remember themselves because it’s easy to forget events that aren’t in your current awareness.

Diane: Yes and I think that you said it’s an especially good time for all of us to be doing this kind of thing?

Marc: Yeah there are various energies out there, both seen and unseen, who will benefit from the “amoeba effect”. 

Diane: Okay so for that, you are showing me a group of amoebas going into a single large cell. So you are saying here that it’s always important to remember who you are as an individual. Sure we can say that we are “all of the one” but we did split off of that for this time to have a physical experience. 

Marc: There are and will be some forces around you who will like to take advantage of the fact that humans have lost the connection to themselves. There is so much coming at you saying think this way or that. Everywhere you turn, there is something or someone that wants to change who you are, how you think and feel, how you look and act. They want you to blend in. I think that if I were on earth right now, I’d be really confused about who I was and who I wanted to be. 

Diane: Really Marc? I think that you had strong convictions and a sense of self when you were here. I remember you telling me though that you could sway things how you wanted them to suit you and often took other’s ideas? 

Marc: Well yeah I did. I did nick a few ideas here and there just like people took my riffs. You’re down there to feed off each other, so yeah it happens. What I’m saying here is that there is going to be more and more confusion in people’s minds about who they are, where they come from and where they are going. It’s as if some people have lost their sense of direction because they’ve allowed others to change their course for them. 

Diane: Which I guess is a choice for them and isn’t right or wrong. 

Marc: No but if you can, take the time to remember who you are, what you came down there for and where you want to go with it all. That’s all I’m saying with this. Just allow yourself to think and give yourself some time alone. (Marc is saying here that he really enjoyed the time that he spend alone as Marc, didn’t feel at all guilty about it and he did some of his best creations in solitude.)

Nat: I think it’s a good idea that people check in with themselves as well, because if you don’t, who will? 

Diane: Can you go into more detail there Nat?

Nat: Well I mean that sure yes, everyone is in this together and you are sharing with those around you. But ultimately, you are the one having your own experience. That’s why you are human. So who better to check in with than you? If more people stopped to think “Am I happy? Am I leading a life that I feel is fulfilling? Do my relationships tend to be enlightening or dire? Do I enjoy spending my time with the people in my life?” Everyone has bad days but only you can make the choices about your life, so the more self-aware you are, the happier you should be, right?

Diane: That would make sense to me and I need to do more of this myself. 

So here we go. Remember, this is fun and we are just putting it out there so you can remember who you are and set new intentions if you would like. No judgment!

  1. Think of three rock bands that are no longer playing on earth. If you had the chance to see them now, which bands would they be? (Can’t imagine who thought that one up!)
  2. If you could get on a plane right now, what would be your destination? 
  3. Can you remember the first person who bullied you? If so, now is the time to forgive and send them some love! 
  4. If you could create a new universe, what would you name it and what would be the three primary life forms on it. 
  5. Did you see spirits as a child? If so, were those memories pleasant or scary?
  6. Can you remember from your spirit self why you chose to be born in the town/country that you were? Do you wish that you had been born somewhere else? (That’s a yes for Diane!)
  7. If someone paid you $20/day, would you start meditating if you aren’t already? 
  8. Have you ever felt that you were given the wrong name at birth? What would you have called yourself instead? 
  9. If you could be a bird and fly over the oceans and mountains for ten minutes would you? 
  10. Who is your favorite historical figure? If you got to meet them now, what would be the first question you would ask them? 
  11. Think of a fictional character you admire. What were their best traits and what did they accomplish?
  12. When was the last time you wanted to be open about your feelings and didn’t? Why was that?
  13. What is your favorite color? Now associate a character trait or energy with that color. What are they?
  14. What is the biggest disappointment that you had as a child? Now is the time to release that energy and say “I release any disappointments. I’m doing great and it can’t affect me unless I let it”. 
  15. If you had the chance to meet an interdimensional being face to face in the physical, would you and what would be the first thing you would say to them or ask them? 
  16. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would do?
  17. Can you remember the last physical life you had? Were you female/male, what was your name, where did you live, what was your occupation? 
  18. What was the best outfit that you ever wore? What occasion was it? Now, remember how it made you feel and keep that in mind 24/7. 
  19. Who was/is your most loved animal companion? Do you feel that you will see them again when you pass back to spirit? 
  20. If you could transport your physical body to another planet safely, which one would that be? Who or what would you want to meet there?
  21. Think of an important person in your life. Did you get any kind of response back from them energetically? Was it pleasant or painful? 
  22. What is the funniest memory you have being with your family? 
  23. If you could move to another country in the next second, where would that be? 
  24. If you had the chance to go back in time, what century would you choose and why?
  25. If you become a painter tomorrow, what genre of painting would you do – landscape, abstract, still life, portrait?
  26. What is your earliest memory? How old were you and what were you doing? 
  27. Did you know that Marc wrote a book of poetry?
  28. When you communicate with someone, do you often sense the energy that is passing between you?
  29. Do you remember why you chose your family?
  30. When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried? 
  31. Do you feel a connection to the universe? If not, ask yourself why. 
  32. Do you feel that there is a “normal” way of behaving? 
  33. Do you often feel that you take the path of least resistance most of the time?
  34. . If you were going to star in a western movie, what character would you want to be – the sheriff, the outlaw, the vicar, the cattle rustler, the school teacher or the saloon girl/guy?
  35. If you wrote your autobiography today, would you be happy with it?

Diane: This is also a great reminder of what powerful creators we are. Look at the wonderful people you have in your lives and the beautiful memories. You never stop creating, so if you aren’t happy with the way things are, change it! No one can stop you if you don’t let them. 

Marc, I think that you also wanted me to mention that you’d be interested in hearing from our readers if they want to share any thoughts they had of your life as Marc. You left so fast that maybe they didn’t have time to share their feelings with you right? Now I know that you’ve told me that you tune into a more massive energy but that it’s too much for you to dig down to individual levels. When my friends are thinking about me or are about to send me an email, they tell me that you pop in and they can feel your energy. One person said that after she sent me an email, the first thing she saw on Facebook was a post on T-Rex dinosaurs! I know that you just want to confirm that this is really you, but you are saying that you will specifically be tuning into any responses. Whatever I read, Marc gets as well so now is your chance! If you have a favorite Marc song or lyrics, if you saw him in concert, want to share what his music means to you, or even a favorite outfit that he wore go ahead and post. He said he spent a lot of time choosing those outfits and loved fashion as a outlet for individual expression so don’t be shy! 

That’s all for us here at Bolan-Beaty Boogie! We hope that you had fun with the questionnaire and don’t forget to vote for Marc at

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 18, 2019


10 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s “Remember Who You Are” Questionnaire (for fun!)”

  1. My first awareness of Marc was seeing photos of him in my older sister’s comics. I remember my parents going on about him, like “what the hell is that?”, “is that a man or a woman?” etc. I was fascinated by the way he looked and I think it was my first exposure to a freaky-looking person. I was too young to be following music seriously back then but as a teenager I discovered T Rex via Bauhaus, and I played and partied with all the T Rex records I could find and sratched them within an inch of their lives. Tanx is my favourite album. To my ear, every song on that album was written to be a hit single and the collection highlights some of the best rock, soul and folk T Rex is known for. You might notice I’m a big fan. I could probably rave on for a long time but I better stop. Love and peace to y’all xxx

    • It may not be what Marc wants to hear, but I never knew who Marc Bolan was until I came to this website. Now I have heard of T-Rex. I know that name quite well, only because of one song, though. Sadly I don’t know any other T-rex songs. You probably already know what song it is, their only American hit I understand. I was 11 when “Bang a Gong (Get it on) came out. I didn’t hear it a lot then, but over the years it’s gotten a lot of radio play, and when I was a little bit older (not much) it fast became a favorite. It’s still a favorite today. I may only know one T-Rex song, but that song is over the top good, and the sexual energy is off the charts- love it. It’s definitely on the list of songs that get me through life with a smile on my face.

      I come here once in awhile as I try to connect and communicate with a spirit that’s been knocking at my psyche.

      • Marc is happy whenever we enjoy his music – no matter when that might be or how long it takes us to discover him. He brings a smile to my face too all the time!

  2. I just want to say Marc and his music has been a massive influence on British pop culture. I was very aware of him growing up in the 70s/80s and Dad had his album, and as a family we were all heavily into music. I watched a documentary on Marc last night and was struck by the parallels with Bowie, and I know that they are very friendly on the other side – but I wondered what their relationship was like between them back in the 70s? I’d like to thank Marc for sharing his unique creativity in his lifetime; a very particular vibe and downright cool groove 🙂

    • Okay, so this is what he said. His relationship with Bowie was both “complicated and competitive” – from his point of view.
      Marc: It wasn’t an easy relationship but then sometimes people who know each other so well have a tougher time getting together on certain levels. You see with Dave (I don’t know what Marc called him when he was physical but he calls him Dave or Bowie with me) and myself, we were so close on one level that it would pull us apart on the other. It was almost as if being physical together was going to do it in.
      Diane: Could you explain that more?
      Marc: When you come into a physical existence, there is more often than not a chance that you are going to meet up with someone who know well in spirit (or whatever you want to call it nowadays). When I came across Bowie, we were both struggling artists with common goals – fame and fortune. (Marc said it was more about the fame for him.) We had an understanding between us that no matter what happened between us, we knew that we would always come back to each other.
      Diane: So you are saying that even though you may have had times when you didn’t connect to each other, you both knew that all would be right?
      Marc: Yeah that’s what it was like. You see man, Dave was one of the only remaining people I knew towards the end who knew me before we struck it big. Everyone else had gone. (He meant the majority had gone. There were still people around him who knew him before of course.) I could talk with him about what it was like before we were both famous and that was a bond that we had. We could talk about those times and it seemed a very long time ago – almost another lifetime – but it had only been a few years when you think about it.
      Marc went on to say that he was confused when his star started to wane and Bowie’s took off. It was hard for him to deal with that. He also told me before that another buddy from that time whom he still sees is Harry Nilsson.

      • Thank you so much for that insight from Marc! And please thank him! I also asked because I’ve heard David speaks very highly of Marc (in the afterlife) but I wasn’t familiar with their relationship when they were both alive. I loved Marc mentioning Harry Nilsson, an incredible artist and heart <3 All these beautiful heart connections from artists that continue to inspire us on and on!

      • You are very welcome! I don’t know anything about David Bowie except through my communications with him via Marc in spirit. I do know that he just adores Marc. He helps calm him down at times as Marc can get excited and react quickly to situations. Bowie searched for Marc right after he passed over and helped bring him to a place where I could communicate with him better. We had that planned. Marc had come to me a few months before but his energy and personality weren’t quite as light as they are now. He hadn’t communicated with a human for quite a while on this level. Marc likes to keep pretty much to himself and loves peace and quiet. That might sound funny as he was a rock star last time, but that’s who he is in current time.

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