Bolan-Beaty Boogie Interview a “Universe Coordinator”


Diane: Marc, I’m getting that we should go to our studio right?

Marc: Well yeah Diane. I think that we might have a visitor.

Diane: Okay we are at the studio but I’m getting “black hole” and not seeing anyone but yourself. Okay now, this is very interesting. I’m seeing a young man walking out who looks like he is from the late 1960s/early 1970s. He has a bopped hair-do and is looking very lost or bewildered.

Marc: He is, in part, a representation of a solar flare-up.

Diane: A what? I’ve heard of it, of course, but technically don’t know what it is.

Marc: It is an explosion in space on a molecular level that sends energy through the universe. So it changes the molecular structure of whatever energy it comes across.

Diane: Oh wow! So you are saying that this man is some kind of representation of this phenomenon?

Marc: Yes

Diane: Well please welcome him to the studio. I’m interested to hear what he has to say.

Marc: Yeah, so am I.

(Marc shows him a seat.)

Diane: Okay Marc, so can you please introduce him to us?

Marc: Yeah sure. He would like to be referred to as PDX 7.

Diane: What?

Marc: Just kidding!

Diane: Funny Marc. You almost had me there.

(Marc turned to him and asked “So what would you like to be called?”)

Man: It doesn’t matter to me. Do I have to be called anything?

Marc: Well it makes it easier for Diane so she can distinguish when she is writing as to who is saying what. We could just say “man” right?

Diane: That doesn’t seem very personable Marc considering he is sitting right next to us and has taken the time to come here.

Marc: Yeah I guess you’re right. Well?

Diane: So Marc I’m getting that this is the first time he is trying to represent himself as a human so this is very new to him?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s it exactly, but I asked him to try and play it up. He agreed to try to be as human as possible so that we could relate to him. You know, he reminds me of a dude I used to know in London in the sixties by the name of Trevor, so let’s just call him that. Trevor, now I think that I explained to you what Diane and I do. (Trevor shook his head). We like to interact with energies who would like to share with us the bit they play in the universe, you know…that kind of thing. So what can you tell us about yourself?

Trevor: I function as pulsating energy that helps planets orbit, allows ozone layers of planets to regenerate and I move through the universe on a path to clear and renew among many other things.

Diane: Trevor, is this flight path that you are on something that varies or is it a set course?

Trevor: I’m on a specific course, but other energies in my flight path can interfere and that might change my course.

Diane: What happens when that occurs? Now you say “interfere” but I think you are saying to me that isn’t the word that you want to use. Can you try and find a word(s) in English that might better describe what you mean?

Trevor: Hmmm…meet up with?

Diane: Yes because I was getting from “interfere” that they were doing something against your will or something not pleasant.

Trevor: Oh no. Whatever comes my way is always pleasant because that gives me a new opportunity for growth and expansion.

Diane: Would you say that is your primary purpose?

Trevor: I have many varied what you term “purposes”. Yes, a certain level of existence is necessary, because if I didn’t exist, other energies would be thrown off their paths.

Diane: Marc so is he saying that if his energy didn’t exist, other things might go out of sync. Is this possible? Can you ask him a question because I know that you have a better sense of who he is?

Marc: Yeah sure. So Trevor, now remember, we talked about making what you do more on the easy side of understanding versus the difficult right?

Trevor: Yes and I believe that is exactly what I am doing here Marc. I can converse in more ways than a human could understand, so I am trying to keep it suited to the general understanding of their species.

Marc: Yes and we appreciate it, but I just wanted to throw that reminder in there. So you are saying that other matter in space is affected by you and if you are not out there, things will not go off but what?

Trevor: If I am not out there, let’s just say that things would not run as smoothly as they currently do.

Diane: Marc, so he keeps showing me ozone layers around planets so I guess that would make him a gas of some kind in that form at least? Okay so now he is saying that he considers himself more of a force. Let’s see if we can get more information from him.

Marc: So Trevor, help us to understand you better…

Trevor: It would be my pleasure.

Marc: So you exist in space right?

Trevor: That is correct. I permeate everything in space.

Marc: How do you do that?

Trevor: I radiate. I project. I expand at will. I create growth.

Diane: Marc, I keep seeing “Greek God” and “creator energy”. Do you have anything to do with black holes?

Trevor: I work in conjunction with them.

Diane: How so?

Trevor: It all depends on what the universal energies agree to at the time. I cannot and will not act unless the universe is in agreement with what should happen. It would be impossible for me to act otherwise. A universe is a place of order. That order is there because all who participate agree to adhere to this. I would not term them “laws” but that is a word that humans would understand.

Diane: So you are saying that the universe functions together as a whole and that this is agreed upon by all who are participating in it.

Trevor: Yes very good Diane.

Marc: So Trevor, have you ever been in a human body before?

Trevor: Never. That would not suit me at all.

Marc: What not?

Trevor: That would be too confining an existence for me. I would not be at peace with it and would not be happy.

Marc: Well that makes sense. Have you always existed in the form that you currently are or have you been other things as well?

Trevor: I am constantly changing my form, but I understand what you mean.

Diane: Trevor, you are trying to describe to me in words one of the ways that you exist but I’m not getting it. Can you show me an image instead? Okay great! So I’m getting an explosion and it looks red and the force behind it is amazing. Again, he is saying “solar flare-up”.

Marc: Yeah Trevor, so do you hang out with other energies in space like yourself? You know, you and black holes meet at the pub for a chat and listen to music?

Diane: Marc, I don’t think that he got that.

Marc: Well he got it on some level because he is an extremely high vibrational energy, but I know what you mean. He is trying to respond in a way that we would understand.

Diane: Also, is humor part of his makeup? Marc, is he saying anything?

Marc: Yes but he has reverted to his thinking that is going to be outside what you can decipher right now. I’ll ask him to try again.

Trevor: We do not, as you say Marc, confab in the local pub. Energies in space meet on a symbiotic level.

Diane: So Marc, can you put his function into an easy to understand sentence?

Marc: Yes. He is one of the creator energies that keep the universe intact.

Diane: So Trevor, are there more creator energies out there just like you?

Trevor: There would not be an adequate word in your limited vocabulary to describe it.

Diane: Limited vocabulary? Did he say that?

Marc: Well yeah, Diane. To him, humans have limited vocabulary.

Diane: Yeah sure, I get that.

Marc: He isn’t being insulting. It’s just an “is”.

Diane: Well Marc, I think this will have to be a two-part interview because I’m starting to get a little fuzzy here. Think Trevor will come back?

Marc: Trevor, would you be available to come back to speak with us? I know that Diane is interested in what you have to say and would like to pass your information on to others.

Trevor: Yes Marc. I would be available to return to converse with you anon.

Diane: What? Is he doing a bit of Shakespeare now?

Marc: He is scanning literature.

Diane: Yeah so I’m seeing him. He is like a computer scanning massive amounts of English words. That’s pretty cool.

The next evening…

Diane: Marc, so where is Trevor? I see the seat next to yours and it is empty!

Marc: He is coming, Diane. Be patient. It takes a while for energy as massive as his to condense to the point where we can speak to him.

Diane: Okay there he is smiling. Hello Trevor!

Marc: Yeah man, thanks for coming back! As you know, we want to talk to you further and find out more about who you are and what you do out there in this vast universe.

Trevor: I have adapted.

Diane: Trevor, could you repeat that, please?

Trevor: Yes certainly. I said that I have adapted to the image that I had the previous time that we spoke and am prepared to give you more information.

Diane: Great! You are taking on a human appearance so that we can relate to you better, but what do you look like otherwise? Okay so he is showing me a circle that is small but the energy keeps expanding and getting larger and larger. He is saying “radiate”. His energy radiates throughout the universe. Marc do you have any questions?

Marc: Diane was asking me for some clarification about who you truly are. Like she gets that you are solar flare-ups but you’ve alluded to other phenomena as well. Can you clarify that for us, please?

Trevor: Yes Marc. I am sorry if my responses appeared vague. I am what you would term a “Universe Coordinator”.

Marc: Trevor has many events that happen in space under his umbrella. Solar flare-ups would be just one of them.

Diane: He is showing a map of the universe and the planets rotating and he is saying that he is instrumental in making sure this works.

Marc: Trevor, what do you do on your off days? Do you ever take a day off work?

Diane: Marc, he is thinking about this because, yet again, this is like a human thing so he has to compute it right? No, wait! He is saying that he understands it but no he would never take a day off work. He exists always and he cannot be stopped or would not stop. He is who he was created to be and he wishes to never stop or take another form. So that is interesting! He doesn’t want to take another form?

Marc: He is saying not until he is finished with what he wants to experience as who he is now.

Diane: Marc, he doesn’t appear to be speaking in the first person anymore. What’s up with that?

Marc: It’s easier for energy like this to not confine itself to one image or point in time.

Diane: Yeah, I’m getting that showing himself as a human male figure just isn’t his thing.

Marc: Yeah it isn’t vibing with him is it? So Trevor, what is your greatest joy?

Trevor: Existence.

Marc: If you stopped being what you are now, what would you want to be?

Trevor: Antimatter.

Diane: Gosh I hope I got that right. I really should have paid more attention in science classes to this kind so it might make more sense to me. Trevor, you said that you don’t like confinement, so does that mean that you are omnipresent throughout the universe.

Trevor: Yes

Diane: So would you have been known as some point in human history as something like a Greek God?

Marc: Trevor, what do you think of the human race?

Trevor: There is much that is good with the human race.

Diane: So he is saying that although we are new compared to him, we are focused now on our ascension and that we have been looking forward to it for a very long time. All in the universe wish to see us ascend to where we want to be. He said that we can feel very proud and brave that we are here right now to help the race as a whole and that the universe is cheering us on!

That’s very sweet thank you! He is saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us and we should not falter. Trevor, so you run across space ships and interdimensional beings all the time. What do you think of them?

Trevor: Normal. They have always been there and they always will be there.

Marc: So is there any chance that planets can go misaligned and that their orbits would go out of whack?

Trevor: All in the universe is in accord with itself. It would not allow itself to be otherwise.

Diane: So what he has been telling me all along is there are massive energies like himself and then there are those which are not. He doesn’t want to say “lesser” because everything is equal. Anyway, he is saying that we are all working together so that the universe exists the way that it does. That we all play important roles even if we might be human now and he is energy that helps planets orbit. He is quick to point out that we are all creator beings but that he has taken on a much larger role than most of us at this time.

Okay, Marc, that is great. Can you please thank him for coming and speaking to us. I know that it wasn’t comfortable for him to condense for this, so I very much appreciate it.

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I’ll pass that along to him.

Marc and I meet with Nat and Richard (my other guides) back in the studio.

Diane: Now I know that we aren’t going to get Trevor back, but I’m sure you guys can connect to him and answer more questions? I haven’t read back what he has said yet but I’m interested to find out more about this “Universe Coordinator” position. I am under the impression that he isn’t the only one is that correct?

Richard: Yes that’s right.

Diane: Now Trevor was showing himself at a certain level and then there were subset energies within him. He didn’t like the terms “above or beneath”.

Richard: No that makes him uncomfortable because that gives the illusion that one energy is superior to another.

Diane: So I guess he was saying that he works with these other coordinators to keep the universe running? That seems like a big undertaking, but I guess someone has to do it right?

Marc: That’s right Diane! The universe doesn’t run itself.

Diane: He mentioned that the universe was in perfect order. I guess many might say that isn’t the case, I know, but I get what he is saying since all is perfect as it is.

Marc: That’s right again Diane! You can’t be at the vibration he is at without knowing that to be the truth. You wouldn’t see things any other way.

Diane: I think that’s it’s interesting that he wanted to see what it was like to appear as a human for the first night, but on the second, he was done with it. He had experienced it and didn’t need to do it again.

Marc: Yeah he didn’t.

Diane: So what are the other jobs of the “Universe Coordinators”?

Marc: Keeping water on the planet, making oxygen and gases, making sure something orbits something else, guiding all those comets that float all over the place, making space quiet.

Diane: Did I get that last one right?

Marc: Yeah space is quiet right?

Diane: Yeah I know that. Does that bother you then Marc because you love music so much?

Marc: I always have music in my mind, Diane. I can make it whenever I want.

Diane: Yeah I know that! Okay so what else do they do?

Marc: They make sure that all the planets get along with each other and no one fights.

Diane: Silly!

Marc: Yeah because if one got mad at its neighbor and wanted to move, that could cause a lot of problems!

Diane: Yes I dare say that it could! Now I’m also getting that these coordinators could be known by any number of names/terms, explanations, Gods, whatever, but this is the way that he wanted to present himself to us. Someone may look at his energy and see it completely different.

Marc: Yeah they could.

Diane: The general idea of who this energy is will probably be fairly even across the board. Marc, you are showing me something. What is it?

Marc: That when you see comets floating across space, it’s one star or planet throwing a bit of itself at another. They are saying “catch me if you can!”

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 31, 2019





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  1. wow that was fun…Nice to know the universe is being well taken care of…You are really expanding your explorations…Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lol! Those planets are really funny!
    It sounds so human that they can get mad among themselves and also playing catch with each other.

    • Those thoughts came from Marc. One of his many wonderful qualities is that he can see the possibility of anything and often puts thoughts and feelings to things that we wouldn’t normally associate with them. Like sure, planets can have tiffs and want to move out of their orbit! You know how when you are a kid, you think anything is possible until society or your parents tell you it isn’t? Well Marc never lost that because he wouldn’t allow it. It’s what makes him so unique…and Marc!

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