Bolan-Beaty Boogie Tune into Zeus, the Creation of Earth and Evolution


Marc loves to set up adventures for me to experience. I start with a blank slate and then once I start tuning into the energy, it feels like I’m solving a riddle. This is one time that I wished I could have done a video of the images I was getting because they were so vivid, strong and beautiful!

Diane: Okay Marc then off to our studios right? You said that there is someone there I would like to interview.

Okay I’m here but it’s foggy and I’m not picking up anything.

Marc: Diane, there is an energy here. See if you can suss them out. Tune into their vibration.

Diane: I’m seeing a gold ball and I’m getting that whoever this is will transform into something else. So I’m waiting. Marc, are you still here?

Marc: Yeah Diane, of course, I’m still here! Can’t you see me sitting in the chair?

Diane: Oh yes, I can now. I don’t seem to be getting anything specific. My radio must be off. Can you please help me tune in?

Great! So I’m seeing the figure of a man, a very large man with his eyes closed seated in a chair next to Marc. He has a pale complexion and a crooked nose. He has a very long white beard and is dressed in white robes. He has a slight smile on his face as he is listening to me describe him. He is saying “Okay well you are doing fine with the appearance I am showing you, but what about my energy?” I guess I have to figure out who you are?

Marc: All in due time Diane.

Diane: Okay well let’s see. He is showing me Moses? No, he is saying “Mount Olympus”. Gosh, I’m sorry but not quite remembering what happened there but please keep going. He is showing himself on top of the mountain and a very strong force is emanating from him. I’m hearing “Zeus”.

Marc: Just keep going, Diane. Don’t worry too much right now on who he is. He could be many different facets of someone so he just wants you to describe his energy and the images he is showing you.

Diane: So I’m with him at the top of this mountain and I’m seeing everything from his vantage point so it’s as if I’ve stepped out of Diane. Everything at the base of the mountain looks dark and I see massive energies swirling in colors like purple and blue. There are flashes of gold streaking around like a comet. He is saying that life forces are being created and those that already exist are being regenerated. Marc, you sang about Zeus quite a lot, so I’m assuming he is one of your faves?

Marc: Yeah Diane, he is and very powerful….but keep going.

Diane: Now I’m seeing lightning flash across the sky but more at my eye line. Wow! This is an amazing scene! It’s like the earth is being created here! It’s very dark! Now I’m seeing energies from the base of the mountain rising slowly and I feel like I’m underwater. Marc, I’m not getting anything. What happened? Everything is so calm now and I can’t picture where I’m at!

Marc: Let it come to you, Diane. Remember what I keep saying?

Diane; Yes of course. Let it come to you versus chasing after it because it will run away if you scare it. (Marc’s joking there, of course, but he is trying to help me with patience which I don’t have very much of!)

Marc: That’s right.

Diane: Now I hear the rain and it feels very peaceful. I keep hearing “cleansing”. So the water that is falling is cleaning everything. I’m not at the top of the mountain anymore. I feel like I’ve either risen above it or am below it. Tranquil life. Should I go back to the studio, Marc?

Marc: Where would you like to be?

Diane: We had a visitor and then I went on this trip and now I’m not sure!

Marc: Well tune into where you want to be Diane. This is your trip you know.

Diane: I would like to continue speaking with Zeus!

Marc: Our visitor helped send you on this trip. He showed you the way and shared his memories so you could know it for yourself again. How does it feel now?

Diane: I feel like I just witnessed the creation of the planet at very close proximity. I think that we were all there originally in some form and this has just allowed me to revisit it. It was amazing..the force of it all!

Marc: Okay good Diane. So what’s next?

Diane: I’m in a place that is all white and I can feel the wind and hear the rain. I feel like I’m an amoeba. I mean..I know who I am but this is going WAY back. I’m alive but I’m not an animal. My main goal is to procreate. There must be more and more growth! That’s my only concern. I know that I’m supposed to pair with other things to make this happen. I’m seeing soil and the elements. We are all working together to create this massive expansion that needs to happen as soon as possible. So it’s like I know without having to think because whatever I am, I don’t have a brain. It’s innate in me that I know what I am doing. I don’t need to question it. It’s who I am and it’s very easy to be me.

I know that I’m supposed to meet with others if I am to continue. If I don’t, then the journey might stop or go in another direction. But since at this point, that isn’t hardwired into me, it doesn’t bother me. I am flowing down a river and I can see these neighbors waiting on the side to join with me as I pass by. They all have smiles on their faces (well if they had faces which they don’t). We feel marvelous because we know that we are doing what we came here to do. It feels so much different than being human because there isn’t any judgment coming at me from myself or others. No need to change my mind or question what I’m doing. My path is clear and in front of me. I would never think of stopping or backtracking. Wow! This is a great feeling!

Whoa! Now I’m completely stopped somewhere and I can’t move. This is the complete opposite of what I was just feeling. I feel alone now. I’m wondering what happened. Marc, just trying to tune into this new sensation.

Marc: Yeah Diane, give it a minute. You don’t have to get it right off. This is a way for you to discover what is being shown so don’t rush it. Enjoy it! Take your time to feel and sense what you are getting. There’s nothing but infinity right?

Diane: Right! Now I feel like I’m a square of mud and I can’t move. I don’t feel like I’m stuck because that would imply that I’m hindered in some way and though I might be physically, my spirit isn’t. I remember the freedom that I felt moving along the river, but I’ve adapted to the next stage of my creation. I’m eager to find out what will happen to me now. I sense that there is movement above me and though because of what I am now, I can’t be part of it, I feel that I am still part of everything. I’m rejoicing in the life that I feel is happening all around me. I see large prehistoric birds flying above me. So again, I’m not sad that I can’t fly like them. I’m happy that I can hear them and sense their joy because they can fly. I don’t feel less than them at all. I feel part of what they are but just different.

Wow, this is really interesting!

Now little pieces of me are falling away, so it’s like I was literally dirt. I’m starting to move again. I’m being broken up into smaller things. You know Marc, this feels like I was a continent – so this is massive amounts of land. I’m being broken up and parts of me are floating to other places. I can see myself waving goodbye to them. I’m excited that pieces of me are going to be in other areas of the planet.

Now it’s night and I’m in what looks to be a jungle. I can hear leaves moving and loud noises that I can’t describe. I’m not on the ground because I know that I can fly or swing. I’m some kind of chimp but not like any we would have seen. I’m swinging from tree to tree and I can see the ground below me. I haven’t any fear of falling. I know that I’m completely adapted to my environment – that I belong. I feel like an individual. I do have fear of predators though.

There are others like me and I feel the warmth of their bodies next to me. I like this smaller feeling. I know that I am part of a family. I can feel their heartbeats and this has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel very grateful that I have emotions. I can cry. I can smile. I can touch. Ouch! I hurt my foot and didn’t much care for that but I know that I have it within me to heal! I feel the warmth of the sun.

I sleep in the trees with my family and I can see the stars and the moon shining down upon us. I feel love for them and it is bliss. I don’t worry about the next day. I don’t think about what may or may not happen to me. I rely solely upon my instinct to guide me. I was given it to be the best that I can be in this life.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 14, 2019



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  1. More more more please! What will you be next? Wow this reminded me of disney’s version of “wart/young Arthur” and merlin showing him what its like to be all the different species… what a blast!

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