Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with the Collective Energies of “Time” and “Non-Time”

Time No Time

Marc and I were talking about how – as the physical Marc – he was very sensitive to the spirit world and often saw ghosts or spirits. He said that the experiences were never very pleasant for him. To start off our post about time, he told me about a story that happened to him as a boy.

Marc: Okay so when I was a little guy, I remember playing around my Mom’s stall (I guess that maybe his family had some kind of stall at a market or knew someone who did). We used to hang out there a lot. All of a sudden it got quiet. I looked around and about twenty feet away, I saw this man staring at me. It’s as if I was in a time warp, which in fact, I was.

Diane: You’re showing me it felt like time stood still and this energy was running into a tunnel towards him. You were playing with cars or some toys under a table. Yes, so I’m seeing this man with a cap and apron – you know one of the aprons that they used to attach to their shirt buttons. It is covered in blood so he must have been a butcher or something like that. It’s giving me goosebumps – his stare – because it is more like a grimace. I really don’t like his look. Did it mean “I know that you can see me?”

Marc: I didn’t know then but he scared the crap out of me. (I don’t know if there is a more British phrase of saying that but that’s what Marc meant.)

Diane: I see it only lasted for a few seconds but you felt that time stood still. Did it feel longer for you right?

Marc: Yeah it felt like an eternity when it was happening. And then gradually, I started to hear sounds around me again. I looked away and when I looked back, he was gone.

Diane: Did your family come over to check on you?

Marc: No they didn’t. No one noticed that this had happened.

Diane: It’s crazy when stuff like this happens. I remember waking up one night and seeing the elongated face of a woman passing over me. Marc, so let’s start our interview with “Time” and “Non-Time”.

(We head off to the Bolan-Beaty studio!)

Diane: So Marc, what do we have planned for tonight?

Marc: Well Diane, we have two guests.

Diane: This is great. When I was taking my walk tonight, you were putting images of someone like Father Time into my head except without the sythe. Is that the topic or do you want to surprise me?

Marc: Oh Diane, it’s always a surprise. You should know that by now.

Diane: Yes Marc, I know that you love to give surprises. I’ll sit over here and can you please bring on our guests.

(Marc is so cute. He is sitting on the floor like he used to do when he played with Tyrannosaurus Rex.)

Marc: Okay so the next guest on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show is the collective energy of “Time”!

Applause! Applause!

Diane: This is interesting. I didn’t have any expectations, but as I see him coming out, he looks like one of those Victorian clock sellers with watches and clocks all over him. I see an hourglass, a watch, and a cuckoo clock. He doesn’t look shabby. He has a long white beard and hair and is smiling. He is opening his robes and I can see more timepieces in there. Gosh if he were human, he would have a hard time carrying all this around with him.


Marc: Well Diane, that’s what we want to talk about here is that most humans ARE carrying this much of a load around them about time.

Diane: I hear that! Right before I started my meditations tonight, I was in a bit of a panic because of the holiday season and trying to get all the work done that I need to do for my business.

Marc: Yeah I know that is one of the reasons that I thought it might be good to talk about time tonight. Maybe it will help you and our readers handle it more to their own tastes?

Diane: So where is the other guest? I’m getting something like “Non-Time” or “Anti-Time”. They are saying that “Anti-Time” isn’t the right term because that would imply that they are against time which they aren’t. They prefer the phrase “Non-Time”. I can’t see them yet but wondering what they will look like? Stillness? But stillness has time, doesn’t it?

Marc: Yeah well does it?

Diane: Well on earth it would. If I sit still in a chair, I’m going to think that time is passing. But you are right Marc. If there is something, there is always the opposite. So let me wrap my mind around this. In order to know one thing, we have to experience the opposite. So for us to experience time, there would have had to have been a point where we didn’t. So this is who is coming forward now. All I see is a shape that is sort of oval and floating towards me.

Marc: Yeah that’s them.

Diane: Well this whole time thing is interesting. Everyone seems to have their own opinions about when time started, how far it goes back and then, of course, that it doesn’t exist at all. That it is vertical, not linear and that everything is happening now. You can’t throw a dead cat without finding out a new theory about it.

Marc: Yeah Diane and we are just going to add to all the other ones out there. So “Time”, what do you think about the opinion that you are a figment of the imagination and that you aren’t technically “real”?

Time: Well Marc. I am a very complicated, yet at the same time, very simple concept.

Marc: How so?

Time: I am the belief of the holder of that belief. I am all yet part of the sum. I am responsible for everything that happens and doesn’t happen. I am what you feel that you need but in reality, you don’t. I am something that is carefree. You could throw me to the wind and not miss me but there is too much fear to do that. My power is all an illusion. Those who seek me often feel lost. My energy is created by you but when you decide to let me go, I will willingly transform into something else. If you look at those on the planet earth, you see them racing around in their cars and various modes of transportation – all because they feel that I might be gaining on them or they fear that they are losing me. If you think about it, the human race has given me so much power! I am here today to not alert them to this fact because it would be very rare to find someone who wasn’t aware of this but to merely remind them. To bring it to their attention.

Marc: Yes, that is what we want to do here – to bring it to their awareness.

Diane: Well can I interject here a bit? I know that time is one of those things that really doesn’t exist, but then you are here so you are the representation of what we all believe right?

Marc: Bingo Diane!

Diane: Okay got it. So we have here a representation of what we, at least as humans on earth, consider to be time or would you describe yourself another way?

Time: Well I am a billion thoughts a day. Can you contemplate how often each human thinks about me? You have your clocks, your watches, your phones, your time cards at work. Your tv shows come on at a certain time. You wake up every day at a certain time. You make sure that you go to sleep by a certain time. Your reasonings are based on time. Your celebrations are based on time. Your history is based on time. I think that you can see that the list could go on forever.

Diane: So what you’re saying here is that maybe we can let some of this time stuff go? Maybe we are too wrapped up in it? The thing is, of course, that as a society on this planet, we have all agreed to this mode of thinking so it’s hard for one individual to say “To heck with it! I’m going to arrive at work whenever I want and they can lump it!”

Time: Yes Diane, I understand how the human race is enamored with me. I understand why you don’t want to let me go. If you did, I wouldn’t exist. I am created by you and I work for you.

Diane: Yes I guess so. So are you a collection of only time on earth?

Time: Yes.

Diane: Okay thanks. Marc any questions?

Marc: Yeah sure. Now I remember what it was like to be Marc, of course. I had deadlines and often played fast and loose with time I can tell you. In fact, I think I often beat some odds about staying on the planet for as long as I did.

Diane: And your question would be???

Marc: Well yeah..I mean..what advice would you give to those on earth who may not want to feel that they are ruled by you?

Time: Well if the majority of those on earth will be ruled by me and not swayed into another dominant thought so that I am not as important, then I would say that yes, they have a challenge before them to let me go. My advice to them would be that until the majority of those on your planet choose to live another way, that you must take it among your own individual self to work around this.

Marc: Yeah so how would you recommend they do that?

Time: I am saying that it will have to be up to the individual as to how he or she would manage me better as it is apparent that I seem to be a much sought after commodity. In other words, I’m very popular! In order for anyone to lessen my burden, they would have to have me less in their thoughts. As you’ve mentioned, this is not always an easy thing to do! So I would suggest they might examine what they do throughout their day and contemplate how much they think about me. My energy expands the more that I’m thought about and I’m having this experience based on that. There is also my opposite here “Non-Time” and I would be happy to experience that and I’m sure for them it is vice versa (but I will allow them to speak for themselves).

Marc: Okay Diane. I think that was some advice right?

Diane: Well yes, I guess so…thank you. So now can we hear from “Non-Time”? What does this energy want to be called Marc?

Marc: Why don’t you ask them?

Diane: Good point. So “Non-Time”, do you have a preference in how you are addressed? You’ve been waiting here very patiently and so far, haven’t communicated with us. I’m getting that they are not going to speak with me via words. I think they prefer feelings so I’m going to have to tune into them there. So what I’m getting is that again, they are saying they don’t have anything against time, they are just the opposite. Would you like to describe yourself?

I’m being shown several things. They are showing me..let me see if I can get it. Okay, so I feel like I am standing still but moving as fast as light. I started from the beginning of “time” to now in about one second flat. At the same time, I’m being shown that I can feel everything happening all at once. So although I feel that I should have traveled, I didn’t. I stayed still. Marc, can you explain how this feels to you since you are in a vibration that doesn’t experience time?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s pretty much how you just described it.

Diane: Can you give me a visual?

Marc: Okay so let’s say you are at point A and want to go to point B. You on earth would tell yourself that it is going to take you fifteen minutes to get there. You might start walking and look at your watch and then say, it’s going to take me ten minutes now. You may also measure it in distance – like it’s ten blocks or whatever. For us, we have our thoughts create our world. So say that I want to be performing in my concerts at Wembley, I just have to think about it and I’ll be there.

Diane: Yeah I want to be there too with you Marc! So obviously you are saying that there is no time or distance for you?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: I think it’s funny that when we are in spirit, that’s the norm, but when we are on earth, it’s a concept that is hard to grasp. Marc, can you please ask “Non-Time” some questions? I’m getting tired.

Marc: Yeah sure! So “Non-Time”, can you describe to us what your make up is? (And I don’t mean face make-up!). What is your composition?

Diane: Marc so they are saying that they are composed of the energies that believe in them as well. Marc, you are saying “those who don’t jive with the time vibe”.

This is a little more challenging for me because there isn’t any verbal communication. Okay so they are showing me a sun setting and coming up but it just keeps repeating – like it goes on for eternity. They are showing me a starting point – like a dot – and then a finger that circles around it and then hits that dot again. I guess that means it doesn’t have a beginning or end and that it’s eternal.

Marc: “Non-Time”, you are saying that you are the collective energies of those who choose to uphold the idea that time doesn’t exist? Do you have any belief about this yourself?

Diane: So I’m getting that it doesn’t hold any specific beliefs about this as it is a combination of energies. That whatever the majority of those energies feel or the highest vibration of those energies will be what it is. It can only be what it is. So do you have any beliefs of your own?

You know Marc, I’m not getting that it does. It keeps giving me the impression that it exists as a collection of energies that believe it. That’s very interesting. So it’s not like it’s not aware because of course, it is. You know, when you are in a physical incarnation, you tend to feel that you are an individual sharing your experience with others. This energy appears to not consider itself an individual at all. It is a mass of energies and its viewpoint is what the majority feels.

Now it is showing itself as black space. Like if someone took a photo of outer space without any stars or planets. That’s also what you look like but your edges are constantly changes and moving. Why are you showing me this? Okay so it’s to show me that it is endless, it doesn’t have any boundaries and it can’t be interrupted by anything in its path.

Marc: Let me see if I can think of some more questions. So you are saying that you don’t hold any individual beliefs about who you are but do you feel that you have an individual consciousness?

Diane: So it is saying that in order to take this form, it has chosen to give up any kind of individualized thinking or consciousness. It is saying that it isn’t a sacrifice because it chose to do this freely.

Marc: Do you see yourself ever changing the form that you now have and having that which you don’t?

Diane: I’m not getting anything back about that Marc. I think that it is telling me that it could at some point change into something else.

Marc: What does it feel like to be you?

Diane: Good question! It’s showing me peace. It loves to be the combination of energies that makes it up because it likes that experience. You never know what to expect from moment to moment – if it had moments, which it saying it doesn’t. It feels like love to be them. It feels appreciation that these combined energies have chosen to give it this experience. Okay so Marc, I don’t think that we are going to get much more outta them?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I think that they want to be on their way.

Diane: Well thank you both for coming to speak with us. Now that they are gone Marc, can you give me another image of what it feels to have no time?

So what I’m seeing is swirling energy all around me – like being in the inside of a tornado except it’s pleasant. If I want it to go to a specific point on the matrix, I just think about it and I can jump into this outer swirl or vortex I guess. Now Marc, is this the way that you see it or is it just a way to show it to me?

Marc: It’s more of a way for me to explain it to you. On my end, I just think and I’m wherever I want to be.

Diane: Can you tell me more about Non-Time?

Marc: What’s good about Non-Time is that you can’t be late for anything.

Diane: Well yeah…that makes sense. You don’t need to rush about like I do all day.

Marc: Yeah none of that shit.

Diane: So do spirits ever regret not having time?

Marc: What do you think Diane?

Diane: Well I would say no but I just wanted to get your response.

Marc: Well I can’t speak for everyone in spirit, obviously, but if they do really regret not punching a time clock, then they can create that atmosphere for themselves.

Diane: What do you like about not having time?

Marc: I feel like I can do whatever I want whenever I want and that is a nice feeling. With Marc, I knew that I had such a short time to pull that whole thing off so I felt like I was always running out of time. I especially didn’t like it when I felt that my time was being wasted. Now I don’t need to worry about it. Whatever I want to do, I can take my time about it.

Diane: Yes good pun there. Okay, so I think that will be a good place for us to stop Marc! Take care and we’ll talk soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

December 22, 2019



8 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with the Collective Energies of “Time” and “Non-Time””

  1. another fascinating trip…I myself am living life in the very slow lane owing to age and arthritis…I do enjoy the slow lane I find…I wish everyone could experience, maybe no no time but leisurely time…

  2. Hi there,
    Regarding Marc’s comment on being Marc, with only a short time to accomplish the tasks he had set for his time on earth, I was wondering what his thoughts were on the personal relationships that he had. I know that his wife, June he considered his intellectual equal, and definately had a fantastic cosmic mind but was also an astute business woman, who helped him in the early days. Marc has previously said that his Mother was the largest influence on his life, so it translates that marriage was important to him also. He then chose to pursue a relationship with Gloria that enabled Rolan’s birth. Was that something that they all agreed to collectively prior to their incarnations? Did he complete all of those relationships, or will they meet again in the future? They must have both had significance for him to commit to them as he knew he had limited time in that incarnation.

    • Hi – Generally, our focus on this site tends to more spiritual matters versus his personal life. Marc will share an aspect of that life if he feels that someone will relate to an experience and it will help them out. To tell you the truth, he is so in current time now, that his past life as Marc is not his main focus. He understands why we are so curious about him, because that was part of his intention when he set Marc up – to be remembered and loved. I will say that he has often spoken to me about his Mother and the massive influence that she was for him. She looks completely different in spirit. She is showing herself to me as a teenager who is bopping up and down like a cheerleader – so a lot of wonderful energy! Marc often tells me that if anyone is looking to understand or to get to know him better – go to his music. It’s all there and he is so proud of the gift that he left to us.

  3. Thank you for the courtesy of your reply. It really didn’t answer my question, and it actually would have “helped me out” with something that i am very focussed on on my own spiritual work concerning past lives and there current life connections. Marc would have known that, and also why I’d asked, if you’d actually asked him and not just given your opinion of what he would convey to you regarding my legitimate question. Please ask him yourself why I know this, if you can, even if it’s just for your own interest, and if he really does communicate with you.I can see your connection to the shiny show and the many similarities.

    • I thought that I did answer the question? I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to write about his personal life for any reason. So if you are looking to answer these types of questions, you will have to go elsewhere. You can always pay a medium and see if Marc wants to show up. I know the answers to your questions so I don’t need to ask him. Since you seem to know him so well, feel free to ask him yourself. If you want to ask Alison from the Shiny Show about whether or not I’m really communicating with Marc, feel free to do that as well. I’m putting out the information that I feel comfortable with and you can choose not to read it or believe it.

  4. This made my whole day. I absolutely love Marc Bolan. Enjoyed reading it thank you !!

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