Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with the “Universal Helpers” About the Earth Now and How They Wish to Help Us


A week ago, my guides came to me saying that some energies wanted to speak to those on earth and would I be interested in passing along what they had to say. I said sure…as long as the information was from a high vibrational source.

Then I asked Marc if he could surprise me (he loves giving surprises!) by finding energies that I wasn’t aware of in my current incarnation as Diane. Here is what transpired…

Diane: Okay Marc, so I asked if you would set up an interview with someone I’m not familiar with as Diane. Did you find anyone for us to talk to?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. Did you want to go to the studio to meet them? (That’s our meeting place on the astral that Marc has set up to look like a 1970s talk show set.)

Diane: Okay Marc we are at the studio and it looks dark like the lights are out. I’ve never seen it like this before.

Marc: That’s because our guests are a bright surprise and I didn’t want you to see them before they were ready.

Diane: Wow Marc okay…this is very mysterious, but you know I love a mystery. So what happens now?

Marc: Okay….prepare to be dazzled!

Diane: So right now, I’m seeing a gold star floating in much like Glenda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. It’s elongated though and very tall. You like that book don’t you Marc?

Marc: Yeah love it. Now pay attention!

Diane: Geez! Okay next I see a blue star, a green and then an orange one. Who could they be? Now they are all blending into one big star! They are beautiful! I hope that I can figure out who they are!

Marc: Diane, can you read their energies yet?

Diane: Marc not yet. I keep seeing the word “manifest”. I’m not sure if that means that I’m supposed to manifest something or they help with manifestation?

Marc: Okay Diane, well give it a bit. Join with their energies. It’s just like meeting someone new on earth. Introduce yourself and then they will respond in kind.

Diane: Right! Hello, I’m Diane and it’s very nice to meet you. Can I ask who you are?

Energy: Diane we come forth as brothers and sisters to those on the planet earth and we seek an alliance with you.

Marc: They mean that they would like to re-establish an alliance with those on earth and wondered if you would be willing to pass along what they want to say.

Diane: Yes of course! Where are you from?

Marc: They are from the planet Krypton.

Diane: Aww Marc stop being silly! That’s from one of your comic books!

Marc: Yeah where do you think the comic books got it from?

Energy: Throughout the annals of time, we have been associated with your planet but during what we term as your “dark period” where the light from your planet was not as visible to us, we left you in peace to forge ahead without us. Now the light from your planet is getting stronger and that is the sign for us to return to join in alliance with you.

Diane: Yes you keep speaking about an alliance. So are you saying that this has been planned to happen now? What did you have in mind? Are you only four energies or do you represent more? What can we call you? (They told me that I could call them the “Universal Helpers”.)

UH: We are a very small faction of the beings whom we represent.

Diane: Well can you tell us the purpose of this alliance?

UH: We seek to assist your planet in what we see as a very important time of ascension.

Diane: You are showing me the fires that have been and are happening over the planet. You are telling me that the earth is ready to reinvent itself through this destruction and it is going to help lift its energy. So it is some kind of renewal that is going on now?

UH: Yes a renewal where the old energy is being replaced with new.

Diane: Gee well it is very sad that this renewal comes with the lives of so many and with so much destruction. Can you help us understand why this is necessary?

UH: Yes we can. All renewal has to include regeneration. To regenerate, old energy must be replaced with new. Sometimes this is done on a small scale and you may not notice the change. When it has to be done on a large scale, it will take on a more forceful approach and this can be seen as evasive and stern. We have come here today to tell you that though there is much destruction on the planet at the moment, it is also going to have a liberating effect as the old energies will make way for positive, higher vibrational ones.

Diane: Yes so I get what you are saying. I’ve read that when forests burn, it’s so sad but new types of plants will pop up and give the area a new lease on life. So are you saying that there will be room now for new energies to come to the planet that will be positive?

UH: Yes that is what we are saying. As your planet stands now, there is a line of dense, heavy fog that the energy that is needed to bring about this much-wanted change cannot permeate.

Diane: Well what kind of new energies are wanting to come here?

UH: Some of the energies that seek to join with those already on the planet are not new to you. They are been lying dormant until the time for them to awaken has arrived.

Diane: Okay so I’m getting that there have been energies that have been dormant waiting to come back to life and there are others who left and have been waiting to return? Now everything is relative, of course, but I’m hoping that the majority of these energies are high vibrational but when you have one end of the scale, you also have the other correct?

UH: Yes you are correct. There will be an influx of energies waiting to return and it will be up to the consensus of those on the planet as to which ones will be accepted.

Diane: Can you give us an example of these energies? So they keep showing me “manifestation” so there will be some who specialize in helping those who wish to call upon them to create their desires more quickly and with less effort. I’m seeing “cleansing” now. I see myself driving in a car and it’s raining quite heavily. Now I can choose to drive without the wipers on if I want or I have the choice to turn them on but the effort of turning on the wipers is necessary.

Now I’m being told that these are volunteers coming from all over the universe. The first figure coming forward is a human figure in a nurse’s uniform. They are specialists in their fields so no matter what the subject, they will have someone on their team to help.
I’m getting that these helpers are coming and we can request their assistance, but I’m also sensing that where there is one energy, the opposite can come as well. Why am I seeing this?

UH: Awareness. You can choose to focus on whatever you so desire but as you know, your universe is one of free will and there will always be an exchange – what you would see as higher and lower energies throughout it.

Diane: Okay so you are saying just be aware of the energies that are around you and make sure they are ones that you want to associate with right?

UH: That is correct.

Diane: Marc you are saying that some of them have never been to earth before. They are telling me that we must seek them out. How do we do that?

Marc: Okay so they are saying that if you are reading this post, you are being made aware of what is happening. You can choose to associate yourself with the high vibration of what we are saying.

Diane: This is interesting. I’m seeing all types of energies which are forming this group. ETs, spirits, and energies from other planets that don’t take a form. They are saying that they may not need to be here in the physical sense. Most will be able to do this kind of work remotely. I’m seeing that the ones that we are connecting to now have very loving hearts and truly wish to help the planet rise to its full potential. They are saying that they have been where we are now as a planet and that they respect our journeys here. They are saying that many of us are fellow sisters and brothers to them so many we know on a personal level.

They are saying that they are happy to work with your guides so if anyone would like to ask for their help but are hesitant, ask your guides to bring them in.

Now I’ve asked this before to some guests who have come to say that they want to help so I would like to get your opinions as well. I think that we all understand the basics of the Law of Attraction. That to manifest something in your reality, first, you have to be aware of it and then your vibration needs to meet up with it and match it. In spirit, it doesn’t take so long right Marc?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. It takes longer to manifest things in general, well for most people, on the physical plane because you have so much crap that gets in the way. You have energies from your parents, society, and religions saying you can’t do this or that. This energy gets rolled up into a ball and it’s as if you bounce off of it every time you see what you want that’s on the other side of it.

Diane: So many of us feel that we’ve asked for assistance from our guides and others but it never comes our way. Universal Helpers, what would be your response to this? Would you agree or disagree?

UH: Well Diane, we understand why you are bringing this up. There are several principles at work here. As you mentioned, it could be that they, for some reason, are holding themselves back from their desires. Some feel that, and although they may not realize it, that they are not worthy to obtain them. Some, as Marc explained, can see what they want to achieve or own but can’t make it to the other side of the energy ball. As you stated earlier Diane, to manifest anything, you must be aware of it and take the steps to bring it into your reality.

Diane: But first, we have to create it in spirit to bring it down here right?

UH: Yes that is correct. So we are saying that the simple act of asking for assistance or saying that you would like to grow from an experience is the start of manifesting it. You don’t even have to ask for yourself. You can ask on behalf of your planet and the inhabitants upon it. But again, to get the ball rolling, you must take that first step.

Diane: So even though you may not feel that what you’ve asked assistance for has or is coming to you, the fact that you’ve asked for help has started the energy chain that you need to manifest it. Now you are showing me the domino effect, where if one of us asks for healing for the planet and then another, that will build up momentum and turn into powerful energy. Marc any questions?

Marc: Yes. To bring about some of these changes, what are some of your methods?

UH: We can give you an example. For instance, we have a Mother who needs food and shelter for her family but without the means to provide it. We will do whatever is within our powers to help her in this situation. We might be able to send her the means (via associations with those on the planet) to get her family into a shelter for the night or obtain stipends for food. The universe is an amazing place and we can all work together for the betterment of us all. The power of thought is often underutilized.

Diane: How do you mean?

UH: The thought process, especially for humans, is one of the easiest and most powerful abilities that you have. But, the intention behind the thought is often lacking.

Diane: Can you explain more? Are you saying that this is also why many of us are not getting what we seek as quickly as possible?

UH: Yes this is what we are saying.

Diane: Why are you doing this work? Are you helping other planets as well?

UH: We do help other planets in different galaxies but the group that you are conversing with now is specifically geared towards the planet earth.

Diane: How long will you be here? A limited time and then move to other places?

UH: Yes Diane, a limited time only (or they are saying our version of time).

Diane: You are telling me again that you are not here to take the place or role of our guides but are happy to work with them?

UH: Yes, so let us give you another example. Say that you have a somewhat successful company whose profits have not been declining, but not growing for several years. You might term them stagnant. For those involved, they are content and feel safer to have a business whose finances do not fluctuate. One day, someone joins the company who changes the energy with ideas of bringing about more efficient methods of communication and production which will bring about an expansion using creative methods. This livens up the group and spurs them into thinking about new possibilities. It wasn’t that they were unhappy or disgruntled. They were content to continue as they were. But this new vibrancy in their midst suddenly has them looking forward to going to work in the morning. There is a brighter spring to their steps when they are there. Whereas they used to just nod during a meeting or kept looking at their watches, now they interact with lively banter and this gets their creative juices flowing. We would ask you to ask how to do suppose this team member came to join them? (So they are saying here that what could have happened was that at some level, the group energy invited this new person onto their team and they could have been helped by groups like theirs.)

Diane: So you are saying that the energies you bring may be subtle and we might not be aware where these ideas are coming from but that’s okay. You are also saying that if you expect your world to turn around in one day, though that can happen, usually humans need more time to adjust. So you are saying to not be discouraged if you don’t see immediate change.

Marc: How much does music or the Arts enter into your work?

UH: We take everyone on an individual basis, but we value music and the Arts as a high form of creation. We value its vibration and what it can achieve.

Diane: What would you say is your group’s main goal?

UH: To empower those on earth to raise the planet’s vibration so that more and more of you will lead happy, fulfilled lives full of love and abundance without feeling that you must also have lack.

Diane: Yes that does sound wonderful. Thank you Universal Helpers for coming to speak to us and for letting us know about your existence.

UH: You are welcome Diane and we thank both you and Marc for allowing us to tell your readers about us.

Diane: Marc, I was getting from them that they use this group to train more members. So training is an important part of what they do?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. They will use this time to train more members and then they will come back again when the time is right for them to return.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 13, 2020

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  1. Oh my God I thought t-rex wasn’t going to be inducted but I just read they have been inducted. Wow the last time I checked the voting it seemed like this wouldn’t be Marc’s time but congrats regardless.

      • Well he could see the possibility for sure but till it actually played out, you can’t be 100%. In another timeline, it probably didn’t play out the same. He kept smiling whenever I brought up the subject, so I’m thinking he saw the high probability but didn’t say anything. He never predicts future outcomes. I’m going to get his viewpoint on it and will post what he says next time. I’m putting him in the hot seat again to answer Marc questions.

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