Diane Puts Marc (Bolan) in the Hot Seat with Questions about Life in the Physical and Non-Physical

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Marc’s band T-Rex has just been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I thought that it might be a good time to talk with Marc again to not only get his reaction but to ask him questions about his life as Marc Bolan and who he is now in spirit. We’ve done interviews like this in the past, but I thought the timing was good for an update. I’m going to include some cool Marc photos as well because he really can’t look any other way can he?

Diane: Marc, I have some questions to ask you if you don’t mind?

Marc: Okay ask away!

Diane: Many people are coming forward to congratulate you on your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. We’ve talked in the past about this happening someday but recently, every time I brought it up, you had a beaming smile on your face. Did you have an inkling you would make it this time?

Marc: Well yeah Diane. The probability from where I’m standing looked pretty high but there was always the possibility that it would go in another direction. But again, that looked pretty slim.

Diane: And you didn’t say anything to me because of that slim possibility right?

Marc: Diane, you know that I never predict the future.

Diane: Yes I do. So can we get your reaction to the nomination? Everyone wants to hear I’m sure!

Marc: Well, of course, I consider it a great honor to be remembered after so many years that I’ve been gone from the earth. I created Marc to leave a legacy. That was always my intention, so I’m happy that there is still my Marc in their hearts.

Diane: So I know the answer to this, but I’m not sure that others do. Do you see the other members of T-Rex who have passed over to spirit?

Marc: No never.

Diane: Why is that?

Marc: Well you know, man, we did our thing together at that time, and we don’t need to continue it over here. Let’s just say that we lived in pretty close quarters while we were in the band together and none of us have any intentions of getting together again.

Diane: Right. So you aren’t saying that there is any ill will but sometimes spirits are just done with each other and move on?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying. (He also mentioned that Marc could be extreme and he is saying that they probably had enough of him that time around!)

Diane: Do you think that you might meet up during the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame ceremony when it takes place on earth?

Marc: Yeah who knows. You never know do you?

Marc and Mickey

Diane: So what quality did Physical Marc have that was your favorite?

Marc: Eternal wonderment

Diane: You are showing me Marc looking up into the sky at night and seeing the stars. You liked to have conversations with them and thank them for being so amazing. You are also telling me that Physical Marc never gave up his love of childhood and that’s something that you still carry with you. You are saying that your sense of humour could be a bit off the mark for some people and many didn’t get your jokes. You loved the fact that you were silly most of the time and refused to let the world shake that out of you.

So once you got back into spirit, what was the first thing that struck you about being home again?

Marc: The feeling of vastness….being unlimited. I missed that while being in a human body.

Diane: What is your focus now?

Marc: My focus is on what we are doing here and our conversations with those in spirit and the Universe. I dig being able to pass them along to those on earth. Getting you back in one lovely piece here with me is another.

Diane: Aww the charmer as always! Did your life as Physical Marc go as you planned? I think that you’ve told me before that there were some surprises?

Marc: Yeah, Diane, there were a lot of surprises.

Diane: Yes but you always knew that you were going to be famous right?

Marc: Never doubted it for a second. Well okay, to be honest, I did doubt it once in a while, but I never lost the faith that it would happen.

Marc with Guitar

Diane: So I think that before you made it big, some people would just roll their eyes and think you were a dreamer right – about being a star? Did part of you ever say “told you so” to them afterward?

Marc: Well yeah, of course, and it did feel good.

Diane: Now from spirit does that still feel good?

Marc: Well yeah, Diane sure why shouldn’t it? It’s not an ego thing. It’s just that I had the conviction to stand behind what I knew I could do and what I wanted to happen. It wasn’t pleasant knowing that people didn’t believe me and thought I was bonkers. I didn’t let that stop me. (He stressed to me now and he has often in the past, to not let others change your view on yourself and what you know you can accomplish. If he had listened to them, there wouldn’t have been a T-Rex to remember.)

Diane: So other famous musicians are coming forward to say how much you deserve this nomination like Def Leppard. I know that The Smiths love you. I just watched a biography on Michael Hutchence of INXS and he said he loved you as well. So what does it feel like to know that you influenced so many other artists? That is something that you set up as well as correct?

Marc: Well yeah Diane. Like I’ve said before, Marc was my gift to the world. I came there to share and create. I knew when I was doing it, that I wasn’t going to be forgotten any time soon. It feels great to have been an inspiration for other musicians because others influenced me as Marc.

Diane: You are saying that you prefer to be known as an artist correct versus a musician or poet?

Marc: Yeah.

Diane: You are saying to me that you were a heavenly being who came down to be an artist, who rocked the world, did his thing, then found his way back home again.

Is there something about the Physical Marc that you miss?

Marc: Well Diane, other than having the physical aspects of Marc, I’m still here so there isn’t anything to miss is there? I’m Marc Plus now! I’m still Marc but with the awareness of all that spirit has to offer.

Diane: I’m going to start calling you Marc Plus now! Do you mind answering these kinds of questions?

Marc: No I don’t mind. I understand that people are still curious. I created Marc to be a bit of a mystery, a complex bloke with a lot of interests.

The fact is that many of you have been famous in past incarnations and you’ll remember them when you get over here – if you haven’t already. It’s nice to be remembered for what you did and the person you were. I’ve been regular Joes (don’t know if that’s an American term but that is what he meant) and it is a different kind of life but that doesn’t make it less valuable to me. Marc is still one of my favorites though.

Diane: Yeah it would be hard to beat him. You are a good listener now Marc. Were you one as Physical Marc as well?

Marc in Striped Pants

Marc: I could be. I tried to listen to what other people were saying to me. (He said he didn’t always have the patience though.) If it didn’t fit into what my agenda was at the time, then yeah, I either conveniently forgot it or pretended that I never heard it. Nothing was going to rock my boat.

Diane: I know that you aren’t planning on another physical life for quite a few years and not on earth. But when you do, if they have something like fame, would you do that again?

Marc: Well Diane, that’s a hard one to answer. Fame was exciting but it wasn’t the easiest life I’ve ever had. Really what is more important to me is to accomplish what I want to create and how I’m going to travel down that road.

Diane: What is the biggest difference between Spirit Marc and Physical Marc?

Marc: The biggest difference between us is the perspective I had on myself as a physical being and how I see myself in the universe now.

Diane: So you are showing that as Physical Marc, you often saw yourself the center of that universe with everyone and everything orbiting around you. It isn’t that you weren’t aware that you were part of the whole universe but your focus then was different than now?

Marc: Yeah man, people called me egotistical and self-centered and maybe I was sometimes but it was the way it had to be.

Diane: How so?

Marc: For Marc to do what he had to do in that short time, I had to bulldoze my way through life. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten the music out there.

Diane: A few days ago, you were showing me your arms outstretched and you were holding the earth in your hands. Again, this means that Marc was your present to us. So you’re saying that while others may have seen your actions as Marc to be ego driven, that wasn’t necessarily your intention?

Marc: Well let’s say that originally that wasn’t my intention and deep down, I mean my spirit self knew the truth of course. When I got into the whole rock star orbit, yeah, the human ego kicked in full force. The lines sometimes blurred regarding how I originally intended to promote Marc and what happened.

Diane: Can you be more specific?

Marc: Yeah basically I mean the drugs and the partying. That blurred me for a few years there.

Diane: Yeah but you are saying to me that you wouldn’t have done it another way right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. It may not have been the original path that I intended for Marc but that’s the choice that I made and I’m not sorry that I did it.

Diane: Any other differences?

Marc: Yeah as Marc, I wasn’t a very patient person. Now, as you know, I’m patience personified!

Diane: Well that’s the truth, Marc! You are so patient with me even if I go raving about something that we are working on that isn’t happening fast enough for me – because you understand where I’m coming from. You are so supportive. Are you saying that is another change?

Marc: Well it wasn’t that I couldn’t be supportive as Marc because I could especially if someone wanted to do something creative – or if they needed some financial help. I did help out when I could even though some people probably felt that I should have done more. I can live with that.

Diane: What do you see as your biggest similarities between the two of you?

Marc: I would say my curiosity, my love of the universe and everyone and everything in it. I knew that what we are doing now – the interconnection between spirit and humans was valid. I still dig deep.

Diane: I get what you mean but can you expand on that for our readers?

Marc: Yeah meaning that I still don’t skim the surface of things. If something interests me, I like to find out more about it.

Diane: So I’m seeing a hard drive that keeps gathering more and more information. I guess we are all pretty much hard drives even though that doesn’t sound very personal.

Marc: No it doesn’t but it’s an apt analogy.

Diane: Maybe absorbing information like a sponge would be better?

Marc: Yeah but not as accurate.

Diane: Okay so can you tell me something about Physical Marc that I don’t know?

Marc: Yeah I wet my bed when I was young. (OMG I’m probably going to get some flack for leaving that one in. Believe me I debated it, but Marc wants it left in for his own reasons so there you go.)

Diane: What!! Did I get that right? Are you just being silly?

Marc: Your guess is as good as mine.

Diane: Onto the next line of thought….fast. So you are saying that from my physical viewpoint, I’m not fully aware of all the energies that make you up. Your energy, as are all of ours, is more vast than I can contemplate. You are saying that every one of us is made of different energies and part of us could have been that person and part another. I know that you’ve told me in the past, that as Physical Marc, you were pulling information and inspiration from primarily seven different sources. You’ve since said that they were all aspects of yourself. Did you know that at the time?

Marc with LP

Marc: No Diane, I didn’t. I knew that it was coming from what I would term “higher realms” even though they aren’t really. I saw them as Gods or muses but it wasn’t until I got back into spirit that I realized they were all parts of me.

Diane: What do you draw your inspiration from now in Spirit? Do you find inspiration outside of yourself?

Marc: Well as Physical Marc, I was inspired by other artists, as you know, and wanted to mimic them.

Diane: So that is different now?

Marc: Yeah sure because even though I can still be inspired by sources outside of myself, I don’t feel the need to mimic or be like anyone else.

Diane: So I see you – as Physical Marc – soaking up all this inspiration that was around you and then you became the inspiration for others. You are telling me that you came full circle with that right? Did you complete that as Marc?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying.

Diane: So you don’t need to experience that again right?

Marc: Yeah, that’s right.

Diane: Makes sense. So people have asked me what is the difference between Physical Marc and Spirit Marc and since I didn’t know you in the physical, I have to ask. I don’t like to base anything on what I read and I try not to read anything about you at all, but at times, I do get curious. Like we said before, you showed me as Physical Marc, you were happier if everyone was orbiting around you but now as Spirit Marc, you are more content to orbit around everything else?

Marc: Yeah, so when you return to spirit, you have a different perspective about individuality. You see your connection to everything from such a vast awareness that it’s hard to focus down to an individual level anymore.

Diane: This morning, you were sharing with me what it felt like to be a rock star and what you experienced right after coming off the stage. Not having experienced that myself, it was so exciting. It was a feeling outside of this world. Can you tell us more about that?

Marc: Yeah I was saying that it’s a feeling like none other when you leave the stage after a performance. You feel the energy from the audience – the vibe from their attention being on you – and it’s like nothing else. That’s why so many rock stars and performers turn to drugs because they are trying to recreate that feeling off stage. They become addicted to the adrenaline and then “normal” life just doesn’t cut it for them anymore.

Diane: Something similar between you was that you were open to all types of people and experiences and that you are the same now. Is being in spirit different than Physical Marc would have imagined? Did you think about life after Marc very much?

Marc: Yeah man, I did think about it. I often remembered what it was like in spirit as Marc. You know that I saw spirits and weird shit happened to me, so it just added to the whole mystery. Of course, I knew there was more than just our lives on earth.

Diane: Okay but now that you are in spirit, is it even more of a mystery or more vast than you realized?

Marc: Oh yeah! It’s amazing here. I love it!

Diane: I think that you’ve mentioned that it’s limiting for you to be in a human body for too long?

Marc: Yeah that’s it. I come down, do my thing for a bit and then I’ve gotta be on my way.

Diane: So is there a particular thing that you did as Marc that you are still really proud of?

Marc: Well, my son, of course. My shining glory and my greatest achievement was him.

Diane: Oh so sweet!

Marc: Giving him life was amazing!

Diane: So when we first met up again, four years ago, your energy was much different than it is now. It’s as if you hadn’t spoken to a human for a bit of time. When I see you now, you aren’t dressed in elaborate clothing but usually something simple like a white shirt and pants. Care to elaborate on why that is?

Marc with Boa

Marc: Well again, the perspective from spirit can often be different. It isn’t that that part of me isn’t here anymore, because it is.

Diane: So why the simpler style then? He is showing me this because oftentimes, it’s better to get an image or feeling instead of putting something into words. He is saying that within himself is his creation so he doesn’t need to show it on the outside. What he created and shared as Marc is all still with him but he doesn’t need to show it outside of himself. He is saying that when you are in spirit, your energy would encompass it all so anyone you met up with, would see it at once.

Is there a song as Physical Marc that you wished you had written when you got back over to spirit? Like was there a song in the ethers that you just didn’t have time to bring down?

Marc: Well Diane, that would be regret and I don’t have many of those.

Diane: As Physical Marc, if you could have gone back in time, when would you have gone? Is that different than where you go now?

Marc: Not really. I would have loved to have visited 18th century France and the early nineteenth century as Marc.

Diane: Okay you are saying the 1920s as well as ancient Egypt because the men wore make-up.

So Marc, I know one thing that is the same for both Physical and Spirit Marcs? You were/are very sensitive which is something we have in common.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. I tended as Marc to take things very personally and I have no regrets about that. Marc means a lot to me. I loved him and everything that happened to him is very real and dear to me.

Diane: What do you feel was your greatest inspiration as Marc?

Marc: Myself

Diane: What do you feel was your biggest challenge?

Marc: Getting others to see and cooperate with my vision of Marc. It was a clear vision for me but it was getting the rest of the world on board with it.

Diane: Well that did finally happen so congratulations! Do you have any challenges now in Spirit?

Marc: Getting you to cooperate with me!

Diane: What! Okay yeah, so I do work too much don’t I? What do you feel was your greatest strength as Marc?

Marc: Knowing who I was, what I wanted to achieve and never losing sight of my goal.

Marc in T Rex Shirt

Diane: So I know we talked about this earlier, but how were you able to not lose sight of what you wanted?

Marc: Well I had my moments where I felt like giving up and that it might not happen, you know…stardom. I never doubted the fact that I was an artist but yeah, sometimes the fame seemed too far away. But I tell you, no one was more focused on that outcome than I was. It was never outside my thoughts. No matter what was going on in my life, that goal was the brightest star that I could see.

Diane: You knew that you weren’t going to be Marc for long right? I know that we’ve talked about why you left so young in the past, but is there anything else that you want to say about that?

Marc: Well Diane, I don’t know that I have too much more to add to what I’ve already said. Like I’ve been saying, I came down there as Marc to share what I had to say and reach as many people as possible. When I knew that my chance of doing that was dwindling, there didn’t seem much reason to carry on. My purpose for being there was done.

Diane: Right but you’ve said that doesn’t mean you didn’t still have things as Marc that you wanted to do?

Marc: Yeah sure I did. I pulled the plug when I did and it was the right time for me. I’ve never regretted it.

Diane: That is great to not have a regret about that I think. It wouldn’t do you any good. Do you have anything to say to the readers and your fans now that you are going to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Marc: Yeah I would like to say thank you to everyone for remembering Marc and my band after all these years. I never wanted to be forgotten and so far, I haven’t been and that does make me proud of what I created as Marc.

Diane: People still love you and your music so much!

Marc: Yeah that does mean a lot to me.

Diane: He is showing me a huge target and then an arrow that hits the center mark. So you are saying that you feel that you nailed it as Marc right? He nodded.

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January 23, 2020

Marc in Front of Audience





8 responses to “Diane Puts Marc (Bolan) in the Hot Seat with Questions about Life in the Physical and Non-Physical”

  1. Great interview, as always.
    Questions for Marc, if he wouldn’t mind…

    1.) Does he know he’s my sweet Doll Face from Heaven? (If not, then he knows now.)

    2.) Does he know he had the cutest bellybutton that ever existed on a man?

    3.) Serious question: It is made clear from these interviews that our lives are mapped out, to an extent. We come with a purpose, and a planned amount of years we plan to spend on Earth. What did Rolan gain spiritually from not having Marc around? What I mean by that is…..on the outset, it looks like pure tragedy: A child losing his father and a father never physically experiencing his child grow up. But underneath it all, there was a spiritual purpose, because this event was obviously part of a plan Rolan agreed upon. Would it be too personal to have Marc elaborate a little bit on what that purpose was and how his father’s early exit was intended to shape him?

    Thank you. 💕

    • Marc does know that he was adorable and he still is! Yes, our lives are mapped out to some extent but we can change that at any time. For Marc, he always planned on leaving early and anyone on the spirit level would have known that. Of course, that is still difficult when you get to earth as we don’t always remember what we had planned. I can’t say what his son has gained because I don’t look into another’s energy unless they have asked me and he hasn’t. I will say that Marc knew that his son would be fine (as we all are and will be) and that his entrance into his life was his greatest blessing.

  2. I think I can relate with Marc when he says he doesn’t want to do things with his bandmates. I feel the same way about my biological father in this life who really wasn’t a father to me I do plan to have a cold beer and talk with him in spirit, but after that I don’t think I would want to be involved with him in any of his or my lives going forward.

    • Well like I think we said, he doesn’t have anything but love for them, but they just haven’t felt the need to meet up. He said that he can tune into their energy, and if he wants, he can go see them. He is showing me that they look like little spheres of energy from where he is.
      It’s often good to remember that we are just playing roles down here. Who knows, when you get back to Spirit, you may find out that the spirit who is playing your Father is really your best friend!

      • Lol, if that’s the case diane I think I’ll need to check into the spirit nut house. 😏

      • Well they do have soul spas for anyone who feels they need to rest or recover from incarnations. I see you having a big chuckle with your Dad in spirit though so don’t be surprised!

  3. When I first read that bit about how we don’t necessarily associate with who we associated with in life on The Other Side, I thought it was a bit depressing, but the longer I think about it, the more it makes total sense. We have to remember that we’ve lived dozens of lifetimes.

    I seem to remember reading (maybe here or another site) that Marc is in the same situation with his parents from that life – they just don’t feel a need to be around each other now, because it was a beautiful connection, but it’s like the “contract” (or whatever you want to call it) is just done and there’s no need for more. That’s all paraphrased, but it’s the main point.

    One thing I do wonder, Diane (and I am already thinking the answer is no, from the way things sound)……did Marc at least meet Mickey and Steve “at the light” when they first crossed over? That’s what everyone thinks happens when we die – you meet everyone you knew and loved.

    • Spirit has used this analogy before in the past for this situation because they know that I can relate to it. Let’s say you are working at a company where you get fairly close to your co-workers. You go to lunch and maybe a party or two at their houses – even weddings. Then you leave that job for another situation. You stay in touch with your old co-workers for a bit, but eventually, you stop communicating on a personal level (meaning outside something like FB). It isn’t really planned but you come to realize that pretty much all you had in common was the job.
      Okay so about meeting them. He is showing me something that I wasn’t aware of so this is cool. He said that you can send “thought acknowledgments” to spirits once they pass over. Pretty much like a greeting card but in thought-form. I’m seeing Mickey looking at this screen and it holds greetings from all the souls who can’t come to greet you. Yes, it is a big party when you return home but not everyone you’ve ever known will show up. Souls know that and understand. I can see the message that Marc sent as plain as day and it says “Hey Dude! Welcome home! Peace and Love! Rock on! Marc” and there are musical notes all around it.
      When his band mates passed over, Marc wasn’t in a place that would have been easily accessible. I think that we wrote a post about where he was early on in the blog. When I started connecting to him about four years ago, he was coming out of that place but not the same Marc whom I’m speaking with now. David Bowie was the one who, when he passed over, found Marc and kind of woke him up again. He reminded him that it was time to meet up with me. A few days after Bowie passed, Marc bounced back into his Marc personality and that’s who I’ve been talking with since.

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