Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with Black Hole Energy

Black Hole

Diane: Okay Marc, so Spirit seems to want me to talk about looking at energy – you know what I do here – and to reiterate that anyone reading this can do the same thing.

Marc: Yeah it’s a gas isn’t it!

Diane: I giggle when reading that someone says mediums have a “gift”. I feel that it’s an ability and one that we all have.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right.

Diane: It’s just tuning into who you are as a Spirit. I think that some have either planned to use this ability more in this incarnation and/or they have focused on it more in past incarnations and so it’s a little easier to access. For instance, I’ve seen and heard spirits my whole life but I didn’t start to channel until about ten years ago. I took a year-long training clairvoyant training coarse which taught meditation and all I did was look at energy in my space and others for a whole year. I remember the first day of class, the instructor set us each up with a partner. She said to me “Okay, your partner has some energy in her space who is telling her this and that (I forget what it was). Who is it?” I said “Well I would say it was her Mother”. The instructor smiled and said, “Well you would be right!”. So literally, everyone in the class just came off the street and started reading energy.  It also taught me to look at what was in my space that wasn’t mine and how to get rid of it. So it’s about how much practice you want to put into it. That’s important. You won’t be proficient at the piano if you never practice.

So Marc, what are you saying?

You bring this up once in a while. You miss some kind sweet or biscuit (cookies to us Yanks) that your Mother used to make. Why are you bringing this up now? You are saying that even if you got one somewhere else, it never tasted as good as your Mum’s. Yeah, Marc, I think that’s true. There are foods that my Mom made and when I think back on it, I always preferred how she did it even though she didn’t like to cook. Marc is saying it’s because Mums sprinkle love on top of everything! Aww…you are so sweet Marc!

So Marc, is the black hole energy meeting us or are we going to it?

Marc: The energy will be meeting us at our studio because it’s a controlled environment.

Diane: Okay not sure what that means but here we go! Marc, the lights are all dark!

Marc: Yeah man, give me a chance to turn them on!

Diane: Marc, how does one go about asking black hole energy to show up at a studio?

Marc: You ask nicely Diane.

Diane: I bet! I don’t know much about them. I am what I term “science challenged”. It’s not that I’m not interested but when people start talking physics, my eyes glass over. I think I’ve read that they can be collapsed planets or stars and that light can’t get through them? I’ve always been fascinated by them though. I have asked them to present their information however they wish, but please try to keep it in the realm of what I’m able to channel.

So I see this black mist coming into the studio. It’s fairly large but I can see through it. Marc, this isn’t going to take any kind of human form, is it?

Marc: Yeah not sure but I would doubt that. It doesn’t go in much for make-up or a bouffant.

Diane: Hehe! Can’t blame it there. So what would be the best way to start this interview, Mr. Bolan?

Marc: Meet and greet – isn’t that they say now?

Diane: Right! Okay so black hole entity, I’m Diane and this is Marc (as you know). I was hoping to be able to ask you some questions. Can you communicate with me telepathically or what would be your preferred method?

They are saying that they can communicate telepathy (luckily since that’s my strong point). I’m not very well versed in what you are and how you came about. Can you enlighten me, please?

Black Hole: We cannot speak for all entities who would term themselves “black holes” but we can speak for ourselves.

Diane: Yes that’s fine.

Black Hole: To be what you are, you must first create the image of what you wish to be and then go from there.

Diane: Well yes but you are a pretty big and special being aren’t you?

Black Hole: That is correct.

Diane: So how did you go about it?

Black Hole: How did you go about being a human?

Diane: Well it isn’t that clear in my memory, but I’m assuming that in spirit I said I want to come down for a human incarnation and then planned it in great detail.

Black Hole: Ditto.

Diane: You seem so massive, so I’m just assuming that the details in your plan would have been greater than a human incarnation?

Black Hole: You do not yet see how massive your energy is then? Would that be a correct assumption on our part?

Diane: Well yes, maybe you have me there.

Black Hole: We would suggest that you do not sell yourself short.

Diane: Good advice. Thank you! Well, what I’m getting at maybe is why did you choose to be a black hole instead of another form – human for instance?

Black Hole: Now you are getting more to the point. We chose our current form to experience that which we are. To be part of the substructure of the universe in a way that we had not previously beheld.

Diane: What does it feel like to be you? Do you have physical awareness?

Black Hole: Our physicality is directly dependent on other forms of energy around us. We have to rely on them to take the form that we have and they do the same.

Diane: You are showing me images of yourself pulling energy from other planets or stars. So you are saying that part of your plan this time was to work in direct communication with other energies like yourself?

Black Hole: That is correct.

Diane: They are saying that it is very similar to humans and how we bounce off of each other’s energies and learn from that. Well, who knew that we had so much in common with a black hole? Marc, any questions?

Marc: Yeah I’m just wondering what their life review will be like?

Diane: Marc you are saying to me “Was I a good black hole and did I treat the other planets well?” You are so funny Marc!

Black Hole: Our life review will be much the same as anyone. Did we accomplish what we set out to do? Was there another way that could have worked better? Were we happy in our existence? Did we work well with the other energies that we sought a connection to?

Diane: So since I’m not that science-oriented, I requested that this information be presented in a way that would be easiest for me to translate?

Black Hole: We are pleased to accommodate this request.

Diane: Thank you! I’m assuming that it takes quite a bit of planning, as we said earlier, to take on this role. More than a human life, for instance?

Black Hole: Yes in general, that would be an assumption that would have much validity. (So their point was that though the set-up is the same, it would take much more in depth detail in order to be what they are.)

Diane: Gosh Marc, they are kind of wordy but I like them. Could you give us some idea of the planning that it took?

They are showing me an image on a grid. On one side is the average energy span of planning a life as a human and it’s about 4 inches across. Now they are showing me what it took for them and it’s off the grid and still expanding! They said on a scale from one to ten, planning a human life would be about a 2 and theirs would be about an eight or nine.

Now what I’m getting from you is that there are a lot of you taking on this form. You are saying that you wouldn’t be able to do this unless the other energies around you agreed to this and you form very close partnerships. So you have some kind of physical form?

They are saying that from a human perspective, it would be hard for me to understand what they experience, but they are going to try. I’m picturing myself in their center. I’m getting nothing but blackness and though it doesn’t feel like anything is moving, it is. Gosh, it’s making me claustrophobic a bit. It feels unusual for me to feel something on such a massive scale.

Black Hole: You assume that we are always massive, but we take many forms. We vary in size and density.

Diane: So how many are you currently in this form? I’m seeing what looks to be paramecium in water. I’m not getting any kind of number back from them Marc. Is it not a valid question for them?

Black Hole: All questions have validity. We seek to establish a connection with you that will enable you to ascertain our response.

Diane: Yes, please! Maybe I need to reconnect here? So I’m getting something like “millions”. They are saying that much like the rest of the universe, they have energies that expand and move on and that others will take their place. So I’m assuming that I am speaking with just part of you then?

Black Hole: We are the sum of the whole and the whole of the sum.

Diane: So the energy parts that make you up must be varied of course. Would it be reasonable to assume that someone who was last a dog or insect might not be a part of you? Does it take a certain amount of ascension to be you?

Black Hole: We have all forms of spirit densities which make up our sum. Some of them are learning and we help them on their chosen path. (They were joking by saying they are an “Equal Opportunity Black Hole” which shows that they went to some effort to get in touch with human language which is very lovely.)

Diane: So I could choose to be part of you next time around?

Black Hole: That would be an option that you could try if you so choose.

Diane: They are saying that it would take a fair amount of training though on my part. Marc, any questions?

Marc: Yeah so what are your main goals or achievements that you wish to accomplish this time around?

Black Hole: To feel part of the vast oneness that is the universe. To interact with energies in such a succinct way that there cannot be room for error. Precision is paramount.

Diane: So you were saying that since you have been in this form for a while, sometimes energies will come and go. Wouldn’t that upset the apple cart?

Black Hole: Being out of balance would not be within our level of experience.

Diane: They are saying that the precision needed to pull something like this off is at a very high level. There are key energies who began and will see this through till the end. Marc?

Marc: In a few words, can you describe yourself to us?

Black Hole: Precise, expansive, daring, peaceful, stoic

Marc: Is this working out for you?

Black Hole: We cannot comment on this as our experience is ongoing.

Diane: Okay so Marc, what I’m getting is that to reflect upon their experience, they would have to take stock of what has happened to them but they are in too current a time frame to do that?

Marc: Well Diane, what I think they are saying is that they see themselves as perpetual motion.

Diane: Huh?

Marc: Look it up.

Diane: “The motion of bodies that continues forever”. So if someone came up to me and asked: “How is your day going Diane?” I would stop and think about whether it’s going well or not. They are saying that for some reason, they wouldn’t or couldn’t do this?

Marc: Well let’s just say that it wouldn’t be in their nature to reflect upon something like that.

Diane: Well you asked the question, not me.

Marc: Yeah and I got you an interesting response didn’t I? Now you can reflect upon it.

Diane: Marc, you crack me up! Should we keep going? Sometimes, our guests will come back for a second or third meeting if we have more questions, but I’m not getting they will do that?

Marc: No Diane. I think that if you have any more questions, you had better ask them now.

Diane: Okay so what are the range of feelings or emotions that you possess?

Black Hole: We find that question extremely interesting. Can you put a limit on something as fluid as emotions? Is there a limit?

Diane: I guess what I mean is do you have emotions as a human would? If so, since you have so many energies that make you up, there must be unlimited emotions happening at once.

Black Hole: Let us explain more about ourselves. Though you are imagining us in your mind’s eye (and we can see you doing this) as millions of tiny energy fields that encompass us as a whole, we must correct you. We take our current form based upon the fact that we are all joined as one. We are reflections of each other and this is the whole sum or total sums of us.

Diane: Marc did I get that right?

Marc: Okay Diane, so what they are saying is that though you perceive them as tiny spots of energies that make up one large one, that isn’t how they are set up. They are a cohesive front they are telling me. So though the energies that initially joined may have been separate when they were constructing this life force in spirit, they have now all joined into one.

Diane: Okay thanks. My head is spinning. It isn’t the easiest thing to channel this kind of energy.

Marc: Okay then Diane. I think that we should call it a night then. Let’s say thank you and bon voyage to our guest here today.

Diane: Yes! Thank you so much for coming! They simply gave me the energy of bowing one’s head and off they went!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 15, 2020



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