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Mythical Beings

Diane: Marc, we’ve been wanting to do a post on what are considered mythical beings for quite a while now right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Maybe you would like to give some examples of what we will be talking about here?

Diane: Well, I don’t know…mermaids, dragons…you know.

Marc: Yeah I know them very well actually.

Diane: I know! I was speaking with a friend’s two daughters recently – both around nine years old. I asked them if they believed in dragons. They looked at me very confused and shook their heads no. I’ve known them since they were born so it’s not as if they think I’m bonkers. I don’t remember what I would have said at their age but probably the same thing. Maybe if I had asked them that when they were five, they would have said yes? It doesn’t take society long to wipe the possibility of unseen beings out of our awareness.

Marc, you sang a lot about unicorns and other mythical beings in your songs. I know that they were part of your world. Now did you believe that they existed or what?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I mean I was hip to all these realms.

Diane: Right but there is something else here. You are saying to me that you could look someone in the face and say something that maybe part of you wasn’t completely sure about but then you thought that if you said it as truth, that would make it so….especially if you wanted it to be true. What’s this about? Why are you showing me this?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s because I really really wanted these beings to be real and I did believe that they existed but on realms that we couldn’t see. I understood that there was more than just fiction in these magical places. I knew that there was truth to it all.

Diane: Yeah but from what you just said, was there doubt?

Marc: Well let’s just say that my certainty in their existence often had a direct correlation to how much of certain substances happened to be in my body at the time.

Diane: Yeah but overall you are saying that you believed in them and wished that you could connect to them more fully right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. As Marc, I was never completely in earth’s reality and I felt more comfortable with the mystical beings.

Diane: Yes I know that fantasy and sci-fi were very important to you. Can you elaborate more on why that was?

Marc: Well being the Marc who I was, escape and fantasy were paramount to my existence. I know that I saw things differently than most people around me. It wasn’t always easy for me. I made certain that I was open to receive outside the boundaries that most people set up for themselves.

Diane: You didn’t want to limit yourself?

Marc: Right! I think that it’s well known about me that most people felt I lived in la la land most of the time, if not all of the time. And yeah, part of that was a defense mechanism but part of it was also that I was so in tune with other realms and it was part of my fascination, if I’m honest.

Diane: We’ve run across unicorns, dragons, giants but no elves so far Marc.

Marc: No Diane. They tend to be rather on the shy side.

Diane: What I think is interesting is that unicorns are so universally accepted. You find statues and drawings of them all over the place yet if you asked someone if they felt they existed, they would say no. Now my thought is, how could they be so well known unless they existed on some level? Look at dragons…same thing.

I’m trying to think up an analogy for this. Well, look at telephone, radar and wifi. We don’t see the signal, but we all believe it exists. No one is out there saying wifi doesn’t exist because we can’t see it because they see the outcome. I wonder if it’s easier to believe technology exists because it’s considered human-made?

Marc: Yeah I would say for most people, it is.

Diane: But at some point, the idea for all of this technology had to be in spirit first, then in someone’s thought and it took a while to manifest in the physical. If you told someone back in the day, well I’m sure Tesla probably did, about wifi, not many people would have believed you. And another thing, if you have a thought, it’s energy so, at some level, it exists because you thought it up. Correct me if I’m wrong?

Marc: No you’re right.

Diane: So I guess for everyone, there had to come a time when you were told that no, mythical beings don’t exist. If a child reads a book about dragons, they probably think they exist until someone tells them no. This person means well, I’m sure, because that’s what they were told. The child trusts them and says well if they are saying this is so, it must be.

Once you are an adult, I think it’s time to rethink things that we have been told and to not limit our beliefs.

Marc, do you have a guest coming to the studio who can shed more light on this subject for us?

Marc: Yeah Diane, we do have a few guests lined up here who want to give us their opinions about his.

Diane: Great! Bring them on! Okay so I see a gold orb coming from the right and I’m trying to make out if they are going to turn into something else. They are saying that they are the oversoul to these beings. Marc, I’m assuming that this energy can speak to us?

Marc: Correct. It would be pretty boring Diane if I invited someone who just sat there and didn’t communicate with us right?

Diane: Yeah that’s true. Gosh just asking a question! LOL! Marc, did you want to do introductions here?

Marc: Right! Thank you for coming to the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show. Our first guest, as Diane mentioned is the “oversoul” for mythical beings but can you share your name or what you would like to be called?

Oversoul: I’ve been called Merlin by some.

Diane: Oh wow!

Marc: Okay Merlin, I was really into wizards as Marc and what powers they possessed.

Diane: Did you ever run across any human wizards? I remember seeing an interview with you where you told this woman that you saw a man who could levitate. She asked you if you could. You took a few seconds because I don’t think you were expecting that. You said “Only when I’m drunk”. You are so funny!

Marc: Well I ran across a few people who did extraordinary things but that was rare. Merlin, can you describe yourself to our readers?

Merlin: I am eclectic, unstoppable, magical, bewildering, mysterious.

Diane: I’m seeing a large cloud that keeps expanding and growing. What’s amazing is this energy’s essence is one of wonderment, discovery, expansion and wanting to uncover what isn’t normally seen. Merlin, what is your main purpose?

Merlin: To suspend disbelief in all beings. To unite them with who they are which is a fantasy of sorts in their own right.

Diane: How do you mean “fantasy”.

Merlin: I mean that all of you, everyone reading this now, is a creation of their fantasy. I come here today to ask you to reflect, to think back on a time when you were not yet who you are. Can you remember? Will you allow yourself to go back to a time when who you are now was merely on the drawing table? When your awareness was not limited and your belief in the possibilities of what you could do and observe were completely open?

Diane: So what is your relationship with these beings?

Merlin: They are me. I am them. They consider me their father, mother, son, and daughter. We are a family. I am their home. They find only love here.

Diane: Wonderful! I asked him to describe some of them and he is showing me images. I see those drawings, you know, where they connect the stars and it looks like Leo or whatever zodiac sign it is. I’m seeing a dragon, unicorn, mermaid. Oh yeah, so the gods that are considered mythical fall into his family as well. He is saying that many of the animals that we live with are based on relatives that are also part of this family. He is saying that others haven’t yet been seen on earth. I’m asking him to show me an image of one of these.

I’m seeing a horse with wings so that would be Pegasus. Something in the water or oceans? Okay, so he is saying that there are physical forms on other planets with water or something like water and there are beings that look like stingrays but are the size of whales. They can fly as well so that is kind of crazy. I think that if we didn’t have the remains of dinosaurs here, we would probably have a hard time believing they existed right?

So Merlin, how much do those in your family wish to connect to us on earth? Do they care if we open up to them?

Merlin: Yes Diane, those within my family are very eager to meet with those on earth and if fact, many of them already have.

Diane: Yes I’m sure of that. But do they feel the same as most of the ETs? They are waiting until we are ready for them?

Merlin: Those who are ready and willing to meet with my family will be able to access them. They ask that your heart be pure and full of love.

Diane: So if you are skeptical, will they not appear?

Merlin: They are not here to prove that they exist. Why would they need to do that when they know that they do?

Marc: Merlin, can you describe the vibration that your family is at? How is that different from where humans are in general?

Merlin: Yes in relation to humans, we exist at a higher vibration much like the spirit world.

Diane: So just like spirit, if you raise your vibration to where these other realms are, you can start tuning into these frequencies. Any other questions Marc?

Marc: Well I think that we are ready for our next guest Diane. I think you know who it is?

Diane: Yes I know that it’s Maddy. Maddy is a mermaid who Marc and I interviewed many years ago when we first started the blog. At the time, I remember being hesitant to post the interview because I didn’t know what the reaction would be. I wasn’t secure enough yet.

Marc: Yeah Diane. I think that’s a pretty common stage for most mediums to go through who put this kind of information out into the public.

Diane: Yeah I’m giggling over that now because I just looked over that last few titles of our posts – one was speaking with black hole energy and the other was intergalactic beings, so I guess the ship of caring what others think has officially sailed right?

Marc: Well Diane, at some point, you have to release those fears otherwise you won’t allow yourself to receive these kinds of communications.

Diane: Right! You would limit your access and then what would be the point of that. Okay, so Maddy are you still here? Yes, I see her blue orb coming towards us. Everyone on the panel tonight is going to be speaking to us via their spirit selves. So Maddy thanks so much for coming back.

Maddy: Hello Diane and Marc! Hello Merlin, my lord. (She bowed to him as a sign of respect but was quick to point out equal respect.) I am very grateful to have this opportunity to present myself and others like me to your readers.

Diane: That is very gracious thank you. Marc, any questions for Maddy?

Marc: Yeah sure. So Maddy, what’s been going on since we last spoke? Where are you currently?

Maddy: Well Marc, we are traveling at breakneck speeds not too far off the Hawaiian Islands at the moment.

Diane: Maddy, I remember you showing me last time, that in relation to the earth’s vibration, you looked about five inches higher than ours if I was to look at it on a visual level. I also remember that your group numbered in the thousands correct and that you were considered the queen?

Maddy: That is correct Diane on both counts. I am what would be termed the queen of my pod.

Diane: Right and it’s a female-driven society but there are male equivalents correct? She showed me that yes there were male mermaids but they looked more like Neptune with a trident. What would be an average day for you? What are your main objectives? Marc, what am I trying to say?

Marc: What rocks their world?

Diane: Right!

Maddy: We are beings of complete freedom. We travel where we want but our duty is to release those who are trapped.

Diane: Wait so are you saying that there are mermaids who are trapped and need to be freed?

Maddy: Yes there are those of my sisters who need our help to regain their freedom.

Diane: Well who is entrapping them? She told me that they do possess some kind of scent or hormone that others want because they believe it will further themselves in some way – like the elixir of life. So they have something that others want but they don’t kill them for it, they have to be alive to extract it. Oh no! So you travel to release those who are being held against their will?

Maddy: That is one of our main objectives yes.

Diane: Is there anything else that you can tell us?

Maddy: We are peaceful but very powerful beings especially since our numbers are so large.

Diane: So she is telling me that once you are born into one of these “pods”, it would be rare to leave them. You are forever joined in one way or another. It isn’t that you wouldn’t be able to leave, but you feel so supported and loved that there wouldn’t be a need to go elsewhere. They know that they come from the same source and that is very binding. She is saying that humans have many different sources so they may not feel the same loyalty.

Okay Marc, so I think that I’m getting tired and we wanted to cover dragons too right?

Marc: Yeah Diane.

Diane: Now we do have experience with a dragon right Marc? A few years back, I asked for help in raising my vibration and Marc sent Seamus to me. He was a beautiful dragon – so gentle – who would come every evening and take me to where Marc was. He would set me down so softly and then be on his way. I haven’t seen him in so long.

Marc: He is still with us Diane.

Diane: Oh I know. Is there anyone who is going to come to speak to us about dragons Marc?

Marc: Yes, as a matter of fact, there is!

Diane: I’m seeing an orange orb coming forward. Does he have a name?

Marc: Sure this is Efrem. He is the spirit form of a dragon.

Diane: Can you be more specific where they are? Okay, so I’m seeing that they are a bit higher in vibration than the mermaids. So that might mean that you’d be more apt to see a mermaid than a dragon I guess. Marc questions, please.

Marc: Yeah Efrem. I’ve known you for quite a while right man? I mean, we’ve been hanging out for a long time?

Efrem: Yes Marc. I would say that is a pretty fair assessment of the situation.

Marc: Most of our readers know what a dragon is but many are probably on the fence about your reality. What would you have to say to them?

Efrem: Well Marc, I can say from their human viewpoint, I guess I can’t blame them. If they choose to, I would invite them to begin opening themselves up to other realities. I would tell them that they would be amazed at how many different beings there are out there and that they are available for communication.

Marc: Yeah and this will start happening more and more when humans open up to the possibility of their existence right?

Efrem: That is correct Marc.

Marc: So what are the main objectives of dragons? What do you guys do all day? Play some rock and roll? Breathe some fire? Hang out at the pub? What’s going on with you guys?

Efrem: Well Marc, we know if some didn’t understand your sense of humour, they may feel that you were making light of who we are, but we know you too well for that.

Marc: Yeah man, that would never be my vibe.

Diane: Marc, you are just trying to ascertain if dragons have agendas like us and what they do in their spare time. What makes them tick?

Marc: Yeah that’s it, Diane. That’s what I’m aiming at with this.

Efrem: Well Marc, as you know, dragons do have agendas and they are often given specific quests that they treat as a sacred duty.

Diane: Yes I just ran across a giant who told me the same thing! Could you give us an example of one of these quests? He was showing me that dragons fly from one point to another connecting energy lines to what….make them stronger?

Efrem: Yes that is one of our many tasks.

Diane: Why would you do this? Okay, so he is saying that it’s something about timelines and connecting them so that they can be viewed more easily by those who wish to see them. Okay, so I’m not quite sure why a dragon would need to do that. Can you give me more info about that?

What he is showing me goes back for many eons because I’m seeing it covered in dust so they mean dust through the ages. He is saying that in medieval times, dragons were very active because they brought those from the dark to the light. They opened communication channels and lit the way for many to see into the future. Their fire is a way, like a torch or a beacon, to help us move from one reality to another. Wow, that’s amazing! So they show us paths to where we want to go. That’s for sure right Marc! Sam always took me to where you were and that’s always the first place that I want to be!

Okay, anything else that you want to share about dragons?

Efrem: Yes we are very loyal. We have hearts that bleed easily so if we are betrayed, it can kill us from remorse. If you befriend a dragon, they will stick by you until the end and beyond.

Diane: Gosh he is showing me what happens to a dragon when they feel betrayed and it’s so sad! Their hearts break, they go off on their own and give up their will to live.

Marc: But that is their journey and they want to take it.

Diane: Yes I know Marc but who would want to hurt a loving dragon?

Efrem: There are those whose hearts are not as pure and will use them to their advantage.

Diane: Marc, anything else that we should ask?

Marc: No Diane. I think that’s about all for tonight. You are getting tired. I would like to thank our guests for coming on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show and we wish them all the best in their travels back home.

Later on:

Diane: Gosh Marc. It’s wonderful to find out more about these beings. They are so right. If we can all tune into them, we would understand that they aren’t that far away from us at all!

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. If you go looking for them and ask them nicely to appear to you, you might be surprised at what you find.

Diane: Yes but they are telling me that they know your intentions so if your reason for communicating with them isn’t pure at heart and full of love, they will pass you by. They are not interested or need to appear to show us that they exist. They would want to make a connection to you because of your pure intentions and love for them.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s a very important point to mention here.

Diane: Marc thank you for setting up these interviews!

Marc: My pleasure, as always, Diane. Righty ho!

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March, 4, 2020


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