Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with an ET Commander About an Earth in Panic Mode


Diane: Okay Marc so what do you want to do tonight? Our ET friends have been around for a few nights and watching them is very exciting! Were you able to see if they would come on the show? They have been sending me bits of information, but I’m not sure yet who is talking to me.

Marc: Yeah Diane, I mustered up the courage and asked if they would be on our show.

Diane: Aw come on Marc! Like you have any fear about this! Are we meeting them on a ship? When are we leaving?

Marc: How about now!

Diane: Okay I’m just trying to tune into the ship. I see some kind of hatch opening for us while we approach. Maybe that’s symbolic because I’m not going there physically.

Now it looks like we are in some kind of docking station. A young female is approaching me with an iPad looking device. She is bald with a green complexion, a larger than human sized head and very small ears. She is wearing a jumpsuit.

Woman: Hello I’m Zina! Welcome aboard! We have been waiting for your arrival. I’ll be showing you around the ship. This is our Mach Four vehicle and is one of our smaller units. We use this model when we get close to the earth and are able to rebound in nano seconds. If you wouldn’t mind waiting in our holding area here, I just have some security measure to address and then we can be on our way. (She walked through a sliding door.)

Diane: Gosh Marc! She is very friendly! Now I’ve been getting some information from them already and I know that I’m connected to them somehow – very closely. I also know that I’m not going to get the full disclosure about that on this visit.

Zina came back to us.

Zina: I apologize for having you wait. If you would come with me, I’ll show you to our Commander.

Diane: Oh mega Marc the Commander! Okay so let me see if I can make out any details as we walk around. The area she took us into opened onto a park with vegetation and waterfalls, so I’m assuming this was the leisure area. There were rooms but they had clear walls so you could see what was going on inside. She took us around a circular path and then to another level.

Zina: Come right this way please. The Commander is here.

She showed us through a door onto a vast balcony that overlooked a much larger part of the ship.

Zina: Commander, I have brought you Marc and Diane.

Diane: I’m seeing a VERY tall man dressed in a long white robe with white hair and face. He gave me his hand to shake because he knows that is a custom on earth. He smiled at me. The smile was one of recognition.

Commander: Hello Diane and Marc! Welcome aboard the Lunar Mach Four.

Diane: Thank you Commander……

Commander: Telso

(For our readers, let me just say that this isn’t the first time an ET ship has visited me. They were pretty much around my house growing up. My sister saw a ship in the front yard. I remember the house was vibrating and humming one evening (and no not an earthquake in the Midwest) and both my sister and I knew it was a ship. I wasn’t frightened and went outside but wasn’t able to see anything.  I remember my Mom and Dad telling me that there was a football shaped craft that used to hover over the woods in the back of our house. They started taking their dinners out on the back porch and watched it instead of TV. This really surprised me because they weren’t the kind of people who believed or talked about UFOs.)

So Commander, can you tell us why you are here now?

Telso: Diane we have only just arrived but have been planning this trip for quite awhile. We are here to offer your planet whatever comfort we can and yes we had this meeting planned with you from another faction of yourself.

Diane: What? Oh I’m getting that I’m probably aboard this ship in another form from a different time line.

Can you explain how you are offering comfort to the planet? He said that they are giving healings that offer both strengthening our inner cores and relaxation. I asked for a healing and it was wonderful! I felt a warmness down my chest and then my aura filled up with amazing, calm energy. It felt like I was at a car wash with one of those huge brushes cleansing my aura back and forth. Commander, I know that you are not beings who would interfere with humans and earth unless you were asked.

Telso: That is correct.

Diane: You are telling me that most people may not be aware of these healings. He said anyone who has a past with them will automatically pull the energy from them and receive the healing. It’s like literally calling the Mothership.

Telso: Many beings of all races recognize our ship or ships akin to ours because for eons you have been aboard them yourselves.

Diane: Well it’s wonderful that you are here because we really do need help right now.

Telso: We are duty bound to help when called upon to do so.

Diane: So Marc told me that you are mostly Pleiadians (which I think is how I’m connected to you), but that there are beings from all over the universe?

Telso: That is correct.

Diane: You are telling me that you are not here to interfere with anyone who chooses to not call upon you for help. They told me that they aren’t the only ship like this here right now so anyone who wants to receive healings can do so. When I walked through the ship, I saw beings and yes even humans meditating in rooms. They said that they are controlling the energy of the healings.

Diane: Now Commander, you are not saying that you are healing those who have come into contact with the Coronavirus correct or that this will prevent someone from getting it if they have chosen to get it?

Telso: That is correct. That would go beyond what we will do. We are not here to save the earth. We are here to give support at this time of crisis on your planet.

Diane: He told me that an event like this has been planned by the human race since the beginning of the species – or aspects of it has. Now what I’ve been getting is this is causing physical separation for humans who are naturally very social beings. This point if very important. So although we are being distanced physically from one another the outcome will be one where we will energetically band together closer by staying strong and connecting on a level that we normally wouldn’t use.

They are saying that usually, events like this happen in confined areas – like 911 or Hurricane Katrina and though the world might hear about it, it isn’t the same as experiencing it for yourself. He said that we are not where we planned to be at this time as a race so in order to catch up, we created this to happen on a world wide level.

He said that those who are affected and passing over choose to do so at this time in order to bring about this change. Many of them were close to their exit points and wanted to let the ones who stay experience how this will affect them.

Well Commander, I’m very grateful that you are here with us. Is the entire ship helping  or just part of it?

Telso: Yes Diane, this is a special delegation of workers who come to offer healings but they also observe.

Diane: Yes I thought as much. So they are observing how we are reacting during all of this?

Telso: We are all here, Diane, to learn from each other. We are ambassadors to help regions and planets who are in distress. But as I mentioned earlier, we have strict guidelines as to what we can or can’t do.

Diane: Yes my healing gave me strength and I felt very calm afterwards. What else does it contain?

Telso: It contains knowledge Diane. Knowledge that each one of you can seek if you choose. The knowledge that each one of you receives from the healing will be different.

Diane: Yes for me, it was telling me about my past with you and that we aren’t alone so it was very comforting.

Telso: That is correct.

Diane: So what he meant by that was that I could have devised anything that I wanted from the healing, but for me, that was correct.

Diane: Great! Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

Telso: Yes Diane. I would like to say a few words to those on earth if I may. Be calm. Be at peace. This will come to pass. This was a planned event by all of you. Look deep within yourselves to remember this. Again and again, you are seeing these kinds of events that though at first, might appear to be separating you, they are actually bringing you closer together as a race. Sometimes it does take extreme measures or apparent extreme measures to make the necessary shifts that need to be accomplished.

Diane: So you are saying that there were many possibilities about this when it was being planned. If humans were at the level they wanted to be, then this might not have been as wide spread and maybe affected one or two countries. What else can you tell us please?

Telso: There will be those impacted for the rest of their lives, their livelihoods may change, some families will be torn apart but others will band together stronger.

Marc: Commander how long will you be here?

Telso: For as long as we are needed. We are here now by Diane, because she asked us to come (I’ve been asking for a ship to come beam me aboard till this is over with) and we have more that we will be sharing with her going forward. We will be traveling to other areas but will be returning in order to speak with her further.

Diane: Marc I think that you are asking something else but I’m not getting it. Can you try again? Are your thoughts being blocked?

Marc: No Diane, you need to clean out your ears! You start to panic that you aren’t getting the information and that shuts off the flow of energy. I was just asking what advice the Commander has for our readers?

Telso: Again, stay calm. Remember that this is something that you planned to happen in some form or another based on where as a race you would be at this time. Know that you will not be the same on the other side.

Diane: Right so you are telling me that at this time, it’s important for anyone who can to keep their equilibrium because there are those who will not be able to and if too many of us go to that end, it will topple the balance. I have a friend who yesterday asked me if I would take care of her cats if she and her husband died. Everyday, she thinks she is getting it. So he is saying to take necessary precautions, but don’t let other people’s panic cloud your own common sense.

Telso: Yes they may be literally closing physical borders around you but that is giving you the opportunity to open new ones as spirits living among each other.

Diane: It sounds like we are giving ourselves much room for growth here and it’s up to us in what direction we want to take that. Well this has been very interesting and I thank you Commander for having us on board.

Telso: It was my pleasure to meet you again Diane. I will ask Zina to show you out.

Diane: What was odd is that as I left, we both folded our hands like we were going to pray and nodded our heads. Obviously this is the way that we would normally say goodbye to each other. The Commander smiled at me and turned to face his ship.

Later on:

Diane: So Marc, I’m getting that there aren’t really systems in place right now that can support this illness on a global level. This is going to cause change. People are going to question health care systems and the infrastructure of their governments. Since we are social beings and are being cut off physically from each other – how will we react to this? We will start looking at the other levels that we can connect. They are saying that yes we can still connect via social media if that’s a far as you want to take it. They are saying that now is the perfect time to look deeper than that. This whole process is a way for us to reflect upon ourselves as an individual and as a race. This is your opportunity to look around your life and see if the systems that are in place around you still serve you. Is there more information that we want to receive? Are we asking why certain information is being withheld from us?

So Marc, how can our readers get a healing if they don’t feel they are connected to one of these ships?

Marc: Most people will be able to pull from the energy they get when they read what you are writing. The healing energy is written on it so it’s a signal that will look for them. It’s really all about coordinates Diane. Just tune into the vibration. You might see it as a beacon in the fog. Allow the light from the beacon to get stronger and overshadow the fog. Then they should be able to tune into the ship’s vibes Diane.

Diane: What if people say they can’t feel anything?

Marc: Well they will on some level but it may not be a level they are in tune with yet. If they go searching for the Mach Four, they’ll pick it up.

Diane: Marc, we talked to Richard, one of my guides and he pointed out how important it is to keep equilibrium as well. He said, be prepared, do your research about what is happening but use some discretion in the information that you receive. Meaning, if you are bombarding yourself with every news story, that is your choice, but check in with your inner self to see if it feels right to you. He said now is the time to start listening to yourself first and foremost. That sounds like good advice for anything that we might run across. They are saying that our energy fields will be in better shape if we aren’t struggling with panic, worry and fear.

Marc: Yes Diane, that’s what we are saying.

Diane: Right so educate yourself and take every precaution but the more fear in your space means the less of you in it because that isn’t our normal state. If you replace your energy with fear, that is certainly a choice but it is only going to weaken your immune system. So try and stay as much in your own power as possible.

Marc, I know this is leading to something else for me on my journey with Spirit and myself?

Marc: Oh yeah Diane. It’s leading to something else and what that something else is “mums the word”. (Marc says that it’s hard for him, at times, to keep information from me but it’s what I’ve asked him to do.) What we in spirit want you all to know is that you have an arsenal of love and assistance at your deposal.

Diane: That’s what I thought you would say. Marc any idea how long this will last? Can you at least give me a hint about that?

Marc: Diane, this has come for a reason and it will go when what you as a race have wanted to achieve.

Diane: Okay thanks Marc. I think many mediums are coming forward with channelled communications and I hope that ours will help as well.

Marc: Well Diane, all we can do is put the information out there and if it resounds with anyone, that’s great. If not, then it will pass them by and maybe they will get what they are looking for somewhere else.

Diane: Marc will they really beam be aboard ship?

Marc: That’s for me to know and for you to find out!

Diane: I just wanted to close this post with a movie from Marc in his last physical creation. I’ve been listening to his “Shy Boy” which accompanies the clip and I think it has some of the sweetest lyrics he ever wrote. It’s Marc being his funny, charming self and it always makes me smile when I see it. I hope it will for you as well.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 17, 2020








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  1. Hello and Greetings ♥️. This post really confirms what we all should be doing. I’m open to a healing and have been told I’ve been a part of them many times. Thank you for what you’re offering. Namaste. 🙏🏾

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