Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with a Future Human Descendent about Our Evolution

Human Evolution

Diane: Okay Marc, so what do you have in mind for tonight?

Marc: Don’t you have a few things to say first?

Diane: Yeah right! Oh first, I want to get my healing from our ET friends on the Lunar Mach Four (see our last post.) The healings are helping my chakras stay clean and spinning. If they get too sluggish and dirty, then I’ll be more apt to have foreign energy in my space. I can feel the healings work first on the chakras, then on my lung/chest area then it spreads throughout my aura. The energy is very strong and it’s been comforting to have them everyday. I asked if I should be having more than one a day but was told that one was adequate and that you don’t want to overwhelm a human body.

You know what Marc?

Marc: What Diane?

Diane: I think that a major theme in this life was me was learning patience. I know that was a big deal for you as Marc, so that’s one of the many reasons we work so well together.

Marc: Yeah, you’re right.

Diane: Our trance channeling practice that we’ve been doing on and off over the last year has really taught me patience. I jumped ship for a few months there but we are back on track now. This “virus” that is going around now is another eye opener. Like Commander Telso said in our last post, this is letting us all experience something together on a much wider scale then anything previously. It was time for us to acknowledge that we are all here together and not working together isn’t going to get us very far.

Today, I had to wait in line for about a half hour to get into the grocery store. Before this, I took it for granted that I could walk into a store with abundance and variety on the shelves. Now I feel grateful to have the opportunity to shop with limited selection and didn’t mind waiting.

I remember many years ago, a young woman I knew from Romania told me that after school everyday as a child, she didn’t go out and play like most children. She went to stand in food lines for hours in order to get supplies for her family. Now when she said this to me, I felt sad that she had experienced this but really didn’t have any perspective personally. I’m not saying that my situation is the same as hers because it isn’t. I know that eventually, most of us will get back to our “normal” lives. In fact Marc, when we last spoke, I think you said that it’s up to us how long this will last, but I’m getting as things progress, that we should be seeing more normalcy mid to late August? Any thoughts Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I think that many of our readers will feel something along the same lines as what you are saying. As for the timing, like I said last time, it’s up to the powers that be (namely us). You can’t say for certain though because the majority rules and you could decide something else further on down the line.

Diane: Okay Marc so your homework for tonight was to bring guests to the show or a topic that we could discuss that would best serve all of us now. I told you that I didn’t care and it was up to you. What have you come up with? Should we head over to the studio where we do our interviews?

Marc: Yeah, Diane. Let’s head over to the studio.

Diane: Now Marc, you really love to surprise me with guests and I’ve been looking forward to what’s going to happen all day!

Marc: Okay Diane, I know that you’re excited but sometimes, when you get this way, you overload your circuits and then have trouble bringing in the info so chill a bit.

We’ve arrived at the studio and Marc is turning the lights on.

Diane: It looks like we haven’t been here in awhile, because all of the furniture is dusty! I’ll take my seat facing you and the guests Marc. I love to get everyone’s reactions. I see four chairs so that means we are going to have three guests. Did you want to bring them in one at a time or individually?

Marc: I think that they all want to come out at once Diane.

Diane: Okay great! So this will be a panel discussion?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: So our first guest is coming out. I see an orb approaching that is about five feet tall. I’m being told that I should notice what is unusual about this orb’s energy is that it sparkles and that the colors inside fluctuate very quickly. Marc, I don’t know anything specifically about orb energy per se so what does that mean?

Marc: Gotta wait and see Diane.

Diane: So the orb energy is hovering over the first chair. The next guest coming out is a male figure wearing a spacesuit and carrying a helmet. Is that a joke? I’m trying to tune into his face. He has human features but his skin is like a very fine light brown fur! He has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! Okay so the next guest is definitely female. She is wonderful and very lively! She has these brightly colored energy tentacles coming off of her body. They are radiating out and then curling back inwards. She is telling me that these are her emotions and she uses them to sense her surroundings. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before Marc!

Marc: Yeah she’s one of a kind she is. (He said that smiling and I didn’t get until later why!)

Diane: Okay Marc, time for introductions.

Marc: I think that it would be more fun for you Diane to figure out the panels’ identities.

Diane: Yes that is fun. Let me start with Mr or Ms Orb. They aren’t giving me any idea about gender so think they are neutral. Orb Energy, what would you like to tell me about yourself and who are you? Marc, I’m getting that it’s partially about the strong will of humans?

Marc: Right…go on.

Diane: It encompasses the freewill and capabilities of the human race and how we sometimes stop ourselves from living up to our potential. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, it also contains all the wonderful things that humans have accomplished. It is showing me that it holds or can project the diversity of the human spirit. It’s showing me frailty, sorrow, hopefulness, pain, anger, fear, timidity and then goes to strength, bravery, honor, and love. It’s saying that we should pat ourselves on the back more often than we do for a job well done. Wow what great energy! I know that it has more to show me and maybe it can explain why it’s here now? Marc?

Marc: Yeah let it process the question Diane. It does have much that it wants to show you.

Diane: It wants to take me on a journey. A journey through what humans perceive as time though that doesn’t have any basis in reality. I’m seeing a baby crying in its Mother’s arms on the street (this looks like Victorian England). Then it is showing me a little girl walking through a field of wheat humming a song on a summer’s day. Then it’s showing me life on the ocean floor and how the fish and creatures there have fully adapted to each other and their surroundings. They understand that they all need to work together in order to have the best lives possible. Now what else Marc?

Marc: Keep tuning in Diane. There’s more.

Diane: Now I see a family around a simple table and one of the children is blowing out birthday candles on a cake. This looks like the 1950s. Yeah not sure where this is leading. Now I’m seeing people marching and protesting outside of a factory – coal workers who are on strike. They are fighting for what they feel is injustice and are very emotionally charged. So what is this showing me? The relationships between each one of us and the planet. How we learn from each other?

Marc: I think it’s time for our next guest.

Diane: Right! He has been sitting very patiently holding his helmet. Excuse me sir! I don’t know who you are yet, but are you really in a space suit holding a helmet?

He looked up and down his body and nodded “Yes”.

Diane: So he is telling me that he represents the human species in our far far distant future. The space suit is showing me that he traveled from earth to another planet. But why the fur skin?

Marc: That is stumping you isn’t it Diane?

Diane: Yeah a bit because it seems that humans were already hairy and then evolved to what we are now but now it looks like we turn into furry beings. Is that a step back in the evolution chain?

Marc: Why do you think that? Has the possibility occurred to you that humans may breed with other races and evolve into something else?

Diane: Well no it hadn’t but that does make sense. So the fur has evolved because humans moved to a planet with a much colder atmosphere. Do you have a name please? He is saying Thadeus. Okay so Thadeus you are telling me that you are a descendant of humans who are now on earth. Is there any specific reason that you came to speak with us today?

Thadeus: Well yes. One reason is to show you that humans are around long enough for such a thing to happen.

Diane: I’m getting that a group of humans left at some point and bred with others on a planet. Can you tell me more about that?

Thadeus: To expand their options Diane. Your earth is growing rapidly on an energetic level. Right now, more so than ever. You are seeing this expansion in the situation that you face now. In the future, there will be similar events and some will be even more extreme. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that at some point, humans will want to leave for other avenues.

Diane: So are you saying that it gets so bad for us here that we will want or have to leave?

Thadeus: That isn’t exactly what I’m saying. I’m saying that yes…things aren’t always going to be pleasant for the planet but this opens humans up to new possibilities. By the time my ancestors left, they had the ability to take ships to move elsewhere.

Diane: I’m being shown that this is history repeating itself – much like when the Europeans left to come to America. So are you saying that your ancestors were persecuted?

Thadeus: Not so much persecuted although they did not feel like they belonged here anymore. They had the opportunity to leave and did so. Aspects of your planet will keep evolving and others won’t be so quick.

Diane: I thought that the planet as a whole was working to raise its collective vibration?

Thadeus: It is Diane. Some are doing their best to wipe out things like wars and oppression, but they will still continue on some levels.

Diane: Well I’m sorry to hear that but not surprised. So you are saying that these are some of the reasons that your ancestors wanted to leave?

Thadeus: Yes and they were not the only ones to leave.

Diane: But what I’m also seeing is that they are excited to be going someplace else and have the opportunity to rebuild their lives? So did they have to leave or did they want to?

Thadeus: They had a choice whether or not to stay. They were asked if they wanted to help populate a new planet that was at the point where it could sustain human type life.

Diane: So you’re saying that they left to start a new race of beings?

Thadeus: Yeah Diane! You’ve got it!

I could see Marc waving his arms and hitting a tramborine.

Diane: So you are saying that humans leave earth to populate other planets just like the ETS did for us here?

Marc: Give that woman a gold star!

Diane: Sweet Marc! Okay so who is our next guest? She has been very antsy about sitting still and waiting. Her energy is very lively and swirling all over her body. Can I please ask your name? Oh boy! It’s another tough one but I’m getting something like Diparthia. Can you tell me more about yourself? Why did Marc invite you here?

Diparthia: Marc invited me here because he loves my energy and thinks I’m a wild character!

Diane: Well yes, that does sound like Marc. Anything else you would like to tell me?

Diparthia: Should I tell her Marc?

Marc: Yeah you can if you want. I guess it’s about time.

Diparthia: I am you in your future Diane.

Diane: What?

Diparthia: Yes we are one and the same!

Diane: Really? Marc, I thought that I said that I don’t want anymore physical lives?

Diparthia: Well I think that you changed your mind, cause here I am!

Diane: Oh wow! That’s crazy! Really Marc?

Marc: Really Diane.

Diane: Well what are we like in the future? You seem like a lot of fun. What are these swirling energies all around you? They move out and come back in.

Diparthia: They are my emotional sensors. I use them to gently test the waters of what and who is around me.

Diane: So they are like tentacles but they aren’t physical. So what I’m seeing is all energy. I’m getting that we as humans now do the same thing but eventually, as more of us develop and tune into our higher vibrations, this will be common place for everyone to not only sense but see.

Marc, are you with me in this incarnation? You had better say “yes”!

Marc: Well Diane. I think that I’ve been given strict instructions to not incarnate into another physical life without you right?

Diane: Yes as a matter of fact! LOL No more of this being at different densities. So Diparthia, what am I like as you?

Diparthia: We are fun, very vivacious and well liked. We are renown for our sensuality.

Diane: Oh well! That would be novel for sure! You are showing me books so we have studied then? What is our area of expertise?

Diparthia: Evolution.

Diane: Well that would be new as well since I’m hopeless at science this time around.

So Marc, the panel is mostly showing us the “future”. Are we going to look at the “past” as well?

Marc: Aww Diane. Do you really want to go there?

Diane: Good point! The future does seem more exciting doesn’t it? It feels like we have the opportunity to expand and make changes. Marc anything else that I should be picking up here?

Marc: Don’t you want to know more about who you are in that incarnation?

Diane: Well yes I guess so. Anything more that you can share about us Diparthia?

Diparthia: We love music and like to travel (okay that’s the same). We feel that “life is a gas” as Marc said.

Diane: So does that mean we like to party?

Diparthia: We like to be social and we enjoy expanding ourselves through others. Diane, do you consider yourself an independent thinker?

Diane: Well I think so yes.

Diparthia: Well when you are me, we expand that to a very great extent and make it a priority.

Diane: Oh good! That’s something to look forward to. Anything else? I’m getting that you want to show me something very important?

Diparthia: Yes Diane. I want to show you love.

Diane: What about it?

Diparthia? I want to show you that meeting up with Marc again like you are doing, is enabling you to grow and grow as a spirit.

Diane: Sounds like I’m heading in a good direction then? So you are saying that going forward, I pretty much toss out the idea that because someone didn’t love me, that doesn’t mean that I’m not loved and that love is out there for us all when we love ourselves first? Love is all that is important to me.

Marc: Another gold star for Diane today!

Diane: Well yes, I know that’s where I want to go even more intensely than I feel that now. I guess I’m seeing more of this in me and it’s so good to realize that I continue on with this in the future. Meeting with you today Diparthia is important for me to show myself that though I might have the chance to backtrack in future incarnations, I don’t. You are here to say that this can be true for not only me but everyone. We can choose to keep expanding and discovering who we are and want to be.

Marc, anything else that the panel would like to say?

Marc: I’ll let them answer that.

Diane: So they aren’t saying this to me verbally but telepathically. They are showing me so much love and that everyone has obstacles to overcome but that we will all be okay. Don’t think of strife or sadness as something “negative”. It does hurt, of course, when you are experiencing it but just remember that you are choosing it because you wish to expand yourself. They are reminding us that there are hiccups in every life. There will be happy and sad times (just like the Orb Energy was showing me). Within us all is the knowledge of where we came from and where we are going.

This isn’t the end of you. You go on to have fun, love, laugh and feel the wind on your face – to feel peace within yourself. They are saying to love the experience that you are having. Never doubt that it is special and that you as a spirit are loving every minute of it. Know that this is true. Be grateful for all that is around you and those you are sharing this experience with. Feel nothing but love for each other because one day you will feel in your heart even more, the full effect of what love can do.

Marc, aren’t those lovely thoughts?

Marc: Yeah Diane. They are to me. I sang a lot about love as Marc because I was in tune with the vibe.

Diane: You were! Okay great! Marc let’s thank our guests for coming on the show.

Later on….

Diane: Marc you know, as a human, it’s easy to forget or not tune into all the energies that are out there. We get wrapped up in being human. We play the role too well I think. It was wonderful to meet our guests tonight!

Marc: Yeah Diane, so that’s one of the reasons that we set this whole thing up together. You wanted to be able to remember this very thing before you head back to your life in spirit.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 26, 2020


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  1. Nice post though I’d happily give up shaving now as it’s just pointless. I’m not sure how I’d react if I met myself it’d be interesting to say the least.

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