Bolan-Beaty Boogie Solve the Riddle of the Mysterious Visitors

Turtle Beach

Diane: So Marc, our readers might be wondering why we haven’t been doing many posts lately?

Marc: Yeah, they might be wondering…then again they might not.

Diane: Well I’ve been giving you the choice of whether or not you want to practice our trance-channeling or do a regular channeling. You’ve been coming into my body straight away, so that’s been my answer.

Lately, you’ve been doing elaborate movements with my arms. Can you explain what those mean?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. It means that you are beginning to trust me and I’m able to expand more into your space.

Diane: Marc, I trust you!

Marc: But there is more to you then you realize.

Diane: What?

Marc: I’m saying that your body has trigger impulses that you aren’t aware of because they function outside of your normal frame of reference.

Diane: So they are automatic?

Marc: Yes. So your brain sends trigger messages or impulses to your body and it’s so automatic that you don’t realize anymore that you are doing it. Now when you were a baby, you had to learn all of this.

Diane: Yes I’m vaguely remembering it but more on a spirit level. So you’re saying that a baby learns to control his or her limbs but previous to that, they were just all over the place. At some point, the brain controls the movement. So you know what you are doing now in my body?

Marc: Well yes and no. I’m having to relearn all of this just as if I was a baby again.

Diane: How does that feel on your end?

Marc: Well it’s frustrating for me, at times, just like it is for you. I don’t have the human brain that you do and this is actually a highly involved, complex process.

Diane: Yes I know that because it’s taken so long and I remember when you couldn’t even move a finger.

(Marc explained that for some mediums/spirits, the process will not take as long because they’ve done it before together. Marc and I haven’t experienced this together nor apart with other spirits, so there will be a learning curve. Plus I took a break from the practice due to my impatience with the process.)

Diane: Okay Marc so we are going to do a channeling tonight. Do you have a specific topic or guest whom you want to bring on the show? Are we going to our studio or traveling or what?

Marc: Since we haven’t travelled in awhile, I thought that it would be a gas so ready to go?

Diane: Off we go! Let me take your hand Marc. Wait this time, you are standing behind me and covering my eyes with your hands. Does this mean that we are already there?

Marc: Just let your mind feel free and don’t have any expectations of any kind.

Diane: Right! So I feel like I’m standing in warm water and I can hear a waterfall close by me. Marc have we gone to the tropics?

Marc: Well kind of but not on earth Diane.

Diane: So are we on a spa spirit vacation? Taking a cruise perhaps?

Marc: No Diane, we flew here.

Diane: I’m sitting in a pool of natural water. Where is this?

Marc: Not telling! You have to be more patient and take in your surroundings.

Diane: Okay stop splashing me! It feels like night now but it hasn’t gotten any colder. The sky looks quite different than it does on earth. I see a mist coming our way and at the bottom, pairs of feet walking towards us. We have visitors Marc! Who are they?

Marc: What does their energy tell you about them?

Diane: Well they feel like they might be warriors because they are brave, strong and coming as a united front. I’m getting that they are well traveled whoever they are.

We are stepping out of the pool to greet them. I’m trying to make out if they are all the same or a mix of different beings. We sit down facing them and they are speaking but not with words. The man in front of me looks to be Native American. He is blessing our meeting. He is raising his arms in the air motioning that we are all part of this vast universe and giving thanks for all that we have and share. Others around him are doing their own blessings as well. Marc, I’m trying to see what the others look like.

They are telling me that it isn’t important to make out individual features or to figure out who they are as they have come to speak with us as a group. So you aren’t going to introduce them Marc?

Marc: Remember Diane, I’ve been giving you first choice to see if you can figure it out.

Diane: Oh right because it’s so much fun! They are looking at me in anticipation with smiles on their faces. They are so patient and giving me their support.

After a few minutes go by….

Marc can I get a hint?

Marc: Feel their energy Diane. You are trying to use your brain and that’s not going to get you anyplace here. Use your heart and send out your message that way and see what they return to you.

Diane: A wonderful suggestion Marc! I’m sending out my gratitude and thanking them for coming. I welcome anything that they want to share with me. I’m starting to feel their energy coming towards me.

I’m getting that they are a group and are together because they have a common purpose or interest that they want to share.

Marc: Okay right go on….what else?

Diane: They come from all over the universe and throughout times so they are from centuries past and future. They are male and female and anything in between. They are saying that if I walk amongst them, I would recognize many of their faces and names (they have name tags on their clothing). They say that many of them are considered by some to be demons, angels, martyrs, king, queens, emperors and gods.

Marc: What else?

Diane: I’m getting Genghis Khan is here and though he was known for his strength and power, he sits among all here not as an individual, but proud to be part of this group.

Oh gosh Marc! This is wonderful but I still don’t know why they have come?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s a tough one huh?

Diane: Well you aren’t a lot of help LOL! Marc can they send me more images or energy about their purpose?

Marc: Ask them yourself Diane. They can hear you.

Diane: They are saying that they are a gathering of individuals who were known for being singular when they lived physical lives. That is supposed to give me a hint about their purpose? It’s very relevant that though they sought fame for being powerful, that this is no longer important to them.

Wait! The Native American chief has little balls of light in his palm and he is rolling them towards me. He is saying that this will help hold the keys to the truth. He is saying that I should open them up when they get to me.

Interesting…I’m getting famine, flood, strife. I don’t understand that, but I’ll keep going. Now I’m feeling strength, power, cause, no filters, future, rebound, global….Still not getting this.

Marc: Keep reading the energy balls Diane!

Diane: Okay so now I feel like I’m lost at sea and can barely see over the waves but I don’t have a fear of drowning (unlike me in normal life). Does this mean that I’m lost in trying to figure this out? (Marc just rolled his shoulders up and down.)

Wait! Now I’ve been thrown a rope that I can feel and it’s very strong. I’ve waded ashore to the beach. I see a baby sea turtle in front of me and I know that I’m supposed to follow it. Oh my it is SO cute! Once the land starts, it’s having troubles getting over the vegetation because it is just so small but it isn’t backing down. It is so determined to show me the way.

Where are you leading me wee one?

We come to a enormous valley at night and I see a billion lights blinking on and off. This is representing all the souls on earth. I see that when some of them switch off, a little soul pops out and raises up towards the sky then another light pops on. Is this showing me how we come down into physical lives then return back to spirit Marc?

Marc: Yes Diane, but look a little deeper. There is more meaning here than just that.

Diane: Now I’m seeing energy from the heavens and it’s sprinkling nourishment and love over all in the valley. The energy is given to us and then we return with either more or less when we go back to spirit depending on our choice. It’s the cycle of life but why is it being shown to me now Marc? Is it because of what we are experiencing on earth now? Are we being reminded of this?

Marc: Is that what you are seeing?

Diane: Yes! Is there more that I should uncover?

Marc: Ask yourself that.

Diane: Yes I’m seeing that there is. Now towards the left, I see massive charioteers riding in blowing horns. They are coming from both sides! They look like Roman gods. They are announcing the arrival of something. The sparks of lights coming out of the horns look like fireworks! So all the Gods in the heavens are with us now. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before Marc!

Marc: It is pretty isn’t it?

Diane: It looks like the most glorious fireworks display that you could ever imagine! They are rejoicing in all that is and all that will be!

Okay now Marc, I’m back with the group, in what looks to be a desert. The sun is rising. The figures in the back row are turning around and walking towards the sun. Then the next line is doing the same. Why are they leaving us?

Marc: Ask them Diane.

Diane: Wait! Why are you all leaving now? I don’t feel that I got a chance to speak to you! They are saying that we did speak together. We came together as a group of love and they want us all to know that this love expands throughout the universe. Oh Marc! Isn’t that beautiful!

I see the Native American Chief stand up. He is the last one. He smiles at me and turns to go.

Later on:

Diane: Okay Marc, after a lot of sobbing on my part, I have to tell you that was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve never felt more part of the universe then I do now. They are hoping that the feelings behind the words and images of what I’ve written here will spread to all who read them.

They are saying that something as vast as our universe can always take on more love. That love is something that we can never create enough of … ever. That though we can take what we consider separate incarnations as physical beings, we always return to the whole.

Aww Marc! Thank you so much for setting this up for me! I’ve never felt anything quite like this before! It feels as if all the love in the universe just came to visit me!

Marc: Yeah you know Diane…it just did.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 15, 2020

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