Bolan-Beaty Boogie Help A Victorian Man with an Urgent Plea

History of Time Book

Diane: Since we’ve been getting into trance channeling in more depth, it’s wonderful that every time I tune into Marc’s energy now, he automatically rubs/wrings my hands together. That lets me know that he is with me, that we are connected and he is excited. It’s so much fun!

So Marc, are you ready to do a channeling tonight? It’s your turn to come up with the topic or guest. Do you have something?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I said that I would last night right?

Diane: You did. So where are we off to? Are we going to our studio (a place on the astral that Marc and I meet that looks like a 1970s talk show set)?

Marc: Let’s start at the studio and if we need to go from there we can.

(We arrive at the studio and Marc begins to turn the lights on.)

Diane: So lately, I’ve been thinking about when many mediums start off with blogs of this kind, they interview figures from history and celebrities. That’s what I started doing as well after some poetry. I love doing those kind of interviews but at some point, you want to move onto more complex topics. I think they are a good starting point though and I’m so grateful to all the spirits who have come forward to tell us their stories. Is this coming up again Marc because we are doing another one or what?

Marc: Do you want to do another one?

Diane: Well I like to do unknown energies now Marc. Is that what you have planned for tonight?

Marc: Well can’t tell but you’ll find out soon Diane.

Diane: Okay so what is my first step?

Marc: The first step is to focus on the ball of energy that’s in the middle of the room.

Diane: Where did that come from? Yep I can see that.

Marc: Just start tuning into that energy and let me know what you get.

Diane: I see swirling yellow and gold energies coming out of it. They are giving me the impression of fast, energetic movements. Not stagnant that’s for sure.

Marc: Anything else?

Diane: Now the energy has turned into a funnel…like a tornado.

Marc: Yeah, anything else?

Diane: I’m getting that this is a personality. I mean there is intelligence behind the energy. Can’t tell whether or not it is a celebrity at this point though.

Marc: Can you get a gender with it?

Diane: It feels masculine.

Marc: Okay right. Anything else?

Diane: It feels like it’s from the past – not the future. It feels Victorian because I’m hearing “Dickens”. I’m seeing cobbled streets and lots of soot in the air. So are we taking a trip back to Victorian England?

Marc: Not telling yet.

Diane: Yeah I know. So I need to focus more. I’m walking down the cobbled street now and looking into shop windows. I feel as if I’m looking for the swirling energy but in human form. Should I keep going?

Marc: Yeah if you want to discover anything else out!

Diane: The street around me isn’t clean. There is a lot of activity with people walking by and kids running past. Wherever I am isn’t the wealthiest part of the city, but it isn’t the poorest. The shops seems nice, so I guess this would be considered middle class. Can you help me at all Marc?

Marc: Well can you see the sign in front of you with arrows pointing to go to the right?

Diane: Oh yeah! I see that a bit down the street. So I’ve turned to look down the street the arrow says to go in, but it’s completely covered in fog! What’s up with that?

Marc: It’s an adventure Diane! Are you questioning an adventure?

Diane: Well yeah…I guess that I am and wondering why it’s completely fogged over! A real pea-souper if there ever was one. But I’m going to trek down the street because I know that whatever you set up for me to find is down there. It’s an odd sensation because I’m walking slowly and I have my arms waving like crazy in the hopes that I don’t run into anything. It’s completely silent here which is a sharp contrast to the bustle of what I’m hearing is “High Street” that I was on. I hear a voice say “A penny for your thoughts”. Who said that?

I can see the outline of a gas lamp down the street. I hear the noise of my shoes as they are hitting the cobbled stones. I haven’t any idea what is around me but it feels like buildings because I’m getting energy off of them. The lamp is getting larger and I see a flight a steps leading up to it. It’s been raining here. The sign on the door says “Closed”. Marc, should I ring the bell? We won’t be bothering anyone will we?

Marc: No Diane. They are expecting us.

Diane: I ring the bell and then a woman says “Be with you in a jiff luv”. I hear footsteps approaching and a lady opens the door. She is middle aged with dark black hair and a bonnet. She is wearing an apron over a dark grey dress.

Lady: So you’ve finally made it luv. Go ahead in. He is waiting for you. Mind the cat’s bowl while you’re walking down the hall.

(I turned to look at Marc who just motioned me to go inside. The woman turned right into a room and shut the door.)

Diane: Okay Marc, this is an interesting journey you’ve sent me on tonight. I was getting “Percy” earlier whom we’ve spoken to in the past, but this doesn’t look like his curiosity shop.

Marc: Why don’t you just walk down the hallway and find out?

Diane: Let me get used to my surroundings first. Damn! I just stepped on the cat’s water bowl! Do we need to clean that up?

Marc: Someone will get to that.

Diane: This house isn’t opulent by any means, but it has a very homey feeling. All the doors to the rooms off to the side are closed which means I don’t need to bother with them. I remember that when we visited Percy, we went through quite a complex maze so this can’t be his place.

Marc: Would you just go down the hall to the next room?

Diane: Okay already! (Marc gets so excited when we do things like this because he is so anxious for me to discover everything! He is like a kid in a sweet shop.) So I see a door at the end of the hall which is closed. I’m not seeing inside yet but get it’s a laboratory of some kind. I know that there is a man in there somewhere but can’t see anything. So once I step in, I see that it has been converted to a lab, but used to be an atrium. You know.. you’ve seen them in period films where they housed exotic plants and people sat in wicker furniture smoking pipes? So this man has obviously turned this space into his lab.

Whoever I’m supposed to find isn’t in the room though. He is out in the garden. I see a man dressed in a white lab coat and a young man is speaking with him. When he sees us, the young man stops talking and walks away. Oh gosh Marc! Who is this man? He smiles at me, a bit nervously, and extends his hand. Okay I’m going to take a few breaths here because this feels important. I’m not the best with names, but I’m getting something like Franklin Brownlow or is it Richard Brownlow? I’m getting both names. Very nice to meet you! You must know Marc already? Should I call you Franklin, Richard or Dr Brownlow?

Wait! Now I’m getting that he wants to be called Richard? Which is it Marc?

Marc: Okay Diane. I know that you often panic with names a bit, but just stay calm and you’ll get it.

Diane: Can someone just put an “R” or a “F” in front of me please? Okay so I got an “F” so his name is Franklin Richard but he prefers to be called Richard. He says that he was named after a grandfather whom he didn’t like so he uses his middle name. So Marc, why are we here with Richard? He must have something to say to us right?

Marc: I imagine so Diane. Why don’t you ask him.

Diane: Well Richard, Marc has sent us here for a reason, but at this point, I haven’t a clue what that might be.

Richard: Well let’s sit down and get more comfortable.

(He leads us to three white wicker garden chairs that obviously used to be inside the room before it was converted.)

Richard: So Diane, actually the reason that I sent for you is that I need information that only you can find for me.

Diane: What? Really? Right I’ll do whatever I can to help, of course.

Richard: For the past few months, I’m been getting not visions necessarily, but glimpses into the future.

Diane: How do I fit into that? Are you asking if these visions will happen? You seem highly nervous now the more that you speak.

(At this point, I was starting to feel the pressure build up. There must be a question that he needs answered or some kind of confirmation that he is seeking from me. Neither Marc nor myself like to do any kind of predictions though because the information can always change, so I thought this was very interesting that Marc had set this up.)

Okay Richard, you are sending me images of what you want to say because sometimes that’s easier for me. I’m seeing an eclipse happening quickly. Now I see glitter falling but I think it’s actually stars. Marc, not sure I’m getting this correctly?

Marc: You’re on the right track Diane. Keep going…

Diane: Okay. This is quite the puzzle! I’m getting something about earth and gravitational pull so it’s almost as if the earth is being dragged somewhere but at the same time, this doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe I should go back to talking? Okay Richard, I’m sorry. Thanks for the images but I think it’s better if I speak at this point. If this is some kind of confirmation that I need to give you about something that is going to happen on earth, I think that might be a bit out of my league as I’m not a scientist.

Okay so he is saying that earth is symbolic of what he wants to show me. What does that mean? Well I’m not giving up. I know that he really wants to tell me this but Marc, in order to save some time, can you give me a hint?

Marc: Diane, you have the information right in front of you.

Diane: I know that he is asking me an important question and at this point, he is actually pleading with me to get this. That makes me feel even more nervous.

Marc: Yeah…well…it’s really important to him.

Diane: Right now, I can’t even hear what he is saying. I can see his mouth moving but no words are coming out.

Marc: You have the answer Diane. Just give it some time.

Diane: Marc can you help me here a bit please?

Marc: Yeah sure. I don’t want you to get frustrated. How would you like the info sent?

Diane: By images I guess. Okay so I’m seeing the eclipse again but now I’m moving into deep space and everything is black. I see meteors flying by but everything is quiet. I’m just floating about space now. I think that I’m supposed to be looking for something? Yes Richard is saying that he wants me to find something for him.

Okay I see it! It’s a book! It’s just floating up ahead Marc! It’s very large and it has a brown leather cover. It looks to be very old. I want to approach it, but I’m having a hard time floating close enough to it. It isn’t easy to control where I’m floating. I can sense that there is something written on the cover. I’m trying to inch closer to it and now my physical body is moving forward as well, which is silly. It says “The History of Time” on the cover! What could that have to do with Richard?

The book is opening by itself and these wonderful gold sparks are flying off the pages. So I’m sensing that it will turn to the chapter or page that I need to find. I see a bookmark made of precious metal, but I can’t see what the page says yet. Marc, can you help me go a bit deeper here?

Marc: Yeah Diane. Just take a few breaths and align yourself with the energy of the book. It already knows you and it’s a patient book so don’t worry.

Diane: Right! Richard wants to know what this page says. Is it a formula that he needs to access to make something for the future? If it’s a complex formula, good luck with me being able to read that. Gosh Marc! What if it’s a formula for a vaccine and if I can’t get it, I’m going to feel very bad! For some reason, I’m getting that this is personal for him. It’s information that he needs to access for himself. Gosh this one is interesting!

“Swansea!” What about Swansea? That’s a place in the UK I know. Okay so now I’m getting that something is going to happen in the future and whatever it is, is important to Richard. He has been getting feelings about something bad happening and he wants to try and prevent it. What I’m seeing is a carriage carrying his wife and toddler son going over a bridge and something goes amiss. There is something wrong with the bridge. It’s unsteady, in fact, there is rotten wood and I can see a support beam is cracked. The heaviness of the coach and horse can’t support it any longer. The leaders of the city know that the bridge is an issue and needs work urgently, but they are lining their pockets with the money needed for the repairs. They are also using the money to champion their own causes.

Richard, so I’m seeing that your wife is headed to a charity event at the “poor house” when this occurs and….wait a second! He goes off running! He said that he knows what I’m talking about and now might be able to prevent it from happening. He is saying that he can’t thank me enough.

Oh gosh Marc! He asked us to come here in order to find this out for him as he wasn’t getting any details – just a foreboding about something!

Wait though! We had to be speaking with him on the spirit level, so if that is the case, surely he could have found this out for himself? Marc is telling me that yes, we have been speaking with him on a spirit level and the meeting with him happened on the astral. But…Richard isn’t aware of this on a physical level. He is accessing this information in his dreams! So what spirit is telling me is that he asked for help about this foreboding. I was the one who came to answer it for him. He won’t remember me but he will have access to the details if he wants to get them. So spirit is saying that it’s up to him now whether or not he will discover the details that I found for him. They are saying that he can now see the information in his dreams or in a vision and that since there isn’t any time, this is actually happening in the physical now for Richard in Victorian England!

Wow! What a wild thing to happen Marc! I’m so glad that I was able to help him! I hope that he retrieves the information for his family. I have to admit, I was getting in a bit of a panic because I knew that the information needed from me was very important. But I knew that if I gave myself time, I would find it for him.

Marc: Yeah Diane. You came through for him. Now you can go and have your cup of tea!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

May 21, 2020

PS Afterwards, I found a photo of High Street in Swansea from Edwardian times.








6 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Help A Victorian Man with an Urgent Plea”

  1. I think it’d be fascinating to read about a past life that a person used to be if for nothing more than just curiosity. Good thing you didn’t step in the litter box 😁

    • Oh I agree! I love biographies and learning about decisions that people made in past lives. But we have done quite a lot of those already and it’s more of a challenge as a medium to step into the unknown literally and see what you can find. Gosh glad too it wasn’t the litter box but now I’m wondering if Victorians even had them for cats?

      • It must be fascinating to be a medium and probably rewarding too. I’d definitely love to try a life as a medium though after I master patience.

      • It is so much fun to do this work and it’s very rewarding when I can help other people. I haven’t mastered patience yet so that isn’t necessary. In fact, doing this has helped me have more patience because spirit and/or many of the processes that I use can’t be rushed. In fact, Marc and I were working on trance channeling again tonight and he said my body just needs the repetition of movements that we are doing and it can’t be rushed. So I can get frustrated when I feel that things are moving too slowly, but he tells me all the time that it won’t help me. So I have the choice to let it go and allow or not. It’s getting easier.

  2. I wonder if you have a connection to Richard as part of your larger self? Or any other idea why you were the one responding? Can you find out if his wife escaped the Accident? Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Yes I agreed to help Richard out and I remember setting this up with him. He put a lot of trust in me that I would respond when the time came and that’s why Marc made the point of saying that I came through for him. As there are multiple timelines happening all at once, it depends on the timeline that you want to look at to find out if his wife escaped. I
      looked at one where she did, but I’m sure there are others where she didn’t and they agreed to play it out that way.

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