Bolan-Beaty Boogie Look at the Energies that Make Us Unique


Diane: Hey Marc! So what do you feel like doing tonight? I’ve been thinking about doing a post about the energies that make us unique. What’cha think?

Marc: Well Diane, I think that’s a topic that you’ve been wanting to look at for awhile because you keep bringing it up. Let’s start with that.

Diane: So usually when we meet Marc, I see your image just as you were in the physical. You change your clothes but your hair is pretty much the same. Sometimes you say you’re going to be Marc circa some year but generally, the image you show me is the same right?

Marc: Yeah right Diane.

Diane: Once in awhile though, it’s as if you didn’t pull that image together fast enough. I see different colored energies coming from the left and right and joining up. I know that this is done on purpose so I can see this. In the past, you’ve told me that when you were physical Marc, you pulled from seven different energies. Later on, you told me that these energies were actually the components of who you are!

So I thought that it might be interesting to look at these energies as I’m not sure that everyone is aware that is what is making them unique onto themselves. Sound interesting?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I think that’s a pretty cool kind of thing to look at.

Diane: Hopefully this information will give our readers a few pointers to help them look at their own energy. Once of the reasons that we are doing this blog is to empower people to do this kind of work on their own. It’s one thing to have a psychic reading but it’s another to work the energy yourself. I love having and giving readings, don’t give me wrong because everyone benefits from them. But the real work comes when you start doing it for yourself. That’s when the changes happen. Okay so where would be a good starting point Marc?

Marc: Well why don’t I pull myself back from the image that you are seeing now and show you those seven colors again. That way you can take a closer look and ask them questions.

Diane: Well first off, the energies feel very calm and are moving slowly. I see a green on the top left hand side, yellow, purple, orange, red…really all the chakra colors. Would that be about the same for everyone Marc?

Marc: Probably although, of course, you are going to get varying shades. For instance, it may look like orange to you, but the shade is so unique to me that you probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out of a book.

Diane: I’m being shown the Pantone color books that I have.

Marc: Yeah so in order to pull myself together as Marc, it’s critical that the “shade” is exact each time. If it’s off, then I won’t line up right.

Diane: Interesting! So now the yellow is changing from light to a shade of gold. The energies are merging together but still stay separate. You can tell that they are very familiar with this arrangement because it’s like clockwork.

Marc: Yeah I’m used to being me now Diane.

Diane: I hope so! I hope that you don’t mind if we use you as an example Marc?

Marc: What?

Diane: As an example? Do you mind?

Marc: Guess not.

Diane: I’m going to tap on the green energy and see if I can communicate with it. Do you mind?

Marc: No Diane. I’m interested to see what it says myself.

Diane: Silly as if you didn’t know!

Marc: Yeah but you never know what mood that section of me is going to be in today.

Diane: So while I’m doing this, I’m ascertaining if these energies will present themselves as personality traits or what? Like is this green section moody Marc or happy Marc? Get it?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s a strain on my intellect, but I’m keeping up with you.

Diane: Oh stop already! We are just having fun here you know.

Marc; I know! I thought that you would be used to me teasing you.

Diane: Oh believe me….I am.

So off the top, yes these energies are much more complex than just simple personality traits but in order to see them in their full depth, it would take some sleuthing. I’m going to take a deep breath and see what it shows me.

I’m getting things like “deep thinker” so I’m wondering if that’s just my own brain trying to make sense of the energy as it might be something that’s not easily recognizable. I’m going to turn off the logical mind, if I can, and use my other senses here.

I’m asking the energy to describe itself to me and if it can communicate. For some reason, not getting anything much from the green. The purple is lighting up as if it’s saying “Speak to me instead! I’ll talk” so I’ll move over to it. Hello purple Marc energy, what can you tell me about yourself? Marc, can this part of you not communicate with me?

Marc: Yeah Diane it can. Don’t try rushing me so much.You are always five steps ahead of yourself.

Diane: Yeah, ain’t that the truth. I’m seeing multiple gold rings inside of each other and they are making pinging sounds. Each one is reverberating off the other. Marc, you are saying that these rings are communicating with each other. That this is their form of language. Now that’s interesting that this energy was showing itself as purple, but all I’m seeing inside is gold!

Marc: What else are the rings showing you?

Diane: They are showing me strands of DNA so their function is to hold structure together? Well it isn’t structure because it isn’t physical or 3D but it’s what is binding the energies together. It’s saying this is important because, if like you said, these exact energies don’t join up perfectly, you wouldn’t be you. This energy is important for making you uniquely Marc.

Marc: Okay go on.

Diane: The blue energy is lighting up and wants to have its say now. This energy is completely different. It’s wild and I see sparks ricocheting off of each other. It’s a wild frenzy but it’s beautiful at the same time. I’m asking for more information. I’m seeing “lofty thoughts and ideals”. So this has to do with your imagination, fun loving and “outside the box” thinking which describes you rather well Mr. Bolan!

Marc: Yeah this is my fun bit.

Diane: Does any of these energies overlap with physical lives in the “past” or what we term “past lives”?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it does.

Diane: So some of these energies are telling me that I’m familiar with them from lives that we’ve shared in the past.

Okay so let me look at the orange now. I’m seeing a ball bouncing up and down in a specific pattern so unlike the blue, it has an exact direction. This one is a little more difficult to get information on. Another few deep breaths. This one is saying that it does like to merge with the yellow energy but that would be normal for you. I’m seeing waves in an ocean and how powerful their energy is. Though it is forceful, it’s very delicate. Does that make sense?

Marc: It does.

Diane: This is very ancient energy. When the wave crashes, it changes its structure. So these energies are constantly changing Marc?

Marc: They are. You don’t stay stagnant, because where would the fun in that be?

Diane: No where. Now the red is popping up. This one feels even more different than the rest! This one isn’t approaching me readily. It’s standing off to one side. I’m getting “remote, private, shield me”. Very interesting. Let me do one more! How about going back to that elusive green energy? I’m going to try it again and see if I can pry its secrets out of it!

What does “Hop Along Cassidy” have to do with it? What does that mean?

Marc: Not telling.

Diane: Bronco busting? Is this your inner cowboy? Okay I think this is the part of your playful side who loves taking adventures and playing character parts (more on that later).

Now you’ve told me in the past Marc, that there are six different energies that make me up?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane.

Diane: Now what I want to know is why do I have one less than you? Does that mean anything in particular?

Marc: No Diane. It just means that it only takes six energies to make up who you are.

Diane: Well can I add one more? Just kidding….

Marc: Well not technically no Diane because you’ve already created this character. That doesn’t mean that you can’t expand the energies that you have here.

Diane: So with every thought, action or reaction that I have, these particular energies are expanding. They never retract do they.

Marc: No Diane. Nothing in this universe retracts. It’s always expanding.

Diane: Right! Things may feel like they are but that would be an illusion. Can you give us an example of that?

Marc: Well let’s take, for example, someone who decides to withdraw from society. In some way, that would appear to be a retraction because maybe they partied and travelled all over the world?

Diane: Like a rock star who shall remain nameless?

Marc: Now they stay in a room and never see anyone or go outside. This is a simplified example.

Diane: But keep going because I’m seeing your image clearly….

Marc: What are you seeing?

Diane: I’m seeing a person in the tower room of a grand castle. They can’t see outside because the windows are too tall. The figure isn’t sad though. It is smiling and saying that it is expanding its imagination. It doesn’t have to leave the room because it is a magnificent creator and it is creating its reality from where it is now. Wow that’s wonderful!

Marc: See anything else?

Diane: Oh gosh…let me look. I’m seeing swirls of other energies coming into the room. These are energies that the figure is familiar with and close to. So I guess though the figure appears alone, it can never be.

Marc: Sounds good. Where next Diane?

Diane: I think that we were looking at my six energies and wondering why you had one more than me? We don’t have to go into what makes me tick, but I’m hoping that our readers have an idea of what they can do if they want to look at their energies for themselves.

Marc: Diane, what impressions struck you the most when you were looking at my energy?

Diane: Well I guess the constant movement and that each energy had its specific task. I’m hearing they have their own “paths”. It’s really dawning on me how elaborate the whole energy system is that makes us up and I’ve just skimmed the surface. I could sit here all day and keep drilling down in your energy Marc! Well I have to say that I’m glad that you created these energies because otherwise, we wouldn’t have you!

So Marc, we’ve been playing around on the astral lately huh?

Marc: We have.

Diane: One afternoon, during work I might add, you started sending me images of an old west town that we decided to call “Boogie”. You were sitting in the corner of the saloon with your cowboy hat over your face looking adorable I might add. All I could see were your dark curls. Your name is “The Kid” and you were tossing a coin in the air. You are the mysterious stranger from no one knows where. You never speak but you observe everything that is going on around you.

So who am I going to be? I played around with this a bit. School teacher? No. Saloon girl? No. Bartender? No. I thought about being the poker card shark but that meant being in one place all the time. Then it hit me! Stagecoach driver! They are free to roam and are always moving fast – never staying still. I have dust on my boots and call no place home!

Boy Marc, we are almost shady characters here hehe?

Marc: Well that’s the fun of doing something like this Diane. It’s the same as creating the person you are now.

Diane: Well I hope that more thought has gone into that! There is only one hard and fast rule in Boogie. Everyone minds their own business and those who don’t are booted out the swinging saloon doors. More likely than not, they’ll end up with a tumbleweed in their face before hitting the ground. I wonder if we’ll be bringing others into town Marc?

Marc: You never know Diane do you?

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 1st, 2020



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