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Nectar Making Beings

Years ago when I was looking for answers for events that were happening in my life related to past life connections, I started getting psychic readings. I knew that there were more to these encounters than meets the eye. I remember getting a reading from the Director of a local psychic/spiritual center. He was checking out my energy and said “You know, you could be doing what I’m doing, giving readings within six months if you wanted to.” (I started giving readings within five months.) I knew that I could see and hear spirits. I had notebooks of messages that I had channeled. He said “Are you aware that your telepathic abilities are off the charts? (Other abilities, yeah..not so much LOL). I can see what you are doing, but I can’t figure out how you are doing it. I’ve never seen anything like this before!”. That threw me for a loop and I had mixed reactions. Was he telling me I was a freak or was this time to do something about it?

I decided to do something about it. If you are ultra sensitive, it’s a good idea to take charge of this ability. I knew that I had energies in my space that I wanted to kick out, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I eventually learned and never looked back. This memory came back to me when I was doing this post. I still don’t know how I’m doing it but one of the reasons that Marc set this up for me was to show me that you don’t always have to understand in order to feel and enjoy what you are doing. Marc is often reminding me to throw that “damn logic” out the window.

The previous day, I had asked Marc to pick out a new adventure for us that involved traveling.

Diane: Okay Marc, it’s been a while since we’ve taken a trip. I’m not sure that I remember how to do it? I usually take your hand and off we go right? But wait, do you have a place picked out or would you rather stay home?

Marc: No let’s go somewhere, Diane.

Diane: I’m a little nervous because I haven’t done this in forever!

Marc: You’ll be okay Diane. Just take my hand…

Off we go!

Diane: Marc so I can feel you on my left but so far, I’m seeing nothing but black. I must be rusty.

Marc: Well Diane, you think that you are rusty so hence you are my dear. Just relax and let things flow. Chill man. You are overthinking.

Diane: Per usual, I know…

We are traveling through our usual tunnel in space but all is still black around us. I can feel sparks of energy flying off of us though so we must be going very fast. Our light fairy protectors are flying with us. They are so wonderful! We’ve stopped now, but I’m still getting nothing but black.

Marc: It will come to you, Diane. Just take a few deep breaths and relax. You are safe you know.

Diane: Oh yeah I know that. Marc, do I need to raise my vibration to be where we are now?

Marc: No Diane. You’re high enough.

Diane: Funny! I kind of wish that I was right now! Just kidding. Okay, Marc so now I’m seeing a path so obviously, I should follow that.

Marc: Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road…

Diane: Exactly. Thanks for singing that to me. I see a sign up ahead with an arrow that points to the right. Great! Something obvious and clear. I feel like we are in a maze of some kind. Are we off to see a wizard Marc?

Marc: Well that’s always a possibility you know Diane.

Diane: You think I was kidding? Now here is a sign that says turn left. Up ahead is a flight of stairs that leads to a sandy beach. Usually, some kind of vessel shows up about now to take us to our next destination. Yep! Here it is. It’s a wee pirate ship. Very cute Marc!

Marc: All aboard!

Diane: Are you the captain Marc?

Marc: Doesn’t matter to me. You can be captain.

Diane: Yeah but I don’t know where we are going!

Marc: Okay then I’ll be captain. You can be captain on the way back.

Diane: Sounds fair. The light is getting a bit dark and I can see clouds up ahead Marc. Are there rough seas ahead?

Marc: Not unless you want there to be.

Diane: I don’t want rough seas! Marc, why are you looking through that telescope?

Marc: I have to make sure that we are on the right course. (He wet his finger and put it up to the winds.) It appears that we are exactly where we should be…

Diane: Marc! I see rapids up ahead! I thought that we were in for smooth sailing!

The rapids ended up being very small when we crossed them. Marc pulled the boat onto a shore.

Gosh who are we going to meet? I feel like it’s a group, not an individual.

We start walking on a rocky path. It is very quiet all around us. Then I hear something that sounds like large birds honking, but I can’t see them. We are in what appears to be a tropical paradise so not complaining!

Marc: What else are you picking up?

Diane: Well I’m getting the impression that the temperature is hot but I’m not feeling that which is odd. Maybe that’s just because that’s a human expectation?

Marc: Yeah leave all expectations elsewhere Diane. They won’t do you any good here.

Diane: Or elsewhere for that matter.

Marc: Now take in your surroundings again.

Diane: You’ve already said that, so it must be important?

Marc just smiled.

Okay yeah, some figures are running along beside us in the bushes. They are small and fast like monkeys but I can’t see them.

Marc: They are scouts.

Diane: Scouts? What kind of scouts?

Marc: You’ll see.

Diane: We are coming to a clearing and I can sense the energy of a lively group. But…no one is there! Surprise! Where are they, Marc? I know that there are others here with us.

Marc: Maybe they are playing hide and seek?

Diane: Really? We’ve come to see them and they are doing that?

Marc: Call out and see if anyone answers.

Diane: Worth a try I guess. Hello! Is anyone here? Home? I’m hearing rustling in the bushes. Are they shy?

Marc: Could be.

Diane: Oh right! I keep forgetting. This is where I have to discover everything on my own and you won’t help right?

Marc: You said it. I didn’t. Work the room, Diane. I had to do that when I was Marc. I had to get the crowd on their feet!

Diane: Yeah but I’m not a rock star and I don’t have your charisma. I’ll try again. Hello! I’m Diane and this is Marc. We’ve come to see you. Can you please show yourselves? I don’t know where we are exactly but you have a lovely home. I would like to meet you. Marc, did you tell them to hide?

Marc: Maybe.

Diane: Oh gosh! Okay, so they are giving me visions of what they look like. They are very short and wide – about two feet around. They move slowly. Marc, are they ever going to come out?

Marc: Give them time. They are’t used to meeting “aliens” like us.

Diane: Now I’m seeing colored lights coming out of the bushes and they are the shape that I was describing earlier. I see a bright blue, pink, green, and yellow. It’s almost as if they have little legs but they are floating instead I think. Who are they?

There are now about fifty of them standing in front of us. I can sense the energy of a leader or spokesperson to my left. Now I have to see about communicating with them.

Oh gosh, Marc! One of them is going off or buzzing!! Is that bad?

Marc: It’s a form of expression Diane. Calm down.

Diane: Oh! So it wants to express something to me?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: I wonder what it wants to say? Maybe it’s a welcome? I have to figure out a way to communicate with them because my usual way of telepathy doesn’t appear to be working. You knew that all along didn’t you Marc!

He just smiled.

They are waiting patiently until I figure this out. Ooh Marc this isn’t very easy!

Marc: Well not if you feel like it isn’t going to be!

Diane: Right! Attitude change starting….now! This is very easy! Gosh everyone, thanks very much for your patience while I sort this out. Marc, any assistance now would be appreciated.

Marc: You were hitting on it Diane just now when you were thinking to yourself.

Diane: What was I thinking to myself? I was thinking that they are some form of energy where the color they are presenting is extremely important to who they are. I’ll try tapping into one of their energies to see what it shows me. I’m getting super calm, wise, friendly. They are telling me that they live in groups, large groups and they call them “pods”.

I’m asking if their particular color means anything? I heard a giggle from one of them in the front and that’s all. Okay then what kind of energy forms are you? Galactic energy forms? What does that mean?

They are telling me that they are a pod of physical beings who have a very high work ethic. What kind of work do you do? Nothing yet about that. So I’m asking if whatever they do affects the earth? They answer that since everything is connected, that yes, in some form what they do affects the earth but not directly.

I see a few of them jumping over each other like they are playing leapfrog! Is that supposed to be telling me something or are they just playing? I’m not sure that we’ve come across beings where my usual form of telepathy (whatever that is) doesn’t appear to be cutting it. It’s a great experience though. It feels like I need to learn a new language on the spot. Marc any help or do you want to be here all night?

Marc: Time doesn’t mean shit to me Diane, so I don’t mind.

Diane: Yeah right. Oh, this is so sweet! One of the pink ones is floating up to me and I feel that it wants to touch my leg. I think that it wants to help me connect?

Marc: It wants to get your permission to touch you.

Diane: Ooh that’s so sweet. Yes of course! I’m getting water type energy flowing from many different routes and then converging onto one big body of water. This is telling me that to survive, they are dependent upon each other. So whoever they are, it’s vastly important to them that they live in these colonies or pods. They are telling me that if you put one into isolation, it would die of a broken heart. Aww.

I keep getting images of bees making honey. Now, why is that? Okay, so they produce some kind of nectar. Do they consume it themselves or do they trade it? It’s a form of energy and yes they produce it and it’s very much in demand. They don’t consume it themselves. It’s an elite or high vibrational form of energy. Marc, how do you know them?

Marc: I get around Diane.

Diane: I’m trying to get a name for them but that can often be hard when it doesn’t translate into a language. It’s something like Phamions? Where are they located, Marc?

Marc: In a galaxy far far away…

Diane: Oh boy! Marc I haven’t tried to communicate with their leader or representative so I’m going to try that now. Hello! I’m Diane. It’s very nice to be here and I thank you for your kind welcome. May I ask who you are? She feels female (even though the others didn’t appear to have genders) and says her name is something like Lyria. She doesn’t appear to be of the same race. I ask her how long they have been in existence?

Lyria: Time cannot be counted here. They have always been and will always be.

Diane: She told me that she wasn’t their leader but more like a protector. I ask if this is based on birth or what and she pointed to her heart. So she is saying that they have chosen her and she feels honored to be in this position. I ask if there is anything that they would like to tell us about themselves?

They said that the community is everything to them. I ask if one of them would go off by themselves but that would not be understood here. They have free will but this would never occur to them. She said that this is the first time that they have communicated with someone who is physical on earth and they are very excited! They are so adorable and I tell them that I’m excited too!

I ask her if the colors they are showing mean anything? She said yes they do as that is their form of expression. The color that they choose to present shows the individual’s personality, mood, history – pretty much everything can be read in its color.

Marc: Diane, you are getting tired.

Diane: I know but I don’t want to leave! I want to find out more about them! Once Marc said that though, they turned around and started walking back to the bushes. Lyria said that it was time for them to continue their work. She bowed her energy to me, wished us joy and a safe journey home.

Back home…

Diane: Gosh Marc! That was wild! I had to figure out a new form of communication and I’m not even sure what I did! Can you give me more information about them?

Marc: Do you need more information about them? You got what they were about right Diane?

Diane: Yeah I guess so. You mean their inner selves right vs what they “do” and why they do it? Yes, I did because they shared it with me from their hearts. I guess I was just thinking that something like that is hard to put into words.

Marc: Well Diane, our readers can feel the energy in your words and your descriptions so it’s up to them if they want to tap into their vibes.

Diane: Good point Marc. Well, I loved meeting them! Did you have anything else that you wanted to say about them?

Marc: No Diane. Nothing more needs to be said here.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 7, 2020


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