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Elements Painting

(Okay, folks so here is another post that takes me a bit of time to figure out what I’m looking at so please bear with us.)

Diane: Hey Marc, earlier today I asked if you could round up some guests for a panel discussion tonight? Did you find anyone? Let’s head off to our studio! Marc can I take your hand?

Marc: Sure Diane!

Diane: Oh gosh Marc! I see cobwebs all over the set! We haven’t been here in quite a while. (For those who aren’t familiar with us, Marc has created a 1970s era studio set for us to talk with guests.)

Marc: No we haven’t.

Diane: We have to come more often. This is horrible! Do the lights still work? Did you pay the energy bill?

Marc: They are solar Diane.

Diane: Oh! I feel like I need to hoover before we can have guests here. I think that the studio missed us, Marc. It was lonely.

So I’m going to take my usual place opposite you Marc and the guests. Now let me see how many chairs you’ve put out. There is one for you and four off to your left. I don’t know who you’ve invited or even what the topic will be.

Marc: Yeah Diane. I’m keeping all that a secret from you. (Sometimes I get a hint of what he has in mind and other times I don’t. Marc loves surprises!)

Diane: So right now, I’m seeing cardboard cut-outs of figures in the chairs. What does that mean? Are you just being silly? I’m tuning into the vibe of the room and the energy levels that we’ve set up for tonight. Okay, Marc, I’m ready to take down whatever is going to happen tonight!

I’m hearing music! Have you written a theme song for the show? You have! I’m trying to pick out the tune. It sounds brassy with horns and violins at the end. Very dramatic. So I’m feeling the energy of it more than hearing the actual tune. It might take me a few times. Melodies aren’t often that easy for me to pick up.

Marc: It’s flashy Diane.

Diane: Huh?

Marc: Slick….you know.

Diane: Oh! So I’m just waiting to see who comes out. Are you at least going to tell me the topic for tonight Marc?

Marc: Do you want to know it or guess?

Diane: I’ll guess. Marc, you look adorable! You have on a blue velvet suit but a Marc Bolan suit – not a usual suit. Do your shoes have flowers on them?

Marc: Yeah you like them?

Diane: Yeah love them! Now I’m hearing a drum roll so I hope that means a guest is coming out. Sometimes they walk out in a disguise so let’s see.

So the first guest looks like a ball of energy and it’s spinning very quickly. It’s making me dizzy!

Marc is everyone going to come out at once?

Marc: Well one after the other. They want to make dramatic entrances.

Diane: Well so far, so good! Okay so who is next? I’m getting the word “pattern”. So I’m seeing what looks like pieces of black and white dominoes that are changing places with each other. I’m being told that the placement changing is very important. Okay, next guest…

Not getting anyone Marc. Am I not connecting to them?

Marc: They haven’t come out yet!

Diane: Oh! Okay, so water. I’m getting the sound of water rushing and seeing vapors rising from it. Next guest…Sunshine! I see a glowing sun that is sending out warm comforting rays and then it turns itself around and it’s the moon. Wow! What an eclectic bunch we have here Marc!

Now I have to figure out what their connection is or are they going to tell me that?

Marc: It’s up to you Diane. Do you want to play Sherlock Holmes or not?

Diane: Yeah let me try to figure it out. I’ll start asking some questions. Guest #1, you came out like a rolling ball of energy and you are still doing that in place. Can I tune into your energy? He said yes. He feels male and I’m getting he is an interdimensional being. He is now appearing as a VERY tall male figure that looks like he is made out of quicksilver. I saw sparks flying off of him when he was a ball and I’m asking him why. He says that he is composed of “dynamic elements”. What does that mean?

The next guest…so who are you with your domino pattern? The pieces are changing places with each other very quickly. I’m not getting much about you but I can tell that you are smiling about still being a mystery to me. You have a good sense of humor. Do you have a gender? Are you spirit, ET energy, or some other form of energy? I’m getting that you have something to do with binding/aligning and arranging energies together.

Okay next guest…you were presenting yourself as water and/or some kind of vapor form. You are telling me that you are always changing and searching for a new way to be. Everything that exists is constantly changing…everything is fluid.

Marc, so we have a common theme I know here, but I’m not quite getting it.

Marc: Yeah so keep going.

Diane: The last guest was on one side the sun and on the other, the moon. So are you representing the planets? I guess I’ll start with some questions.

Marc: At least that would be a beginning!

Diane: Don’t start with me, Marc!! LOL

So are you all representing a cycle that you want to show me? I got a unanimous nod from of all them. Does this cycle pertain to humans only? No, they said. I’m getting “regeneration” and “creation”. So they represent these actions but how?

The silver guy is showing me minerals flowing like gold and silver. He says he is representing physicality.

The next guest is the domino pattern and they are all about placement. Now I’m getting that they also have something to do with not time, because that’s an illusion, but structure but not in the 3D sense. It’s showing me Marc, its relationship to you, and giving me “1960s”. Is it saying Marc, that this one is important to you because it helped formed you as Marc? Your placement with the era was very important for your awareness and who you wanted to be? The pieces all had to fit into place exactly. So, Marc, the guests have more than just regeneration in common. They are actually aspects of creation?

Marc: Getting closer Diane.

Diane: Okay so let me look at guest Number #3 more closely. You are showing me fluidity in the forms of water, gas, and vapors flowing from one place to another. You are emotions and how they flow from one incarnation to the next. You are stacking one layer on top of another and interweaving them like a basket. It’s saying that this energy stays with you in all incarnations.

The last is the sun/moon guest. Again, I’m getting warmth, illusion, the cycle of life, mystery, day/night, ying/yang. Am I getting closer, Marc?

Marc: Yeah but you are still missing an important piece to the puzzle Sherlock.

Diane: Oh gosh! It feels like I am yes. They are showing me a string that attaches them all together. There must be something that I’m missing! They are lining up and going under a limbo pole! What does that mean? Dancing? They are dancing? They want me to see an important connection that I’m missing right, Marc?

Marc: Yeah didn’t I say that about ten minutes ago!

Diane: Stop! You aren’t making this easier! Do you think that I should ask more questions?

Marc: If you think it would help.

Diane: Okay so is the connection that I’m missing an emotion? Is it energy? Does every form of life have it? They are saying yes. Is it love?

Bingo! So they are saying that in every molecule of every form of creation, at the root of it – the main ingredient is love? So love is the binding ingredient to everything that exists? It’s what creates us…why we create new forms. It’s what is holding the universe together?

Okay now I know that sounds kind of woo woo – even for me Marc!

Marc: Well it might sound woo woo but that’s their message to you.

Diane: Right but there is more to this message. They are telling me that I have to look deeper. They are showing me the smallest, most minute particle that could exist in this universe and the energy flowing from it is pure love. They do mean this literally. These aren’t just words that they are telling me.

Everything exists because of the joint efforts on all of our parts. We hear all the time in spiritual dogma that yeah, we are all “one” but they want to show me just how this works.

I keep getting “collaboration” so if you look at the person sitting next to you, you can truly say that you had a hand in their making and they can say the same about you. “Interlinked” is another word I’m getting. So what they are saying is that we are linked together more than we probably understand. The system that created us is so complex that at the level we are at now, it’s going to be hard to understand. They are telling us to “start peeling back the layers” one by one and find ourselves in all of this. We could spend a whole lifetime just tuning into and delving into the energies that make up our universe.

Marc, did I finally get their purpose for coming here?

Marc: Do you feel like you did?

Diane: Yes I understand it in my core being, but I’m not sure that I was able to put it into words. When I look at an atom, for instance,  I see the word “love” stamped on it and that is what is radiating out.

They are saying that this isn’t a message, per se, because we don’t need to be preached to but they want to share their “sense of being” with us. Well, thank you all for coming to the show! (They are slowly floating off the stage.)

Wow Marc that was amazing! I get what they are saying! Even though we all hear about “being one” with each other, that doesn’t even begin to explain what the reality is about how we are all connected. They told me that everyone will have their perception about this but if you look deep, you’ll be able to discover that literally the one spark of creation that started us all is love.

Wait Marc you want to say something about elements? Elemental Child? Yeah, that’s one of your songs you wrote.  Marc always teases me about this. Somehow, and I don’t remember saying this to him, he calls all of his songs that he did while he was in Tyrannosaurus Rex his “hippy” music because of something that I said to him. He says “don’t bother listening to that one Diane. It’s one of my “hippy” songs and you aren’t going to like it”. What about that song Marc? What? So you are saying that the lyrics to that song were based on you tuning into the post that we just did? Since there isn’t time, you tuned into this post as Marc in the physical and got your inspiration from it but at the time, you didn’t realize it? Wow! That’s amazing!

Elemental Child

Torch girl of the marshes
Her kiss is a whip of the moon
Dawn’s damsels are dancing
To the hum of her sunny young tune

How, how
Elemental Child
How, how, yeah, yeah
Elemental Child

Gems hemmed in the heart’s head
The shield of the rivers is hers
She once told me to think white
And the night disappeared like a bird

How, how
Elemental Child
How, how, yeah, yeah
Elemental Child

Hold the glove of gold behind you
Love the love of Truth

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 16, 2020




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  1. Hi Diane my name is johnny i only just discovered your page and am finding it all very interesting to say the least. I have just suffered the loss of a child which has left me in darkness so i am always looking for validation of an afterlife. Before my sons passing i guess you could say i was ‘on the fence’ about it. After many books and videos i am starting to believe that indeed there IS life after death. (That may be because i am desperate and HAVE to believe, i dont know)

    Anyway – i was always a BIG Bolan fan, (make that a ‘fanatic!) from back in the beginning, and i often wondered why Marc has never put in an ‘appearance’ because ive searched many times across the years for articles pertaining to such things, and never found anything – until i found your channel! Marc was always such a larger than life guy and it kinda feels inapproprate that he, of all people, should keep quiet about whats happening about life after death! Reading through the articles here, i must say that it sure sounds like Marc, the way he phrases sentences and certain things he says. Its all incredibly interesting and mind-blowing stuff, so thank you so much for creating this page

    It would be an honour if you could mention me to Marc! Tell him i was actually in a T.Rex tribute band once (as mickey finn, playing congas and occasionaly second guitar) and to this day i play his music constantly. Please tell him from me also that i consider ‘Thunderwing’ to be the greatest 3 minute pop song ever written in the history of music!

    Do you do private readings Dianne? if so i would love to have a reading with you at sometime. If not, thats ok. I just wanted to get in touch here, say hello, say thanks, and wish you health and happiness always


    • Hi Johnny,
      Thanks so much for getting in touch! I’ve always known that there is an afterlife, but then I’ve been seeing/communicating with those in it since as early as I can remember. It’s truly our home versus where we are now. Our physical lives are just a drop in the bucket with all that we have experienced or will.
      I haven’t read very much about Marc when he was physical or have experience with how he spoke etc. I didn’t even know who he was until he popped in years ago. I only know my experience with him now but I’m glad to read that his tone sounds familiar to you. And as you can see, he does have a lot to say! Marc isn’t one to keep his feelings to himself that’s for sure! The reason we are doing the blog is that he wants to help us expand our awareness if we want and to know that you can still connect to him. He LOVES to talk about his music. I did pass along your message to him and he said “Yeah thanks dude…cool”. He said that he doesn’t often get messages about “Thunderwing” being someone’s favorite, so he enjoyed hearing that. You can speak to him as well whenever you want. You don’t have to go through me. He does send little messages in various forms to people. I was shopping in a store and I said to him “let’s see if you can get your music played before I leave” and sure enough, as I was checking out “Get it On” started playing. You could say yeah that’s a coincidence, but stuff like that happens between us all the time. He is absolutely the sweetest guy I’ve ever known and I’ve been with him for many incarnations. I’m sorry but I don’t do private readings right now but never say never I guess! Take care! Best Diane

      • Hey Diane thanks so much for getting back to me! The more i explore the concept of an afterlife the more i’m becoming in tune with the idea, and thats saying something being as i am one bitter and twisted old cynic haha!

        Yeah your blog has really captured me, and you saying that you never really knew much about Marc and his work compounds that because, for sure, the way he speaks on here sure does sound like him. Not that i knew him personally but like i said, i was (and still am!) a HUGE fan from back to the tyrannosaurus rex days in the late sixties, and ive read dozens of interviews and watched dozens of videos of the man talking. Everyone has a certain style of speech and marc for sure had a way of talking, a way of phrasing things – and what im reading here sounds just like the kind of things marc would say by way of expressing himself. Its blowing my mind actually!

        What you said there about marc not getting many messages about ‘Thunderwing’ being their favourite also rings very true – cos the song thunderwing was actually a B-side of a single and never released on an album till recent re-masters/re-issues. Of all the songs ever released, nothing reminds me of that period of time (early 70’s) more than that song. In fact it brings tears to my eyes every time i play it. Its an incredible piece of spiritual, uplifting music. Marc was such an INCREDIBLE talent. so under-estimated. I LOVED all marcs big hit singles of course, but such was the extent of this mans talent that he had the best of all his songs relegated to b-sides and probably didnt even know himself how great they were!!! (the other favourites of mine are ‘raw ramp’ ‘lady’ ‘the king of the mountain cometh’ – all b-sides!)

        Yeah you can say i loved Marc. I was devastated when he died. It was a shocking thing. But he will never be forgotten. He has left a legacy of music that uplifts people to this day and actually he is one of those rare artists (like hendrix) whose music actually transcends mere music and becomes something much bigger, much more spiritual. Sorry im waffling on a bit here! but please let marc know all this!

        You know i grew up in hackney, London too like marc and even played football against his old school, northwold road! (though Marc was a dozen or so years older than me) curious that you said that ‘you dont have to go through me to reach marc’ – even though i was and am a great fan of his i cant see how or why he would ever come through to me because obviously we are strangers (though it would be great if he could!) so im happy to just read your blogs and be a part of his continued life in that sense. Its a wonderful thing you are doing and its so great to know that marc is living on and thriving in the afterlife.

        Like my boy, who was a deeply sensitive and artistic boy and of whom i always had a strange feeling that he was an ‘old soul’ – its plain that marc was too. A great spirit who burned out quick but left such magic behind him. Unfortunately my boy never lived long enough to really fulfill any potential he had (except for the great effect he had on all who knew him) But hey – while he was here i played him plenty of marcs music and he loved him too!

        Thanks again for this site Diane and for all youre doing. Bless you.


      • Hi John,
        So glad that you are enjoying the site! We’ll be coming out with another post next week I hope.
        I didn’t realize Thunderwing was a B-side. I agree with you 100% about how amazing Marc is and that no one was or ever will be like him. He does realize how great his songs are actually. HEHE! Sure he tells me that some were stronger than others, some were works in progress that he didn’t get to complete but he loves them all because they were his creations. He is joking with me now that he did nick bits and pieces from others but didn’t everyone. He is terming that “inspiration”. LOL! I’ve been listening to some of his unreleased songs and I like them better than some of the ones that got released.
        Marc still talks to me about being under-estimated and I think that we even talked about it in a post – not only by the music industry but by people in general – even people he knew. He wrote the music to express himself and left it as his legacy to us so he gets really excited – just like a kid – when he hears now how much people still love his music. He does get the positive energy from that so you never know when he might send you a nod. This is really important to him – he doesn’t want anyone to be sad that he left when he did. He accomplished what he came to the physical to do and he is happy now.

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