Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit a Hidden Civilization in Marc’s New Toy!

Rocket PictureMarc has a new toy!

Diane: Marc, are we going to the studio or taking off from here? Wait! You are saying that we have a new mode of transportation? It looks like a wee spaceship! Where did you get it?

Marc: I created it, Diane.

Diane: Does this mean that we will be able to go further afield? Can you fly it?

Marc: Yeah of course! I’m calling it the Bolan Boogie Space Machine.

Diane: Where are we off to?

Marc: Oh no Diane! That’s a surprise.

Diane: Of course it is. (We are in the ship and Marc is fiddling with a bunch of gadgets.) Marc, you are like a little boy with his first toy!

Marc: Yeah I wished that I had this when I was growing up as Marc!

Diane: Marc we were talking about this a few days ago. About the fact that if you can imagine something, you can create it right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: For instance, though we might not remember this now, we planned and imagined our physical lives that we are focused in now. So it’s the same when we get back to our energy lives as well. We can create whatever we want but it just wouldn’t be in this 3D atmosphere.

Marc, you’ve taken us to so many wonderful places already. I guess it only makes sense that we would have a ship at some point. Are we ready for lift-off?

Nothing happens…..

Marc, it doesn’t appear to be getting off the ground. Can you use some more force there? (Marc appears to be struggling with some devices.)

Marc: It’s working Diane! Just give it a chance!

Diane: Well it sounds like it’s straining.

Marc: It’s just tuning into the space vibe that we are creating.

Diane: Oh! So Marc, this ship feels like it has an intelligence even though it is a mode of transportation. It feels like it is interacting with our thoughts?

Marc: Yeah Diane, of course it is. I wouldn’t create something boring, would I? It has to be fun and magical. In other words, what most would consider impossible. I have a term for these kind of things “Bolansque”. I’m into the seemingly unbelievable Diane. You gotta dig down to get to the interesting bits of things. Surface sweeping has never been my bag.

Diane: We know that very well Marc! Okay, the ship is taking off and picking up momentum!

Marc: Yeah here we go now!

Diane: Oh gosh! Marc is having the best time! He has a new toy and anything that involves travel in the universe makes him so excited! His face is just lit up!

Okay, Marc now that things appear to be running smoothly, can you tell me where we are going?

Marc: That’s for me to know and for you to find out Diane.

Diane: Why do I even bother to ask? I feel like we are in the Willy Wonka movie where Wonka takes the kids down a tunnel in this boat and it’s a wild ride. You don’t appear too crazed though Marc.

Marc: Yeah well not right now at least!

Diane: LOL! So Marc, DID you create this because we are going further away than we normally go?

Marc: Well I thought this would be good for yeah, having that option. But it’s also just a hell of a lot of fun, isn’t it?

Diane: It is indeed!

Marc: Okay coming in for a landing!

Diane: We are. I can’t see anything but blackness out there!

Marc: You’ve gotta open up Diane.

Diane: We’ve stopped. We must have landed somewhere. Oh gosh, I’m excited but a tad apprehensive Marc to get out of the ship!

Marc: Why?

Diane: Well you know what we’ll find but I don’t.

Marc: Okay abandon ship, Diane. (Marc goes to open the door latch.)

Diane: I’m wondering if there will be some form of light? Will there be vegetation or barren land? Will we be on the surface of a planet and see stars all around? Marc, you go first.

Marc: Chicken!

Diane: Yep it’s dark here but I see a tunnel up ahead. The air feels very cool which is surprising because I don’t normally feel anything weather-related when we take these trips. It’s not a tunnel maybe but a cave? Is this another portal to somewhere else Marc?

Marc: Not telling Diane. I don’t know how often I have to say that?

Diane: Obviously a lot. Marc, you’re carrying a torch (flashlight). Where did you get that?

Marc: It was in my pocket. A good pirate always comes prepared Diane.

Diane: Wait! I’m getting a sensation in this cave that is very eerie, spooky you know.

There is something very particular about this cave. It’s more than just a portal to somewhere else. It’s got more going for it than that. Okay now Marc, I’m not going further until I figure this out. There is something special about this tunnel – now what is it? (Marc just mimicked putting a zipper over his mouth and kept walking.)

Marc you just popped some of your energy into my body, so I’m hoping that will help raise my vibration a tad to help out here.

Okay, so I’m getting that this tunnel is special because it can take you to places that are hidden or not generally found. Maybe I’ll get more about that later. So wherever we are right now Marc is way way off the beaten track. It took quite a bit of planning on your end to find this.

Now I’m hearing a wailing that sounds like…what is it….oh yeah…the song of the siren. Isn’t that what is used to lure sailors to their doom? Oh gosh!

There is someone following us Marc because I can feel them off to the right. She is female and appears to be watching and/or guiding us to our destiny. I’m tuning into her energy. Wow! She is amazing! A very very old energy. She is in fact welcoming us and I think this might be her land or a place that she oversees. I know that she can see us very clearly Marc. (Who is just smiling at me throughout this whole thing!)

Marc: Diane are you done figuring all this stuff out because we are coming to the end of the cave?

Diane: Well no, I don’t think so Marc but we can keep going. I’ll just continue typing what I’m picking up.

There isn’t a door but we turn a corner and I saw a light so bright, it stopped me in my tracks! I can hear Marc saying to someone “Yeah let’s hold off a bit here. Diane needs to adapt to the new surroundings.”

I can feel that Marc is here with me but I can’t see him. I truly wouldn’t be surprised if I opened my eyes and saw the whole cast of a Wizard of Oz standing in front of me knowing Marc. He loves this kind of thing.

The bright light changed into a fog. I feel the presence of many energies standing in front of me but cannot ascertain who they are yet. So far, they look like balls of silver energy floating in space and they are lined up in a row. Marc, who are they?

Marc: They want to meet you, Diane.

Diane: That’s lovely! I’m excited to meet them as well. They have the same appearance but I can tell that they have different personalities. What I’m trying to get Marc is this the way they look or am I not seeing their true appearances yet? Sometimes that takes a while to kick in?

Marc: So many options Diane!

Diane: Well Marc, they don’t appear to be growing legs or heads so I suspect this is how they look – at least to me. Usually, a being would have evolved into something else by now. I’m still feeling the female energy who met us in the tunnel. Will she also be coming to greet us?

Marc: Yes here she is.

Diane: Wow Marc she is just beautiful! What I’m seeing is flowing black hair and something that resembles a green gown. Everything about her is swirling and she doesn’t have any ending points. The ends of her energy just fade a bit but doesn’t stop if that makes sense?

Marc: Diane can you stop thinking for a bit and just meet her?

Diane: Oh gosh that is rude of me, isn’t it! I was getting a name that sounds something like Lemeria or Lemuria. Wait isn’t that the place that some feel was there and sunk and some say was never there? Anyway, that’s what I’ll call her.

Lemeria, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m not sure where I am but the energy here is very welcoming. If you have anything that you would like me to share with our readers, please let me know.

Lemeria bowed her head towards me and extended her energy (like an arm) to showcase the other silver beings with her. She is a very impressive presence and Marc keeps bringing more energy into my body which will help me keep up with them.

She is telling me that she and Marc have known each other for a long time and that I know her too but can’t remember. I do though because her energy feels familiar to me.
She is introducing the silver ball energies to me. Yes, who are they please? They are key members of the society here – very much like city officials.

I can’t make out anything behind them yet, so I’m hoping that is the next port of call for us. And yes, the line of silver balls part in the middle, but all I can see is more fog. Do they exist in this fog?

They are correcting me. This isn’t “fog”. They prefer the term “mist”. The word fog implies cloudy, unclear vision but that isn’t the case here.

So they are telling me that each individual creates their existence which they are quick to point out, is the same as we do on earth. What I’m being shown that in this mist, one could create Victorian London, a desert with camels, a wild west town, or a futuristic city. I’m asking how does this work? Would that be separate experiences or do they join each other in them?

They say that their existence is one in which they only support one another. Okay yeah, that does feel a bit different than earth then, unfortunately.

Marc, we haven’t been hearing much from you lately. He says he isn’t going to say anything right now and wants to give me time to take down my impressions.

They are coaxing me to try this myself. Right! I’m floating down a long, calm river in a boat. There are snow-covered mountains all around me. My hand is gently touching the water as I go. They are saying that they will come into this scene now with me if I would like. I say yes but wonder how they will do that as I’m quite a ways from the shore and can’t imagine how they will work themselves into the scene?

All of a sudden, I see a large bird flying overhead! That’s one of them! Next, a fish pops its head out of the water! Another one of them! I look to the shore and there is one of them as a deer! As I look down the river, I see another boat ahead. They’ve done it but not by the means that I was expecting! Wow it’s crazy!

So they are saying this IS similar to earth! We come into physical lives with beings like and unlike ourselves all day playing roles and joining us in our story. So yes, we aren’t, of course, the only ones in the universe doing this. They told me that one day physical humans will be creating at this level.

They told me that being in peaceful and supportive energy all the time might seem like a bore to some but there are other places that they can go if they choose to experience something else. Did I get that right Marc?

Marc: Yeah what they are saying to you Diane is that they choose to exist in this society but there is an agreed-upon frequency level that they must adhere to while there. It isn’t allowed to drop for the good of all.

Diane: Yes that’s what I’m getting. If someone wants to experience something else, they are free to do so and won’t be judged. They told me that they might not be allowed to return to the whole until adjustments to their energy are done, but they will always be accepted back to the group.

Wow, Marc! This has been, yet again, another amazing journey! Thanks so much for taking me here! I can’t wait for us to take another journey in the Bolan Boogie Space Machine. I’ve been working on raising my vibration and I think that it is paying off. The ship is a sign that I’ll be able to access new places! Yay!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August, 18, 2020


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