Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with George Harrison & the Mystic Traveler On the Secret Knowledge They Wish to Uncover

GHPainting(FYI: Although George does speak a bit about being in The Beatles, his reasons for coming today dealt with what he is doing in spirit so no sad faces please.)

Before we get to our guests today, Marc and I had an interesting conversation about souls and their interactions with human bodies. We have been working on merging our energies on and off for quite a long time. Diane has gone from elation to frustration and everywhere in between.

Diane: So Marc, tonight felt very interesting. I’m getting the impression that you must have had a very short torso because that is what I’m feeling now. I’m petite as well but yours is still feeling shorter than my own. Interesting and your energy did feel a bit different tonight?

Marc: Well you are relaxing more Diane which is good. When you are tense or worried, I can’t get in very far because your sensors are preventing me access.

Diane: Really? I didn’t know that I had sensors?

Marc: Well you do and they do a great job of kicking my arse out of your body.

Diane: Gosh well I’ll talk with them to tell them to stop. The nerve of them! Why are they doing that Marc? I’ve told my body that it’s okay to allow your energy in.

Marc: Yeah it doesn’t give a shit about that Diane. Your body is in defense mode. It’s doing whatever it can to keep me out.

Diane: Still after all this time? That’s crazy!

Marc: Well if you think about it Diane, it isn’t. The more I get in, the more defensive it becomes. At some point, it will give up when it sees I’m not backing down and wish it no harm.

Diane: So Marc, I don’t get that because aren’t I the one in charge of this body?

Marc: Well you would think that Diane but look at it this way. You are a team – your body and yourself. You are a partnership if you prefer. You agreed to work together and it feels like it has the same rights as yourself.

Diane: Well…that makes sense.

Marc: Yeah so when you say that you are taking a hike, it doesn’t understand and thinks that you are leaving for good and that will be the end of it as well.

Diane: Yeah but after so long, doesn’t it realize that I’ll be back once you leave?

Marc: It doesn’t have the same intelligence that you and I have Diane. It survives on instinct much like an animal. Think of a lion defending her cubs – something like that. She is going to fight to the death to defend her young right?

Diane: Yeah but I’m not the young of my body. I’m just someone who is like a renter right?

Marc: Yeah but it feels that you are reneging on the deal, Diane.

Diane: So are you saying that I can’t reason with it, Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s exactly what I’m saying to you. You aren’t going to be able to reason with it as it doesn’t possess logic.

Diane: So is it kind of dumb?

Marc: No Diane, it isn’t dumb. It is a perfect machine. But when you think about it, it is a machine after all and it wasn’t given the choice of logic.

Diane: Okay thanks, Marc. This is making a lot of sense. What can we do to get around this?

Marc: That is part of why this has been slow going, Diane.

Diane: You’re saying at least for me? For someone else, it could have been much faster?

Marc: Yeah sure depending on the situation. But in most cases, this whole thing takes a fairly long time. You’ve been in charge of that body for so many years and it likes the status quo. It’s as if a new tenant is moving in the building but he hasn’t paid rent or signed an agreement.

Diane: So my body is saying that you don’t have any right to be in it?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Now we knew that when we were planning this in spirit – that this particular body was going to put up quite a fight.

Diane: Then why did I take it?

Marc: Because it was the one that was offered and it served your other purposes.

Diane: To help going forward, I need to stop saying “Marc you aren’t really in my body?”

Marc: Check!

Diane: I need to stop worrying about it.

Marc: Check!

Diane: I should stop feeling discouraged.

Marc: Check!

Diane: I should stop giving up.

Marc: Check! Staying as positive as possible will help and try not to tense up when my energy is coming into your body. Part of that is your body’s reaction to what it sees as an intruder but the more you loosen up, the more it will realize that maybe it doesn’t have so much to worry about.

Diane: So Marc are you saying that the stumbling block right now is my body? Anything else that I can do?

Marc: I think that’s enough for now Diane. Just stick with that and we’ll see how it goes.
And now for our special guests!

When I met with Marc last night, Harry Nilsson was visiting him. I asked if he was going to be the next guest on our show.

Marc: No Diane, he doesn’t want to be interviewed for a couple of reasons. He realizes that he isn’t as famous as some of our other guests and he doesn’t have any interest in talks in the afterlife. He said his life as Harry wore him out and he is fine with not talking about it again.

Diane: Fair enough Marc. Okay, let’s go to the Bolan-Beaty studio to see if we have any guests. The lights are out Marc. I remember that the last time we came, there were cobwebs and dust all over. It doesn’t look so bad. Have you come and tidied up?

Marc: Diane, does that sound like me?

Diane: No not at all. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else around? Do we have any guests coming?

Marc: I don’t know Diane. I can hear some sleigh bells off in the distance. Can you hear them yet?

Diane: What? Is Santa coming?

Marc: Maybe others might arrive by sleigh?

Diane: An explorer?

Marc: Nope try again.

Diane: Are you having fun with me, Marc?

Marc: Yeah maybe just a little bit Diane.

Diane: Well I know that someone is coming to see us, but you are pulling a Marc and not saying anything.

Marc: Don’t worry Diane. They are coming but are just a bit late.

Diane: Who is it?

Marc: Not telling.

Diane: Well I can wait. What form of transport are they taking?

Marc: No idea.

Diane: What?

Marc: I didn’t ask them that.

Diane: Okay I’m seeing a Rolls Royce and then that thought flipped to the fact that you had one so to me that means a rock star but who could it be? Is this someone I’ve heard of?

Marc: Yes

Diane: Okay time to play a hundred guesses. Marc loves doing this to me. Now I’m getting it might be more than one spirit and both are men.

Marc: Yeah keep going. What else can you feel about their personalities?

Diane: Their! You let that slip. You gave me a clue! You let the cat out of the bag!

Marc: Did it ever occur to you that I meant to?

Diane: Oh yeah. Well, that took the fun out of that!

Marc: Diane try and focus. You are all over the place!

Diane: Right! Okay, so I’m getting that there are two men but they didn’t work together when they were physical. One is definitely a rocker but not sure about the other one.

Can’t they just come out and then I’ll know?

Marc: No Diane! It’s more fun this way!

Diane: Sigh……

Marc: Okay Diane, you don’t have all night. I’ll ask them to come out.

Diane: Well I’m getting the rocker was British. Wait, Marc! Is this George Harrison? Gosh, will that get us in trouble with the powers that be?

Marc: With whom?

Diane: The powers that be?

Marc: Fuck the powers that be.

Diane: Yep there he is! He is walking out! Gosh…a Beatle! The other man with him isn’t a rocker. He is someone George travels with but he is staying back for now. I’m getting “Indian Mystic”? Marc, you knew George right?

Marc: Yeah we were mates weren’t we George?

GH: Yes Marc we were.

Diane: Okay now I’m getting and please correct me if I’m wrong, that George is over the Beatles thing and isn’t interested in chatting about his time as one of them. He is here because of his connection with you Marc and to tell us about what he is doing now which he actually thinks is much more interesting?

GH: Yes Diane, you have gotten that information correct.

Diane: He is telling me that he wasn’t really a Beatle for that long of his life and although being in the band was extremely important, he enjoyed the peace and quiet that he had after the fact.

So I’m not sure if his companion is coming out, but I’ll just start taking down what is being said okay Marc?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. But if you think of any questions, you’ll speak up, right?

Diane: Oh yeah. Go ahead, Marc.

Marc: Well George, let’s start with one of our standard questions on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show. What made you come here to speak with us today?

GH: Well Marc, you asked me to come.

Marc: Yeah sure man but you wanted to talk about the shit that you’re doing now right?

GH: Well yes to some degree.

Marc: Could you be clearer on that point, please?

GH: I was hesitant to come, Marc because I wasn’t sure that your readers would have much interest in who I am outside of The Beatles.

Marc: You could give them a try man. Let’s start with that. You mentioned earlier that being in the band was an important part of your life, but not necessarily who you were?

GH: Well it’s hard to always be known as something like “a Beatle”. Anything that you do after that point is going to be overshadowed and compared to what you did earlier. We worked as a unit but were still protective of what we were doing as individuals. Me especially.

Marc: Well let me ask you this George…

Diane: Marc, I thought that he didn’t want to talk about the Beatles?

Marc: Well Diane, we are going to have to get a few Beatle questions out of him and he is aware of that.

Diane: Okay, I thought I’d just point that out.

Marc: As I was saying…Did you enjoy being a Beatle?

GH: That’s a loaded question Marc and I have mixed reactions to the whole situation still.

Marc: Care to elaborate?

GH: Well there wasn’t anything to compare with being in a band like The Beatles was there? (He is saying other than Elvis, of course, but he was a solo performer.) You were big as well Marc.

Marc: Yeah but I wasn’t a Beatle. I would never have compared myself to you guys.

GH: Yes so that is the point that I’m trying to make. We were turned into Gods or otherworldly beings almost and of course, we weren’t.

Marc: But didn’t it feel great to be so famous and well-loved? Everyone loved your music man.

GH: Well, of course, it is a wonderful feeling to know that your music is loved. When you want to be famous, there isn’t anything like it when it starts to happen. You can never know what it will be like until it happens to you. The thought of it is more appealing than when it happens.

Marc: Really? For me, it was what I wanted it to be and more! It was a wild ride and I’m sure yours was as well?

GH: Yes but things got out of control and the personalities started to clash. And then it all fell apart didn’t it.

Marc: Well yeah but you went on to do some great music right man?

GH: Yeah I did and I enjoyed creating on my own. It was different but more peaceful. (He meant instead of being in a band even though he wrote his own songs while still in The Beatles.)

Diane: Okay Marc, I’m getting that he is through with Beatle talk. What line of questioning did you have for him now?

Marc: Yeah dude so what are you up to now? We know, as Diane sussed out, you are traveling with a companion – an Indian mystic?

GH: That’s a very good description of him if he were in a physical life at this point, but he isn’t.

Marc: Okay then will he come out to speak with us? I’m sure that our readers would be interested in meeting him.

Diane: I know that I would! Great! He is coming out. He is bowing his head to us and has an amazing outfit on. He has little bells hanging all over his clothing. He has pants like a genie…gosh…what are they called..harem pants I guess and sandals. Okay Marc, can you get a name for us, please?

Marc: Yeah sure I’ll try. So George, will you please introduce your friend?

GH: Yes this is Salahouk but he is known throughout the universe as the “Mystic Traveler”.

Marc: Yeah man great! So George, you and Salahouk travel about do you? What are you guys up to nowadays? (I love when Marc plays the ace reporter even though he knows that answers to these questions.)

Diane: So they have switched from speaking in words to giving me impressions instead. Most spirits tend to do this towards the end of our interviews. They are telling me that they travel all over on a pilgrimage. They are saying that this is something that they must do. Why is that? They are quick to point out that they are not on a “quest” or “seeking” something. They are on a mission to uncover.

Now how is that different? They say it’s a different kind of energy. To “uncover” is to be curious, to already have knowledge about that which you want to discover. But when you “seek”, that energy can be more passive or come from a place where you don’t already possess knowledge. I may not have gotten that one hundred percent, but it’s important to them that there is a difference.

Can I ask what it is you wish to uncover? They are answering now as a team and not individuals. They say that they already have knowledge about what they want to uncover but they need more. It’s like a puzzle. They go from one place to another and add to the info that they already have much like a scavenger hunt.

I asked them if they had a map and they said that they have some of the coordinates but others have to be obtained en-route. I’m asking them again what they want to uncover. They are saying ancient knowledge but not in the earthly sense. It is more “sacred” than anything found on earth.

Marc any questions?

Marc: Yeah how do they know if the information that they are building upon is accurate?

Diane: They told me that they know when the correct pieces to the puzzle fit into place. Okay, they want to correct me. I’m focused on something like a tablet or something linear but that isn’t what they are after. Is this a form of energy then? They said that is closer. I understand it isn’t 3D physical, of course, but whatever it is, takes a form that I’m not familiar with as Diane. Marc, can you help explain?

Marc: Yeah Diane I can. So what they are looking for is not easy to explain. It’s a form of knowledge but so old and in a form that would be hard for a human to understand.

Diane: I hear that a lot. Well, can you try?

Marc: Yeah focus on my thoughts Diane and not on my words.

Diane: Right Marc, I know that you are sending me this in energy because I’m not going to get it as easily in words. Okay, so there is some knowledge in the universe that is so ancient and rare that so far, most of what is known about it is hearsay. No one has uncovered it in its entirety. They are saying that they know it isn’t just a rumor because they have some aspects of it. They tell me that it is from a collective of beings that are no longer in existence.

What is it about? They won’t pass that information onto me, Marc! Gosh but that’s interesting. Is there any more info that you can get about this?

Marc: Yeah let me see.

Diane: They are saying that they won’t go into the subject matter because they have to keep that information protected. Gosh, it’s great to hear about something like this, but I think that’s all the information that we are going to get out of them.

Marc: Yeah Diane, I think that you are right. That’s all they wish to divulge.

Diane: Well Marc, we can chat some more when they leave.

Marc: Right! Okay! Well George and Salahouk, we want to thank you for coming to the show and telling us about the journey that you are on. We wish you the best of luck man in finding that which you seek!

Diane: Yes thank you so much for coming!


Diane: Marc that often happens. Guests come on the show and talk with me like a human but at some point, they give it up and just start to download. Why is that?

Marc: Well it’s just easier to communicate like that Diane because that’s what they are used to. Spirits don’t communicate like humans.

Diane: I know that! I know that they start like that because they are very nice but I don’t mind if they download.

Marc: Yes they are being polite and yes you do well with the downloads.

Diane: Okay Marc, so I’m interested in what they were saying but then they left and we didn’t get much information out of them about what they want to uncover? (I am still careful with my wording and though I kept wanting to say “find”, their energy would come back into play and correct me.) Can you give us any more information Marc?

Marc: Not really Diane because they weren’t giving me that much either.

Diane: Couldn’t you read their minds (just kidding of course!) You wouldn’t do that and they didn’t have to let out any information they didn’t want to. But really Marc, anything else?

Marc: No not really except George has been looking for this before he came into his physical life as George Harrison.

Diane: So this is what he does when he is in Spirit.

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying.

Diane: They gave us the impression that they have made some headway on it but they are very secretive. Why?

Marc: Well because they aren’t the only ones in the universe who want this information. Others would use it for no good whereas George and Salohouk want to use it for the good of all.

Diane: Oh I see! Then it’s a good thing that they didn’t let out too much information.

Marc: Yeah mums the word Diane.

Diane: Understood. Okay Marc, well I had a great time tonight with you and our guests! Thanks so much for setting this up.

Marc: Yeah they are long gone by now Diane and I don’t think that I’ll be running into them again for quite a while.

Diane: The last thing that George left me with was that his life as a Beatle was just a pinprick in all that he has created. He showed me a HUGE map and his life as George Harrison was a tiny black dot.

Marc said that he realizes that having only some idea about what this secret knowledge is might be frustrating, but he loves to tell us about information that we might not be privy to otherwise. He said that George and Salohouk are only a handful of beings who have enough knowledge about this to even go searching for more. When they came around, he didn’t want to pass up an interview with them. He said that many of us know about this energy because it is legendary, so if we tune into ourselves, we might remember how familiar it is to us. My hunch is that even if they were able to give us more information, sometimes being focused in a human body, we just aren’t able to access some more obscure information. We can but try!

Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 2, 2020

(The painting depicts what Diane was shown via George and Salohouk on how the information is being gathered or their roadmap.)





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