Bolan-Beaty Boogie Attend a Rare Afterlife Elvis Mega Event!


In our last post, Marc and I spoke about the soul’s interaction with the body and how that is affecting the merging of our energies that we are working on at this time.

Since then, Marc has begun negotiations with “Body” as we are calling it now because it appears to have an agenda of its own. Now I’m working to release the control that I have over “Body”.

Diane: How did the merging go tonight Marc? I’m trying to stay neutral and just let you do your thing.

Marc: Well Diane, the more that you can release control over the situation, the more “Body” will loosen up and I can start my work without hindrance.

Diane: So “Body” is reading my tension?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s exactly what is happening. If you are stressed, “Body” thinks that something is wrong and it will be on the lookout for whatever that is. So if you stay neutral, in tune with me, and loosen up control, things will proceed faster.

Diane: But you are saying “Body” is behaving better?

Marc: Well I think that I have it on the run, meaning that it’s considering the situation.

Diane: Yes I think that you mentioned that you were working on some negotiations with “Body” tonight right?

Marc: Yeah just trying to edge my way in there and get its reaction.

Diane: Well did “Body” run away or become defensive?

Marc: Well it didn’t run away because you are still sitting in the same chair but it’s softening up a bit.

Diane: But you agree that we’re improving right, Marc?

Marc: Diane, just you not getting pissed off every day is an improvement!

Diane: Well Marc, as you know, I am patience challenged. I thought that you said that you were going to have “Body” write on her inner blackboard “Let Marc in” a hundred times right?

Marc: Yeah…I mean no…I haven’t tried that one.

Diane: So Marc, you said that you have something planned for us to do tonight? I was asking earlier if you could look into finding places that are bizarre like right out of “Alice in Wonderland”? There are such places, right?

Marc: Oh yeah sure Diane.

Diane: You liked that book didn’t you Marc?

Marc: Oh sure Diane. Anything fantastical and out there…I dug.

Diane: So where are we going? Are we taking your new rocket ship? Is it that far away?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it is.

Diane: Now Marc, I know that you love Elvis and I’m not sure why this is coming up right now? We did an afterlife interview with him a few years back and you said that was your favorite one so far right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: It’s been a long time and I don’t remember what we talked about with him. So what is Elvis like in spirit Marc?

Marc: Well Diane, he’s a generous guy just like he was when he was in the physical.

Diane: Do you see him often?

Marc: No I don’t see him often. I go to see him as often if I can.

Diane: What’s the difference? Is he still performing?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. He is still a performer. You couldn’t come into existence as Elvis and not have had experience being a showman.

Diane: I agree with that. What kind of entertainment is he doing now? Would “entertainment” be the right word?

Marc: Not quite.

Diane: Well what is he doing? I can see him on a stage by himself, but is he still doing music?

Marc: No Diane, it isn’t music.

Diane: I see his energy floating out to a crowd much like he did when he was on earth. I’m not even sure why this topic is coming up now Marc? Are you going to tell me or am I supposed to look into this?

Marc: Look into it.

Diane: That’s what I thought. Wait! I thought that we were going someplace? Is this all about Elvis?

Marc: Not tellin’.

Diane: Sigh okay. I can see Elvis on stage, as I said, and his energy is floating out over the heads of the crowd? Is he a healer now?

Marc: He is inspiration, Diane.

Diane: He was as physical Elvis too!

Marc: Okay Diane. That’s all the prep work that you need for now. Let’s jump on the ship!

Diane: You are playing with the gadgets in the ship again, Marc but you don’t appear to be as frazzled as last time?

Marc: Yeah, I’ve been practicing Diane. I’m good at flying it now.

Diane: Marc, you’ve started coming into my body constantly now when we are together. What’s up with that?

Marc: The connection Diane. Always building the connection. Okay so brace yourself. I’m going to starting putting this baby down!

Diane: I felt the ship stop in mid-air and slowly descend. Marc, I know what you are doing. You’ve taken us someplace where Elvis is giving some kind of lecture or performance. Marc just grinned. He has the best smile in the universe!

Marc: Right Diane! Let’s move cause we want to get there when it starts.

Diane: Marc! It’s pitch black out here. I can’t see anything!

Marc: Yeah well there isn’t anything to see yet.

Diane: Thanks for holding my hand! Marc keeps popping into my body and it’s hard to type when he is doing that. Up ahead, I see a gold glow shaped like a half dome against the black sky.

As we get closer, the dome expands to something like an outdoor arena. I see individuals of all sorts seated on blankets. What is this an intergalactic Woodstock or something? None of them look human so far. I see an oval mist that is about six feet tall floating…just floating. I see what appears to be a set of attached twins with Louise Brook’s bobs from the 1920s but I can see through them. There are large beings talking off to the side that look part wolf and reptile. Marc pulls me to the front of the crowd.

Marc: Yeah Diane, I’ve got our seats already picked out.

Diane: Wow Marc! This is quite a crowd!

Marc: This is nothing compared to what I used to get at my concerts!

Diane: I thought that the crowds at your concerts were mostly teenagers?

Marc: Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Diane: We walk up to the front of the stage and I see two blankets whose energies read “Saved for Marc. Hands off”. He is so funny. Marc, I keep forgetting that when you were physical, this was your life – concerts, crowds, backstage passes, etc.

Marc: Yeah man it was. Ssssh Diane, the show is about to begin!

Diane: All of a sudden, I heard a blare of very loud horns coming from both sides of the stage which was set about six feet off the ground. There was an announcement made in a language I couldn’t understand but it was sent out in energy form so I got that. It was something like “Now for the event you’ve all been waiting for! Here from Cloud Nine (or someplace like that), the one and only Recholan or as he was known on earth Elvis!”

The screams were deafening! Everyone got on their feet. I see a figure walk out onto the stage. He was a very tall, thin white energy which glowed. I didn’t expect to see him in the form of Elvis but his energy felt the same. Marc is going wild next to me which I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do before!

I’m so excited to see what kind of performance Elvis does in the afterlife. I want to tune into it all, but the energy of the crowd is so overwhelming, it’s all I can do to type this out. Elvis signals the crowd to be calm. Marc keeps popping into my body and is telling me that it will help keep me at a high enough vibration to continue here with him.

Wait so what I’m seeing in Elvis’ form is all these different-colored jewels lighting up and then dimming. This reminds me of something. Of course, his jumpsuits of lights! That’s where those rhinestone suits came from! This is how he looks in the afterlife and he turned that into the stage costumes when he was here in the physical. He knew on some level whom he truly was in spirit! Wow, amazing!

I feel a beautiful sensation coming from Elvis, so let’s see if I can describe it. It’s a form of energy communication. I’m being told that Elvis can reach massive amounts of individuals. His energy is very pure, strong, and graceful. I remember that when Marc and I did our interview with him, he was gentle and in many ways humble.

I turn to look at Marc who has his eyes closed with a blissful smile on his face. Boy, he is one happy guy right now!

Marc is telling me that Elvis doesn’t put on these events very often so that’s why he wanted to make sure we came to this one. Oh gosh..someone behind me is floating in the air!

I’m going to try and put into words what is going on here. Just like a performance on earth, the artist sends out his or her energy via words, music, dance, painting or whatever. If you take the time to tap into the energy, you would be able to see it floating from them to the audience. Being in the presence of Elvis is a joy in itself because his energy is so pure and inspirational.

I feel this energy bubble coming from Elvis to me. This is his gift to the each member of the audience. He is sharing with us what made him great as Elvis. What an honor this is!

Marc is telling me telepathically that this energy will never leave me now. He says that once Elvis sends this out to you, he releases it as his energy. It’s a gift. Wow, I’ve never experienced anything like this before. He says that it takes a great deal of energy on Elvis’ part to do this for such a large group and that is why he can’t do it very often. You can use this energy whenever you need it and for whatever purpose you want.

There is more to this energy though and I’m trying to tune into what it all means. It’s a reminder that you are the greatest believer in all that you can do. It starts with you. That’s the only way it will work. His message contains all the energy from every song that he ever sang as Elvis, the intensity in which he performed, and the soul behind who he was because that’s just who he is.

Other beings are coming out onto the stage to help Elvis off. Marc said that once he has sent out this massive amount of energy, he is too weak to get off the stage by himself. Marc is telling me that depending on who you are, it could take weeks, months, or even years for you to absorb the whole breadth of this energy. Even though Elvis releases any ties to each of us, we can always feel connected to him if we choose.


Diane: Oh gosh Marc that was amazing! I don’t think that I can truly put into words what that felt like! I think as the days progress, I’ll continue to get hits of what this energy is all about and that will keep expanding.

Marc is almost to overcome to respond to me.

Marc are you okay? He just nodded yes, touched his heart, and kept walking. So sweet. Marc do you want to sit down and relax? He nodded no.

Once we got back to our regular meeting place…

Marc I don’t think that I’ve ever seen you so overcome before. This meant a great deal to you, didn’t it?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it did.

Diane: Seeing Marc so overwhelmed, I wondered if I allowed myself to take it all in as though I was very moved, I don’t know that I felt it quite to Marc’s extent. Marc told me that I had to be coherent enough to type it out and this kind of energy has a rippling effect. He said that as the days go on, I should expect more intense reactions to what happened. He said that this is a completely selfless act on Elvis’ part and it costs him a fair amount of himself to do it. That’s how rare these events are.

I asked Marc how he was able to get us front row center seats to this. He said that though he doesn’t see Elvis very often, they are very close. Marc just adores him. Elvis feels the same about Marc but the energy is different. Elvis is a nurturer and teacher and that is how he shares his love.

Marc told me that he gets emotional after this so he wanted to go reflect and meditate in solitude. I said that was fine with me. He said that we can meet up later and talk about it  if I wanted to – which we did.

As Marc was walking away, he left a trail of pink rose petals behind him. I knew right off what that meant even though he said nothing. He was going deeper in than he normally does and the trail of roses was a way of finding him if I needed to contact him for any reason.

Like I’ve always said…Marc is the most wonderful, sweetest guy in the universe!

Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 13, 2020



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