Bolan-Beaty Boogie Cross Over Spirits at the Washoe Club, Virginia City NV


Diane: Hey Marc, so you were telling me about the big welcome home party for Eddie Van Halen that you got wind of right? I can see the crowd surrounding him and it’s large!

Marc: Yeah Diane, there was a massive welcome for him. He has a large tribe up here.

Diane: So he is happy?

Marc: Yeah I suspect so Diane. (I was seeing a huge grin on Eddie’s face when he saw the crowd who had come out to greet him.) I wasn’t privy to everything that happened. You know you hear things along the grapevine here.

Diane: You didn’t go greet him right?

Marc: No Diane. I’m not that familiar with or close to him.

Diane: Right okay are we ready to check into the spirits at the Washoe Club in Virginia City. It’s located up in the mountains not far from the California state line. If our readers aren’t familiar with the building, it’s pretty remarkable. It’s been featured on about every paranormal show out there, so I’m assuming that it may be known to some.


(The ballroom at the Washoe Club)

I went there for the third time last week. Marc are we ready to talk with the spirits there?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I’m ready if you are.

Diane: We are bringing in Nat, my guide who is the expert in crossing over earthbound spirits. (If our readers are not familiar with Nat, you can read all about how I met up with him again and his history as a soldier in the American Civil War here.)

Marc: Yeah Diane, he’s already with us.

Diane: Nat! We haven’t spoken formally for a long time even though I check in with my guides every day. How are you doing?

Nat: Can’t complain Diane. Keeping busy. You know how it is.

Diane: I do indeed. Okay so let’s get started. As I mentioned, I’ve been to the Washoe Club three times now over the years and my recent visit was only last week. On my first visit, I ran across the spirit of a man, mid-thirties with light brown hair, two children (a boy and girl), and a large white dog. The man was hanging out at the top of the staircase to the third floor. All the rooms at the Washoe are pretty much empty except for the odd piece of vintage furniture that they have been filling the place with in order, I guess, to make it homier?

Staircaseto3rdFloor(Staircase to the third floor)

The Washoe offers “ghost tours” throughout the day. There is a bar on the bottom floor along with a crypt room (where they stored dead bodies in the winter because the ground was too hard to bury them) as well as a fabulous spiral staircase said to be haunted by a woman in a blue dress. The tours are entertaining and give you not only a glimpse into the spirits that are still there but a history of Virginia City, a gold rush town that has seen its fair share of tragedy. It wasn’t always called the Washoe Club. It has had various names like the “Millionnaire’s Club” and you can see the poker table that luminaries like Mark Twain and General Grant used to play on.

On my second visit, the man at the top of the stairs wasn’t there anymore. He told me at the time that he was searching for his wife so I’m hoping that he found her and moved on. The children and the large white dog were still there wreaking the usual havoc you would expect from such a trio.

I was saddened to see that on my latest visit, the kids were still there. This time, I was determined to see if there was anything that I could do to help them move on. It isn’t that they seem unhappy as they are always laughing and running all over the place. So much so that I can never pay attention to what the tour guide is saying. But enough is enough. They can choose what they want to do, but at least I was going to try to get them home.
The boy is around ten and told me his name was Billy. The little girl is more shy but very clever who after a long pause said her name was Frida. And then there is the dog…

I remember on my last visit standing in a room with the rest of the tour group and the kids were running around in a circle getting a kick out of the fact that no one else could see them. They told me that they didn’t like to be told what to do by adults and now they could do whatever they wanted. I was interested to find out more about their story.

CryptRoomWashoe(The Crypt Room)

Okay, Marc and Nat are we ready to see if the children will connect to us? Marc usually takes a back seat when we do these crossings because this is Nat’s realm, but we’ll see what mood Mr Bolan is in today. Nat, we talked about doing this tonight, so I hope that you were able to get a hold of the kids?

Nat: Well Diane, yes I’ve been trying to but as you said, they don’t stay in any place for very long. They are popping in and out of different frequencies which they are quite adept at. This is interesting because usually earthbound spirits aren’t so good at doing this.

Diane: Which makes me think, of course, that we are dealing with some experienced spirits here. They are earthbound though right Nat?

Nat: Yes Diane that is correct. They haven’t completely passed over yet.

Diane: Okay yes, I’m getting that they think it’s a fun trick to weave in and out of various vibrations. They like to feel that they are misbehaving. They are sweet kids.

Marc: Nat man, so what’s the general vibe that you are getting from them?

Nat: Well Marc, they aren’t letting me read them too clearly. I don’t think that they are going to go over that easily. As Diane said, they are into being mischievous and do not like to do what adults tell them to do.

Marc: Yeah and where did the dog come from?


Nat: I don’t know. I’ll ask them. They are saying that they don’t know either. It just showed up one day and never left.

Diane: Nat, they aren’t coming that close to me. Do they remember me from my past visits? They told me that last time they did.

Nat: Sure Diane, they remember you because you are one of the few physical people who can see them and talk with them. They said that others have sensed them but haven’t connected to the point where they can speak with them.

Diane: Nat, can you see if they would please come closer to me?

Nat: I think that you might be out of their comfort zone because you are an adult.

Diane: Yes but they know me and realize I just want to help right?

Nat: They don’t see anything wrong with where they are now on some level Diane (well at least he meant Frida didn’t), but I’ll try again.

PokerTableWashoe(The Poker  Room)

Diane: Okay great! Now I see them approaching on my ride side. They are walking very slowly and not smiling. I can’t tell if they are just putting me on. I think they are genuinely hesitant but part of it is that they are pretending to be docile children which I know they aren’t. Oh gosh…here comes the dog!

Frida and Billy, how are you doing? (They just shrugged their shoulders.) Well, it was nice to see you again. Gosh the last time I saw you, you were giggling and talking to me. Has something changed? (Frida just nodded no.) Well you know to not be frightened of Marc, Nat, and myself right? We’re more like kids than adults anyway. We like to play, run around and do silly things and we never like to be told what to do either. (Isn’t it amazing how like attracts like! That’s why I feel that some spirits are comfortable in connecting to me and others don’t bother. It’s the same in the physical realm isn’t it.)
Nat any suggestions on where to start here?

Nat: Yes Diane, let me get a bit closer to them and see what I can do. It isn’t that they don’t trust us but this is a big move for them.

Diane: Okay yep. I can see Nat now standing on the same plane as them so he connected. Nat is bringing in a boy who he works with as he is hoping that if they see another child, they will open up. Nat, in the past, we’ve brought in spirits of loved ones, but I’m not getting that the kids were close to anyone right now. Maybe I’ll pick up more as we continue.

Nat: Yes I’m just trying to see if they would respond to something like that.

Diane: As we’ve been saying, anyone in authority will not sit well with them. I’m getting that the boy was an orphan. I can see him walking down the street and his mother was sitting on a doorstep intoxicated asking for a hand-out. He was embarrassed and didn’t acknowledge her. I think that he pretty much lived off the streets and took in food from others. He is giving off an Artful Dodger vibe so I think that he picked pockets and just survived the best he could. He doesn’t have much respect for parenthood. I’m not getting anything about a father other than I don’t think he was ever in his life.

Now let’s see if Frida will share her story. She isn’t being as forthright. Nat, is she nodding no?

Nat: She has some very painful memories about her family that she doesn’t want to look at.

Diane: Okay well let’s give her some time. Can your little friend help Nat? What’s his name? Roddy?

Nat: Yes that’s him. He helps me out when children are present.


Diane: Frida is stomping her foot, turning around, and shaking her head no Nat! What would you recommend?

Nat: Well Diane, as I thought, this wasn’t going to be a quick passing over for the kids. Why don’t you let Roddy and me work with them and you can connect with the other spirit you came across?

Diane: Okay Nat will do! On my last visit, the tour guide said that they knew about children being there and that they put toys on the third floor for them to play with. When I asked the kids who I’ve only met on the second floor if they were going to follow me up to the third they said that they don’t go up there because of the “grumpy man” who chases them away.

On the tour, we went into a “red room” that is rather creepy as the wooden floor panels are painted a deep red. My tour guide said that as he was leading a tour, a man was mocking spirits and when he entered this room, he started screaming about pain in his back. When they lifted his shirt, they saw nail marks across his back (and you even get to see the photo!). The tour guide said it was done by the spirit on this level wearing a trench coat.

I picked up a man wearing a duster, which is one of those long coats they wore in the old west that helped to keep the dust off your clothes. He had long, tangled hair, a hat, and always looked to the floor. He does look grumpy but when I asked him if he was the one who marked up the man’s back he said that would be beneath him. I knew it wasn’t him, but I just wanted to see what he said.


Okay Marc I’m not sure if Nat will be joining us right now but let’s meet this man. What’s your name? He is saying “Glen”. Now, Glen, I’ve been given sneak peeks of your story in the past couple of days. You were a bounty hunter back in the day. I’m getting that though you may have lived around Virginia City and been through there, you lived someone out in the boonies. What happened is you came back home unexpectedly from a trip and found out that your wife was having an affair with another man. The truth came out that she never loved you and was unhappy being stuck in the middle of nowhere. She was much younger than yourself, very beautiful, and wanted a life full of travel and luxury. I never asked him how they ended up getting married because they did seem very mismatched. I did get that she wanted to be free of her family – an abusive father – and Glen was a way out.

Right, so she didn’t get out of this alive. I can see her mocking you for being a fool for believing that she ever cared for you and your temper got the better of you. You strangled her and then fled. Since you were a bounty hunter, you were able to avoid the law for quite a while but eventually, because of the guilt, your mental facilities blurred and they caught up with you. You were hanged for the crime but you didn’t even realize what was happening to you.

Glen is telling me that he did know all along that she never loved him but was hoping that he could change her mind. He tried his best to furnish her with perfumes and fancy silks. He took the job because it could pay well and he was good at it. He never meant to kill her but he had a bad temper. The thought of her being with another man was more than he could handle.

I’m asking Glen again why he is at the Washoe because I’m not getting that he lived there?

Glen: No we didn’t live here (in Virginia City).

Diane: Marc can you help? He is getting garbled. Marc is stepping in now. He is telling us that his home is no longer there and he feels comfortable at the Washoe Club as it feels much the same as it did when he was physical.

Glen, I’m very sorry to hear your tale but this is now. Is there anything that we can do to help you? I saw when I was there that you do nothing but pace up and down the third floor in one part of the building. It doesn’t seem like much fun. Frida and Billy say that you yell at them when they try to come up to your floor? He told me yes because they do nothing but giggle, run around with the dog and it disturbs him. He likes peace and tranquility and to be with his thoughts.

I told Glen that’s what I was picking up about him. He is always in his thoughts. He goes over and over what happened and he relives it again and again. I asked him if he has had enough? He must realize that his wife has moved on and is no longer on the physical plane. He says yes he is aware of this. I ask him if there is a reason why he lingers? He told me that he is hoping that if he keeps reliving the events that somehow they will change and he would act differently. I know he doesn’t believe this, but I think he is still a little confused mentally.


Gosh Glen, well what if we could locate your wife and see if she will come to speak with you? Would you be willing to open up a dialogue with her and see what she has to say? I’m sure that you’ve already been receiving communications from the spirit world right? Have you not wanted to respond? He told me that he has nothing to say to them.

Okay…um, I guess that would be a no then. What’s interesting is that I can tell that he would love to connect with his wife. Marc, what do you think?

Marc: Well Diane, there are a lot of emotions involved here. It’s as if his thoughts are a whirlwind. (Marc is showing me the twister in The Wizard of Oz that sends Dorothy’s house to Oz.)

Diane: Yeah Marc I was getting the same feeling. I think that he left his physical body with so much guilt and his mental facilities weren’t clear. He hasn’t changed.

Wait! I’m getting that his wife, I think her name is Sophia, is here Marc! I can see her on the left. She has been waiting quite a while for this. Marc, can you help with her connection to me?

Marc: Yeah Diane I can. Sophia, what’re your feelings about this?

Diane: She is saying that she has been trying to connect with Glen for a long time but she gets shut out every time. She has long ago forgiven him for what he did and understands now, of course, why it happened. They were just in roles that were being played out. She has tried to get Glen to realize this as well but when she approaches him, all she gets is “blurred energy lines”.

I can see her approaching him now and I hope that he will turn around to see her. I’m asking him if he would be willing to do that. So far, he isn’t. Now she is on his level and tapping his shoulder. Ooh, I’m getting chills on the right side of my head so that’s a good sign! She is doing whatever she can to coax him into turning around. Aww, he took her hand. He has turned around! Yay! She is putting her hands on the sides of his head and she is telling him it’s to help to bring him up to date and to clear his thoughts. She wants to help move him past the human guilt that he feels and to see the whole story of what happened to them and why.

Sophia told Marc and me that she has had this planned but wasn’t able to get close enough to him. She knew that she had to be quick because he wouldn’t give her much chance as he was very quick to judge when she was married to him. I can feel Glen’s energy becoming clearer and getting lighter. He does adore her. I don’t know what their story is in spirit. Sophia is taking him by the hand and leading him away with her. Marc, what are you seeing?


(The famous Spiral Staircase)

Marc: She is a very persuasive woman and they are well connected in spirit. She is genuinely fond of him.

Diane: Great! She took him back with her. They looked like they were being beamed aboard a ship in Star Trek! Marc let’s go back to Nat and the kids and see how they are doing. Oh no! Frida is on the floor crying! Nat what happened!

Nat: Well Billy is willing to cross over with us but Frida isn’t. She is upset because she doesn’t want Billy to leave her.

Diane: Oh gosh. Nat, I think it’s time to bring in someone who can help her change her mind. Have you found anyone yet?

Nat: Well she won’t speak to her parents from that time.

Diane: Yeah I know. I can see her parents but they look literally like ghosts. I can see right through them. This tells me that they didn’t play a role in her life. Wait! There is a grandmother. I can see her. She was the one who raised her. She was very strict. Frida wasn’t fond of her but maybe she will be able to get through to her. Frida did want to love her, I’m sure of that.

Whenever I find two earthbound spirits who are hanging out together, they usually have something in common. For Billy and Frida, it was that they were both orphans and didn’t have respect for adults. They weren’t given many reasons to that’s for sure.

Nat, is her grandmother willing to come forward and try?

Nat: Yes she is willing to try Diane. She said that she isn’t sure how successful she will be though.

Diane: Well that’s a start. I can see her with glasses and a floral print dress that places her in the late 1920s or 30s.


Frida is telling Billy that since “Mr. Grumpy” is gone maybe they can play there now and it will be more fun? Billy is nodding no. He told her that he wants to move along with Nat and Robby. He is telling her that they can bring the dog and can play there. She is thinking about it. I can see her Grandmother inching towards her.

A bit of time passes…

All of a sudden, Frida rushed up to her grandmother and is hugging her! Wow! That happened a lot faster than I thought it would! I’m so relieved! Frida is holding her hand and smiling. She is motioning Billy and the dog to follow suit.

Yay guys! I call that a success! If I see earthbound spirits, I feel that they are usually willing to think about crossing over if they are given the proper nudge. Most of the time, they just want to tell their story and to have a sympathetic ear. They want to know that someone cares about them. They have often cut themselves off from their connections in spirit and it takes someone physical to speak with them.

Thanks, Marc, Nat, and Robby for your help! I love a happy ending. I know one of the reasons I’m here is to help earthbound spirits cross over. I’m working with the best team ever so thanks again, guys!

PS. I checked back the next morning to see if I could spot their energies on this plane and I couldn’t. I asked Nat and he said confirmed that they were no longer here. It will be a relief to visit the Washoe Club again one day without the children being there. You never know who I might meet on my next visit!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 9, 2020




12 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Cross Over Spirits at the Washoe Club, Virginia City NV”

  1. Beautiful story, Diane. But what was the dog’s story? Why don’t animals go straight to the light? It makes me sad to think that they get stuck like people do.

    • We didn’t look into the dog’s story so not sure about this particular one. Animals can be attached to a place or person just like people and/or have a traumatic death. None of them are technically stuck. They choose to be where they are and eventually they will move on when they are ready. Some of them are like the ones we just spoke to (even though they may not realize it on the surface) but they might need some coaxing. Change can be hard as we all know too well!

      • Dogs comfort people on the physical plane, and I believe that’s their main purpose, since Earth is such a dense plane. Imagine humanity without pets. People are addicted to animal videos. Maybe the dog just wanted to stay and comfort them. Just like there are roles played out on Earth with pets and humans coming together, maybe that was a role the dog was playing? Maybe even guided by spirit to stay with them, since they wouldn’t be coaxed? Now I wonder if Earthbound spirit time is a charted experience. I don’t personally believe they were holding up their own evolution as spirits though, or anything was at a standstill. Because, the way I understand it and the way I believe (maybe I am wrong), is that there is no actual time, so while I am simultaneously in this lifetime, I am also living out my 1800s life, my 2125 life (lol), etc. It’s all happening at the same time always. So part of that man’s and those kids’ souls were just experiencing Earthbound time while other parts of their souls were in fact crossed over, living other physical incarnations, etc. Deep stuff. I hope I’m right on that, because that’s what I feel. To save an Earthbound spirit is to save part of someone’s soul. But we are several different incarnations at once, I think.

      • Yes, it could be that the dog wanted to comfort them or was guiding them. As I said, I just didn’t look into the reasoning at the time. I just knew that the dog adored those kids. No, I know that they weren’t holding up their evolution. Did I say that somewhere? There is no actual time and yes, I also believe that everything is playing out all at once. Like Marc said, we are spread out all over the universe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We always love to hear what others are thinking and feeling.

  2. It was nice reading this diane i dont think i could turn my back on someone who hasn’t crossed over if I had your abilities

  3. When I was around 11 years old my family & I lived in a house with a spirit in it. It was a young boy, my Mom saw him. He was very mean to me. He would throw things at me & pick on me. We moved from the home & never found out any history on it or why the spirit was there but I would love to know & I’ve always wondered why he picked on me but not my siblings. I’ve always felt some sort of connection with spirits & I truly love reading channelingmarc.

    • Well there could be many reasons for events like this. Some earth bound spirits aren’t really mean as much as confused and frustrated. I’ve never run across one who was happy. How could you be? He could have just wanted to get your attention and that’s the only way he knew how to do it. Little boys pick on little girls sometimes don’t they and often times, that’s the reason. So glad to read that you like our site! I would love to go to houses and help folks out with situations like this. Maybe some day.

      • Yes that’s probably what he was doing, trying to get my attention. If so, it worked LoL !! The worst thing that ever happened was that I had a lava lamp next to my bed & one night I woke up to it being dropped on top of my head. At night we would hear the kitchen cabinets open & shut, one night during a rainstorm the front door flew open ( it was locked ), we would hear a ball bouncing on the front porch & we could hear my Dads tools being messed with in the garage. I would love to know why the spirit was there & what happened to the little boy while he was alive & what caused his death. If you ever do decide to do home visits I would love to have you & see if you could find out ! I may do some research myself. People live in the house now, I’ve just never had the nerve to ask them if they’ve had things happen while living there. My Mom just recently told me that she’s pretty sure it was a little boy but also atleast one adult spirit as well. I may do some research on the place. See what I can find out because all these years later it weighs on my mind. I’m very interested in things like this because of my experience in that home. I love Marc Bolan, his music gets me through a lot of sad days. I lost my husband in 2015 & music keeps me happy. I was only 9 when Marc passed away but I feel like I’ve been a forever fan because I love him so much. His life story amazes me. It honestly seems like he knew he wouldn’t live long. Thank you for responding to me & thank you for channelingmarc. It truly makes me happy ❤️

      • Thank you !! This is helping me make sense of it all ! The house is in Burleson Texas. I’ve tried to do research on it before but never found anything. I’m gonna try again ! I remember the night the front door came open so clearly. My Dad worked nights & this one particular night it was storming. My Mom always locked the doors but at 3am the front door opened so loud that it sounded like someone broke in our home. Me, my Mom, sister & brother all ran out of our bedrooms & no one was there, it just flew open & it was pouring down rain outside. When my Mom let us know that it was the spirit of a little boy I felt so sad for him & have always wanted to know what happened to him. All these years later he has never left my mind. I try so hard not to be sad over Marc. Watching his music videos & reading books about him make it feel like he never even left us. I just recently became a huge fan by listening to music on YouTube. I came across Trex videos & it was like he instantly put a spell on me lol. Such a beautiful man & watching him play the guitar & his beautiful voice mesmorizes me. My husband was lead guitarist/lead singer in his band & so now that he’s gone I spend my nights listening to music on YouTube. I was blown away by Trex. Ive started a collection of Marc Bolan books, pictures & t-shirts. Bill Legend has made my last 2 t-shirts & a beautiful Marc print for my bedroom wall. I’m just a small town Texas girl but I wear my Marc shirts loud & proud & do my part to keep his music alive. I will stop letting his death make me so sad. He’s a legend & legends never die♥️Thank you for what you do ! I’m going to try to do some research on Thomas !! And again, thank you for channelingmarc !! ♥️

  4. Hi ! The last time we talked I told you about my husband being in a band as the lead singer/lead guitarist. He didn’t play in Marcs band lol he had his own band called Brazos Point. He was amazing. I believe I told you he passed from lung cancer. Reading about Glen Campbell it reminded me so much of my husband because towards the end of his life the cancer went to his brain & he had a hard time remembering the kids & I. It was heart breaking. But that’s what cancer does. It eats you alive. He’s been gone 5 years & I still haven’t moved on with my life with another man. I’m not lonley though, I have my kids & grandkids & they make me so happy. I’d be lost without them. They make me happy & keep me going but so does Marcs music. I absolutely love his music & TREX. I’m more partial to the original Trex with Marc, Bill, Mickey & Steve. Their music has made me so happy & when I’m down I simply turn on their music on YouTube & turn it up as loud as it’ll go. I drive a Mustang & I play their music very very loud in it while driving. It keeps me feeling safe on the road. I am completely mesmorized by Marc & his talent. What an absolute amazing talent he had. That voice melts me & I can watch him play that guitar all day. My only wish in life is that I would’ve been old enough to see TREX in concert. I would’ve been sitting front row at every single show !! When my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer it took him more & more every day & he was gone in 8 months. Could you maybe do a session on celebrities with cancer ? I had never been around cancer until he was diagnosed with it. I would love to know if it took other people the way it took him. He died every single day for 8 months right in front of mine & the kids eyes. I guess im wanting to know if he knew who we were towards the end & when he was on his death bed. He would look at us but couldn’t talk at all. And when he went into a coma, he was moving his hands as if playing a guitar. He never woke up. To this day we wonder if that was Angels around him singing preparing for him to cross over. Also, he’s never shown any signs of being around us since he passed. We hope he is watching over us. could you please tell Marc that his name is Michael Clark Bandy ? Doubtful, but maybe he could tell him hello for me & that I miss him very much & can’t seem to move on with my life until he wants me to. Marc is my comfort on Earth. His music keeps me happy & makes me feel alive. Thank you for listening to me. You are truly an Angel !!!! It’s almost midnight in Texas where I’m at. Gonna try to rest. Thank you & have a very blessed day !!!!! 🥰

    • I think that we have done some afterlife interviews with people who have passed from cancer like Benjamin Orr from The Cars and John Wayne. I think what Glen Campbell was saying in our interview with him was that people who may not be able to communicate with you physically due to an illness know that you are there for them on many levels. We are so much more than physical bodies. You don’t need Marc or myself to speak with your husband. He can hear you just fine. I’ve yet to find anyone in spirit who doesn’t want their loved ones still in the physical to enjoy their lives and live them to the fullest. It’s all up to you. Take care!

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