Bolan-Beaty Boogie Travel to the Epicenter of Universal Consciousness


For the past few weeks, I’ve been asking Marc if he wants to do a post. He kept telling me that he had something in the works, but it was taking a great deal of planning so stay tuned. Finally last night, he said that he was ready. (I’m posting images that are similar to what I was seeing on this journey as I couldn’t replicate them myself. And no…magic mushrooms were not taken on this trip! LOL)

Diane: Okay Marc, so what’s on for tonight? You’ve been telling me that you’ve been planning an elaborate trek, so I’m excited to find out what’s in store. Are we going to our studio? No, I think not. Marc, are we getting in your new rocket?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Where we need to go is further afield than the norm for us.

Diane: Okay great! I know that you have been practicing how to drive it right?

Marc: Yeah a little bit here and there. Let’s just say that we’re connected (meaning the rocket and himself).

Diane: I can tell Marc. You love your new toy that’s for sure! Okay gosh, I keep forgetting that it’s a tall step up to get inside. Marc, will you help me please? It’s tight quarters in here too so good thing we aren’t using physical bodies.

Out in Space Photo

After Marc was playing around with some controls…

Marc: Liftoff!

I look out the window and see the rocket ascending. I don’t know technically where we are when we are doing this but it’s pitch black out. I can see beautiful shapes floating all around us as we depart.

I love seeing Marc in his rocket because he has this intense look on his face – such concentration. I don’t even disturb him when he’s flying the ship. He’ll only speak to me telepathically when he’s doing this (vs normally we have conversations much like humans would have face to face even though they are telepathic as well.)

Marc is saying that there are many ways to travel in spirit but this is the most fun for him. He said it’s important to have fun.

Diane: Marc, you do like to have fun! (I always tease him that he’s just like a little kid.)

Marc: Yeah sure, why not?

Diane: Why not indeed! Okay, Marc, I know better than to ask where we are going because you love to surprise me and won’t say a peep. How much longer will it take to get there? I think that actually, we travel instantaneously because there isn’t any time, but Marc likes to stretch it out for my benefit. I’m used to time elapsing between point A and point B.

I’m sensing that more light might be coming up ahead but so far, I’m not seeing it. It’s more knowledge than fact. I wonder if that means I’ve been here before – that I’m remembering this? Marc, have I been wherever we are going before?

Marc is giving me his usual vague response to questions like this when we travel – “Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t.” I’m relieved to be taking off from the earth after the last several days as the energy on the planet has been chaotic and fear based. I’ve been picking up on that and it was sending me into mood swings. Although it’s great to be ultra-sensitive, you have to step back more often than not when extreme energies are in place around you. You have to ask yourself “Is this my energy” or am I picking up what is around me?


Looking outside the rocket now, I see nothing but beautiful pale blue.

Marc: Coming in for a landing!

Marc starts turning off switches and I hear hissing noises coming from the machine.

Diane: Marc, it’s harder for me to type when you are merging your energy with mine. Is that important that we do both now (when I meet with Marc now, he constantly merges his energy with mine)? He tells me that it’s a good idea if we do both now yes.

I’m stepping out of the rocket into what feels like water or some kind of liquid. All I can see is light blue. It’s almost as if I’ve stepped into a modern art installation where you can’t see anything but one color and haven’t any depth perception.

Marc: There’s no depth here Diane.

Diane: Yes I’m sensing that Marc. It always takes me a minute to adapt to new surroundings so bear with me here. (Marc is patiently waiting next to me.)

Marc: Okay are you ready to go yet, Diane?

Diane: Yes I guess so Marc, but this is odd. Usually, I get some feeling of depth even though we might be in 2D, but I’m not even getting that here.

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s more extreme here so you probably won’t. Do you think that you can adapt to it?

Diane: Yes I’ll do my best. Marc, can you take my hand until I get more used to it?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. You can follow me.

Diane: Wait! Someone just told me that this is like walking in one of those fun-fair “Hall of Mirrors”. Who said that Marc?

Marc: Maybe it was a ghost?

Diane: Silly! I would say it’s more likely whomever we came to meet. Now I’m seeing one of your videos that you did Marc. You did it in a Hall of Mirrors didn’t you?

Marc: Yeah sure you can’t get away from stuff.

Diane: Not sure what you mean by that but okay. I think you mean that there are similarities all over the universe.

Marc is still merging his energy with mine and he is saying that it will help me better adapt to the places that we are going nowadays. Okay, that’s good. Marc, what are you saying?

Marc: I’m saying this is where dud songs go to die. I think I have a few lying around here someplace.

Diane: You are so funny Marc! I’m starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. How can that be?

Marc: It isn’t claustrophobia Diane. It’s uncertainty.

Up ahead we turn a corner (now I’m getting spatial relations) and I see a modern-looking chair placed in a room. Okay, Marc, I know that someone has been following us on this journey. Is the chair for whomever?

Marc: Wait and see Diane.

All of a sudden, I see a flash of mustard-colored energy plop into the chair. I see a young man with curly hair. What’s odd is that ALL of him is mustard colored. I’m just trying to ascertain what’s up with this? I can visualize what he looks like but I’m getting more of his personality traits. He’s very lively and has a great sense of humor. He loves to make others laugh but okay, there is another side to him. I’m hearing “explorer and caretaker”. Marc, who is this? Can you introduce me, please?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. This is Herman.

Diane: Okay who is Herman?

Marc: He’s a guide. Not like a spirit guide..more like a sherpa.

Diane: Oh yeah? Where to? I’m being told that Herman’s job is taking “people” to out of the way places right Marc? VERY out of the way places in fact.

Marc: If that is what you are getting Diane.

Diane: You say that Marc but you are grinning. You are saying “I’m proud of Diane” for picking up this info. You are so sweet!

Herman is now showing himself to me with mountain climbing gear on and around him. Marc, does he walk?

Marc: Yeah he does but once he starts, he doesn’t usually stop so make sure you want to open this flood gate!

Diane: I do! Gosh, Marc, I can tell you that you like him.

Marc: We get along.

Diane: Herman is up ahead of us but isn’t saying much. Then he yelled back to follow him and “time is a-wastin’ so hurry up”. Since there isn’t any time here, I’m wondering what the hurry is?

Photo6What I’m wondering is does Herman have a special access pass to wherever we are going or is it just a place that is hard to find? Herman has a flag like “follow the leader” and is telling us to keep to the path and to not veer off of it. Great! Now I’m wondering what would happen if we did?

Wherever we are going, I know that we are ascending in frequency. It’s getting steep now and I can see a rope attached to us starting with Herman, then Marc, then myself. Is this in case one of us gets lost or for safety? We are in astral bodies so nothing can happen to us. Maybe it’s just for effect?

Marc: Keep up Diane! Don’t think so much!

Diane: Sorry Marc but I can’t help but think and I have to type out what we are doing! Marc often tells me that when he was physical, he hated to waste time and was annoyed with people whom he felt was wasting his. He liked to keep on the go all the time. I’m like that as well.

Okay, we’ve come to a complete stop! It looks like a cave up ahead. Herman says we have to wait for our turn. That it isn’t “safe” for us to go in yet. What does that mean?

This is a portal of some kind. I’m being told that if we don’t go at exactly the right instant, we’ll end up someplace else, and yeah, Marc would not be happy if that happened. He’s been planning this trip for a while and he wants everything perfect for us. That’s why he has enlisted Herman’s help. I’m hearing “he doesn’t get things wrong.”

Herman: Okay NOW!

Marc grabbed my hand and we jumped into a black hole.

It feels like time has stood still and we are floating in mid-air. I can see vague glimmers of light though like laser beams cutting through our black bubble.

The swirling has stopped and so have we. What happens now?

Herman: Okay we’re here.

Marc: You are sure we aren’t off at all right Herman?

Herman: No no Marc! I don’t make mistakes.

The black bubble that we were in collapsed all around us. Marc is warning me that I’m not going to get any depth relations here so don’t feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable.

Herman is leaving! He said that this is as far as he goes and wishes us a “bon voyage”. Marc waves goodbye to him.

Diane: Marc are you sure that we don’t need Herman?

Marc: No I can take it from here Diane. I know my way around here very well.

Diane: This isn’t technically a place though is it Marc? It’s more like it’s in between layers of consciousness is what I’m getting or rather conscious forms. Marc, what are we doing here?

Marc: Diane, this is a place where you don’t often go so I thought this would be an interesting experience for us to share with our readers.

Diane: Yes I guess so! Wait…whose consciousness are we in the midst of here Marc?

Marc: Everyones!


Diane: What!!!

Marc: Yeah this is the universal consciousness.

Diane: What!!!

Marc keeps merging his energy with mine so it’s taking me longer than normal to type this out. He is saying that for me to be him with him comfortably, this is necessary. I ask him to explain more what is here?

Marc wants me to stop thinking for once and just take this in on other levels. I feel like I’m in one of those laser light shows that I’ve seen at space centers with the dome. I’m seeing millions of light beams in every imaginable color swirling by me. I keep hearing “layers upon layers”. Waves of emotional energies are hitting me from the right.

Wow! What an amazing place!

Marc is twirling around the center of the room with his arms outstretched dancing.

Marc: I love it here!

Diane: So here is where you can feel one with everything because everything is here! I’m hearing “it’s the epicenter of all thought”. So what I’m being told to do is to focus on one of these light paths and you can get the information of what it is. Everything is going by so fast though that I’m wondering if I can stop anything but I’ll give it a try. This feels like a sci-fi movie, but I suspect this is where they get the plots.

Marc: Yeah most people would see something like this in their dream state and then write about it. You’re sensing it all first hand, Diane.

Diane: Wow Marc! This is amazing! I just want to take it all in! Marc, so how do you stop one of these thoughts of energy forms that I’m seeing? Can you pinpoint if the thought is coming from the earth, another planet, or somewhere else in the universe?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s one and the same isn’t it?

Even though he said that, Marc told me that if you tapped into one of these energy rays, you could tell where the source was from. I can see a hint via a picture of what the energy form is but mostly the information I’m getting is from sensing it.

Diane: Marc you are saying that we can’t stay for too much longer? He says that there is a limit to how long you can be here. It isn’t a time thing but privacy. Many want to be here and you have to reserve a slot.

Marc, I still want to see if I can pick up one of these energy forms while we are here. Can we try? How would I go about it? They are going by faster than I can perceive them to tell you the truth.

Marc says that it isn’t easy to pick them up because you have to connect to enough of the energy before it’s comfortably in my consciousness. Okay, so I picked up the plans that someone wants to rob a bank and I can see the energy that is creating a new flower and watching that grow. Now I feel like I’m flying over a mountain range. I feel like I’m as small as a bee though. Do bees fly over the Himalayas? Now I’m seeing the beginning of the universe and it does look like a big bang!!

Marc: Okay Diane we have to leave. Are you done?

Diane: Well no Marc, I could stay here forever but if we have to leave, I’m ready. I don’t want to be an oink oink if others want to be here too.

Marc grabbed my hand and we were back in an instant at our normal meeting place. He said that I’m getting tired and he didn’t want me to have to take the rocket back.


Diane: Wow Marc! That was an amazing journey! Thank you so much for taking the time and thought into bringing us all there! I knows this is so special and not something that even those in spirit would do that often. I think this is going to take me a while to take this all in! I know that I’ll be reliving what we experienced and bringing more energy from there to me.

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s one of the most special places in the universe but you can’t stay there for very long.

Diane: Right! If you see Herman again, please thank him for me. He left in such a hurry.

Marc: Yeah I will.

Diane: So Marc, now that I know it’s there, can I go back, or do I need you and Herman?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s a place that is in your consciousness now so of course, you can go there.

Marc is saying that it might not feel the same though because of the depth that Herman took us to. I tried to tap into energy there but I wasn’t getting it as clearly. Of course, we can all tap into this energy and we do it all the time but being there, I understood the process and how it worked so it made it so special! I feel that the awareness and knowledge will keep expanding in my space over the next few weeks.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 5, 2020

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  1. Wow Diane and Marc , that was a great adventure your so lucky to experience it 1st hand , I could imagine myself there , I like reading your guys adventures it puts ME right there. Thank you 🙏

    • Thanks Michael! So glad that you are enjoying the posts! Marc loves to set up these adventures for all of us because he was curious when he was physical about the universe. Plus he is the most wonderful guy and loves to share. He told me a few days ago that he wished there was a site like ours in the 70s!

      • I know that would have been awesome for them 😎, I don’t know why I feel this profound closeness with you guys both and the stories and I don’t know why sometimes I feel like I’m physically there , I can almost can “feel “the “environment” and hear the sounds as well . So please keep up these wonderful stories and adventures with us.

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