Bolan-Beaty Boogie Ponder “The Other 95%” of Who We Truly Are

The Other 95%

Recently I was watching a YouTube from a medium I admire, and she said that we are only using five percent of who we truly are. That got me thinking….well what is the other ninety-five percent and can I tap into it? All energy can be read so why not try to find out more about who I am? I meet with Marc…

Diane: So Marc what do you think about humans only using five percent of who they are? Is that accurate?

Marc: Well Diane…it’s pretty close. Some are using more, of course, depending on how tuned in you are and then others might be using a bit less.

Diane: Well I think that it would be interesting to look into this further…this other ninety-five percent. I assume that people have written about this, but let’s do our own take on it. What do you think?

Marc: Well Diane, yeah if that’s something that you feel you’d be interested in learning more about…sure we can do that.

Diane: I can’t imagine what the other percentage is?

Marc: Well it’s a lot of things to tell you the truth.

Diane: First things first though. What about chi machines? The same medium said that it helps with trance channeling and in general helps oxygen flow and opens energy up.  What do you say to that and do you think that it will help me?

Marc: Well Diane, you don’t know for sure until you try it, but I don’t see it doing any harm.

Diane: Yeah but that’s not what I asked.

Marc: Yeah well what I’m saying is that it’s hard for me to know for sure in current time until you start using it.

Diane: Yes but don’t I have this written down somewhere about possibly buying this machine?

Marc: Well let me consult the “Diane Manual” about yesterday and the next week for you.

Wait…yeah…here it is “Diane buys a chi machine and begins using it. It revs up her motors and she flies out of orbit!”

Diane: Silly! Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens?

Marc: Yeah I guess so.

Diane: So Marc about this ninety-five percent. Can you show me an image of what that is, please? Is this possible?

Marc: Well Diane, let me look into that.

Diane: Or can you give me a feeling? I’m seeing the infinity sign, so I’m getting the sense of expansiveness on an unprecedented scale. So the energy almost or might go into the realms of not recognizable as anything humans would be familiar with right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right.

Diane: But energy is energy right?

Marc: That’s what they say.

Diane: Well it has to be forms of energy. I’m assuming it’s different types of energy that are joined together or is it only one type of energy?

Marc: Generally it’s different forms of energy which are joined together to make the unique you.

Diane: I’m getting that it encompasses all aspects of who you are and the frequencies that make you up at every level.

Let’s take me as an example. Here’s what I’m seeing right now. I’m walking on a highway in the desert. It is dark all around me and I’m moving through beams of white energy. Now I’m being told that I would have to travel on this path step by step when I was first born into a life and continue until I passed back into spirit and that still wouldn’t cover all the energy of who I am. Boy that would be a long way. So this is obvious, of course, but what I was getting by this is the sense of even though there isn’t time, this would take me quite a while to revisit every second that I’ve already lived just in this one incarnation.

Marc: Yeah it’s a lot, Diane. But you have to remember that in the scheme of things, time notwithstanding because it isn’t, the physical life that you are focused on right now is just a pinprick of who you are.

Diane: Yes I know that but it kind of blows your mind to think about it. Okay so I want to look at or can you and my guides show me other images of what this energy looks like? Also, does it look like what I’m seeing or it is just a way for my human brain to see it?

Marc: Well that’s exactly the point of this exercise isn’t it Diane? You want to tap into this energy so you’ll have to start thinking outside the brain box.

Diane: So what Marc is telling me here is to let go of thinking I’m human and see what I come up with.

Okay Marc, so far…I’m getting nada.

Marc: Give it a chance Diane. You’ve been trying to access it for about five seconds!

Diane: Yes Ms. Impatience at her best! Okay, I’m setting a strong intention. Now the question I’m asking myself is can I use some of this energy to actually look at it?

What I’m seeing now is a mesh of interlocking energy patterns that extend throughout infinity. It is looking orange which feels odd but who knows. I’m not seeing any clear bits although some don’t feel as thick as others, which I sense is important. So what that tells me is that even though this energy is stretching throughout infinity, it is very strong and doesn’t sag anywhere. It’s very “binding” is what I just was told.

Since I can see this much, I’m going to tap on it and ask for more information. It feels like the top of a drum – very taunt but springs back a bit and I hear a “ping” noise when I tap on it. It’s like a huge mesh fabric that stretches everywhere. I guess it’s the energy grid that I’ve seen before. What I’m getting is this energy doesn’t break down but keeps expanding and getting stronger. It never shrinks then right Marc?

Marc: No Diane. It would never shrink.

Diane: So I’m looking at a close up of this and I’m trying to figure out what this would measure. I’m backing up to see what it might look like. Wow, so I’m getting that the piece that I was looking at would be the size or smaller even than a cell. It looked huge!

Marc: Yeah Diane, so is that putting this into some perspective for you?

Diane: What do you mean?

Marc: Well if what you were seeing felt and appeared to you to be massive, but it was only the size of a cell, what does that tell you about who you are?

Diane: That I’m massive? Really, really massive?

Marc: Yeah right…bingo.

Diane: Okay so if this is my energy in this grid, how do I fit into the whole? Marc, can you help with some images here?

So I’m seeing a beach. There are individual grains of sand on the beach which are all different but join together to make this particular beach. The beach wouldn’t be the same if even one grain of sand left. It would change the mix.

Now when the tide comes in, the grains of sand will change and as this happens all the time, there is always movement. So I’m asking what happens when a grain of sand rides out with the tide and travels to the other end of the earth if that were possible?

We can look at ourselves as a single grain of sand traveling in the ocean from one part of the world to another. If you think about that, there would be so many places to visit that you could never get it done. And if you contemplate every aspect of that journey, like..the tide comes in, you travel to the ocean, you meet up with other grains of sand or fish or algae and get to know them for a bit…and then you’re off!

Right so when a boat comes your way, that is going to change the current and send you off in another direction. Is this something that I planned on or just part of my wild ride? Gosh, Marc, when you think about ourselves like this, there isn’t an end to us, which of course I knew, but it showcases the limitless possibilities that are open to us.

I’m asking to see if I can isolate this energy for just a second and see how that would feel? Can I put this into human words? What I’m tapping into is higher frequencies of my soul that I might not normally look into. Marc any help here?

Marc: Well Diane, in fact, you are going to be better off coming up with that on your own because that energy is unique to yourself. You know it the best.

Diane: Fair enough and that makes sense. This is a bit of a challenge in that this energy doesn’t associate itself with human words so I’m opting for feelings instead that I can put into words – if that makes sense. Maybe I can get an image? This energy does feel very serene and peaceful. No agitation or rushing necessary here. I just tapped into it at a level where I’ve already gone back into the whole so I felt nothing about being an individual. It was pure contentment. That’s the best way I can describe it I think.

Marc was saying that you can also look at this like rain falling and the route it takes once it hits the earth. It would get absorbed into the earth and nourish it, feed a plant, or get drunk by someone miles downstream. Right, Marc, so yes, we are all intertwined, I get that. Okay, anything else that would be good for me to look at here?

So what Marc is showing me is himself on a skateboard “weaving and bopping” around timelines. Marc is this fun or does it have a meaning?

Marc: Well it is fun Diane but it also has a meaning. What I’m showing you is that all these aspects of yourself are traveling through multiple timelines as well.

Diane: So we are constantly expanding yes and we aren’t the same as we were a second ago because we just had a thought that expanded us and the universe. When you think of this and that every one of us is doing the same thing, it truly is an amazing place. Everyone is an important part of this because we all make up the whole.

Anything else Marc?

Marc: Well Diane, we could spend the rest of your time on earth delving into this subject so…

Diane: I know but I just want to look at one more thing. What I’m seeing now is that I’m at the “highest” point of who I am. It looks like a soul family tree. I don’t like the word “higher” because it’s all the same but that’s the easiest word to use. When I look down this tree, I see that I’ve split myself into two and it keeps going. I can’t even see the bottom of the tree as it goes into infinity.

What’s interesting is that I know all the information that I’m sitting on top of here. Are these only physical incarnations I’m asking myself? Some of them are and others are aspects of myself that don’t fall into the physical category. It looks like there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of these pods. I’m told they are “energy capsules” and connect energy from one to another. I’m asking if the capsules towards the bottom are watered-down versions of the top capsule, but I’m being told that can’t be. Every aspect is as strong as the other.

Spirit Tree

I like the feeling of the energy at the top capsule. It feels like having a full tummy after the best meal of your life! You are happy and content. I’m looking down at all the rows and saying how proud I am that I created all of this! I can tap into any one of the capsules and a movie starts playing out about the information that it contains. It could be a physical human or inter-dimensional life or when I just wanted to be a certain kind of energy like a plant. What is coming over me is that I’m so happy to view them all again! Every memory is positive because, without them, I wouldn’t be who I am now!

Well, great Marc! That’s just a very small time that I spent looking into this energy but it does help me sense the enormity of who I truly am and how I fit into the universe.

Next up…David Bowie visits me next time in my continuation to find out more about my “other 95%”. The saga continues…

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 26, 2020

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