Bolan-Beaty Boogie Get Afterlife Help From David Bowie And The Lone Ghost Bagpiper on their Quest To Find the “Other 95%” (The Journey Continues)

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Diane: Marc so I wanted to see if I could find out more about this “other 95%” energy that makes us up? We delved into it a bit in our last post, but I know that there is more that I’m supposed to uncover. How does that sound?

Marc: Yeah Diane sure. I’m up for whatever it is that you want to look at. (Isn’t he wonderful!)

Diane: Marc, can you help me with this? Can you pinpoint or send me a snippet of the energy that might interest me the most? Is this possible?

Marc: Yeah Diane just let me check into that for a bit. Is there anything, in particular, you were thinking about?

Diane: Well no not really, because I’m not sure what is available? I know that when we come into physical lives, we agree to amnesia so maybe I’d be interested to see into that energy? Is it better if I look at myself?

Marc: No Diane, it’s fine that I’m helping you out on this. What are friends for?

After a few minutes…

Diane: Okay Marc, got anything I can look at?

Marc: Yeah it’s waiting for you in the “waiting room”.

Diane: Okay where is that?

Marc: You’ll find it.

Marc points to the right but all I see is dark. Then a bright spotlight turns on and illuminates a globe sitting on a pedestal. Marc has used globes before for me to see the information. When I peek inside the globe, I see a flurry of snow. How is that going to help? So Marc is saying that this is just a way for me to ready myself for looking at energy that I don’t normally see.

I see planets lighting up one by one and they are linked by energy. It’s more than that though. It’s showing me a communication system between them. I’m seeing one planet light up and then send a signal to the next planet and then it lights up.

I’m already aware that we are interconnected but there must be more to it than that?

Oh wow! David Bowie is coming through! I recognize his energy but he is staying in the background. This makes sense because Dave has been working on an elaborate communication system that he calls “Bowie TV” that links spirit, ET, and physical energies together. He says that he doesn’t want to come forward all the way but wants to help me look at this information.

David is saying that although I realize that yes, everything is connected, I’m not quite aware of how much connection or the intensity of communication that is involved. Okay between what exactly Dave? Can you show me more?

This is odd. Dave is singing me a lullaby and waving me to sleep. What does this mean? Relax he is saying. He says that I’m so eager to uncover this information but I need to chill out a bit. Okay, will do. Taking a few deep breaths here. Dave says that he is going to send me some information so I’m waiting for it to arrive.

Bipolar? What does that mean? The info is coming in spurts. Yeah guys, not getting it. “Signals transmitted message received”. Okay, that is a Rush song lyric. What are the signals that are being received and why are they so important?

They are saying that this is a large basis of our universe and if these signals (between the planets) weren’t transmitted, the universe as we know it couldn’t survive. I ask again if they could be more specific about the signals. They say “the exchange of knowledge and information” but anything else? Dave is saying that there is some kind of information system between planets. That they are carriers of information and that is how information can be sent from one extremity to the other. Oh wow! How are they doing this?

He said that the planets are transmitters. Oh gosh, you all know that I’m electronically challenged. I can turn on a lamp but that’s about it. Dave is saying that it’s more like radar but to the utmost extreme. There is a communication system between the planets that helps information get one galaxy to the next okay got that. What kind of information are they sending? Dave and Marc are so sweet. They truly are trying to make this as easy for me as possible, bless ’em.

They are showing me a lighthouse and one planet is waiting for the signal to arrive from another planet just like a ship would look for the signal from the lighthouse. After the signal is sent from one planet to the next then it goes along the chain. They keep mentioning “time capsule” so it’s almost as if the information is stored and then sent out at preconceived intervals.

Dave is saying that the system is more complex than anything we have on earth but many of the methods that we use are based upon this network. He is also saying that seeing this will enable me to tap into what is happening there and make it easier to get information. Dave is off! Thanks for your help!

Diane: Gosh Marc, I’m not sure where this will lead but it’s great information to see. Can we tap into information on this network now that I’m aware of it?

Marc: No time like the present Diane!

Diane: Okay let’s give it the old school try! So what I get is that some of the information that is being shared on whatever level this is at shifts the actual physical planets and that will affect the next one in line. They say the stars also play some role in this. So it looks like a massive system of energy that ricochets from one place to another.

So Marc is it like earth will send a signal to the moon that one of its plates moved by such and such a degree and the moon will forward that onwards? Something like that?

Marc: Well that’s pretty simplified Diane. The information that is being shared is much more…

Diane: At a complex level? Deeper? Higher frequency? Is that what you are trying to tell me?

Marc: Yeah.

Diane: Marc is saying that it isn’t as if this kind of information wouldn’t be transmitted if it was necessary. He says that millions of signals are being transmitted constantly. I guess I can’t fathom this but they said don’t worry about it. It’s pretty much beyond the scope of a human.

Then all of a sudden, Marc grabbed my arm. Where are we going?

Marc: You’ll see.

Diane: He wants to take me to where these energy lines are happening. So we are out in the middle of, I don’t know where, but he wants me to experience this first hand.
I’m sensing and hearing an amazing vibration, but how can I put this into words? The signal ebbs and flows. Okay, more info please Marc. It’s as if you could sense radar signals but Marc is saying that this is much more extreme.

Marc is saying that if I was standing in Wembley Arena that these signals could easily be sent in an instant from one end of the stadium to the other. If it came close to you, it would literally knock you off your feet. Now multiple that by what? Millions? Okay well, he is saying it’s off the charts. When I look at this energy wave, it’s so massive that I can’t see where it begins or ends.

Marc, Dave stayed back a bit when he was here. Why did he do that?

Marc: Because he didn’t want to bring you out of your meditative state, but he did want to show you come of the aspects of the communication system.

Diane: So sweet of him! So, Marc, you were saying not to bother looking for this information in a textbook but surely someone has tapped into this before now? Maybe they are presenting it in a different language? Is there something else we should look at here?

Marc: Why don’t you try looking into this “Other 95%” energy again and see what you get?

Diane: Should I look at a specific place or coordinate Marc?

Marc: Diane that isn’t necessary. Just trust yourself to show you what would be of most interest to you.

Diane: Okay this is interesting. I’m hearing someone playing bagpipes. Gosh, can this be good? I see a lone bagpiper on the moors. He is over seven feet tall and I can see through him. He is a ghost bagpiper and walks the same path which is only about ten feet long. I’m going to try and talk with him.

Excuse me, sir! I’m just double-checking if you have any information for me that you are supposed to pass on? I guess it might be odd to think that a lone ghost bagpiper has information for me about my “other 95%” but hey, we don’t do normal around here do we, Marc?

Marc: Not if we can help it, Diane!

Diane: The bagpiper hands me a map that looks very old. Thank you, kind sir. He just kept walking up and down on his path playing the bagpipes. Gosh Marc, should we see if he would like assistance moving over to spirit?

Marc: No Diane, he is fine for now. He won’t move over anyway.

Diane: Okay then let me look at this map. Marc, can you see it too?

Marc: Let me get a bit closer.

Diane: Marc! There is a key attached to the underside of the map! Maybe it’s hiding a treasure!

Marc: That could be a possibility now couldn’t it?

Diane: Treasure can take many forms. Can we go find it, Marc?

Marc: Sounds like fun!

Diane: Marc you know the Lone Ghost Bagpiper right? He isn’t going to steer us in an odd direction, is he?

Marc: No Diane, he’s fine. You can trust him.

Diane: I’m getting that when I get close to what the key uncovers, the map will light up and beep, something like that. But Marc, where do we start to look for wherever this is? Do you have any ideas?

Marc: Maybe and maybe not.

Diane: Aww come on Marc. We could sit here all night trying to figure out where to go. Can you not give me even a small hint?

Marc told me to start tapping into this “other 95%” more especially when I’m looking for answers. He is saying hold up the key and ask it to take me where I need to go. He is saying that I know where to go. I can find my way.

I’m not seeing anything yet Marc. Okay, now I’m getting “endless possibilities”. Does that mean that I just have to choose one? How do I know that I’m choosing the one that the Lone Ghost Bagpiper wanted me to see?

Marc: Set that as part of your intention.

Diane: So I know that I’m someplace now but it must be very unusual because I’m not picking up anything about it. This is because it’s not a place that I would normally see as Diane but isn’t that the point?

I look at the map again and see the infinity sign. Now, what does that mean? Unlimited possibilities again?

I am now on a beach at night that is lit by candles. I see a cave up ahead but lit so dimly that I wonder if I can reach it. I do and see ornate gold doors. Ah yes! There is a keyhole! Marc, are you coming too?

Marc: I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m right beside you.

Diane: I’m putting the key that the Lone Ghost Bagpiper gave me into the lock and it works! Should we go inside Marc?

Marc: That’s one way to get where you are going, Diane. Are you feeling trepidation?

Diane: Not really. I see torches lighting the sides of the cave. Here are a stream and another wee boat. It’s time to take another wee boat ride I guess huh?

Marc: It’s the only way to travel Diane!

Diane: I know that this is just the way for myself to show me the route, but it is more fun than just hopping there. Marc, do you need to paddle this one or does it move on its own? This one is moving. We are heading into a dark tunnel. Again, I’m getting the scene from the Willy Wonka movie where they take that funky boat ride and end up someplace completely different.

The journey through the tunnel stops and it feels very peaceful. It’s lighter now and I can see a blue reflection in the water. I see steps leading upwards (as per the norm). Sometimes I wish that I could just blink myself to wherever I need to go, but I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun.

I get to the top of the steps and I see a sign that says “Welcome” with an arrow pointing to the right. I see a door up ahead and open it slowly as I have no idea what is on the other side. What I’m getting is that I’m going to meet up face to face with an aspect of myself in this “other 95%”. Oh gosh!!

Up ahead, I see what appears to be a figure of me but I look different. I know it’s me but it looks like a gold statue. My eyes are closed and I have on a very elaborate headdress. I inch my astral body forwards to see if I react to myself. Nothing. I am sitting on a small stool encrusted with jewels. There is a force field around me and I’m wondering if I can turn the force field off and talk to myself? I look off to the side to see if Marc will help but he’s lounging in an armchair! Marc! Are you going to come figure this out with me or what?

Marc: I’m waiting for you to figure it out, Diane.

Diane: Thanks! Okay so I just said to myself “force field go down” and it lowered. It’s like this figure of me is starting to melt now and the color is coming back. Gosh, I opened my eyes! This is a bit freaky Marc!

Marc: It’s okay Diane..keep going.

Diane: The eyes are open and they are blinking a bit but not recognizing me. I haven’t moved anything. What control!

I’m asking if I can communicate with myself? Do I see me? Do I know that I’m here? I just blinked my eyes. Is that a response? Okay so now the figure of me is raising my hands and I’m holding a blue ball of energy that is spinning. I think that I’m supposed to take the blue ball out of my hands but I’m wondering if an alarm will go off? Now I’m hearing “gentle”. This is a gift that I want to give myself and I’m feeling that if I’m gentle, it will let go.

I’ve got it! I’m holding the blue ball which is both vibrating and spinning at the same time. I keep hearing “next level”, but not sure what that means. I know that I needed to find this ball and hold it before I could continue. This orb will light and show me the next steps on my journey. Marc this is like a treasure hunt! I found what I was looking for by using the map and the key that the Lone Ghost Bagpiper gave me.

Check back in with Marc and Diane to see where the blue ball leads them!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

December 3, 2020


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