Bolan-Beaty Boogie Travel to Victorian England in Our Last Quest to Find the “Other 95%”


In our last post, Diane continued her search for what some term our “Other 95%” – that non-physical part of ourselves. She was last seen in a cave with a higher frequency part of herself who had just given her a blue ball of energy. She entered the cave with a key given to her by the Lone Ghost Bagpiper.

The journey continues…..

Diane: Okay Marc do we need to go back to the cave that we were in last night now that I have the blue ball of energy?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s really up to you. You don’t need to go back to the cave since you’ve already found the ball.

Diane: Okay well I still think the ghost bagpiper was pretty cool Marc. Have we met him before?

Marc: We’ve heard of him yeah and seen him from afar. He’s legendary.

Diane: Well is that his only job? Handing out keys that access other places?

Marc: That’s pretty much all he does yeah.

Diane: Besides playing the bagpipes on a lonely Scottish moor! That’s an interesting job to have for sure. (Marc told me that he feels remorse for deeds that he did in his past physical life – i.e. murdering other clans’ people – and he walks back and forth giving access to those who seek what they wish to find.)

Okay, Marc so where should we start tonight? Can I just hold the blue ball energy in my hands where I am? Where is it now?

Marc: Sure Diane! Try to connect with it and see if it will come to you again.

Diane: Okay I see it! Here it comes Marc! It’s wavering around me like a hummingbird. It hasn’t come into my hands yet though.

Marc: It might need to be coaxed.

Diane: What? Are you kidding? How do I coax it? With a lollipop or something? Is that what you are saying?

Marc: I think it has gone off sweets, Diane.

Diane: Oh gosh. Well, what you are saying to me Marc is that I should just sit still and relax. If I’m too edgy or anxious, it won’t approach me. I didn’t realize I was antsy Marc.

What I’m getting now is that the blue ball energy is never going to leave me. I’m not sure yet what it’s purpose is other than leading me further on this trail. Marc is telling me that these energy balls come in different sizes and colors. Depending on what you need, their purpose can be different. So what does “blue” mean then Marc?

Marc: Well that all depends on the individual, but usually blue denotes higher realism and travel – access to other realms.

Diane: Great! I’m asking the blue ball energy if it has a name. Marc, can this speak to me? I don’t know why I’m asking you because you’ll just tell me to ask it.

So I’m wondering if the blue ball energy is like a guide? That’s what I’m getting. Yes okay, this blue ball is a guide. Well, blue ball guide, where are you going to take me next? Do you have somewhere or something to show me? How will I work with you?

Okay, Marc, so the blue ball appears to be taking me off to the right. I think that we are supposed to follow it. Yep okay, the ball is zig-zagging through a dark tunnel. It’s making me dizzy!! I don’t want to tell it what to do, but I wonder if it wouldn’t mind moving in a straight line? Marc are you still with me?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane! I’m right by your side. Didn’t you notice me?

Diane: Well no. Okay, now I feel you. The blue ball energy is moving upwards. It feels like we are taking an escalator. It’s very dark here, and I keep hearing “tinker bell”. Now it’s hovering in one place. What’s up?

Oh my gosh! It just shot forward going about a million miles per hour! Marc tells me that we have to join it fast! It is taking us through a time warp portal. The force in the portal is very strong. It feels as if it’s pushing me back as well as forwards.

Now we are in a place that looks as if it is snowing. That’s all I can sense besides seeing blue. This isn’t snow though. It’s like fake snow. Wherever we are, it doesn’t snow here. I think that we are on a journey to meet someone right Marc? Can you nay or yay that for me?

Marc: I can yay that for you Diane.

Diane: Wow you told me something ahead of time!!

Marc: That’s because you already knew it, Diane. I was just confirming.

Diane: Now this is interesting. I feel like I’m walking down a Victorian street in London. I’m hearing “an insulated Victorian street” whatever that means. It’s like the sides of the street are pulsating towards me and there isn’t much room to walk. The buildings on both sides are caving in at the top and bottom is the best way that I can describe it – like a fisheye lens. I feel like I’m in one of those snow igloo forts I made as a kid and it’s a bit claustrophobic. Marc, there is the blue ball up ahead so we must be heading in the right direction!

Marc: The blue ball is never going to lead you astray Diane.

Diane: I’m hearing music like Christmas carols. The blue ball has stopped outside of a door and it’s telling me to go in – but knock first. Really? Marc, you are coming with me, right?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. Right behind you.

Diane: Oh gosh! I’m excited to see who or what is going to answer this door! I know that we’ve visited spirits and beings in Victorian places before but this one feels a bit different. A short man opened the door. Short as I mean in about three feet tall!

Man: Hello dear lady and welcome!

Diane: Yes thank you very much! (The blue ball shot right out of there once he answered the door.)

Man: Please follow me and watch your step. If you’d like to wait in this room, someone will be with you shortly.

Diane: Thank you very much! I’m relieved to see that the room looks bright and cheery. I see a fireplace at one end and the rest of the room looks just as you would expect from a Victorian drawing-room.

Marc, are you going to give me any hints about what is going on here and where we are? He just looked at me with his “are you fucking kidding me Diane” look.

After a bit, I turn to see Marc warming his hands before the fireplace. Well, he seems calm so that’s a good sign. Marc, are we going to be meeting someone soon? He just shrugged his shoulders. Sigh…He starts looking at the prints and paintings that are on the wall. Very casual.

Marc, I think that I’m having a bit of a block about who we are going to meet. I don’t know what that means but I’m getting a wee bit anxious. Any advice?

Marc: Yeah don’t panic.

Diane: More details please with that.

Marc: Well Diane, you know very well how to work through this so just do it.

Diane: Okay yep you are right. This is interesting. I’m getting that we are going to be meeting with a man and a woman but somehow they are the same? I see them approaching but they are changing their form. One second they look like a man and the next, I see a woman in a long gown. What’s up with that? Okay, they are shapeshifting but in a positive light. I’m being asked if I’m ready to meet them. Well yes of course I am! Are you Marc?

Marc: I’ve already met them.

Diane: Figured that. I see them float into the room through a wall. I guess that they have a message for me? So far, they aren’t communicating anything but I’m enjoying watching them go from male to female. Their energy is quite lovely. They are saying that they need to be elsewhere so we should get on with this. Okay fine, I’m ready. What’s this? Something about hearing a bell ring five times and I’m seeing the word “violet” and seeing purple flowers. They are telling me that there is a garden out back and I should go there. Is this like a treasure hunt?

I see a back door and head towards the garden. Well, it’s certainly beautiful out here! It’s enclosed with a large fence and I can’t see over the large shrubbery. Oh gosh, that reminds me of the “Knights Who Say Ni” from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! I’m told to step into the center of the garden. Where are the flowers?

I’ve just heard the loudest most intense bells ringing! I feel like I’m in the bell tower of Notre-Dame with Quasimodo. Now what?

I’m sitting in what appears to be a modern wood-paneled room in what is this….a spa? I can hear the sound of water running next to me. Details of the room are hard for me to see at this point but I see lots of coppery golds. Very peaceful. Marc where are you? I’m not sensing Marc here with me now. He is still around though. “Deep cleansing” is what I’m hearing.

Marc can’t be with me because I’m doing deep soul cleansing and this is something that you do on your own. I’ve been here before, I know, as it seems familiar. I don’t feel anything specifically happening to me yet though. Okay, now it’s coming. I’m seeing white laser beams circling all around me. This is one of those soul spas that Marc and I have visited but this isn’t the one that you go to right after a physical life for healing.

I need to be here to progress in my spiritual plans. What I’m hearing is that I’ve been holding onto outdated information that I’m now ready to release. Wow, that’s great news! This will also enable me to raise my frequency. It’s like getting a hair cut and shower after you’ve been a cave person for a million years. That’s how amazing it feels! To let go and cleanse! I can see the energy that I’m releasing going down the little stream that is next to me. Okay, I’m done! Bye-bye!

Marc has come and he’s taking me back to our original meeting place.

Wow, Marc! That was an amazing journey! Why is it that I needed to take that elaborate route to get to the soul spa? I don’t understand?

Marc: Well think of it like this. You want to go to Venice from where you are now. You’re going to have to go through quite a few places before you get there right?

Diane: Yeah, right Marc. Good point! This is how you can make energy work a fun adventure and Marc and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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December 18, 2020


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    • Yes, he said that doing work like this on the astral is often easier because you are working with higher frequencies but energy work on the physical is just as valid. He said a good starting point is to ask your guides for assistance. He said that they love to work with you on stuff like this. He said ask them what energies you are ready to release and they will assist you in setting up scenarios that will help. He said that if you want to work on the astral with them too, ask them to help you there as well. Guides also do healings so you can ask them for one that would best suit whatever you have in mind. Healings from guides are amazing! (From Diane – Just remember they won’t do the work for you but if your guides are good, they’ll do their best to assist you in whatever you want to achieve/do/create. I’ve fired guides so if you get to the point where you feel that you want to change, you can ask for that as well.) Of course, this is assuming that you are already doing meditation. If not, that would be the first step in the process.
      I asked him what if someone wasn’t used to working with their guides and hadn’t met them yet. He said this would be a good place to start because getting to know your guides is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. He said that they will hear you no matter what and are prepared for the fact that you may not feel or hear their response. Asking for a guide’s name is a good way to get to know them or ask them to send you a feeling or even a color that you can associate with them. They send you information all the time. It’s just a matter of figuring out that it’s coming from them. Once you formally open up the lines of communication with them, you realize that you have a whole team working with you, that you are never alone, and the fun has just begun.

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