Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet Senior Spirit Advisors Vitnik & Melecka

Spirit Guides

Diane: Okay Marc so tonight can we do something that utilizes the new frequency that I can see since my healing with Princess Dynamo (see our last post if you haven’t yet met her)? Did you have plans for tonight or shall I come up with something?

Marc: Well yeah Diane, that’s totally up to you. Whatever you want to do. I don’t mind finding groovy places for us to go to.

Diane: Yes I seem to remember that was part of our agreement in spirit to do this. I would channel the information to the folks here on earth, and you would help us access wild places. C’est vrai?

Marc: Oui

Diane: Okay then what’s in store for tonight? I’m open to anything. The only request that I have is that I would like to access information in the gold layer that I saw after my healing. Are we off to the Bolan-Beaty studio?

Marc: No Diane not to the studio. I’m having the energy cleaners out there now. It’s a good idea to have the space cleansed once in a while.

Diane: Really? Okay, then where to?

Marc: Diane, take my hand and I’ll show you where!

Diane: I love when Marc takes me on these mystery trips. They take a lot of energy but they are worth it! Marc all I’m seeing is black per the norm, but I can still feel your hand.

Marc: That’s good Diane. That’s all you need at this time.

Diane: Okay now I’m feeling that we are enclosed in something. Are we in your rocket?

Marc: No Diane. No Rocket Man tonight.

Diane: We have reached a tunnel and all I can see is your white outline. That’s a new one. You’re being illuminated by the moon. Marc, why aren’t the tunnels ever white?

Marc: Because I like to be out in space Diane. Real space. Okay, we’re here.

Diane: Well that was a quick journey.

Marc: Can you tune into your surroundings yet?

Diane: I see a door with rounded corners up ahead.

Marc: Are you ready to go through it?

Diane: Ready if you are! I see a bright light as if someone is shining about a hundred bright lights – you know the kind they use on movie sets. It feels like we are on a Hollywood set from the silent era. What’s up with that Marc?

Marc: Ambiance Diane. To get you in the mood.

Diane: For what? Are we starring in a silent movie?

Marc: No and come on Diane! We’re going to be late?

Diane: Late? We can’t be! There isn’t time here!

Marc: No Diane there isn’t time but there is being on time.

Diane: Huh? You are saying that someone is waiting to meet us and we shouldn’t detain them…I know. Is it Charlie Chaplin?

I can see a tall figure up ahead. He is partly in the shadows, so I can only see his silhouette. I doubt that he is representing a human who was on earth because his energy is not telling me that.

Marc: Okay keep going. Can you read anything else about his energy?

Diane: He wasn’t famous on earth for sure. He is very learned and has..what’s the term I’m looking for Marc?

Marc: Deep wisdom.

Diane: That’s it! He is very friendly and open to sharing his knowledge. I’ve met him before.

He is turning around to meet us. I’m trying to pick up his name. I’m hearing something like Counselor something. Can you please spell it out for me? Counselor Bitnik? No, it’s Vitnik. Counselor Vitnik. He is smiling at me and motions us to sit down in what looks to be director’s chairs. He is saying that he is very happy to see me again and hopes that my physical incarnation is pleasing for me. He says that he understands my apprehension in meeting him again because it’s as if we are meeting for the first time.

I tell him that I recognize his energy, so I’m not afraid it’s just that I’m trying to place him. Wow! He is one of my senior guides in spirit! He is saying that we planned this meeting after my healing with the Princess. I’m asking him if I needed to have that healing before I could access him again?

He says that I needed to clear some fog out first. Okay great! What do I call you? Counselor Vitnik? He says that I can leave the title off. He said even though that is his title, most Counselors prefer the term “Advisor”. He said that we agreed to meet at this time. So Vitnik, thank you very much for coming. Could you give us some information about yourself because I’m sure that our readers would be interested and it will help me remember?

He nodded and said that he would be happy to do that. He is a “Counselor of the Seventh Star”. Okay, I’m not remembering what that is. I ask if this is in spirit and he said yes. He said that he only knows me in spirit. I ask what the “Seventh Star” is and he says that they are a group of individuals who work with spirits whose main goal in physical incarnations is to raise their frequencies and access their spirit side. He is saying that some spirits don’t care about accessing spirit when in physical incarnations, but I’m not one of them.

So I’ve worked with you before I know because I’m getting that we go back a long way…a very long way.

Vitnik: As you say, Diane, we go back a long way. You have had many advisors for all of your physical incarnations but I am always with you.

Diane: Are you Marc’s advisor too?

Vitnik: Marc has other advisors when in incarnations. I do know him well as you are so closely connected, but I do not advise him.

Diane: I know that you are watching my progress as Diane. Do spirit advisors sometimes say “Well they hit that mark or oops they went off track again”? He smiled and said yes that often happens.

He told me that advisors at his level don’t necessarily deal with spirits on day to day issues. I am beginning to remember my meetings in spirit with him. I would go to him and ask “How reasonable/feasible do you think that this would be for me”? It isn’t that I wanted to limit myself, far from it. He is confirming that in the scope of the life that you wish you lead, you don’t want to do too much or too little so it’s a delicate balance. He is stressing that no limits are ever put upon you by someone else, but they want to assist you in setting you up for a win-win situation.

So I’m asking what if a Spirit says I don’t want any counseling before an incarnation? I’m getting that wouldn’t happen or be possible. They are saying that when you are a spirit, that isn’t something that you would want to do. You know that they are there to assist you to make the very best of yourself and you welcome their advice. Vitnik is saying that, of course, you can choose to ignore them if you wish.

Now I’m hearing the term “rogue”. I’m getting that there are rogue spirits who get into an incarnation and don’t want to connect or remember anything that they planned in spirit. I guess that could be part of their plan or they change their route when they get into a physical body. Vitnik says that they are left to their own devices and are wished well. He said that the advisors are aware that this is a possibility.

I’m asking him, just as a joke, that if things don’t go well, do the advisors say “told you so?” He is saying that yes at times, there might be some truth in that but that they truly only rejoice in whatever experiences their students achieve for themselves.

I ask him are we considered “students” then? He said that I can use any term that I like.
I ask him what our readers can do to access their senior advisors if they aren’t trance channeling at this time? What would be the best method of speaking with them? He is saying to set your intention that you want to meet them again. He said that if you feel more comfortable going through your day to day guides, they can also pass along messages but that isn’t necessary.

I want to ask Vitnik questions that will relate to all of us and is that okay? He nodded yes.
So what is the question that spirits most ask their advisors?

Vitnik: Do you think that I can pull this off?

Diane: Really?

Vitnik: Yes really.

(Seems to me that I recently remember someone asking that? LOL)

Diane: I know that loved ones and guides meet you when you pass back into spirit but what about senior guides?

Vitnik: All in good time. Usually, you meet with your day to day guides and once you feel relaxed and comfortable with being back, then you’ll meet with your advisors. (He was saying that these meetings are often in-depth and you want to be well adjusted to see the whole picture.)

Diane: How many advisors do we normally have? He said that often depends on how ambitious the life that you are planning is. He said that some spirits want to work with many advisors and others only a few. He said that there will be a limit. He said that you can have an unlimited amount of guides who help you with every aspect of your life, but you will be cautioned if you want to work with too many senior advisors.

Why is that? (He is speaking directly but mostly I’m just downloading what he is telling me. Each spirit works in a way that makes them most comfortable and they also take into consideration what will work the best for me. The conversation may go back and forth.)

He is saying that working with advisors is very intimate, thought-provoking, and deep work. It would just be too confusing if you had too many and he said it isn’t necessary.

Do advisors caution you if you are planning something way out there for who you are as a spirit?

Vitnik: They might. If you are taking on too much, they might ask you to rethink and then come back to them. They might ask what your reasonings are and will these be positive steps for you?

Diane: Wait now I see a woman approaching us. She is another advisor to me! Yay! I’m getting that her name is something like Melinda? No, it’s Melecka! She appears to be around sixty. She said that advisors often appear older than yourself.

Marc, are you completely bored out of your mind here?

Marc: No Diane! Why would you say that?

Diane: You are so wonderful! I know that you’ve been meeting with them all this time behind my back but just wanted to double-check.

Melecka thank you for joining us! I recognize you as my another advisor and I’m so excited that I’m meeting you both again tonight! Can I call you Melecka? (I’m only seeing Vitnik and Melecka but I think there might be other senior guides but at this time, not one hundred percent.)

Melecka: Yes of course Diane. We are not formal here. (She said that depending upon your relationship with your advisor, you could still refer to them with a title but that isn’t necessary for us.)

Diane: I’m assuming that advisors are well trained in every aspect of what can happen in a physical incarnation, but do you have expertise in different areas? I’m getting that I didn’t usually meet with them together. Are advisors ever paired with someone whose work ethics are completely contrary to their own?

They are saying that probably wouldn’t be to anyone’s advantage. They are saying that we all have had an enormous amount of experience in incarnations, well most of us have, and we know what we are doing. You want to go into these meetings to get the most out of them. Finding someone with whom you can work closely is part of that process.

Well, what if you start working with an advisor and you realize it isn’t working out? They are saying that, of course, you can change. We usually work with at least one advisor whom we’ve worked with in the past but then we might choose to bring someone new into the mix. That’s what I did this time around. I always work with Vitnik, but I asked Melecka to join the team and she agreed.

Wait I don’t think that I got an answer about advisors having specialties? Vitnik is saying that he knows me so well and understands what would be a good range for me to work in and Melecka is helping me work outside my comfort zone. So I’m getting a bit of each side that way. I ask Melecka if I often play it safe? She told me that I can be cautious and she is showing me other possible alternatives. She says that it’s a good idea to bring in advisors whom you haven’t worked with before because they can offer new perspectives.

We know that spirits come into physical incarnations for any number of reasons, but I’ve heard that there are always a few main goals that we want to work on? Can they tell us more about this?

They say that yes, we usually have three or four higher-tiered goals that we want to achieve and that we will have discussed these in-depth with advisors. You could have up to five but more than that is probably taking on too much. They said that somewhere between three and five is ideal.

They are showing me a film running of a life. As an example, let’s say, someone wants to work on their self-esteem. We will give ourselves thousands if not millions of chances to work on that one goal. I see a cardboard cut-out of the person and every time they hit one of these chances, they fall down. So it’s like a domino effect.

I ask if they have any advice for us all and they said “Trust your heart. Know that your advisors and guides are always there with you. You are never alone.”

Two nights later, I take Marc and myself to see Vitnik and Melecka again. They wanted to give me a few days to take this all in.

Diane: Marc let’s go to see Vitnik and Melecka. I’m getting that they want to see us!

Marc: Diane, are you sure that you don’t want to take us there instead?

Diane: Really Marc? I guess that yeah, I should know the way? What if I get us lost?

Marc: You won’t get lost. You know the way just remember it.

Diane: Ooh okay! Well, you wanna take hold of my hand for a change? Gosh, Marc, I feel like Wonder Woman flying around like this. I think that we are getting close. We’ve landed! Did I get us to the right spot?

Marc: Yeah Diane, we made it. We’re here.

Diane: I see Vitnik and Melecka waiting for us. Hello! Did you know that I got Marc and myself here tonight?

Melecka: Why yes we did Diane! We knew that you wouldn’t forget the way back home.

Vitnik: Yes we are very impressed. (They are so sweet to egg me on!)

Diane: Marc are you going to sit down?

Marc: Yeah Diane right here. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.

Diane: I want you to be comfy Marc.

Marc: I am. Keeping going.

Diane: Did we have something specific that we were meeting about tonight?

Melecka: Well Diane, since you have connected with Vitnik and me again, we wanted to keep you abreast of what is going on with you and where you’re at now.

Diane: Yes thank you. That would be much appreciated.

Vitnik: You see Diane, now is the time when we are supposed to begin working with you face to face.

Diane: Well that is wonderful!

Vitnik: We can tell that you are worried that this might take away from the time that you spend with Marc but let us assure you that Marc will be working with us just as closely. We would like you to see our entrance as an addition to what you are now doing with Marc.

Diane: Yes I see that. I remember this from what we planned.

Vitnik: Excellent Diane.

Diane: Sorry I think that I interrupted some thoughts that were out there?

Melecka: Diane, we just want to make sure that you feel comfortable with this?

Diane: I understand. How often are we talking about?

Vitnik: Well we have set up an agenda with you and it would be wonderful if we could stick to it as much as possible. You will still have quite a bit of time to work with Marc.

Diane: Of course. What are the next steps then?

Melecka: Well how would you feel about our sending you messages via trance link?

Diane: Trance link? I don’t know what that is?

Melecka: It’s a way that we can connect with you that isn’t evasive in the least. It will enable us to send you much-needed information and connections via a link that we set up for you. You were part of this planning process.

Diane: Can I ask what these information links contain as I’m not remembering this just now?

Melecka: You do remember Diane. Why don’t you just take a few minutes to see if you can recall what we set up?

Diane: Okay just trying to tune in. What they are showing me is much the same as when I used to do readings during my training. You sit in a row with others and join energies facing the person whom you are doing the reading on. It’s very powerful to do readings like this and it’s amazing to see that you are all pretty much reading the same information. So I can see the four of us sitting in a row and this information is linking between all of us. I’m not sure quite yet how this will play out until we start the process.

Melecka: Yes continue, there is more.

Diane: Okay so what I’m also getting is that information will still go through Marc and myself on our travels. We have set it up that we can get this information however we want – by meeting up with someone who is passing it onto us so that much won’t change. They are saying that I needed to meet with them for me to continue at another level.

I’m asking if there is anything that I’m supposed to do before we start this process? They are telling me that even more patience might be needed on my end until certain adaptations are made and am I prepared for that?

I tell them that yes I am ready and have been excited for a long time because I knew that this was coming.

Melecka: Diane, that is all that we needed to hear from you tonight. We will go back and work on an agenda and the best way to present this material to you.

Diane: There isn’t any homework involved here is there? (I’m just teasing them, but I never liked to do homework as a child but who does?)

Melecka: We will leave you now Diane but will be back in touch soon. If you do not hear our call, Marc will let you know the next time and place for a meeting.

Diane: Okay great! Thank you!

Later on:

Diane: Gosh Marc thanks so much for making sure that I made it to that first meeting! I know that was very important for me.

Marc: Well we were pushing it, Diane.

Diane: What do you mean? Oh, you’re saying that if I hadn’t met up with the Princess, I wouldn’t have been able to access them yet?

Marc: No I’m not saying that, but it would have made some timelines wobbly and been messier than it needed to be.

Diane: Marc they are both so wonderful! Melecka has a wicked sense of humor and I can see us laughing quite a lot in our planning meetings. Vitnik has been with me since day one and I trust him to be completely honest with me.

Marc so will I be meeting with them every day now? Was it just that I met them to know that they are still with me?

Marc: Do you have a preference one way or the other?

Diane: I would love to see them as much as possible, but I know that everyone is busy.

Marc: Well Diane if you think of it like this…why would you set up a meeting with them and do the work to be able to access them and then have them go away?

Diane: Yeah that wouldn’t make much sense would it. I guess I’m not quite sure yet what my plans with them are?

Marc: Well they plan to assist and nurture you Diane, so it seems like it would help if you were in contact with them on a conscious basis.

Diane: Makes sense. So how will this work? Do I ring them up and see if they are available or will they be dropping in from time to time?

Marc told me that I have agreed upon meetings with them but if I need them for any reason, just to let them know. He said that I will continue to have my day-to-day interactions with all the guides whom I normally work with so that will not change.

Diane: So they just wanted to keep me in the loop with what we had planned and if it was okay to proceed?

Marc: That’s pretty much it in a nutshell Diane.

Diane: I’m not sure what we’ve planned yet Marc but I don’t know that it appears that I will be receiving information much different than what we are doing now?

Marc: Well yeah, they don’t want to upset the apple cart right now but there will be some changes and they just want to prepare you. They want you to still be comfortable with the process and to have fun.

Diane: Marc, I’m getting that we weren’t going to be able to go past a certain point until I met up with them again?

Marc: Yes Diane, it is necessary that you receive the guidance that they are going to offer you and it will work better if you are on a face-to-face basis with them versus it going through me or another guide.

Diane: So you are saying that it will be faster and deeper for me if it’s coming directly from them?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying.

Diane: So they said that we will still be doing our fun adventures and meeting up with others right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, they did and we will continue to work like that. It’s how we want it. They are just saying that from now on, we’ll be meeting directly with them as well.

Diane: Advisors don’t want to limit us but they want to help us ensure that we set goals that we can meet. If you set up too much then it might just lead you to frustration and left with a sense of hopelessness. They said that if that is what you want to experience, then, by all means, go ahead but you will probably have been cautioned.

I have the best spirit team out there! I love them all so much. Don’t hesitate to connect with your guides and thank them for all that they do for you! It isn’t an easy job!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 3, 2021



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