Bolan-Beaty Boogie Ponder the Differences (and Similarities) between the Physical and Non-Physical


We all know that when we come into physical lives, we agree to a bit of amnesia. It often takes some work for us to remember who we are and our lives back in spirit. I was thinking about this one day and thought, well maybe Marc can offer some insight into this for me. After all, he is there right?

Diane: So Marc, when we talk with celebrity spirits, they are choosing to come forward as the personality they were known for right? For example, now you are being Marc Bolan but he was just one of the many characters you’ve been. If you weren’t being Marc right now, who would you be? I know that we can choose to be whomever we’ve been before or is there just general energy that we return to every time?

Marc: Well Diane, we do have general energy that we feel comfortable with when we are home and most of us usually stay in that.

Diane: Yeah but is it a persona of some kind of a mix of everyone we’ve ever been?

Marc: Well a little of both. But no, we don’t sit there and say I’m 1/20th Marc Bolan and part of me is something else. Rather we take the energy that we’ve built upon and combine it with what we did as the last physical life that we had.

Diane: Yes but what if you didn’t like the person you were last and decided that you didn’t want to take on any of their energy? LOL Just kidding! I know that we always are happy to have expansion.

Marc: That’s right Diane. Just the questioning of why wouldn’t you want to take on the energy from a past physical life and what you learned from it would be part of that growth – that expansion.

Diane: Yes and that’s what this is all about isn’t it Marc?

Marc: Yes Diane…it is.

Diane: So Marc, would you have liked to live anywhere else in England other than London? I’m getting that you wouldn’t have?

Marc: No Diane. London was my hub. It was exciting. I didn’t mind traveling to other places in the country, but I wasn’t interested in living anywhere else.

Diane: Yeah I get that. I like California if I have to live in the States.

Marc: Yeah it isn’t so bad there is it? I enjoyed it there – especially the weather. I loved being in the States.

Diane: So Marc what is the same here as there?

Marc: Love

Diane: Yeah that’s good. Anything else?

Marc: My hair is the same.

Diane: Yeah I know that. You always give yourself great hair. Anything else?

Marc: The connection between all of us is the same.

Diane: Yeah I was sensing that as well. I think that here though, people probably feel the most connected to their families and friends. I’m also getting religion and ethnic background are very important to some. Those would probably be first and then they might look to the universe?

But once you are back in spirit, that is all different because none of these groups exist in the same way. You feel more connected to everyone and everything on the whole. I know that we have soul groups and many of the people around us in the physical are part of that group. Oftentimes, when we talk about the way things are in Spirit, they seem very similar to the physical but we’ve just adapted them differently. Anything you have to say about that Marc?

Marc: Well Diane, yes and no.

Diane: What do you mean?

Marc: Well like you said, there are some similarities between how you connect with your soul group here and your family and friends when you are physical. People would probably be surprised to learn that they are pretty much the same group.

Diane: Yeah I know. We are just playing different roles.

Marc: Usually that’s the case.

Diane: What are you showing me now Marc? I see you diving underwater looking for treasure, is it? You are saying that we never get done searching? Or do you mean learning, creating, and expanding?

Marc: Yeah all of those things.

Diane: Well we do all of those things in the physical?

Marc: Well if you aren’t, you should be.

Diane: Silly! Is there more freedom though in Spirit? I mean, you don’t have a job unless you want one. Your needs are taken care of right? You don’t eat or sleep. I don’t know. It seems much easier to tell you the truth.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s because it IS much easier here.

Diane: Yes but you are saying that we have all the freedoms here that we have in spirit as well, but we are under the illusion that we don’t. So it’s all about the decisions that you make and where you want to put your awareness. For instance, I hear my friends tell me that they would like to go on vacation, but they don’t have the paid time off and their boss tells them it isn’t a good time. So by putting yourself in that situation, you have kind of put restrictions on yourself?

Marc: Yeah sounds like that to me.

Diane: But in truth, you have choices. I started working for myself because I didn’t want to have others making decisions about my life in regards to work. It has made me much happier. Other people I know don’t want the responsibility of having to create their own business and that’s cool for them. Is there something similar in Spirit Marc?

Marc: Well no one is governing you here per se Diane. I mean, some councils might intervene if someone is getting, man, like way out of control and wreaking havoc upon others. Those cases are few and far between.

Diane: Yes I’ve been involved with something like that from here. So you are saying that some are looking out for the whole in case damage is done or going to be done. What else is similar Marc?

Marc: Well Diane, there are a lot of similarities between the physical and non-physical. You can appreciate beauty and if you want to listen to T Rex music, you can do that here and there!

Diane: Well yes Marc, I know that’s important. In spirit, there isn’t any lapse between when you want something, and then it’s boom right?

Marc: In most cases yes.

Diane: Well that is usually different here. It could be the same here but I think that most people feel that it takes a while to manifest something that they want if it indeed ever happens.

So, Marc, I’m going to ask your opinion about some stuff okay? You game? I know that you would rather be where you are than on earth right?

Marc: Right.

Diane: Do you feel more fulfilled as a soul when you are physical vs spirit?

Marc: Well Diane, that’s a good question.

Diane: Yes and I’m waiting for an answer!

Marc: I’m still thinking about it.

Diane: Are you saying something about degrees of fulfillment?

Marc: Yeah I am Diane. I can be fulfilled both in the physical and non-physical but with different degrees.

Diane: Can you explain that? Okay, you are saying that when you are physical, your expansion isn’t what it is in Spirit. There you can have access to everything about yourself – who you’ve been, who you might be etc. So you are saying that you feel more fulfilled in Spirit because you can access so much more about yourself and the universe. Right?

Marc, did you ever regret having a physical life?

Marc: No never!

Diane: You are always very in tune with your spirit self when you are physical though Marc. Did you ever have a physical life where you truly missed being in Spirit?

Marc: I have, but I’ve also realized that I came into that life for a purpose and I always knew how to make the best of it.

Diane: So you’re saying that you sometimes miss the vastness of life in spirit. I know that you don’t like to be focused in a physical body for too long.

So, Marc, judgment is a big thing on earth. That’s different in Spirit.

Marc: What judgment? Why would there be judgment here?

Diane: That’s what I’m saying! There isn’t any (I’m sure that there are exceptions to every rule though). But you can still have your own opinion right? What you are telling me now is that you more clearly see each other and accept them for who they are. It doesn’t bother you in Spirit if someone feels differently than you do (boy that sure is different than some people here as we’ve felt in the States these last few weeks).

It’s more like you will meet up with them and have a lively banter about how you both feel differently. We are often told that we are “all of the same” but that doesn’t mean we have to feel the same about everything.

So Marc, when you pass from the physical to the non-physical, you get used to the difference pretty fast. He is also telling me that you truly have an appreciation for yourself or it is often easier for us to have an appreciation for ourselves when we get back to Spirit and see all that we’ve accomplished. He is saying that you shouldn’t wait until you get back there though. He is saying that you should pat yourself on the back every day because it is hard to create a life, especially on earth.

Marc, so as Marc Bolan, did you feel more creative in the physical than you do now?

Marc: No not more creative. I was a pretty creative dude as Marc Bolan, but I’m more creative now.

Diane: Once you got back into non-physical, was it exciting? Was it everything that as Marc you thought it would be?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I was excited because it was even more than I thought it was as Marc.

Diane: How so?

Marc: Well like you were saying, there are no limits here. I don’t need to escape via comic books or music because there isn’t any need to do that here.

Diane: Bodies are a lot of work too aren’t they? I know that they are worth it, but it takes a lot to keep one in good order?

Marc: Yeah Diane they but like you said, they are worth it. I solved that situation by not staying in any one of them for too long.

Diane: You traveled all over the world as Marc Bolan, especially on tour. Now you travel all over the universe. That has to be more exciting right?

Marc: Well yeah Diane, because I have so many more possibilities. If you are tuned into yourself, you can travel to the same places on the astral.

Diane: One of our guests said that even though the music here is wonderful and inspirational when you get back to Spirit, it’s even more so. Can you explain that further?

Marc: Well it’s mostly because your senses tend to be more open here.

Diane: Marc is showing me that here, we might concentrate on experiencing music through our ears, our hearts, and our emotions. So we use both physical and spirit of course. When we return to Spirit, it’s like ultra surround sound where music hits you from every angle. You can take it in from every pore if you had them! It’s like being in a music cocoon.

What about fear Marc? It’s a big thing here for sure. Fear stops us from manifesting many of the things that we want. What about there? I’m assuming that you could choose to experience it there but why would you?

Marc: Well you could but it wouldn’t be quite the same. It would be more like you are choosing to feel it with the knowledge of knowing that it doesn’t exist so it would be more like play-acting.

Diane: I guess that’s why we come into bodies because here it feels real?

Marc: Yeah when you take your focus from Spirit to the physical, it wipes the slate clean and you are free to start over again.

Diane: So Marc, on the whole, how much different are you in a physical body vs you in Spirit? Do you tend to change yourself a lot?

Marc: Well that all depends Diane. When I was first incarnating, I tended to do drastic shifts in personalities. Like Attila the Hun characters. The further on I got, they lost their appeal. I can still tap into those lives if I want to relive them which I usually don’t.

Diane: Right you are showing me that you would just tap into your oversoul and access that information.

The next evening…

Diane: Hey Marc! How are you?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I’m doing okay. And yourself?

Diane: Well I was busy today so time passed quickly. You know that I don’t like to stand still. Much like you Marc.

Marc: Well I’ve been standing still a lot more since I left the physical Diane.

Diane: Why is that?

Marc: Well because things are so peaceful here and calm. When I come into a physical life and I know it’s going to be a short one, I race around like the Tasmanian Devil!

Diane: Ooh I like that cartoon along with Marvin the Martian.

Marc: Yeah he’s a good one.

Diane: Marc do you have any possessions where you are? I don’t mean physical obviously.

Marc: Well no Diane, obviously I don’t have any 3D possessions but there are different forms of physicality. I do have some things that aren’t 3D physical but are physical in the same sense that I am.

Diane: Well how is that? I thought that you were purely non-physical?

Marc: Well it’s a matter of looking at things Diane.

Diane: Explain, please…

Marc: Well even though I’m not in the physical 3D world, I like to think that I am substance and everything around me is substance as well. I mean there are different forms of energy and it can take shape as well.

Diane: I can see that. What about eating Marc. Do you miss that?

Marc: No Diane. I don’t miss that.

Diane: I think that some spirits might miss that aspect of not being able to consume physical foods and drinks.

Marc: Well drinking, yeah, I miss that more so than food. I did like my brandy and champagne. I can replicate the same sensation here though if I want (he said though not quite to the same degree).

Diane: Well what about this? You can come up against a lot of odd and bizarre beings and places in Spirit right compared to earth?

Marc: A lot of bizarre things happen on earth Diane.

Diane: I know that but you know what I mean. So when you are in Spirit, I guess we are used to it though is that I’m saying. I mean the majority of people who might come upon our blog might think that we are over the top?

Marc: Yeah maybe the majority?

Diane: Really the majority?

Marc: No some of them.

Diane: Right so each to their own but it seems that in spirit, what would be considered “outside the norm” would be the “norm” there? How do we lose that sense of ourselves when we come into the physical?

Marc: Well it all has to do with the amnesia that you experience when you agree to take on a physical body. Then, of course, you come into that incarnation with a blank slate and you begin to write upon it whatever beliefs that you want.

Diane: Let’s say that your family, peers or an organization that you belong to doesn’t believe in anything like the topics we discuss. You can choose to believe them or open your mind to other possibilities out there?

Marc: Yeah man, it’s all the part of remembering who you are right? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Some people will say to themselves, “I’m human and there is nothing more to me than that” and call it a day. No afterlife. No nothing.

Diane: I know people like that. I’ve never felt that myself so it’s often more difficult for me to talk to them about it.

Marc: Yeah your experience has been different than that.

Diane: How often do you run into interdimensional beings, Marc? I know that they are all around us here but they aren’t showing themselves readily.

Marc: They are pretty common here Diane. We share the space.

Diane: So what I’ve been understanding since we’ve been together Marc is that there are a lot of similarities between the physical and non-physical. When we come into a physical life, we pull from our knowledge of things in Spirit and find ways to adapt them. So many of the things that we see around us are based on our non-physical lives. I’m sure that’s how many songs and inventions come into play. It seems to me though that there is more abundance in the non-physical. Is that true?

Marc: In general, yes Diane because there aren’t so many beings putting limitations on things. (So he is saying that’s conceived but doesn’t have to be the case.)

Diane: Most spirits aren’t saying this or that isn’t possible, because they know that it is. The blinders are off right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. Again it all depends on what you want to experience at the time.

Diane: Does having almost everything that you want come to you instantaneously get to be a bore? Does it take some of the challenges out of things?

Marc: Again Diane, it’s all about what you want to experience. You can slow things down if you want to as well here. Our slow would be your really really fast.

Diane: What about vanity in Spirit Marc? Do you still put eyeliner on?

Marc: Who said that was vanity? That was self-expression Diane.

Diane: I know! I was just teasing you!

Marc: The self-expression here is kind of the same. You can present yourself however you want much the same as you would on earth.

Diane: I think it’s probably easier to change form in the non-physical? You don’t have to wait the three weeks to lose those five pounds.

So, Marc, you can easily go to what we could term back and forth in time even though we know everything is happening all at once. But let’s just say for perspective, would you want to travel more in the “past” or the “future”?

Marc: Well yeah Diane, that’s a hard one for me to answer because time doesn’t exist, but I get what you are asking. I prefer the current time but if I had to choose, I guess that I would go forward.

Diane: The future does sometimes seem more exciting because it feels unknown and full of possibilities.

So, Marc, you don’t need Spirit Guides now of course. I know that there is assistance in Spirit for anyone who feels that they need help or do you just tend to do like we do – talk with those in your soul group and friends to get their opinion?

Marc: Well the support network here is easy to access but yeah, we do pretty much the same thing as you.

Diane: So I know that we have tribes (or soul groups) in Spirit. How often do we get together with them and talk about old times? Like do you remember when you did this or that as that incarnation? Do we often get together with others and relive scenes from past lives?

Marc: No Diane, not very often, at least I don’t. It’s happened to me but usually, with someone whom I haven’t seen in a while, I pretty much stay in current time.

Diane: You don’t talk about being Marc Bolan with me either unless it pertains to something that we are discussing and you want to use your experience to help us out.

Marc: Yeah that’s the way that I am.

Diane: I mean, I know that you were Marc Bolan, and I can listen to what you did as him but I didn’t know him personally. I only know the Marc who you are now and he is different. You don’t sit around and listen to T Rex music do you?

Marc: No Diane, you’re right, I don’t. Fond memories though.

Diane: Is there anything about the non-physical that doesn’t appeal to you?

Marc: No nothing. I like everything here.

Diane: What’s it like not to have night and day? I think I’ve heard it’s pretty much the same all the time there?

Marc: Yeah I would say it’s more like early dusk here all the time. Not too dark and not too light. It’s pleasant.

Diane: I don’t know. I like having day and night.

Marc: Well I can create that here as well if I want to put the effort into it.

Diane: Yeah I know. So what about this! Let’s say that you think to yourself “I really dug so and so when they were in a physical body. I was inspired by them”. Now they are in Spirit. Do you go visit them? Would you just arrive on their doorstep or phone ahead LOL! Would you do it and how to go about it? I know when you contact spirits for us, you just ask them telepathically so I’m assuming it’s the same, but you have to check first right?

Marc: Well yeah Diane, of course. You would send out a signal or connect to them and they could choose to respond or not.

Diane: You mean, they may not want to be bothered?

Marc: Well in general, I think that you would get some kind of response back.

Diane: Yay or nay?

Marc: It would probably be more than that.

Diane: We tapped into this awhile back, but how willing are specifically famous spirits willing to talk about lives? I know that in the interviews that we’ve had, all the spirits seem chuffed about talking about their experiences. But at other times, we’ve tried to contact spirits whom we’ve never heard back from. I think that Mario Lanza comes to mind here. I suppose that there could be many reasons for that? Some might not want to be bothered, others are busy or are out of reach?

Marc: Yeah Diane, those are the most common reasons. Plus if a spirit is harbouring any painful feelings regarding an incarnation, they may not want to go back to it.

Diane: Everyone probably has lives that they loved and others not so much right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, of course. For me, I’m pretty open to looking at all of them. I don’t have any that would cause me any issues now.

Diane: Marc so you were pretty wonderful as Marc Bolan. You pushed a lot of buttons, created a new style of music, inspired millions, and I guess back then, lived a wild lifestyle at times right?

Marc: Well that’s the impression that I wanted to give, that’s for sure.

Diane: Okay but do you feel that you’ve been even more eccentric than Marc in previous incarnations?

Marc: Oh yeah Diane, sure.

Diane: Let’s say that you have a favorite pet. So is it likely that Fido who is also in spirit when you return to the non-physical, would be presenting him or herself in another form? What if all your life, you wanted to meet up with Fido again and he or she is an energy orb and not a dog.

Marc: Well then it’s up to you whether or not you want to tune into Fido’s vibe or not. You gotta accept them for who they are now you know.

Diane: Yeah I know but what I’m getting at is would Fido agree to be a dog again to keep your old relationship going or would that be obsolete once you both got back to Spirit? I don’t mean obsolete in the sense that it wasn’t meaningful but would you just say “Oh yeah, you were my dog friend Fido and I loved you very much in that role”. Then Fido could say “I had a great time too” and you might then go your separate ways?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that could certainly happen, but if you had a lovely relationship with them, then you would probably want to arrange how you want that to be going forward. You would probably go back to whatever makes you both happiest.

Diane: Maybe you passed over right after Fido and you ask them if they wouldn’t mind being Fido for a bit longer because you still miss them. I guess that could happen right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it could, but the odds are more likely that they will be focusing on what they want to be doing as well as yourself. So you might just acknowledge the great times that you spent together and then go back to your lives as they are.

Diane: So what about this. Since there isn’t time, what if you decided to pop back into an incarnation and make changes that suited you better. Is that possible?

Marc: Well that would be a hard one to pull off Diane because there would be so many other factors involved in that outside of yourself.

Diane: So what Marc is showing me is that you would probably do this on your own. He is showing me someone sitting in something like a sensory box and you could focus on whatever you wanted to change and see what the effect might be. He said that something like this wouldn’t be very common there though because you don’t want to hang onto any baggage. It’s important to let go as soon as possible and get on with things. Leaving energy scattered about will cause you to slow down. It’s best to have all your pieces with you at all times. Okay, Marc, that makes sense. He is saying that you would more likely just think of a different experience and add it to your awareness.

So obviously in Spirit, there aren’t any racial, religious, or status differences. Does that mean that all spirits are accepting of each other and there isn’t bias? What would you say to that?

Marc: Well Diane, yes in spirit, you are more accepting because why wouldn’t you be? Your awareness is so open that you would realize that limiting yourself in any way is not in your best interest. That doesn’t mean that you still don’t have opinions of our own.

Diane: So if someone approached you in spirit as a purple orb and you don’t like purple, you aren’t going to say “Change your color or go away”? I know that sounds extremely trivial, but you get what I’m asking?

Marc: Well Diane, like I’ve been saying, you can choose to react however you want, just like you do in the physical.

Diane: When you come to earth, you are bombarded by so much advertising, other’s opinions, and beliefs. It often benefits to stop and think – okay so what are my thoughts about this? I guess you have to do the same in Spirit as well?

Marc: Yeah man sure.

Diane: I think that I’ll enjoy getting back to spirit. It’s kind of exhausting here to always have to sort through information and beliefs to figure out how you feel about it.

Marc: Well that doesn’t change Diane.

Diane: Did you ever run across someone who didn’t have an opinion about anything?

Marc: You mean like an amoeba or something like that?

Diane: No I mean like a human or a spirit? (Marc made a face.)

Marc: Well no, not that I can recall Diane. I think that at a certain level of consciousness, that would pretty much be impossible.

Diane: Would some dear soul in a coma qualify?

Marc: Well their consciousness might be in another place at the time, but they still have opinions and beliefs.

Diane: What about people who love to sleep? Now that isn’t necessary for spirit so what would they do?

Marc: Probably get over themselves and decode.

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January 22, 2021

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