Bolan-Beaty Speak with the Energies of Pandemics


Marc and I haven’t focused too much on Covid in our blog other than one post at its onslaught. We figured that since everyone is living through it on a day to day basis – 24/7, did anyone want to read more about it? But for the past few days, I’ve been seeing “pandemic” and when words start repeating, I know that the energy wants to come forward and speak.

Diane: Okay Marc, were you able to get pandemic energy that is willing to communicate with us? I know that you’ve been looking into it. I’m curious to know if it comes as one form or several, what it looks like, and the reasons that it has for creating itself. Got an update for us?

Marc: Yeah Diane, sure, of course, I’ve got an update.

Diane: Great! Will we be traveling to our studio or going elsewhere?

Marc: We can head over to the studio. They are waiting for us there.

Diane: They huh? You let the cat out of the bag Marc! So there will be more than one.

Marc: I told you last night Diane, that there would probably, in fact be, almost definitely be more than one energy form involved with this.

Diane: Oh yeah. Okay never mind. So off we go to our studio! I wonder what shape it’s in Marc as we haven’t been there in a while. Have you been keeping it clean Marc by dusting and sweeping?

Marc: What do you think?

Diane: Okay that’s a no, negative, and nada I know.

Well, we are here and the lights are out. It does look a tad gloomy. We need some lights. Bing! Bing! Bing! They just popped on. It doesn’t look too bad here Marc. What is that you are saying? There are cleaning pixies who come when we aren’t looking. Well, bless them is all I can say.

Right Marc, so I’m going to take my place facing you and the guests. I can see four other chairs besides your own. Wow! I wonder who they will be!

Marc: You’ll have to wait and see Diane.

Diane: When will they be arriving?

Marc: Oh anytime soon I would imagine.

Diane: Marc, did it take a lot of effort on your part to pull this together and get them here?

Marc: No not too much. They were pretty eager to come tonight Diane.

Diane: You don’t say? Okay so I can feel some energy coming our way and it feels extremely massive! It’s coming very fast but so far, I can’t see anything Marc.

Marc: You will.

Diane: Man of few words at times Marc.

Marc: I talk when I have something to say.

Diane: I know. Just teasing. Okay so the energy feels like an landslide coming towards us. I keep seeing the word “momentum” and that this kind of energy is very hard to stop once it gets started. What’s interesting is that even though it feels far away, I am still picking up how powerful it is. Okay, a few deep breaths here. Marc, you seem so calm!

Marc: That’s because I am calm Diane.

Diane: I’m hearing trumpets playing a fanfare now Marc. Okay….waiting for this to arrive. I see a massive, and I mean MASSIVE brown cloud-like energy rolling in like a thunderstorm. What’s interesting is that if I look closely, I can see all this activity in it – like microcosms floating about inside. This is hard to describe. I see particles moving inside of it. Some are long and rectangular and others are circular. Marc, is this something that can adapt itself to fit in the space that we have here?

Marc: Oh yeah Diane. It can pretty much change its shape for any occasion. It’s very adept at that.

Diane: I bet. So far, I’m seeing just one mass but I see four chairs in front of me, so I’m waiting to see if it breaks off into sections. This looks like a huge cloud Mother Ship and yes! Now I see four sections coming down towards us. How bizarre is that! Each one is hovering over a chair but there is a black rod that is connecting them all. Don’t know what that means.

Marc, I’m at a loss on how to start this interview. Would you please get the ball rolling and I’ll jot down what is going on?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. First, they are asking if you can pick up anything about them up front?

Diane: Oh gosh really? Well even though they look like individual sections, they are telling me that they all come from the same source. They feel friendly Marc, not that I expected them to be otherwise. I didn’t have any expectations about them at all. They are saying that they are making themselves easy to read. So are they somehow simplifying what they are so that I can read their energy?

Marc: Do you want to ask them that?

Diane: Well I just picked that up so I don’t have to.

Marc: Good girl.

Diane: Marc, are you going to be doing introductions here? I can tell that they are very intelligent, so I know that they can understand me right?

Marc: Very intelligent Diane.

Diane: I keep bending forwards, which is odd for me, to tune into them better I guess? It’s as if they feel powerful yet subtle which would be surprising considering what they are.

Marc: Diane, so as you can see, our guests tonight are variations of pandemic type energies.

Diane: Wait! Did I get that right? Variations of pandemic “type” energies?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I said.

Diane: So what that means to me is that they are not separate pandemic energies. For instance, one isn’t specially Covid or one HIV. They are shaking themselves back and forth saying no they aren’t so that’s confirmation.

They are saying that if they came forward as individual aspects of a certain pandemic, then they would appear too simplified. Is that right? They want to show us that they are more complex than that. Marc, is it okay if I start asking questions?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. That’s what they are here for…to answer questions.

Diane: So does that mean that the four of you are made up of pandemic type energies that have existed throughout the earth’s lifetime? They are saying yes and there isn’t a way to separate them. Okay, that’s odd.

I see these particles swirling around inside of you. I’m assuming this is what this represents. They are telling me that though all pandemics haven’t been as severe as others, that they are all “equal”. Equal in what sense?

Pandemic: Equal in importance.

Diane: Okay wow so I’m starting to get direct replies! I saw you arrive in what was termed a “Mother”. So do you spring out of one mass?

Pandemic: We feed off the whole.

Diane: Marc, they give very short answers, don’t they?

Marc: So far yeah, it appears so.

Diane: Are you going to ask them anything?

Marc: I know that you have a lot of questions for them, Diane, so why don’t you keep going.

Diane: Are you appearing to me in some kind of physical, spirit, or some other form?

Pandemic: We hold all forms.

Diane: They are telling me that they stay on this cloud ship mass “until they are needed”. So once you are called upon, you go to wherever it is that called you?

Pandemic: That is exactly it.

Diane: Oh gosh. I’m not getting that this is some kind of UFO as this is too massive and complex, but they are using that analogy to help represent themselves to me.

I don’t know where else you might go or manifest, but here on earth, pandemics aren’t seen as something that we consciously want, exceptions to all rules here of course. I mean that we all must agree for you to exist here as Covid. If you can see my viewpoint as a human who is going through this – no offense taken, please. They are still telling me that they have been “summoned”. So are you speaking as Covid? Is one of you Covid?

Pandemic: We are all the same here.

Diane: In our first post when Covid started, I was told that pandemics happen because change is needed on a large scale quickly. So there needs to be powerful enough energy to bring about this change and depending on what is required, it could reach one country or the whole world. They are saying that they are not providing a service but a function?

Marc: What they are saying Diane is that they are swirling about and they wait to be summoned by whoever does the summoning. Then they adapt to whatever form is necessary to fulfill that request.

Diane: Right thanks for putting that clearly. That’s what I was getting as well. I know many of our readers might be thinking “why would we summon a pandemic”? I know that I just gave one of the reasons but still, it’s very hard to comprehend, isn’t it? They are just giving me back the energy of “but so it is”. What I’m being told is that they always go where they are called upon to go? They can’t do otherwise?

Marc: Right.

Diane: Even though that seems like an inconceivable thing from where I’m standing as a human, I’ve looked at enough energy in my time that of course, that makes sense. They are just sitting there patiently waiting for the next question. Marc, they seem eager to explain themselves or to shed more light on who they are? They don’t want to appear to be the baddies.

I’m assuming that there have been worse pandemics than what is currently going on in what would be considered earth’s past correct? They are nodding up and down.

Do other planets experience pandemics as well? They say that often, yes, but it could take other forms. They are saying that they can transmute themselves into any form necessary. So they are given a task to do and depending on what the task is, they will adapt themselves to whatever means necessary to get it done. Oh wow! That’s amazing! So I’m seeing a famine, a drought, a hurricane. I see a field of green crops and then all of a sudden, it’s razed with some form of locust or drought. So they are energies that deal with events on a massive scale usually.

They are showing me the word “experience” and “to delve deeper”. So those who perish from these kinds of events are what?

Pandemic: That was their experience.

Diane: So have you come forward to speak with us to explain your actions or just to share who you are? They are saying that it’s more in the hopes of understanding.
Since you are constantly expanding and are so large, you would be called upon when something on a more massive scale is required. Is that correct?

Pandemic: That is correct.

Diane: And you can confirm that events like famines, floods, etc would be under your umbrella as well?

Pandemic: Yes they would be.

Diane: So their point of view is that on one end there is devastation and loss, on the other end is rebirth and change. Can you describe yourself in one word?

Pandemic: Evolution.

Diane: Marc, this energy doesn’t appear to have emotion. It seems very neutral which isn’t surprising. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to get anymore than that out of them?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I would say so. I don’t know that you will get much more out of them either.

Diane: Well thank you very much for coming to speak with us and give us the chance to understand you better.

(Marc went up to them and spoke, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying).

After they left…

Diane: Gosh Marc, I hope that I didn’t seem ungrateful to them. They did seem to want to explain themselves, so that we would have a better understanding of them, but then at some point, that was all they had to say?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I think that’s it exactly.

Diane: I get where they are coming from, but still, it’s so hard to see the sadness and pain going on right now.

Marc: It is very hard Diane. We in spirit are watching this very closely and are doing what we can to heal and help those who request it.

Diane: I know Marc! You’ve been so supportive! Thank you! So is the energy we spoke to might be the same that brought about the plague in the 14th century?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it could be. This kind of energy mutates and changes its form to adapt to whatever it is called upon to do.

Diane: They also said that some forms of pandemics and disasters haven’t always originated from earth energy correct?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s what they said.

Diane: I’m getting though that anything as massive as something like Covid would have to have a strong agreement here on earth as it would be unlikely that a force outside of earth could sustain it.

Well, Marc, that was very interesting! I know that they are just doing what they were created to do. Did they understand that being focused as a human right now, it still might be hard to understand why we would do this?

Marc: Yes Diane, they understood. You are who you are and they are who they are. You can’t stop being yourself and neither can they.

Diane: So Marc, what I’m hearing now is that they are ready and willing to transmute themselves into whatever the majority wants them to be. So if we all decided to have prosperity and shards of gold falling from the sky, they would arrange that as well. They are energy on such a massive scale, that very few, if any other, could do these kinds of things.

I don’t know. I think that even though they didn’t appear to show any emotion, I was getting the hint that they will welcome the time when we are showering ourselves with outright global love and prosperity. They are saying don’t give up. We are getting there.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 27, 2021

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