Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit A Non-Physical Collective Many Many Light Years Away

Treasure Map

Diane: Okay Marc, so I think that you want to do a post tonight right? I haven’t gotten any information ahead of time, so I guess that you want it to be a surprise? The only thing I was picking up is that we will be going “forward in time”. Is that right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Is that cool?

Diane: Sure! Are we going to our studio? Do we have guests? Are we traveling?

Marc: We’re traveling tonight Diane because we haven’t done that in a while. Plus the dudes whom we are going to visit wouldn’t come to the studio.

Diane: Really? Are we taking your rocket?

Marc: Not tonight. My rocket is being mended right now.

Diane: Oh so it’s in the shop?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: Then how are we going to get to wherever we are going?

Marc: Well I have the treasure map here Diane. Wanna take a look?

Diane: So we are hunting for treasure?

Marc: Well in a sense we are, but not the usual kind of treasure – no jewels, no gold, or anything like that.

Diane: Okay so let me look at the map, Marc. This looks like a very basic treasure map. I see our pirate ship and then a few dots? This isn’t telling me much.

Marc: Really? It has all the information that we need on it, Diane.

Diane: Well maybe to you, but I’m not seeing much from that. Are you telling me that I have to open up to it? Okay, I’ll try. Nope, still not seeing where we are going from this. Should we start our journey?

Marc: Yeah time is a wasting Diane.

I grab Marc’s hand and off we go!

Diane: All I know is that we will be going to what would be termed “the future” right Marc?

Marc: Yeah man, that’s right.

Diane: We are in the black tunnel again moving very quickly. We’ve stopped suddenly at some kind of intersection. We have four directions we can take from here. What is this Marc?

Marc: This is a time warp tunnel, Diane.

Diane: Really? Which path are we taking?

Marc: Which path looks good to you?

Diane: They all look the same. You are the one with the map. What does the map say?

Marc: It says to go in the direction that we are supposed to go in.

Diane: Oh boy! I know that you are just being silly Marc. Wait! We are off again. Marc is saying that you can’t linger here too long.

I’m picking up that we will be meeting with others, but I’m not sure what form they will take. I can envision up ahead where we are going but it just looks like a dot in space. Does this place have a name on earth?

Marc: It has coordinates and a number.

Diane: So this is a galaxy that scientists on earth have an inkling that it exists but not really any info about it.

We stop. Marc, it all looks black to me. Not getting anything.

Marc: You need to put your love goggles on Diane.

Diane: Love goggles?

Marc: Yeah Diane to see love everywhere you go!

Diane: Well yes I do want to wear my love goggles all the time then! Okay, they are on and now I’m seeing pale blue.

Marc: Yeah keep going. Any shapes at all?

Diane: No nothing. Wait a minute! I’m starting to feel a sense of some kind of space but it isn’t 3D. We all know that I’m rubbish with anything to do with science so can this be put in the simplest of terms for me Marc? Okay so yes, time is vertical and this is very important for where we are right now. What’s different is that there is an unusual spatial awareness here that isn’t like many other places. Can that be true?

Marc: Well, it’s like very few other places Diane.

Diane: Okay so let’s see if I can suss this out. What I’m seeing, and I don’t know what this means yet, is what looks to be rows of plexiglass partitions. Do they have Covid here too Marc? (Just kidding I’m hoping.)

Marc: Can you touch them?

Diane: I can touch them but my hand goes right through it. So is this a place that can give the illusion of the physical even though it isn’t? Are we in spirit?

Marc: This place is even different than that.

Diane: Oh gosh Marc! Now I’m seeing a cloud but it feels like a rock. Any clues for me Marc? He is telling me to create a ball and see if I can get it to expand. No, I can’t. What does that mean? How can we be in a place where something can’t expand?

Marc: It’s a puzzle isn’t it Diane?

Diane: It is indeed Marc. Isn’t everything in the universe expanding?

Marc: Yeah you would think so.

Diane: Is this a place of your creation then Marc and you are trying to get me to figure this out?

Marc: No man Diane! This is a real place!

Diane: Well can we move from here, so maybe I can see or tune into different energy?

Marc: It won’t help. The energy is all the same.

Diane: Well how can that be?

Marc: I don’t know, but it just is.

Diane: I thought that we were going to meet others, Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, there are others all around us. I know that you aren’t seeing them yet but try to tune into their vibes man.

Diane: Oh gosh! What I’m getting is gonna be hard to explain. It feels like we are surrounded by masses of huge cotton balls that are all joined together. They are all around us. Is that close?

Marc: Well they aren’t cotton balls, but your description is apt.

Diane: They are some kind of life form and are the inhabitants of wherever we are. It’s as if they are bending closer to us to see if I can figure this out. They are enjoying this. They truly are.

Marc: Okay so that’s a start. Can you get any sense of what their attitudes are towards us being here?

Diane: Well let’s see. As I said, they seem to be enjoying this and are very friendly. They are shifting slightly. It’s as if we are in the middle of a room and they are lining the walls  around us. What’s interesting is that they appear to be connected but I’m getting that they have individual personalities in this mass.

Oh, dear! Their energies went way down when I said “mass”. They didn’t like that description at all. I’m very sorry! I’m new here! Can you please tell me how you would describe yourselves then? Marc, will they speak to me?

Marc: Sure Diane! See if you can get a response.

Diane: Well I would like to introduce myself to them first. I know that they already know you. Hello, I’m Diane, and my friend Marc has brought me here to meet you. I’m very excited to be here and I appreciate that your energies are so welcoming.

They are saying that they would like to be known as a “Collective”. Right got it! Marc, will it be too personal to ask them questions?

Marc: They are expecting you to do that so go ahead.

Diane: Are you a form of gas then? They are saying that they are gas and light. They said that it’s going to be too complicated to go into too much detail with me. They are scanning my energy and can tell that I don’t have the prerequisite training or knowledge in physics to understand further. Ain’t that the truth!

I’m getting that you don’t have sexes as we have on earth. They are saying that is correct. I’m asking if they have a spokesperson or is it okay to direct questions to all of them? They are saying that it’s okay to address the Collective.

Your energy appears to be very lively. You are an inquisitive Collective and you love to explore. Are we on some kind of planet? They say no because this isn’t a physical place. They exist much like the clouds. They are trying to find analogies that will help me understand. I’m asking if they contain water and they say no water.

I’m seeing you joined together as one unit, but I can ascertain distinct personalities within you. Can you please explain that? They are saying that’s just who they are. They’ve never been another way in their current frame of consciousness. They are unfamiliar with the concept of being separated from each other. This would be unheard of and they are asking me how this feels on earth? They understand that this is just an illusion on our parts but they want to understand why we break off to come into physical lives on earth.

I tell them that it can be lonely at times. Sometimes you might feel that no one else understands you. Every time you meet someone new, it might take a while for them to get to know you and vice versa. Sometimes you mesh and sometimes you don’t.

They are asking what it feels like to be physical and the concept of weight. Ooh, how should I explain this? I’m showing them a rock in the water sinking to the bottom of an ocean. They said that they understand the concept but can I explain how this would FEEL? I’ve never been asked that before. It’s something that we just take for granted I guess. I tell them that if I jumped into a body of water, depending on how I wanted to react, I could either try to swim or sink. I told them that water feels very protective.

Can I get a name for your “Collective”? Would it be something that I could understand? It isn’t going to be a word so they are going to send me a feeling or maybe an image? Marc is merging his energy with mine which will help raise my frequency so thank you! I’m seeing leaves blowing in the wind and the word “transitory”. They are saying that they don’t stay in the same place for very long and love to travel. They are scanning the earth to give me these images so that I will understand them better. That is so gracious of them! They are wonderful Marc!

Marc: They are cool aren’t they Diane.

Diane: I’m still not getting a name for them, but that doesn’t matter. Can you give me an idea of where we are in earth years? They are saying like 15,000! Oh wow! Can that be? Yes, of course it can. All time is vertical so everything is happening at once. All you need are the coordinates of where they are and the ability to tune into them. But still, I think that my mind just exploded a bit. Marc, how did you manage to find them?

Marc: Well Diane, what do you think I do in my spare time? I figure shit like this out!

Diane: LOL! You are so funny Marc! Seriously, I know that you do this for us because you believed in all of this when you were physical. You want us to have the opportunity to find out more about the universe and who is sharing it with us.

I’m asking them if they have any similarities with humans like society rules, jobs, or anything like that? Do they have a perceived hierarchy? They are saying no. They are a society that doesn’t “do tiers”.

I’m asking if their ancestors ever held physical forms? They said that yes many many ions ago, but that would, of course, be before any of them here. I’m asking if they have records of this? They said that yes, they can access this information much like we look up data on a computer. They are saying it’s in their genetic make-up.

They are asking about how humans procreate and sex. They know how we do it, but want to know what that feels like. Marc! Can we just show them a film at this point?

Now they are asking what it’s like to feel age. Well, it isn’t that great to be honest, at least on the physical side. Your eyesight goes and your bones ache. At some point, you usually can’t walk and your mind leaves but on the plus side, you usually obtain wisdom.

I’m asking what happens to them if they don’t age? Do they just go on forever? They are saying that they get absorbed back into the whole. So it’s like they are given a chance to experience the illusion of individuality if they desire it.

They are a bit confused as to why we do this because the physical form dwindling doesn’t sound like much fun. Marc, I guess you solved this by not staying in bodies for very long right?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane. I’ve never seen the point of it myself.

Diane: I’m asking them why they even want to pretend to be individuals then versus always being back in the “whole”. They are saying because it’s different and that is how they evolve. This is the same as us isn’t it? What’s a tad different is that they don’t literally break apart into individuals. I ask them why they don’t pull apart? They say that isn’t necessary for them to evolve. That would be too far removed.

Marc, do you have any questions for them?

Marc: Yeah what forms of creative outlets do you have?

Diane: So it isn’t music but it’s something to do with being at a certain frequency is the best way that I can explain what they are showing me. They are saying we would term this “bliss”. I’m asking why they aren’t at this vibration all of the time? Not getting a response.

Marc: It’s coming, Diane. Just give yourself a few more seconds to get it.

Diane: They are saying it’s because this is their “special” place and it wouldn’t be so special if they were at it all the time. Makes sense that. They say that it takes a joint effort on their parts to achieve it, so that makes it even more enjoyable. Oh wow! Isn’t that wonderful!

They are showing me colors and wavelengths. So the color is a certain frequency and being at one color vs another gives them different experiences.

Marc, I’m getting tired so anything else that we should learn from them should happen now, please.

Marc is asking what they do for fun? They aren’t familiar with that word so they are scanning it. It isn’t that they don’t understand words but what are they saying here, Marc?

Marc: What they are saying is that they can instantly comprehend whatever is said to them, but it’s giving back an answer that you can understand.

Diane: I’m still not getting an answer for that. I can see their colors and they look white with varying shades of grey and blue with specks of gold. I’m asking if this is correct? They say that if that is how I wish to interpret them, it is up to me. They can’t confirm or deny what I’m seeing. If that is my truth then so be it. Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it isn’t important to them how you see them. That’s immaterial to them.

Diane: If you had the chance to take a human form and live on earth would they? No, they say that would be going too far back. To use a term I would understand “Been there. Done that”.

I’m asking that if they could come to earth to visit me, would they? They said not in what we would think of as a physical sense (especially since they don’t possess that) as the frequency of the earth is too limiting for them. They say that now that I’ve met them, we can check back in with each other from time to time. This might not be done on a conscious level for me. They say that they would prefer to interact with my frequency on a spirit level and hopes that I won’t be offended. No offense taken, I told them and that I would love to meet with them again.

Marc, I think that it’s time for us to go! I’m thanking them for meeting with us and giving me this opportunity to find out more about who they are. It’s been an amazing journey!

Later on…

Diane: Gosh Marc, thanks so much for finding them! Someday, you’re going to have to explain to me how we are doing this in detail, but then again, my brain would probably explode. I love speaking with beings like this but I can’t stay at their frequency for very long can I?

Marc: No but give yourself credit that you can speak to them at all.

Diane: Good point! It has taken me many years though.

I asked Marc why they were asking me questions about what it feels like to be physical if they can scan their databases and see what it was like. He said that it’s much like knowing that we have all been Ancient Egyptians in past lives. We can imagine it and know of it, but if we had the chance to ask an Ancient Egyptian what it feels like to be them, wouldn’t we do it? Good point Marc. I wonder that when they connect to me in spirit will I have a sense of it?

Marc: Try making that an intention Diane.

Diane: Great idea! Marc is saying that even though I didn’t get a name for them, I know their energy and I will recognize them from that.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 6, 2021

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  1. Very interesting adventure! I took it to mean a possibility that humans may evolve into a collective energy in the future. And thanks for sharing about the treasure map. I’ve had a ton on sychronicities lately about pirates, the navy, and old-timey ships. Hadn’t thought that maybe I was being given a treasure map for my project I’m working on.

    Love reading your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful escapades that you and Marc embark upon.

    • It would be wonderful if humans evolved to a Collective like this one as their energy was LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Treasure maps can be a fun way of setting intentions. So glad that you enjoy our adventures Laura!

  2. The funniest part of this post was when these beings were asking Diane about how sex feels and Diane sounded a little squeamish and quickly decided to change the subject. Otherwise it was a fun post to read as usual.

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