Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit A Cloaked Society in “Illusion, Perception and Reality”


I have been asking Marc and my guides to help me expand my awareness by using senses and abilities that as a human, I might not tap into as much. Here I got a chance to practice and see what we, as spirits, often forget when we focus in a human body.

Diane: So Marc, are we going to be doing a post? I thought that you said you had some place for us to go? I’m running late tonight I know and you asked me to hurry up?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I’ve got a little trip planned for us, but you know how time is around here…we take it or leave it.

Diane: Yes but I don’t want to keep anyone else waiting!

Marc: Well I kind of adapt when we arrive and alert the necessary parties.

Diane: Great! So are we away yet Marc?

Marc: Are you ready?

Diane: Ready! I grab Marc’s hand. The day before, I was getting hints that we might be traveling to a big ship, so I’m excited to see what we uncover.

This is unusual Marc. I can tell that we are traveling, but I’m not seeing any of the route? We are advancing upon a massive energy but I’m sensing its coordinates are hidden.

“Lights out” Marc is telling me. He is saying that our route is kept secret in case there are eavesdroppers.

Marc are we down yet? I’m feeling a bit misplaced here.

Marc: Yeah hang on tight Diane. Coming in for a landing…

Diane: Well this is the first time I think that I haven’t been able to see where we are going.

Marc: It’s hush hush.

Diane: Well alright. I feel that we are placed somewhere. I can see a door and lights moving underneath it. Gosh, this is odd. The vibe here is friendly, otherwise, I might make a run for it. The door opens but all I can see are lights flashing. I hear “Would you please come this way.”

Marc: Okay let’s go.

Diane: Go where? I can’t see anything!

Marc: Night goggles on Diane.

Diane: Okay well just let me get those out. Why aren’t there any lights here? So we aren’t following flashlights (or torches as Marc would say). Whoever is leading us are the lights! I’m sensing space but still not able to see anything – pitch black. I feel that we have been placed into something that is lifting us like an elevator. Thank goodness Marc is holding my hand.

We are told to “watch our step” but how can we do that I’m wondering?

I see a light standing about four feet off the ground – mostly blue in the center of the room encased in a clear box. Marc are these some kind of inter-dimensional light beings? When I approach the blue light, I see that it is actually about a million different colors swirling together. Is this someone? Marc where are we?

Marc: Not telling.

Diane: Well Marc, I gotta admit, I’m a bit confused. If we are on a massive physical ship, is it possible for light energy to create it? I mean I know that it is, but it just seems amazing. This ship can’t be 3D, is it?

Marc just shrugged his shoulders.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place like this before. It’s completely black except for the “crew” who is light energy. It feels like I’m in 3D space but I’m not. I’m being told that the 3D that I’m feeling is an illusion. This isn’t 3D at all and I can check that off my list of questions.

Marc: Have you got your bearings yet Diane? Can I finally make some introductions?

Diane: Are you implying that I’m too slow Marc?

Marc: Well yeah…a bit Diane.

Diane: Thanks, Marc! That made me laugh and lessened any tension. Wait! You never do introductions anymore! You always make me figure out who we’re meeting. What’s up with that?

Marc: Well I kind of want to get this done in one of your evenings.

Diane: Stop teasing! Okay so I feel that the blue light might be the Commander of this “ship” but I’m not able to make out the name. Where are the Mike, Joes, Marys and Anns when you need them? I see other lights approaching and I’m told that these are senior members. Wow! A pleasure to meet you all! Marc, can I ask them questions?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s what I arranged with them. They seemed willing at the time so let me double-check that they haven’t changed their minds. Yeah, they are still willing to talk.

Diane: Great so let me start by saying thank you for letting us come to visit! Marc mentioned that you are cloaked right now so I would like to get more info on why that is if I can? I sensed their energies going back and forth between each other. It’s the same as if one person asks someone a question and they respond. They are exchanging energy, but normally you can’t see that with our human eyes. It sounds like they are telling me that they are called something like “Numediatics”. They are saying that it isn’t a secret who they are but their location is always kept hidden. Why is that? They hold vital information and some would wish to obtain it. I can feel that there are equally powerful energies as well in the area.

Have you always had to do this?

Crew: Not always. Once we were exposed.

Diane: So they are telling me that even though I’m seeing them in pitch darkness, that is not how they see themselves.

Marc: Give that girl a gold star!

Diane: Marc told me that I’ve met them before and I knew that I needed to do this to be able to see them. But Marc even though we are using astral bodies to travel, this is necessary? He said yes because I’m still using human perception.

Marc: Your senses are transcribing everything to a visual for you because humans are more comfortable with that.

Diane: I’m being told that using visuals via a human brain is not going to benefit me here. This must be the lesson for today. Okay my brain just blew a fuse!

Marc: Welcome to the universe, Diane!

Diane: Well you say that you are cloaked because there isn’t necessarily an “enemy” in the area, but what’s the word I’m looking for Marc?

Marc: Well let’s just say, they don’t want to run into each other.

Diane: I’m sensing that you are light forms and not physical. Would that be correct?

Crew: That is correct.

Diane: Have you ever had 3D bodies? They are nodding no.

Marc: How many are you?

Crew: Five thousand.

Diane: I’m trying to get my head (using that mind again!) around the fact that if they aren’t physical, the ship can’t be either. But come to think of it, I haven’t seen a ship. I’ve only felt their space which feels as massive as one.

Marc: Give this woman another gold star!

Diane: So we aren’t on a physical ship! So were you once on a physical planet and now this space is your home?

Beings (I can’t call them “crew” now as this isn’t a ship.): This has always been home for us for as long as we can remember.

Diane: Being light forms, I’m assuming that you have a long life span because light can only transmute. So are you eternal in the current shape that you are or do you transmute to someone else?

Beings: We transmute into something else.

Diane: So the “Commander” blue light energy is a Council instead made up of your leaders? They certainly do command respect and knowledge. They are saying that the energy is not contained in a box but omnipresent among them.

Okay, confused. Why is that Marc?

Marc: It’s your perception of that particular energy. As is everything.

Diane: Oh good point! So just because I may be seeing this energy as a certain shape/form, others could see it differently?

Marc: Exactly right.

Diane: Even though you aren’t on a ship, do you have a particular mission? They say that they don’t have a particular mission but they do have an agenda. That’s a bit vague, but I’ll take it.

Have you ever been close to earth?

Beings: Never. (They said that atmosphere doesn’t appeal to them but I’m sure they didn’t mean to be rude.)

Diane: So where are you headed now? I guess they probably won’t tell me that.

Marc so if they aren’t a ship, do they still need to be cloaked?

Marc: Oh yeah Diane. They still need to be cloaked.

Diane: But why?

Marc; Because some would wish to uncover more about them and they don’t wish to be uncovered.

Diane: Buy why?

Marc: Because they hold information that pertains to them as a Collective and they wish to keep it that way.

Diane: So is this whole trip about how you can perceive something or someone in one way but the being or person next to you sees it completely different?

Marc: It’s a theory isn’t it Diane?

Diane: Yeah and I think it’s important for wherever we are. So I keep hearing “the illusion of perception”. Why? Is there an illusion to perception? They are saying that at first, I was thinking that I was on board a ship, but in reality, I’m not. So don’t be so quick to write off other possibilities when faced with something new. And yes, this trip is for me to expand my awareness and heighten senses outside the norm for me.

They are saying that some see them in darkness and some see them as light. In reality, they and all of us are both. One cannot exist without the other. To know one, you must know the other.

Yeah, Marc, I’m already aware of that. Why is it being shown to be again in this way?

Marc: Diane, this is a process. You’ve asked myself and your guides to help you expand your awareness outside of the normal human senses right?

Diane: Right.

Marc: This is one of the steps that you are being shown. See Diane, you have to understand that not everyone is going to see “reality” in the same way. That was the whole point of this exercise. There isn’t a right or wrong to it. What is more important is that the overall emotions that you wanted to reach came across. The beings in this world want to meet you and share who they were. That you got. You weren’t going to be able to see them as they were if you solely relieved on human senses or specifically “logic”. (Marc explained that I probably would have seen them as a crew on a ship as that would have been the easier, more human reaction to adopt.)

Diane: Yeah but aren’t I doing that a bit always on these journeys? Use senses other than logic?

Marc: That’s what you wanted to find out here Diane. Once you turned off your human logic, it was more difficult to tune into them, wasn’t it? So that tells you that there is some work to be done if you want to rely solely on some higher frequency abilities that you have.

Diane: Yeah right! I did seem to struggle a bit more here than normal. So I’m trying to access more of who I am as a spirit and that can lead to discomfort at the start. I mean, I’m not knocking the human brain and logic, but I know that I’m more than that and I want to start tapping into that side of me.

So Marc, are we saying that perception can be an illusion?

Marc: What we are saying Diane is that everyone has their perception of what they call their reality, themselves and everything considered outside of themselves.

Diane: Okay yes I follow that..go on.

Marc: So let’s say I see a flower and I think it’s beautiful but you don’t. I think that the smell is lovely but you don’t. (Marc is simplifying for my benefit and thank you very much!). Now that flower might be a reality but our perceptions are different to extremes. Now is that an illusion or reality?

Diane: Well I would say that is two different realities.

Marc: Yeah but would I consider your perception of the flower an illusion since I disagree with it?

Diane: I don’t know. Would you?

Marc: You could say that I might.

Diane: Well is it an illusion or just a difference of opinion?

Marc: What do you think?

Diane: Well I guess that illusion to me would be something…hmm..perceived as one thing, when in fact, it is another?

Marc: So my perception of the smell of the flower would be seen as one reality while yours would be seen as another. So can you say that either one is right or wrong?

Diane: No of course not.

Marc: But would you say that my opinion of the scent was an illusion then? Something perceived as one thing but in reality, it wasn’t?

Diane: No I don’t think so because it’s your reality. I mean this could go on forever.

Marc: You’re right it could. What we are trying to do Diane, is to open you up to looking at energy in ways outside of your comfort zone. You said that you felt a bit uncomfortable when you tried to use other senses besides logic to determine who the beings were?

Diane: A bit yeah. Although I do use other senses, this time, I tried to turn off my human brain completely and it wasn’t as easy as I expected. To take in information that didn’t go through my mind at all. I know that we do this throughout the day but for something like this, it felt different because none of it was on the surface.

Marc is saying that I still get my gold stars because I turned off logic that said that something this massive in space should be a ship when in reality it wasn’t.

Marc: You were presented with a not very straightforward energy there and you figured out that what you were looking at wasn’t what it might be perceived at first as being.

Diane: Yay! Thanks, Marc and my guides for setting up this journey for me! I’ll take my gold stars and celebrate! Looking forward to more non-logical adventures ahead!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 17, 2021

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2 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit A Cloaked Society in “Illusion, Perception and Reality””

  1. Another synchronicity! I just finished re-reading “The Dancing Wu-Li Masters” by Gary Zukav for my spiritual project. Though it was published in 1979, it’s quantum mechanics for laypeople, with no mathematics. He talks about how what we perceive as reality at our normal level of consciousness (everything is separate and not connected) gets totally turned upside down at the quantum level. He writes about how uncomfortable it was for physicists in the early 1900’s to even consider that the rules at the quantum level were real. But they are. And your experience sounds like you were trying to turn off the logical part of your consciousness just like the physicists in the early days had to think totally outside the box and not rely on the mechanistic world view that we are all so deeply enveloped in. Zukav even has a section of the book called “Nonsense” because Wu LI can mean that as well as many other things including “Patterns of Organic Energy.” Our minds may tell us that something is nonsense, but nonsense can be the true nature of reality. Thanks for your insights Diane!

    Oh, and I’ve been having a lot of synchronicities around ships lately, like old timey ships. Your comment about thinking you were going on a ship, then realizing it wasn’t, helped me see that maybe I need to imagine going aboard a spaceship instead. We’re all connected, so I’m getting insights from you and everywhere I look lately. So grateful for your journeys with Marc.

    • That sounds like a very interesting book so thanks for letting me know about it! I would need the laypeople version for sure. Yes, I’m working on separating from the logical human part of my consciousness in order for Marc to merge with my energy and to access other information. It’s been an interesting experience. So glad that our journeys are assisting you on your own! That’s one of the main reasons that Marc and I are putting the posts out there. Marc wants to share what his experience is there so he takes me on the trips so I can share them with you. So much fun!

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